Swamp People: Record Alligator Season for Landry Family (Season 10) | History

[music playing] NARRATOR: With only 12 hours
of daylight left in the gator hunting season, the
pressure reaches a boiling point as
the hunters race to fill the rest of their tags. We gonna have to
work hard and fast and try to really make
this a numbers game. NARRATOR: After starting
the season with 1,000 tags, the Landry family is
down to their last 20. And today, King of
the Swamp Troy Landry is calling on his
full armada to clear the swamp of the remaining
big breeder males. TROY LANDRY: Lines
down, big buddy. Lines down. TERRAL EVANS: Oh, lord! TROY LANDRY: On the bank. Oh, he’s wrapped around
that tree up there. Is he dead, T? TERRAL EVANS: I don’t
know, I’m gonna to go see. TROY LANDRY: Be careful. NARRATOR: Leaving the protection
of the boat is a risky gamble. Alligators can run up to
30 miles an hour on land. TROY LANDRY: Oh! Watch him, he’s coming for you. Watch him! TERRAL EVANS: Troy! [gunshot] TERRAL EVANS: Woo! Dude, I thought he was– TERRAL EVANS: Man! That was frickin’ scary, huh? TERRAL EVANS: Oh! He almost got me, man. Lucky you can still
move pretty quick. He made me 10
years younger, bro. [laughter] TROY LANDRY: I see. I– One, two, three! Yeah, that was
a close call, bro. TROY LANDRY: Too
close for comfort. TERRAL EVANS: Yeah, boy. NARRATOR: Two miles away, the
other half of the Landry armada is on a roll, with just
two more tags to go. HOLDEN LANDRY: Oh, to the right. JACOB LANDRY: To the right? NARRATOR: Suddenly, Jacob
spots something only 10 yards away from the line. Look right there on the rocks. Look, look, look. HOLDEN LANDRY: Whoa! Oh, yeah! [gunshot] HOLDEN LANDRY: Oh! NARRATOR: With this
beast in the boat, the boys are down
to their last tag, and quickly return
to their line. [gunshot] TROY LANDRY: Oh, that’s
frickin’ awesome, dude. Prettiest alligator
we caught all year. HOLDEN LANDRY: Hel yeah. TROY LANDRY: He
ain’t the biggest, but he’s the prettiest
’cause he’s the last tag. I guess we’ll take two for one. HOLDEN LANDRY: Two
for one special, baby. Huh? Ha! NARRATOR: Sunlight’s quickly
fading, and Troy and Terral need just one more
gator to complete their 1,000 tag record season. The hook’s about
to come out, Troy. Oh, yeah. It’s about to come out, man. TROY LANDRY: Pick ’em up. NARRATOR: Troy and Terral’s
season-ending monster is about to slip away. TROY LANDRY: Watch him,
he’s gonna get away! TERRAL EVANS: Get
him quick, Troy! Shoot him, Troy. [gunshot] TERRAL EVANS: Watch
yourself, Troy. He’s still alive TERRAL EVANS: Get him, Troy! [gruntint] TROY LANDRY: Huh? TERRAL EVANS: Shoot him, Troy! Coming up, coming up, coming up. [gunshot] TROY LANDRY: Oh, look at him. TERRAL EVANS: Woo! It was barely hanging, bro. That was barely– TROY LANDRY: Look. He was trying to spit it out. TERRAL EVANS: Oh, lord! Jesus, we’re lucky. This year, it’s like, when
I filled that last tag, it’s like, thank you, Jesus. I was so tired, so wore out. You know, we had three
groups huntin’ out there. We had a lot of help, but it
was still harder than ever. Ready? On three. One, two, three! TERRAL EVANS: All right. Come on. One more time. Ready? One, two, three! [grunting] TROY LANDRY: we’re done. Finished. Big buddy, you know
what this is, huh? TERRAL EVANS: That’s
the last one, bro. TROY LANDRY: Come put
it in for me, brother. You can’t wait for
the season to be over. Done tagged out and put
that last tag in, and then all of a sudden, it hits you. Said, man, it’s over. All the good battles,
and the camaraderie over for a whole year. And then you kinda miss it. All right, big buddy. Good job, man. Good job. TERRAL EVANS: I’ll
tell you what, bro– I enjoyed hunting
with you, Troy. TROY LANDRY: Thank you, man. Thanks for the help. I feel good about what
we’ve done this year. We took on more tags than ever. We filled them all, and
the Landry’s did our part. We’ve made a good dent
in the population. And, at the end of the day,
that’s all that matters. I tell you, big buddy. We did a lot of good this year. We took a lot of alligators out. TERRAL EVANS: It’s been an
awesome gator season, bro. TROY LANDRY: Do the
alligator shuffle. Yeah, yeah yeah! Do the alligator shuffle. TERRAL EVANS: [laughter]

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