Swimming with a Giant Saltwater Crocodile | Fearless Adventures with Jack Randall

JACK: I’m researching the
descendants of dinosaurs. Ah, I’ve got it. In the waters of Australia. CHARLIE: These
things want to eat you. JACK: This is
absolutely massive. JACK: I can see a little croc. I’m going to try and creep
up and see if I can get it. He’s popped out
on the other side. It’s a really small guy. Got him! Look at that! Wow! A little baby
saltwater crocodile. Look at that mouth gape. Crocodiles are
amazing creatures. They’re related to birds,
but can stay underwater
for up to an hour, and despite having big teeth,
they don’t chew their food. Even at this size, if it bit
me, that would really hurt. Those teeth are
still very, very sharp. Still got a very
strong jaw pressure. This guy is going to eat a lot
of different animals on the
way to becoming an adult. Starting with little
crustaceans and insects, working its way
up the food chain. Eating fish, ending up eating
possibly even big buffalo. Wow, what an absolute beauty. That little guy is cute, but I want to see how
big they really get. Here we go! So I’m visiting a
place where Australians
like to go for fun. Saltwater crocs can grow
up to be 20 feet long and
weigh a whopping ton. And it’s easy to see why
they’ve been around since
the age of the dinosaur. Not only do they
look prehistoric. But they are perfect
killing machines. Able to lunge out of the water
and clamp down on their prey with a bite force of 3,700
pounds per square inch, which is the mightiest
of all living animals, and rivals that of
the extinct T-Rex. Wow, that is crazy! 900 kilos, almost one ton
of dinosaur right there. So close! I can’t believe how
unbelievably big they are! Absolute brute,
massive dinosaurs. I can’t wait to see
those guys out in the wild. Oh! Wow! Join me again for more
fearless adventures. Captioned by Cotter
Captioning Services.

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