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  • The blatant depths of hypocrisy with the Trump regime is a tremendous slap in the face of Justice. He ran as the Law & Order candidate. Wow!

  • Down the hall and build the wall!- I'm quoting my own shit now.

  • Funny how no one is laughing at the jokes anymore…

  • WHAT?

  • 119 Russians don't like you.

  • If Trump keeps getting away with acting like this, I'm going to say he will win the 2020 election by 101% of the vote, and that will be the last election you guys get to have for a decade or two.

  • I masturbate with my left hard

  • "There's no such thing as a perjury trap. That's just perjury."

  • Maxine for prez! Now!

  • By the headline I figured this was exposing Hillary and Russia. Then I saw Colbert and knew it was Trump and Russia.

  • Let me help out Trump supporters here; 419-3 is bigglyer than 3, while similarly, 98 is bigglyer than 2. Moreover, 65,853,516 is far bigglyer than 62,984,825.

  • People who eat pods need to chase it with a cup of bleach!!

  • Lets see if we got this straight, FBI does not have the authority to investigate this president(AKA: PRESIDENT SUPREME) ANYMORE, Senate and congress voted on sanctionz but it was overrode. Is someone else running the country?

  • Yeah let's start ww3 its due u mean its not like everyone will die just the poor

  • There is obviously something VERY wrong with this administration! I hope and pray you Trump supporters WAKE UP!

  • Trump is right times have changed besides they don't do any good anyways… it's time too more forward no reason we can't get along with Russia

  • Wow, for the White House to claim that Mueller isn't up to "presidential" standards.

  • No collusion, but lots of money laundering and lots of obstruction. We know there was cause trump said “there is no obstruction. Believe me”

  • The creep wants his buddy's help again – it's election year (again!). One "free" country gives the maniac the platform and gives him all the spotlight he needs, a rival country catapults him up where they want him – perfect world unity!
    "high threshold" ? Ask a porn star what it is.

  • Ah trumpy el pendejo más inteligente de los monos

  • Law and order President? No, he's just joking.

  • Trump eats N.Y. Pizza with a fork

  • Colbert, is about as funny as a fart, in church.

  • The Bush administration imposed sanctions on Russia for the Russian invasion of Georgia and the Russian-backed self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia which were revoked by the Obama administration in May 2010!..

  • My Lab can do what Trump can't. She knows what she's allowed to eat & what she's not; whenever my mom comes to visit she always forgets & leaves bags of food on the floor & my Lab NEVER gets into it. She doesn't ever steal food or anything. She's well behaved unlike our president.

  • 1:50 Missed the opportunity to show him posing with Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent.

  • Joaquin Castro POTUS 2020

  • "Perjury trap" hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  • You are the Living Deception! Do your homework! The MEMO WILL REVEAL MORE than you can even imagine. You are deceived by your own party.

  • Don’t eat Tide pods! 😂

  • The only winner here is Vladimir Putin. He laughing at us and proving that democracy does not work.

  • Trump said he 'would' do it, not 'will' do it. It's how he avoids perjury traps.

  • Will a Russian operative please just take Cuckbert out

  • Grand Jury will call if there is no meeting and then he will come.

  • Trumptards need more evidence???

  • Not one word from the most progressive politician in Congress? Just making fun of his age. How low…even for Colbert. And standard anti-Russian racism. Stephen is not someone who stands for American people more than Hillary is. They are corrupt democratic trolls.

  • The elephant in USA's election room is the centuries old gerrymander called the electoral college, that allows a candidate with 3 million fewer votes to win the presidency. How is that attributable to Russia?

  • #NoRussianSanctions=#TrumpIsATraitor

  • Did the State Department ask for proof of the ‘crime’?

  • We need to ramp up the tension between the US and Russia wherever and whenever we can because it would be a beautiful thing if the US could launch its's big beautiful missiles across the globe incinerating everything just to teach Putin a lesson. I think that is something that Democrats and Republicans and puny flabby minds like Stephen Colbert can agree on.

  • If I understood right kids are usually on the floor suffocating before they get to the second tide pod…not a good analogy

  • Sorry dems. Not falling for Cold War 2.0

  • They said Obama was the last American president . It would appear that they are right …

  • ‪Why did Trump Admin allow 2 Russian spy chiefs banned under U.S. & European sanctions to meet last week in Washington with American intelligence officials-days before Trump refused to enforce further sanctions signed off last year?‬

  • Why are we saddled with that pathetic ignorant senile old geezer? The military would never let a 71 y/o obese out of shape twat like him stay in. Soldiers, pilots, firefighters, police officers, etc all have mandatory fitness tests and retirement ages because it would be unsafe and counter productive to have such a person in a position of serving or protecting others. Why are we burdened with this geriatric addle brained twit of a president?

  • Well, America had a pretty good run.

  • My god …. trump is a scumbag

  • This screams assiassion of amerikkka

  • I know it’s just self deprecating humor, but you’re obviously very far from an idiot Stephen 😁

  • Had to Google "perjury". Over the pond we have more of a mouthful with the same charge: "Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice." That basically means shifting the course of justice from potentially getting the bad guy.

    Another one is "withholding evidence pertinent to an investigation."

  • One good thing about all this …… Anyone from now on, forever and ever, that is voted in as President will be an improvement as never seen before in the history of the USA

  • If a republican ever, ever gets elected after trump you all deserve to be fucked. They had the opportunity to show the USA republicans were not slimy disgusting excuses for wastes of oxygen, but they didn't. So fool me once shame on you fool me 12 or more times shame on me?

  • It took the counsel 2 YEARS to interview the president back during Watergate.

  • I've met a few people in my life who say one thing one day and the opposite the next day , I DIDN'T SAY FRIENDS !!!

  • Ah, Colbert – so good

  • #Colbert2020!

  • This is the biggest story, actually. Trump is refusing to enforce the law and that's fine, apparently. So in the future, laws are irrelevant


  • So no sanctions, even though Russia meddled with your election??

    Way to go America, I see nothing wrong with that,..

  • The US intervenes in our (PHI) elections until now since the colinial days.

  • republicans gotta get the investigation shut down because they need russias help in the elections this year if they want to keep power

  • addition outside endorse tape net meter football crack valuable grass.

  • How can Republicans view this video and not realize how right Colbert is? Trump is a villain, defending him should be a crime.

  • This is the smoking gun. Don and Vlad are buddies. Don has been doing business in Russia for decades. We should start calling Don special agent trump.

  • The same legal deterrent gives us sex offenders 4 neighbors & repeat drunk drivers.

  • Shame on our elected officials to let Trump become the dictator he always strived for..

    Proved Democrats lied about incredible organized fraud

  • I cannot believe that this is happening… The internet is not meant for dumb folks, clearly, as it can divert and confuse masses of stupidity and bigotry to vote for a man like Trump – all the while protecting him like he is their curling child… Oh my god these are crazy times that we live in… Please let us get out of this situation in one peace and stronger as a species… ffs…

  • "There is no obstruction and I am looking forward to it" – Trump, 2018.
    Makes sense.

  • Truly amazing Trump is not in jail yet! That man is beyond evil. The damage he's done to America's image is almost beyond repair.

  • 1000/10 outro.

  • clapping for himself 😂😂😂😂

  • Stephen is always great! Love ok at my commentary

  • America is being fucked in the ass by Russia every day and Trumptards love it.

  • If you want to impeach Donald Trump please go to this website sign petition (need Tolmpeach )

  • Dummy Don Douchebag and the entire liepiglicon party are traitors and must be executed.

  • At this point the Tide pods are just natural selection

  • Trump cares about Putin more than he does about any other billionaire.

  • I have issues with the use of the word legislation here. It seems to me that the word refers to the making and enacting of laws, not simply voting for them without the laws being enacted.

  • You guys want to know how to avoid Russian interference when it comes to the elections in 2020?

    I'll tell you.

    Don't vote republican 😥😥😥

  • Alex Jones will start selling $500 mousetraps w 'PERJURY' written on them.

  • So sanction for N. Korean is bad, but sanction for Russia is good? The Left hypocrisy really fascinate me.

    Russia collusion have been a nothing-burger for years. Yet the Left still have the balls to call for sanction.

  • "There's no obstruction whatsoever" Trump said, obstructively.

  • When the Blue Wave comes….The sanction will be reinstated. The GOPers are just being petty. Putin has no power over us. We won't let him!

  • BLUE WAVE COMIN'! This is just the Trump Regime's last bit of annoying and trolling before their downfall. They KNOW they are toast so they're trying to do as much damage as possible before THEY LOSE!

  • Trump is all in on the dude collude. But he will get away w it. Unlike B. Clinton & Nixon, he will endlessly tour & tweet 2 throw it in our faces.

  • i got it entrap fuktard donald dump with a burrito

  • Perjury trap. Hmmm. Well, it DOES seem a bit unfair to make a pathological liar testify under oath. I mean , he is bound to lie, repeatedly, because it's kinda in his blood, and because in many ways he is very stupid when it comes to lying. I guess it is that con man gene kicking in. Tell a lie, reap the rewards, move on to the next, and claim it never happened. Rinse and repeat. This time there will be no rinse, because there will be a video tape and witnesses and signed affidavits and whatnot.

  • You know who else saw no need to impose those sanctions? Now that they've (who ever they are) done away with any evidence that can be found to prove anything, they will keep on distracting and lying and changing the rules from within to suit them best. What's this about Mueller, having to have a high threshold for meeting the so called president lmao? His base of cultists and his cronies don't look like they've got such "High Thresholds". Let's not forget his celebrity days and all kinds of others that didn't have to have a certain "Threshold" to meet with him. It's a cover up clearly. How about his Russian mob money laundering days? How about the people you golf with or eat with? Such a liar lol.

  • Trump- 'There was no obstruction.' No wonder he hates the media. They're all like perjury traps. Don't fall 4 that covfefe Donnie!

  • The Dilly Dilly Administration will start using 'Perjury trap' like they do 'Fake News.' Ironic since perjury trap IS fake.

  • Donald Trump & Robert Wagner know each other. Who knew?

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  • "Perjury Trap", that's right up there with "Alternative Facts". What an age we live in.

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  • dude, the tide pod thing was just too far

  • Our government, whether GOP or Democrat is and being manipulated by a foreign government. At the end of the day it matters what are we going to do about it. Putin can not win. I really do not give a rat's ass about what you do in Congress. I really don't give a shit about pussy grabbing. Right now, Putin has us where he wants. I challenge you. Putin, meet me.

  • USA Military killed 200+ jetfighters and 200 Russian military infantry in Syrian base bombing, yesterday or today, sanctions? you have crossed the line already prepare for a escalation of hostilities, USA Media is reporting falsely as a US base being attacked by Russian forces, or some shit like that, this can go ugly really fast. Russian can avoid any sanctions from USA Gov with 3 words: pee pee tape and who knows what other details about the collusion, so yeah, Russia has USA by the balls

  • As a Canadian watching all that Trump does is fascinating, it’s House of Cards and Game of Thrones together. Disturbing how it may effect the rest of the world too.

  • Best way to go with Russian sanctions: go after Putin’s most loyal oligarchs and they’ll end up turning on him. They are his pillars of power.

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