Swamp People: Vampire Gator Eats Troy’s Money (Season 8) | History

NARRATOR: Four days
into the season, king of the swamp
Troy Landry already has a lot to worry about. With low prices and buyers
threatening to shut down early, Troy’s livelihood
is in jeopardy. TROY: The price of
alligators which we sell is at an all-time low. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen the price as low as it’s going to be this year. I mean, it couldn’t
be any worse for us. NARRATOR: With over
450 tags left to fill, Troy and Jacob can’t afford
to have a single bad day. TROY: We’ve got our
work cut out for us. NARRATOR: So today,
they’re heading to one of Troy’s
secret honey holes where he always
pulls in big numbers. TROY: Can you see?
JACOB: Yeah, I see it. TROY: We’ve got one? JACOB: Yeah NARRATOR: But at
their first line, they make a
disturbing discovery. TROY: Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ooh, lord. Aw. We got a cannibal! Right here in his side,
he’s got a big hole. He’s got a big hole in his head. That’s teethmarks. Once a alligator’s
hooked on my line, it’s an easy meal for him. And he’ll come there and
just eat and eat and eat. He ruined that alligator. NARRATOR: Already facing
a cut in their profit from the lowest
prices in decades, a cannibal gator on the
loose in their honey hole is the last thing
the Landrys need. And once they taste
that blood of another one, they don’t stop. He’s gonna keep eating them
until we catch him or kill him. I know in my heart
we gonna catch less than we ever caught because
of the conditions out there. But we gotta try. What’s he look like, Jacob? JACOB: Yep. He got teethmarks
on his back that wide. NARRATOR: It looks
like the cannibal gator struck once again. Are you joking? That would have
been a nine-foot alligator if he wouldn’t have
had three foot of tail missing. I don’t know how I’m
gonna tag that thing. Like a vampire. JACOB: Straight ahead. TROY: You see something, Jacob? JACOB: We pulled up to
a line and had about an eight-foot alligator on it. Oh, look, look, look. NARRATOR: Spotting
what they believe could be the vampire,
Troy and Jacob waste no time trying
to nab this menace. TROY: This is the
cannibal, baby. He was going to eat
the one on the line. There he is. (GRUNTING) Yep, yep. Oh, boy. I’ve still got him. Oh, yeah. TROY: You got him? Yeah. Yep. Oh, it’s a big one too. TROY: Woo! Oh, he’s barely hooked in. Thank god he ain’t
fighting over it. TROY: Shoot him! Oh! That son of a gun. JACOB: Got him? TROY: No, but he’s rolling. Shoot him. Shoot him. Shoot him! Ooh, yeah. Ooh, he’s not hooked good. Hurry up. I can’t hold him. Shoot him, Jacob! [gunshot] [sighs] Huh? Did you put a hole in him? That’s what you call a
two-for-one special, my boy. This is the cannibal, baby. He was going to eat
the one on the line. [snarls] It’s the vampire. We got him. [snarls] Get ready! TROY: This thing was– I mean, big, big, big. He just eating gators
off of people’s line. And I’m sure he wasn’t
just eating off of my line. He was eating gators off
of other hunters’ lines too in the area. And that’s how he got so big. Oh, yeah. That’s for sure. Man, I’m so happy
that we caught him today and got him out of there. I’m real happy. [snarls] [laughs] Hey, big one, where are you at?

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