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Steve. J Peeping Life-World History #26

Steve. J  Peeping Life-World History #26

And today I will make an announcement about this revolutionary and epoch-making… A round of applause from the audience, flashes from cameras… Here I’ll change the slides, and… Are you still gonna continue? I’m Steve. – I’m John. – Steve. I don’t know which Steve you’re talking about, but are you still gonna do this? …

長屋のお隣さん Peeping Life-World History- #03

長屋のお隣さん Peeping Life-World History- #03

The Scary Neighbor (Japan, A.D.1710) Honey – Do you hear those noises? – Noises? You’re just imagining it It’s your stomach grumbling or something My stomach doesn’t grumble at this hour I’m hearing something I have an early day tomorrow Give me a break You should know by now that your fireman husband has early …