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  • Watching this while whip stitching a purple 1870’s skirt waist band. These long videos are perfect for hand work. 💜

  • I think you could do with one of those small tufts of fur over your microphone. Prevents the windy noises!

  • I listened to this while napping with my cat. Been bingeing your videos during this sick weekend and looking forward to watching more. Your voice is very relaxing

  • Townsends is another youtube channel with a healthy amount of subscribers, and although they have mostly the Revolutionary War era up until Civil War Era clothing, I've followed them for years. They have a historical cooking show that I've always loved watching and he does a great job digging up historical information on the recipes to create in the kitchen that he's built from scratch.

    I know you already discovered English Heritage and Mrs. Crocombe, but as a knitter myself, who also loves historical cooking and cooking outside on an open fire–I feel like these sorts of things are something that surprise people when you're into them, but more people than you'd ever think have an interest in them. Even Adam Savage of the mythbusters, got ahold of a bunch of screen worn 1940's World War 2 costumes from some movie. He cared less about the movie and was more interested in the accurate reconstruction of the garments from the period.

    But I'm sure people have already told you this, just adding my comment, your videos are great, and interesting, and tackle something I've never quite had the time or extra space to handle myself, so I quite like knitting while watching you construct garments.

  • I was doing my embroidery while watching this! When you said "hope you got some stitching done" it slightly scared me hahaha

  • Do what you love and money will find you.

  • I’m in Australia, are all 5 books available for purchase?

  • I'm wondering if it's possible that leather thimbles were so commonly used (perhaps amongst certain classes/circles), that they didn't feel it necessary to record anything about it. Leather was probably cheaper than buying a metal one (at least a fancy one), so maybe it was more common in the lower and middle class. They also could have been using metal thimbles made from scraps or leftovers. There was an interesting series on people/ families living as either their ancestors or just that class in general. They did use extant buildings, and focused on how they lived and worked. The lower classes used whatever they could however they could, so I'm thinking they could have used metal scraps to fashion thimbles, or maybe a leather and metal hybrid thimble (maybe from sheet metal/tin can scraps?) Perhaps they couldn't afford to keep them, but sold them on to the middle class.

  • Wow, i always thought the UK had different police sirens…. have i been wrong this whole time? Cuz at 2:05ish that sounds like a regular American siren…. i must research lol

  • I want to learn how to sew so badly 😭😭 im 31 and think im just too damn old to start now, however I rly rly want to… what do you think about starting out by sewing childrens clothing? My youngest daughter is 5 and my oldest is 13 so im wondering if i start small with making my 5 year old things that it would be easier BUT ive learned one thing about sewing and its that what you think is simple or easier usually isnt haha so is making smaller clothing items harder? I so badly want to learn to make my daughters clothing and I am 6'0 and as a female being so tall its almost impossible to find clothing, especially pants/ coats ESPECIALLY VINTAGE i cant find a single vintage item that fits me, so i would love to be able to make things that actually fit me haha i love Victorian coats, even 50's(is trench the proper term? Lol) coats and have never been able to find ones that fit 😣

  • Oh wow, i saw that you had 10 months of vids and 300k subs and i assumed that my app was glitching and you had to have had YEARS of youtube vids. Im so impressed! Thats an amazing amount of subs in 10 mnths!!! Im anxious to see when you make enough income off YouTube to be able to dedicate more time to your passion to see how much you accomplish. You're cutting yourself short, you're beyond talented & knowledgeable and im obviously not alone, there are 300,000+ others who believe the same.

    I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that your name will become extremely well known in your industry. You encompass the proper amount of passion, skill, dedication, natural talent, love and yet you're extremely humble and in my opinion having all those amazing characteristics in one person is rare and is what sets you above the rest.

    You're a natural teacher as well. I have always been so interested in history snd historical fashion. I couldn't care less about todays fashion haha but I've always loved history in general and love learning about how people lived, worked, dressed etc in the past. However, i could never find someone who was knowledgeable, skilled and well versed that had humility. I am also an introvert and extremely sensitive so when I initially tried sewing in high school the teacher knew absolutely nothing and taught from a book instead of experience and yet thought she was gods gift to sewing 😣 she had a habit of literally picking apart everything we did and berating us while also making us feel as if you were born with the ability to sew, that it took natural talent and wasn't a skill you could learn. She was awful and it completely ruined my interest and want to learn. I thought it wasn't a skill that could be learned. I know that sounds ridiculous now that im 31 and say it but when i was 13 and a meek, impressionable kid it made sense. Looking back i wish I'd have told her to shut the hell up and kept pursuing it anyways but maybe its not too late to learn and thats another misconception ive believed. I just wanted to take few mins to say thank you for reigniting my eagerness to learn♡♡♡

  • You seem like a really cool lady. I never had the patience to follow patterns so I used to fit to myself, and just guess so thanks for teaching me how to sew 😁

  • I took out an ex-shirt (pretty much a rag since my dog tore it up) to work on the stitches you showed in the stitching video. I'm used to only mending, so I'm not sure if I'm just really bad or if it would be easier with something less stretchy. I don't have money for material, so I usually fiddle with old clothes.

  • I really do like your videos SO MUCH, you have the most calming voice and manner and I find it is very enjoyable to listen to you whilst I work.
    I don't sew at all but I have always had an interest in it (the only sewing I have done is mending ballet shoes or my dog's toys…) I think any handwork is so calming and therapeutic, like drawing or such.
    Your videos are actually inspiring me to start on sewing and researching as a hobby. Just the other day I found myself staring at a fabric store next to my house, wondering if I should come in and buy something to start at least practicing my sewing skills. We'll see how that goes.
    So, thank you! You are lovely!

  • I love my slightly bent thin needles! Thinner and longer the better! I have long and slightly wide fingers, so they fit me best.

  • I am just now beginning to hand weave period fabric. You can try contacting Kate Smith from Marshfield School of Weaving and Eaton Hill Textile Works in Vermont. Kate specializes in 18th and 19th century weaving tools and techniques as do I . You can also try Apple Cart Creations.

  • girl you need a patreon, we will pay you for these vids.

    Also, I'm mostly using these to do my mending to – the delicate hand stitching is very useful in these weird tears, etc, and seeing yours is very inspiring.

  • I watched this while I was on a plane trying not to freak it about the turbulence which helped so much! Your voice is very calming and I hope you have time in the future to make more!

  • your scarf is beautiful!

  • You don’t need an advanced degree to be a historian. You need a body of work that speaks to your accumulated knowledge and your ability to communicate said knowledge. Your collaborations inside and outside of academia are and will continue to build that knowledge and reputation. If an advanced degree is a feather you want in your hat, keep working toward that, but don’t make a lack of it an anchor.

  • Hello Benadette,

    I did get some sewing done in the last… 10 minutes of this video.

    I'm just trying to pick up sewing again after several false starts and disappointment (i love hand stitching but alas i lack the patience). I figured i would start with something small. A pencil case. Im trying very hard not to fall into the trap of embroidering the fabric as the outside will be a leather like synthetic spotted with tough plastic spots that a needle doesn't really want to pierce.

    My favourite stitch is the blanket stitch. Admittedly i use it in place of a whipstitch and a "felling" stitch all the time if only because i feel like the resulting hem is stronger then. (And in places where the hem will not suffer from being bulky.. say.. bags and stuffed toys. I save myself the trouble of felling the hems at all and just blanket stitch everything together. Shhh.) A blanket stitched hem makes for a curiously spiral pattern on the wrong side once you stretch the hem out.

    I have however greatly enjoyed learning that finishing the thred with a knot isn't always needed.

    Regards/ Pedestrian

  • You could go back to NYU and teach historical dress and practice… that would be awesome

  • Now that I'm watching your fifth video in a row and you mentioned that such a thing as a leather thimble exists and I'm quite fond of embroidery, I remembered that my dear grandma who is a glove seamstress, gave me a bit of leather last year. I searched through the house for a leather sewing needle because I knew we had one, and now I'm making a leather thimble for myself! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • I dont actually sew at all, but your interest in infectious and your voice is lovely, so I'm watching all I can

  • To the lady asking about finding companions in historical practice – try the SCA ( Society for creative Anachronism). There are groups in most areas, with regular meetings for people of all ages interested in medieval reenactment, Many are into period costume making as well as a host of other arts crafts dance song and battle!

  • we need more natural fiberes available. have you try embroider a sintetic or a sintetic blend. it's stupidly hard, first if the fabric is thick, you will be embroider concrete, and if the fabric is thing it will basically be tulle.

  • Since watching your videos I’ve make my first skirt which was very rewarding bc I loved making it and bc, all be it a little vain reason, I got so many compliments at school! And during this video I put together my own leather thimble! It was a great learning opportunity lol and all that you said about making it was very true. I couldn’t find white leather in my local craft bits and pieces consignment shop but I only had to pay 75 cents for my scrap so it was well worth it

  • Do you plan on doing an Anglo-Norman gown anytime soon? I'm finding it super hard to research for that period and would love to see what you refer to and how you work with the scant evidence.

  • Please keep doing these videos. You awakened my love for history and historical dressing. (which has been asleep for way to long…) and your experiments and opinions are really interesting. I just watched all of your videos in two days and can not wait to learn more about the history behind clothes and sewing! Love from Germany, Katja.

  • To the person who asked where to find like minded hand sewers, try a website called "MeetUp . com" You might find a quilters group who like to quilt together (a quilting bee). Ask the people in these groups if any of them are interested in the same line of sewing you are. Just cast out your lines there and see if you have any takers. Browse around the site and see what you can find. Or, if you want to, you can start up your own group and see if any one wants to join you.

  • Whatever the engineering equivalent is to you and what you're doing, I want to be it.

  • Would someone be kind enough to direct me toward those historical knitters? Because that sounds amazing as well. (I'm only sewing a hem into a pair of pants. I'm trying to learn how to do alterations by hand now that I live in a country that doesn't sell clothes in my size.

  • It's like you jumped out from a book! Pleasure to find you and subscribed!

  • I stumbled onto your youtube videos, and am captivated. I don't know if you read comments on older videos, but I just want to tell you how many hours of enjoyment you have given me. I knit, but not in any historic sense, making sweaters for my own wardrobe. I enjoy handcrafts, well crafted, and have a hobbyist's interest in history. You have an engaging manner, and it is wonderful to hear a person using the English language well. Please keep up the good work!

  • Your videos are beginning to give me hope that I'll be able to wear my own Edwardian clothes one day. Thank you! 🙂

  • I like to hand sew but I use a machine as well. I just so enjoy your videos, you are such an original beautiful girl, keep it up.

  • * gasp * I never realized I could make my own thimble! My family makes leather armor so we have leather scraps galore! This is fantastic!

  • Watching this and making a leather thimble. It was a painful process without a current thimble, but I am very proud of it😊

  • It's funny how many historical arts blend into each other. I saw this because I attempt to do some historical bookbinding and after learning to always wax my thread, I incorporated it into the little hand sewing I do and it makes a world of difference!

  • It is obvious how much you love what you do. Congratulations and good luck.

  • I didn't get any sewing done but I DID make about an inch of reproduction Elizabethan glove lace!

  • "I hope you got some sewing done, and you weren't sitting here staring at my face for this long'
    Sorry to dissapoint you. If it consoles thy, I have been working up courage to ask for knitting materials for my birthday.
    EDIT: My mother… was not thrilled. Apparently her feelings about men knitting have been tainted by a maths teacher who knitted throughout his classes. However 'she would consider it' Hope remains!

  • Regarding the inability to get a sewing class, that's a problem in all areas of study. None really are committed to teaching anyone skills. Too expensive.

  • When I heard about your "dandy" idea, I almost screamed out loud! It is FIERCE, sure! I would really love to see it one day 🙂

  • Speaking of clothing around the world, you seem to speak of timeframes but not geographical or cultural areas. Should we assume England or Britain or Western world…?

  • Speaking of clothing around the world, you seem to speak of timeframes but not geographical or cultural areas. Should we assume England or Britain or Western world…?

  • You worked on Patterns of Fashion?

  • I HOPE YOU ARE MAKING THAT COIN NOW IN 2019 GIRL! You deserve every penny. Sewing is my passion, yet I have my master's in economics for practicality reasons, I wish I could sew full time.

  • I would love a tutorial on making your coat!!!

  • I just love listening to what you do and watch how you do it. I have always been in an area which is a niche and I agree, the Internet does help us find our "tribe" even if it's not exactly the same thing, but similar and as unusual as we do and can be appreciated by our tribe. I made mascots and some costumes for shows most of my adult life, but now only occasionally make mascots but making something from a historical era as accurately as possible, absolutely fascinates me, but I will have to work on it in between money making jobs, sigh. I am not as enamoured with hand sewing as you are, probably because my work has deadlines, but I am seriously considering making myself some historical undergarments, even if just to use as summer pajamas lol and then some really lovely lacy blouses as I adore your walking skirt, the shorter version. So even though I am a very experienced seamstress and not half bad designer, you have inspired me to try my hand at something older and do some hand stitching with it

  • Steel boning too heavy… 21st century solution: titanium

    I know it would cost an absolute fortune that even nobility would be financially strained

  • My God I could listen to you talk all day. If I’m being completely transparent, I have never been very interested in history. I do however enjoy costuming. I stumbled upon your channel by mistake and I absolutely ADORE you. I put your videos on and just listen to your voice while I clean or what have you. Sorry if that’s odd. But I think I would absolutely Geek out if I was to run into you.

  • Zac Pinset on men’s historical dress not on you tube but on Instagram.

  • I saved all your videos into a playlist made just for you. Currently working through the playlist for the 3rd time in two weeks while sewing. Well currently cutting mock up and about to put it together.

  • tag yourself I'm the moment from 2:10 to 2:40 when Bernadette had a threaded needle in her right shoulder/chest area bc me too

  • I would watch videos on a thread dye experiment tbh
    (where does Pink end and Red begin and "well, I aimed for pink and instead I have thread for The Red oh nooooo whatever shall I doooooo" hehe)

  • 28:48 through 28:55 is angry goose

  • 1) You would look lovely dressed in a "dandy" 2) what exactly do you dislike about regency wardrobe? is it the fabric? the length? I'm curious I guess

  • You're amazing and I like you!

  • On the subject of thimbles, Leather thimbles are available at any fabric shop that caters to quilters. They are thicker than your thimble and may be more bulky to use, but they work well.

  • You're amazing!

  • 6:37 "…..thorn wishes for aegies….pattern thimble, raptureus beasts below….." Cookie for any one who gets the reference

  • Depending on your tanning method you can get white leather, depending on where you get tannins from. One way of getting white leather is chicken poop!

  • This book is on my list! For men's wear I suggest The Cut of Men's clothes by Norah Waugh. And yes you should go as a dandy!

  • Bernadette, you must be making a little off your videos!! I sometimes have them running and I just listen to your voice. I try to like all your videos even if I didn’t pay that much attention 🙄

  • My grandmother was a seamstress for a "rich lady" as she put it, as a teenager. Hand sewing all day long, making her garments. By hand of course! She taught me to sew.

  • I am learning so much listening to your voice and watching your video's. For someone who is so young in age you are so knowledgeable and I LOVE your style of speech. I hope you find a niche for your knowledge and your art.

  • Im pretty new to sewing in general im having problems securing seams

  • At one point you have a needle stuck in you lapel. I thought I was the only one to do such a crazy thing. I have found pins and needles in my clothing after hours of stitch work, because I had forgotten they are there. So, thank you for being such a kindred spirit.

  • What sewing machine do you use?

  • Wow! I know this is late, but right now i'm sitting here: Iwannahaaaalp! I only know the very basic about hand sewing and historical clothes. But I am a garment technician/pattern maker. I could take your patterns and make them into something that could be published. I know this will never happen (time does fly, so much to do), but… one can dream. 😄

  • I just inherited my grandmothers treadle sewing machine and according to the ID numbers, manufactured 1892.. the puzzle box with all attachments are there.. as well as some thread on a bobbin from where she taught me to sew back in 1979.. truly a treasure

  • The Mystery of the Missing Truck from 6:08 to 6:15 LOL I loved it!!!!

  • Not historical, but I sat knitting.
    For your hand sewing question at the end… Quilters, I know several people who construct their entire quilt by hand; one being my sister she's made queen bed quilts all English pieced

  • Bernadette: It took a month and a half to complete and I was working on that seven days a week…
    Me: * throws together a medieval-ish looking dress in two days before an event with a 1970' sewing machine and the help of my mom *

  • I been binge watching but mostly listening to your videos. I want to be more motivated to sew but your voice and way of speaking is so soothing.

  • on the commission problem, i like a meme i saw once it said – knitting is like sex, if i like you its free, if i dont like you there is not enough money on the planet. maybe making dresses is like that.

  • Just ordered a copy

  • Well, they did find an internship that you could learn something. So glad for you.

  • Did you happen to work on the Hamilton costumes?

  • Thank you, I enjoyed your Q & A's, Who knows maybe whit the internet we will find there are many more people of like mind. That has an interest in Historical costuming and it's methods. It is like a bigger way to shout 📢 "hey anybody else wants to do this stuff"⁉ This is one of the good things. That can be accomplished with the internet.

  • It's not all about training, it's about what works for you!

  • 20:15 For needles may I suggest trying Richard Hemming & Son Betweens (I have size 9) or Sharps? They came highly recommended to me, so I got some and think they stitch very finely.

  • The bbc has done some amazing work on recreating old times and how they live as accurate as possible, they have done different eras and I wouldn't doubt that your skills could find work in that world.

  • Where does your manner of speaking come from? It's unique and interesting. Your videos are fantastic,. Thank you.

  • Your passion is inspiring. Thanks for sharing it:)

  • I know this is an older video so you might not ever see this comment, but how expensive is the Wissner baleen? I'm German and I was thrilled to hear that there's a German company producing good corset material, but on their website I could find no information on how much their products cost. I guess they usually sell their stuff to bigger companies, so id it even possible to order their products as a private consumer?

  • Worry not, dear Bernadette, you kept me throughly entertained whilst I got plenty of work done on my scarf. I'm working on a Tunisian honeycomb crochet scarf and I've discovered that your videos are part of my crocheting ritual. I just need to have one playing to feel productive lol.

  • I think you are 15th Century nobility… suffering in this 21st Century!
    Speaking of the 21St Century– I was charging $25/hour in the 20th Century for lousy Paste-Up & Mechanical. Yes, back in 1980 in midtown Manhattan. I think it's time to double your rates. You might be surprised to see people say, "Fine!" and be grateful for the modest rate…

    You tell your story well.

  • Yes! Be a dandy! 💕🎉😁

  • I know this video is like a year old but i wanted to say I totally hope you do go to a regency event as a fop or dandy! It would be amazing <3

  • Historical knitting FTW!!

  • ❤️ Thank You ❤️

  • oh dear….. I am a professional fashion designer with fashion weeks on my work resume and London still wanted to make me an intern for designers. IT IS you doing your work for free. that's the backbone of English fashion, foreign's free man power. I lived there for 5 years in time we understand that simply payed positions are unicorns but every studio is composed with at least highly skilled 80% free labor.

  • Hand quilters use a metal thimble to "rock" the needle for even 12 stitches to the inch. I am also a fan of the leather

  • How delightful even a year later, I stumble on this video and do indeed get to sew along with you, even if it’s a quilt and not a pair of stays 😊. I love your little corner of the internet!

  • actually, I did get some sewing done – Although I almost stitched my thumb to the jacket because looking at your face is a very enjoyable activity.

  • I had a wood thimble for a good long time. I loved it and was super sad when one of my kids borrowed it and cracked it.. i have no idea how!

  • I'm glad I found this video, I have 1-4 and did not realize there is a fifth! thanks! Hysterical recreation is the best! 🙂
    ps, I think the other thing you can make for a first or second item to make is an apron, and make big pockets and use it!

  • Bernadette, I just had a wonderful idea. What if you expanded The School of Historical Dress to America. That, and YouTube, sound like something you might be interested in!

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