Step 4: Develop Personal Pages

Step 4 – Develop Personal Pages Enhance your cookbook with FREE pages that
personalize your book, including a title page, personal pages, table of contents, index,
and a mail-order page. The first page is the title page and shows
your cookbook’s title and subtitle, as well as your organization’s name and address. 4 FREE personal pages will follow the title
page. You may include a dedication, acknowledgement, history, poems, or other content. One photo,
printed in black ink, may be included for FREE. To enhance your personal pages, choose
from 10 FREE artwork sets. If you prefer, pages can be printed without artwork. Typestyles
will match the recipe format you’ve selected so all cookbook pages are coordinated. For an extra charge, you may include additional
personal pages and photos. Please note that one page is one side of a sheet. Photos may be printed in black ink or full-color
for an additional charge. For information on how to submit quality photos, watch our
video, Submitting Artwork and Photos. A table of contents follows the personal pages
and displays recipe categories in the order they appear in your cookbook. Subcategories
won’t be listed. An index follows the recipe pages and alphabetizes
recipes within each category and subcategory. For no extra charge, you may also include
a contributor index, which lists recipe contributors in alphabetical order. An optional mail order page can be added that
will feature your cookbook title, price, and contact information to place the order. If
you send recipe pages press-ready, then you must submit ALL cookbook pages press-ready,
including your title page, personal pages, table of contents, index, and any other pages. Download our Press-ready Guide to prepare
these pages. You will receive a FREE proof to review and approve before we begin production.
If you submit your recipes using typensave®, you may also create your personal pages online.
typensave® allows you to review, edit, and approve all cookbook pages before placing
your order. Contact us if you need assistance. Our goal
is to help you create a beautiful cookbook everyone will be proud to own. We provide
ALL the Ingredients for Success!®

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