Steve Garvey’s Family History of Prostate Cancer

You have such an interesting compelling story.
You have got a great platform to be educating men and even your family. Your dad was diagnosed
with prostate cancer at the same age. Talk to me about that family history and was this
on your radar screen as you were growing up, knowing that you should be aware of it? Absolutely, you know I have always been involved
in charitable causes. I headed up a number of — in San Diego and Los Angeles both — disease
related, educational, but when dad came down with prostate cancer at 64, ironically the
same year I did, the same age, it was an education for me. He went through the prostatectomy
and recovered from it went on to live to be 84. But we talk about these, you take you
PSA tests he said, You take your PSA tests now, Steve and I said, yes sir I will. And
then religiously ever since and then when I noticed an escalation from a 2-7 to a 3-3
and then to a 4-4, I knew that it was time and too much was happening to the neglect
that. I think that’s what happens with a lot of men. You know we are macro-managers who
are handling all of the world’s problems and we don’t have time for the little things,
you know, when it starts to bother me I will take care of it, whereas women when they find
out they have breast cancer, they rally around, they support each other. They sit down for
coffees and chats, they do walks and they are proactive. So I think we men need to do
that now. We need to take care of ourselves. We need to do these preemptive things. It’s
another box that you check when you take your annual physical, but it could save your life
and the future of your family.

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  • Steve Garvey speaks about how his father having prostate cancer alerted him to monitoring his own PSA levels in this video from #MensHealthMonth

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