Strangers Read Each Other’s Google Search Histories

– If you’re anything like me,
you Google some weird shit. For example, movies that
have included Tinder, twerking pizza, 2 p.m.
Stockholm time to pacific, what are Smarties in the US, can your parents be
dependents on your insurance, Eyrie Game of Thrones shooting location, Adele most popular songs,
Pompeii incinerated people, will NASA tell us if the world is ending, razzberry rhinoceros. I’m gonna hit the streets
of Hollywood, and make random strangers read each
other’s Google search histories. Do you Google things a lot?
– I do. – I do Google a lot. – Do you think there’s anything you Google that you’d be embarrassed
for other people to see? – Oh, well, yeah. – Sometimes.
– Yes. – I’m trying to think if I
search anything perverted. Yeah. – How much beer you can take
and not, you know, not fart, or you know. You know, shit like that. – Would you be willing
to let a random stranger read your Google search history? – No.
– Oh, god. I’m gonna say no. – Yeah.
– Yeah, sure. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – 14 cheap LA date ideas
that girls will love. – Did you have a date? – I did have a date last Saturday. – And how’d it go? – It went pretty well. – When is Leif Erikson Day Spongebob? – It’s today.
– Is it today? – Yeah.
– Oh my god, that’s awesome. – What’s nebuchadnezzar? – I was reading some scripture, and I couldn’t remember how
to pronounce Nebuchadnezzar. – Custom trail mix. (laughs) – Hell yeah, have you ever actually make your own trail mix? It’s awesome! – How to get rid of stomach flu? – Did you have some stomach flu? – Yeah man, I’m a rapper man. (laughs) – It gives you stomach flu?
– When you stay out for a countless amount of nights, yeah. – What is “she ran” karaoke?
– Perfect Ed Sheeran karaoke. – Yeah, I was trying to learn the song. – Victoria’s Secret angel credit card. – Shit, I forgot to pay for it. (laughs) – What does trippy mean?
(laughs) – Did you find out what trippy meant? – Yeah.
– So what does it mean? – I forgot.
– Sister Act cast. Are you looking to watch Sister Act again? – I can’t remember if Lauren Hill was in Sister Act, or Sister Act 2. – Is it a crime to be naked in public? (laughs) – Do you want to be naked in public, or were you naked in public?
– You know, it was some skit I was doing as a collective, and it involved somebody
being naked in public. I wanted to know if it was illegal. – What is critical race theory? – I still don’t know, I took a test for Pan-African Studies and I
didn’t show up to class. – What is club soda?
(laughs) – Did you find out?
– I think it’s like, sparkling water, right?
– You searching for puppies? What kind of puppies?
– A Boston Terrier. – Oh, okay!
– My favorite one so far is
– What? – Sexy red riding hood
costumes hottest costume. The progression was Party City, Walmart, Little Red Riding Hood, and then sexy Red Riding Hood lingerie.
– Yeah. – Julie Kay porn star.
(laughs) – Whoa, and this is over! (laughs) – I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. – It’s cool to just meet a total stranger and take a little bit
of a glimpse into your, – Life.
– Home life. – It was a little nervewracking. – We did it, we got random people to read each other’s Google search histories. I feel like I learned a lot
about the human condition, but I also have a lot of new questions. So, it’s on to Google for me. (bouncy music)

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