Taylor Swift – Shake it Off PARODY! Key Of Awesome #90

i make this dumb face derp i got zero shame i’m dancing like elaine invading peoples space excuse me here comes a fake laugh and now i’m acting black yo yo dawg i know tons of raps rap rap like notorious 2-pac im strapped im such a doofus acting like i’m clueless but i can be ruthless if you break my heart you’ll end up in a sh***y song but i never ever ever get pissed or miffed i just bottle up my rage then write a hit i treat haters like a fly at a picnic and i whack em off whack em off i read every comment and message board and “swiftkicker” said i wasnt as good as lorde gonna find him and squish his testicles turn and cough turn and cough i f**k english guys groovy baby i got hotdog thighs i always act surprised i won? life is a surprise yay me these girls are working hard yes we’re working hard they went to juilliard maxed out credit cards but i dance like a tard that’s true and i’m a superstar life’s cruel now i’ll try twerking but my butt ain’t working it’s just some spastic jerking let me crawl below while i peek at your camel toes hey hey hey just think in the time i spent writing a song about shaking it off i could have actually shaking it off to this sick beat this part’s designed to be sung in time by some 12 year old girls in a mall best friends just turned 24 not a kid anymore but i act like i’m just like y’all what is this? i asked for dijon mustard and i’m driving you insane ,sane,sane,sane,sane with my infinite refrain,frain,frain,frain,frain,frain torturing your brain,brain,brain,brain,brain,brain shut it off ! shut it off! hahaha i was hired by the cia -a-a just to write a song to play,play,play,play,play at quantanamo bay,bay,bay,bay,bay,baby make it stop!make it stop!

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