STRONGMEN VS. SCOTSMEN IN EPIC TUG-OF-War | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

– All right, guys, we all
know why we’re here today. You saw that stuff in the paper. So me and guys pick up the local
paper one morning at breakfast, and there’s an article
in there that’s saying that we challenged the
local tug-of-war team to a tug-of-war competition. We didn’t do that. We never even said
anything of the sorts. They’re setting us up,
sort of thinking they’re going to beat us,
make us look terrible. That’s not gonna happen.
That’s not gonna happen. This is something Donald Dinni
he would have done, as well. Tug-of-war is actually part
of the Highland Games. So why not let’s turn up and see how many of those guys
it takes to beat four of us. – They’re a clan,
and we’re a clan. – We’re a bigger clan.
– Yeah. – It’s proper man
versus man there, and I think that’s
the Scottish feel I’m getting from this is
who’s the alpha, man on man. – They thought we were gonna
come out here, some foreigners, not understanding
what’s going on. We know what
these guys are up to, and we’re not playing
that game. [cheers and applause] – Good morning, how you doing?
– Nice to see you again. – Morning.
– How you doing? – What’s up, guys?
All right. – It said in the paper, this
is where this all stemmed from, that we called you out
in a tug-of-war. But in actual fact,
you guys called us out. So there’s eight of you guys,
and there’s only four of us. I think that’s pretty obvious
that eight, 16 feet versus eight feet and
16 arms and legs versus eight arms and legs
is gonna be a big advantage. Not only is it body weight, but it’s all about the amount
of traction, as well. They’ve got double
the amount of space on the floor to get traction. I’ve never really done
a tug-of-war against more than
a one-on-one, two-on-two. – I was doing an appearance,
actually, and talking
to some schoolchildren, and they were saying, “Hey, why don’t you
take on all these schoolkids in a tug-of-war.” And I thought,
“Well, that’ll be fun.” And they lined up about
50 of them on the other side of the rope, and these second-graders
just completely schooled me. They actually beat me on
that pretty easily because there was
so many of them. So there was nothing I could do,
even against really little kids. – So basically you’re saying
you got punked by a bunch of children.
– I did, I did, yeah. – We know it’s not really
a question of if you beat us, it’s just how many of you
it’s gonna take to beat us. – Yeah, weight and technique
are the two main things, mental strength, as well. It’s who wants to win the most. But our technique
will give us a bit of advantage over your strength. – Okay, well, just got
to weigh it in, then. – Let’s go to it.
– Sounds good. – We’d be absolute idiots
if we walked in there and took
the whole team on at once. So we’re going to start
with five guys and add a guy on each time until we find out
what our limits are. – So you guys are
1,496 in pounds. [laughs] – Right, are all you eight
gonna jump in here? – Yeah.
– Come on, then. – 1,506 pounds. So you guys do outweigh
us by a little. – Just a little bit.
– All right. – All right, so let’s have
a little tug-of-war. – Great, let’s have a little go. First thing we’ll give you
is like that, and the case
of pick up the rope. So then pick up the rope. And then raise my hands, and
then actually take the strain, and then you’re pulling tight. And then we’ll adjust the
rope until we get that right in the middle line,
right in the center. And then when I’m ready to pull, as soon as I drop my hands like
that, when I say pull, you pull. – Okay. – Team ready? – Yeah. – Ready Braemar? Pick up the rope. Take the strain.
– Hold on, hold on, easy. – To the right, Nick,
to the right. Step right. – A little bit, little bit. Give a little. Steady, pull. – Dang it. [cheers] – Flat feet, flat feet,
flat feet, that’s good, Ed. That’s good. [whistles] – Never take your hand
off the rope. There’s something to be
said for technique. It’s not all about strength. These guys have got the feet
planted in certain places, they’re holding the rope
a certain way. They’re all leaning together. They’re all working
in motion together. – Six of you?
– Six. – Six? Okay. – I feel as though this is
about our limit. – You ready?
Braemar, you ready? Pick up the rope. – All right, keep your hands
where they are, guys, just lean. – Step to the right,
Nick and Ed, step to your right, there we go. – Okay.
A little bit. Steady, pull. [shouting] – Lean back, guys,
lean back. [shouting] – Just lean.
– Here we go. We’ve got them.
– Here we go. – We got them, just lean. Just lean, just lean. – Pick it up, pick it up.
Pick it up! – Finish it! – Just lean, guys. Just lean. [whistles] [applause] – Once we beat the six of them, I felt pretty damn
good about us, honestly. So, I figured
let’s take on seven. – Okay.
– Are you ready? – Yup.
– Braemar, are you ready? Pick up the rope. Take the strain. – A little bit this way, good. A bit more. Steady, pull. [grunting] [shouting] – My shoes were not
digging into the ground, so I tried to lean back, and
my feet would just slide. So I had to try
to overcome that. – Damn it. [whistles] [cheers and applause] – We were strong enough
to beat six of you but no match for seven of you. Well done, boys. – Thank you.
– Cheers boys. – And now there’s no longer
gonna be war between our clans. We’re all good. – I think we can all
be friends now, yeah. – All right.
– Cool. – So let’s all have a beer then. [applause]

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