Sword & Shield’s Weezing Pokémon Has the Internet “Lighting Up”! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorphal)

– Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Weezing has the internet lighting up. A new trailer dropped this week for upcoming Pokemon
games Sword and Shield, and it’s filled to the brim with updates about the next generation
of the core Pokemon games. Not only do we get our first real looks at the game’s new
adversaries, Bede and Marnie, we are also introduced to Team Yell who are described as Marnie’s wild fans. On top of that, we also learned about the new Galar
region Pokemon, Morpeko, who is the definition of big
mood in that it gets hangry. This new hangry ability
plus Sobble’s cry ability along with Wooloo’s ability
to roll away from its problems has us wondering if The Pokemon Company is just reading our
therapy journals at night, (sighing loudly) but we digress. And while there are going to be Galarian versions of established Pokemon like Zigzagoon and Linoone, it’s the new take on Weezing that has the internet gasping for air figuratively and literally speaking, and that’s because it looks like, well, to be quite honest, a bong. It looks like a bong. Now we’re assuming the
designers were hoping to add a smokestack and top
hat hybrid look to pay homage to the British-themed
Galar setting of the game, but maybe they should have probably brought in a focus group first because as @RealBenGilbert tweeted, this is just a bong, and guess what. The rest of the internet was quick to jump on this bandwagon
or should we say bongwagon with their reactions and
hot takes on Twitter. @Droid_1989 only has questions about how this all came to be. Why does Galarian
Weezing look like a bong? Were they high at the time of drawing it? Or wishing they were high. To be fair, there is a Pokemon that is literally a set of house keys. So at least this version of
Weezing kinda makes sense. @caroramsey summed up the
intent and the reaction to the new Galarian
Weezing with this tweet. Pokemon: it’s a reference to
the era of coal-burning London! They have top hats that
double as smokestacks! So clever. Twitter: sunglasses emoji, bong (laughs). You might say that tweet
was straight blazing. (upbeat music) @DumbassDoggy tweeted #PokemonSwordShield this Pokemon is literally
just two (beep) bongs. That’s one way to be blunt about it. (upbeat music) @MattAyersDJ loved the new look saying, “My boy Weezing
classed the (beep) up “for the new Pokemon games.” Maybe we should class up this
joint ourselves (laughs). (upbeat music) Okay, we’re done. @TheRascalCook found
the cultural relevance of equating a Poison type
Pokemon to factory pollution saying, “The new Pokemon
game is not (beep) around “with its thoughts on
capitalism and the environment.” Insert a Bernie Sanders joke here. (clock ticking) You do it. (bell dings) @FreakinClever is angry over the design and brings up an old rivalry. Absolutely furious that Pokemon
beat Digimon to the punch when it comes to having a bong creature. Well, no reason they still can’t. @Megan_Nicolett from The
Verge shared her feelings with was away from my desk when
the Pokemon news happened, and y’all weren’t (beep) around about Weezing moneybongs huh. No, no we were not. @KlumeScribbles provided the best tuxedo Winnie the Pooh meme to showcase the different
versions of Weezing. You might say that (mumbles). You. You might say that meme was dope. (upbeat music) Okay, okay, yeah, now we’re done. While @bunchajokers reminded us of the real truth of this Weezing saying, “Weezing is undoing
pollution thank you pal” over a description of the fact that this Weezing image purified
air from those smokestacks. Ah, it’s good to know that this Weezing is having a positive
effect on the environment. In all honesty, it’s crazy to think that the internet is losing its mind over a bong-shaped Pokemon and not the cuteness
of the hangry Morpeko. Unless all this was done on purpose, and the real reason Morpeko
has the munchies is… (upbeat music) Well, we’ll just have to wait
until Pokemon Sword and Shield comes out for the Nintendo
Switch on November 15th, but what do you folks think? Which is your favorite
Galarian version of a Pokemon? Which Pokemon fits you better:
Morpeko, Wooloo, or Sobble? And would you say that you
are a chronic Pokemon fan? (upbeat music) (laughs) Let’s discuss. Alright, thanks for watching. If you like what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? If you wanna get notified every time we go live at the show
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