Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant | 편스토랑 EP.6 Part 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.12.09]

I’m on my way to the restaurant I’ve been frequenting since the time I did “High Kick!” I’ve been going there for a long time. Oh, in Yeouido? Yes, Yeouido. (You’ll make a U-turn) Many good restaurants are in Yeouido. (For this dish that will warm even your heart) What is it? Dumplings? They serve… Sujebi, hand-pulled dough soup. Oh, I know that place! That place is over 30 years old. – Isn’t there always a long line? / – Yes. Right? I’ll have one sujebi and one scallion pancake. – That’s an ideal pair. / – Thank you. Oh, I’m hungry. (The kitchen goes to work for hungry Ilwoo) (Here goes hand-pulled dough) (When the beaten egg goes in) – They mean business. / – Perfect for cold weather. Their sujebi is… The best. No. 1 in the country. True. That’s so true. For sujebi, they are the best. Unbeatable. No one hates it. (Unbeatable taste, everyone knows their sujebi) Here’s your scallion pancake. Thank you. The pancake is here. Look at the burnt scallion. Yummy. – The scallion should be burnt. / – Yes, it should. And here’s your sujebi. Oh, sujebi. Oh, thank you. So, before I start on the sujebi, let me try the scallion pancake. (Big bite) (The frown of truth) It was crispy and delicious. They sliced the squid thick. (Thick squid enhances the texture) There’s squid. And on top… (Egg on top of the flour batter adds richness) And on top, there’s the squid and… That looks so good. The dish of the hour, sujebi. – That looks amazing. / – The sujebi is… As you can see… – Wow! / – Wow. I can see how chewy it is. It’s chewy like eating lightly blanched squid. Let me try the sujebi. Welcome. (Yes! This is it!) Doesn’t he look like he can beat Ha Jungwoo? (Mukbang God has logged in) That looks so delicious. Oh, that kimchi… Their kimchi is incredible. Perfectly spicy. Oh, kimchi… That kimchi… Their fresh kimchi has a nice kick. This kimchi is to die for. It is perfectly spicy. It’s very appetizing. Nice. (You are listening to Jung Ilwoo eating sujebi) Even for an actor, eating alone makes you look sad. (Hahaha) (Checking) (Studying) How can it be so chewy? (Inhaling the chewiness) You know how to eat, Ilwoo. (You’re about to dive into the bowl!) He ate it all. He finished it. I’m finished. Muk Ilwoo. (See you next time…) Where are you going? I’m moving out of the city, out of Seoul. (Ilwoo looks happy) What’s wrong now? What more must I do? (He’s funny) I did the narration for that song. It’s a song by Dynamic Duo. Forget it. I’m leaving. (He gets coy when he does the cat kneading) (He gets too excited when he drives) He’s a different man. Why don’t we go shopping first? – Shopping? / – Yes. There’s a very hip place. Really? So hip. (Guri Traditional Market) Oh! You’re going to the market? Yes, I took my friend to a very hip place. (Full of hip snacks) That looks good. (A must-know place for those who love wheat dishes) Let’s get some food first. (Muk Ilwoo has logged in!) Oh, those dumplings look good. Hello. Dumplings. – Those dumplings… / – They are really big. Looked really different. Oh, like leaves. – They are so pretty. / – 2 shrimp dumplings, – 2 kimchi and 2 meat dumplings, please. / – Sure. Try one. Oh, thank you. (You first) (Fooled you) That looks good. (Big bite) There you go. – That looks so good. / – In one bite. It’s good. Kimchi! (He gained delicious food and lost his voice) The shrimp makes it extra delicious. They really look like leaves. The way they make them is interesting. Like that? (Oh, incredible) (A master, otherworldly techniques) Her skills are incredible. In a zigzag motion. How do you do that? Start here, and fold each side once and make this shape. And you fold each side one by one. Crisscross. (Still unbelievable…) The first dish I made was dumplings. Oh, had I done this, I would’ve won. Too bad. He’s still upset about it. He’s still dwelling on the dumplings. That was delicious. Let’s get the ingredients first and get snacks. Sure. (He has gone off course) There were so many delicious snacks. You can’t just pass by. (He’s attacking fish cake) Oh, that’s good. Aren’t you getting hungry? Suddenly? Right? (He’s being attacked by fish cake broth) Oh… Ilwoo, you know how to eat. I didn’t drink last night, but I feel refreshed. Doughnut. That looks good. (He’s getting doughnuts too) Ma’am, can I get a thick coating of sugar? Lots of sugar. – You must have a sweet tooth. / – I do. – I like sweet and savory. / – Sugar is the key. (He likes sweets) Yum! (Staring at empty space) You won’t stop chewing. What do we have to buy? You have to get the ingredients now. (They finally begin grocery shopping) Yes, you can tell the dish from its ingredients. I’d like some spicy peppers. (Ilwoo is checking them carefully) The firm ones are spicier. The firm ones are spicy? Yes, the firmer peppers are spicier. These look like mild peppers. They are newly harvested, so they are thin and spicy. I’ll take this one. – Is that for dipping? / – Yes. Here you go. Don’t we need onions? For the onions, the skin should be firm – and slightly transparent. / – He knows his stuff. I can tell you are good from how you shop. – You’re good. / – We need some anchovies for broth. – Oh, thank you. / – What is he going to make? – I can’t tell from them. / – I’d like some neck meat. It’s for grilling so make them thick. Thick? That sounds like steak. Can we get some scallions too? – That’s for dumplings. / – I’ll take this too. Are you making dumplings? It’s a secret. You’re spending a dollar per second. You’re spending a dollar per second. (The Jeff Bezos of the market world!) – Thank you. / – Jeff Bezos. You’re spending a lot of money. I wonder what it’s going to be. (Moving to the next destination) The weather is amazing today. You cooked up in the mountain last time, – so I decided to do the same. / – Really? The smell of cooking attracts people in the city. (Following Yeongja’s teachings) Anything you make in that place would be… I often go camping at my uncle’s place with my friends. The thing about camping is that everything tastes good. Right, it does. Hey, Yunseok. – My manager and someone new. / – Hurry up. – You’ll be there until you get something? / – Yes. Until I find the right dish. Good, good attitude. (I won’t go home without the winning dish) Perfect. Let’s get cooking. The first dish is my grandmother’s red pepper paste stew. – Red pepper paste stew? / – Red pepper paste stew. Nothing’s better. I’m making chopped noodles with Korean wheat. Oh, chopped noodles with red pepper paste stew? This is my grandmother’s recipe. You can’t use too much dried anchovies. Not too much. – Let the broth boil for an hour. / – Nice broth. Let me prepare the vegetables. My secret weapon! Chinese cleaver. He had fun with that last week. My secret weapon! (I, Jung Ilwoo,) (Can make anything) (With my Chinese cleaver) (Skilled chopping) Look at his skills. Seeing that happen outdoors is also cool. (When the Chinese cleaver comes out) That looks good. (Food is created) (Chinese cleaver and Ilwoo’s fantastic collaboration) He is the real deal. Cutting the tofu on the palm. That makes you look like a professional. Grow a beard, so your talent can shine. Grow a beard and be on “I am a Natural Person.” (Launched in nature, “Ilwoo is a Natural Person”) I think the broth is ready. It’s ready. It doesn’t need more time. Add red pepper paste and put the green onion in first. Green onion gets sweet when boiled for a long time. Add the potatoes. They take the longest to cook. He’s done a lot of cooking. Yes, he’s good. (Adding the rest of the ingredients) Season with soy sauce. Adding a bit of soybean paste adds flavors. Tofu goes in at the end to finish the stew. Look at that. Cooking over open fire adds smokiness. The most important step, making the noodles. Press it hard and make it flat. (Roll it flat) (Cut the noodles with the Chinese cleaver) It’s like cutting rice cake. Make them even. If it’s too thin, it’s not good. True handmade noodles. This is the right thickness. That’s it, that’s it. I love how much care went into that. Making noodles outdoor must be really hard. All that care and love. There’s a machine for that. (Peekaboo) Make the soup and cook the noodles separately. Like spicy beef noodles? Cook them separately and pour the stew over. Red pepper paste chopped noodle. That’s red pepper paste chopped noodles. That must be like spicy chopped noodles. I went to Gangwon-do, so I borrowed from that. Nice. Wow, that looks good. Hot, hot, hot. Let them go. (Ilwoo’s noodle slurping) (His friends try it too) It’s that good? It’s really good. They finished it all. (Red pepper paste chopped noodles was a success!) (The night is growing old) (for Ilwoo and his friends) I brought a secret weapon. (A secret weapon?) You’re making something for your friends? (Excited) Bananas? What are you going to do with them? Bananas? What are you going to do with them? (A secret weapon, bananas) Do you see this? It’s a banana. What are you going to do with the banana? Cut the skin open in the middle. Here’s chocolate. (Insert chocolate into the opening) Insert it into the opening. (Chocolate in banana) You put the chocolate into the banana? Amazing! What is that? I came up with the recipe. It’s the best dessert. That’s going to be good. Wrap it in foil. Put it into the fire. – Take it out after 5 minutes. / – Toss it in. (There are bananas in here) Like roasting sweet potatoes? Will you fall for me when you eat this? I want to see, I want to see. (Can’t help but admire) It’s like cream, chocolate cream. Look at this. Women would love that. (Sweet chocolate and sweet banana) (Chocolate melted into the banana) The banana has melted. How does it taste? When you chew the banana, chocolate spreads inside. That’s crazy. You should launch that. Wow, people are going to talk about that. That looks good. The warm banana tasted even better. It gets sweeter. Yes, much sweeter. (Ilwoo’s 2019 winter’s hot item) It’s really good. This is a secret weapon. (Chocolate in banana, CIB) That’s really good. Now I have to try that. (Licking the chocolate off his finger) It’s so good. It really is. Isn’t this a great idea? (Hottest winter snack) (After the CIB party…) (The night continues to grow deep) When I was… Around 27 years old, I was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm. (Unexpected story, unexpected shock) (What happened to Ilwoo?) (A sudden bad luck at age 27) (Jung Ilwoo “Cerebral aneurysm found…”) (Cerebral aneurysm) When I was first diagnosed with it, because it’s like a ticking time bomb… (Lethal disease that is like a ticking time bomb) (Difficult to bear) (Time filled with fear) Thinking I could die at any moment, I was scared and I was overwhelmed with depression, so I couldn’t leave home for over a month. And it dawned on me. I could die any minute, so I should do everything I ever wanted and enjoy the moment. That was why I went to the Camino de Santiago. I wasn’t there as an actor. I was Jung Ilwoo, a man in his mid to late twenties. (Carrying a backpack as heavy as his heart) (He walked) (And walked) (And continued walking) (To find the meaning of life) When I went to the Camino de Santiago, it was the happiest time of my life. (It was tough, but he was happy) Finally! (The Santiago de Compostela Cathedral) (He arrived at his destination after a long journey) Finally, I did it. (Ilwoo overcame his pain walking the trail) We didn’t know you had… Such a difficult thing to deal with. Yes… So are you okay now? I’m still too young to get surgery, so I’m getting checked every three months. Ilwoo and I share similar illnesses. Mine is cardiovascular, both vascular diseases. (I see…) (Fake tears) What’s going on? Too many boxes of tissues. Don’t put up too many. It’s a foreign country. – You’re still in Vietnam? / – It’s exotic. No way. (Since it’s in a foreign country) No way. (My goodness) (Gyeonggyu did it again) No way. (Variety show god father’s classy entrance) I love you! (Face filled with worries) You look great in that! I just love you! Who else could make us laugh like that? I tried many dishes yesterday. (All 9 dishes he tried yesterday) They weren’t that great. I stayed up all night thinking how to resolve this situation. You’re the best. To me… Like the 12 vessels, I got something. I will come up with a dish… Does he have a twin? That is affordable and delicious for everyone who is watching to enjoy. I think you will do it. You look like a local. (Yesterday’s employee recommendation tour was a bust) Is that outfit for a woman or a man? (Can Gyu Ikjeom find something today?) None of the Vietnamese people are wearing it. They’re not. Is that a traditional outfit? Something like ao dai? (The second day in Ho Chi Minh City) I hope you find something. I do too. (He’s all by himself today) Banh xeo? Banh xeo? Banh xeo? What is “Banh xeo”? They don’t have banh xeo. Banh xeo restaurant? – It’s the name of a restaurant. / – Oh, banh xeo. No, it’s a place that serves banh xeo. I’m looking for banh xeo. Really? The list I brought from Korea of the must-eat foods in Vietnam… (What is he getting?) This is one of the top 7. You brought all of that with you? Of course. (That’s serious) I came to Ho Chi Minh City to work on this dish. – That’s why he wins. / – I got all the materials printed out. (He is well prepared) But the lines got pushed, so this isn’t bun cha, but it says bun cha. – Bun cha is here. / – The photos got pushed. – The descriptions are on the next page? / – Yes. This is banh xeo… The print setting was off. The printing was off, so the name of the dish is wrong. This isn’t banh xeo. That’s banh xeo. Banh xeo is here, but it got pushed. (This is old school) (Will he do better today?) (Today’s first dish is here) Oh, thank you. (Banh xeo) I think he’ll like banh xeo. What is this thing? Nuoc mam. Nuoc mam? This is like the Korean sand lance sauce. Nuoc mam. That looks good. (Nuoc mam, fermented fish sauce) Wrap it like this. With lettuce? – You wrap it in lettuce. / – And dip it? That looks good. Like lettuce and fritters. (Will he be able to start the day with a smile?) Ngon. That means “Tasty.” – It’s good. / – You did it. (Happy) (What is banh xeo?) What’s that called? Like crepes. It’s made from flour batter. Flour. (Wheat flour and rice flour) (Make a crepe with the batter) (Golden) (Cook it until crispy) It’s really thin. (Stir-fry seafood, meat and mung bean sprouts) Stir-fry various ingredients… (Place on top of the crepe) (And fold it in half) (Banh xeo) It’s classy. I have to use Korean wheat, and I think this has something else added to it. I think I could work on it. (One more bite) Your expression is different from yesterday. I’m alert. Ngon. Tasty. (The research was worth it) To find out how it tastes when it gets cold, I’ll get the rest to go – and eat it in my hotel room. / – He’s different. How it tastes when it’s cold is important. Em oi. – Can you pack this for me? / – Okay. (What kind of language is that? A total mess) He understands. That’s the funny part. – He understands. / – It’s hilarious. (He understood) Discount, no? (Pretending not to understand) Discount? (The change in his attitude is quick) Hello. – You’re Korean? / – Yes. You are? A student? No, I’m a sailor. A crewman? A navigator. Did you try it? Did you try it? Excuse me? Banh xeo. I tried banh xeo. Banh xeo. Will that sell in Korea? 100%. It’ll sell 100%? Would you like a picture? It’s 100,000 Vietnamese dong for a picture. (He’s actually asking for money) – I have a wide fan base. / – It’s 100,000 dong. (Blah, blah) – Okay. / – Thank you. (They are finally free to go) Goodbye. I’ve decided. (About what?) – You’re done? / – I’m done. I’m going with banh xeo. (It’s only been 5 minutes of airtime) It’s not enough for us. I know. (The most foolish thing to worry about on this show) (Is worrying about Lee Gyeonggyu’s footage) You look comfortable everywhere you go. I’m embarrassed. (Suddenly embarrassed) (Take me to a good restaurant in De Tham) (One of the busiest place in Ho Chi Minh City) De Tham Street is famous. Aren’t the lenses too small for you? (He appeared wearing odd-looking sunglasses) He recommended the place. His recommendation? It’s bread. Baguette. Bread? (What is the second dish for Gyu Ikjeom?) (Flour, shrimp and fritter) It’s really simple. Wow, I like that one. Like Spanish garlic shrimp? See? I knew it. I knew it. I knew something else was coming. It’s baguette. (Even the sound is delicious) She deep-fried the shrimp whole. Shrimp baguette? (Banh mi chien tom) The sauce… Dip it in the sauce. That looks really good. (Yum) (Shrimp, flour and fritter) (That can’t be bad) It looks like it’s delicious. (He is a hard man to please) It’s delicious. It’s good. (Shrimp never disappoints) This is a perfect item. It’s perfect. (Easy to eat, a great item to launch) (Tasty) (From the looks of him, he’s not doing well) There’s pity in her eyes. It’s good. The shrimp is good. It’s simple, perfect for launching. (Along with banh xeo, shrimp baguette passed too) Shrimp baguette. Thank you! Bye-bye. (Suddenly) What happened? (What is this?) What happened? What? Gyeonggyu! (Outdated slapstick comedy made him feel embarrassed) Bye-bye. (It was so delicious that his knees buckled) (Slapstick out of the blue) He added slapstick comedy to Fun-Staurant. (Variety show god father’s passion burns hot) (Gyu Ikjeom is headed to the next restaurant) Look at all the motorcycles. Where are they going? (A tip for finding good restaurants in Vietnam) There are a lot of motorcycles here. Many motorcycles parked outside means it’s popular. I have a feeling this place is… There are many motorcycles parked outside. (Third restaurant of today) Bun bo hue, pig’s trotter noodles. – Pig’s trotters with noodles? / – Interesting. Pig’s trotters with noodles? (Pig’s trotters) (with noodles?) (As the name says) (Add lots of pig’s trotters) Scary. (And boil them until they fall off the bones) How interesting. I don’t think you’ll like it. There must be spices in there. Pig’s trotters have a unique smell. They do. It must look appetizing. Pig’s trotters noodles sounds very interesting. Let’s try it. It looks pretty good. Here it goes. The sound is nice. Maybe it’s not good. (He tastes the broth) Maybe it’s okay. It must smell okay. (Gyu Ikjeom laughed out loud) (Taking a big bite out of the pig’s trotter) I guess the spices aren’t very strong. (Against everyone’s prediction) (Not) Uncertain “Ngon.” (Is it good or bad?) It’s uncertain. It’s rich. I don’t know what, but the broth is really rich. It’s rich, but to be honest, this reminds me of Jangchung-dong. Jangchung-dong is the place for pig’s trotters. (Thinking of Jangchung-dong in Ho Chi Minh City) Thanks to you, we’re learning so much about food. Exotic food. (Put the thought of Jangchung-dong behind) Bun cha, bun cha, bun cha! – Bun cha. / – Bun cha. (Today’s third dish) Bun cha is popular in Korea right now. Bun cha is so delicious. Bun cha is good. Bun cha. (Just thinking about it makes your mouth water) Rice noodles and lettuce… (Soaked in nuoc mam sauce) (Charbroiled pork) That looks good. That can’t be bad. That’s delicious. (Without hesitation, eating the noodles first) I bet that’s totally delicious. (So?) Ngon? Oh, he doesn’t look happy. – Oh, it’s good. / – It’s delicious. It’s delicious. Bun cha is delicious. Ngon, ngon, ngon. It’s delicious. (His face shows how happy he is) It’s delicious. That looks simple and nice. It’s nutritious too. – It has vegetables. / – Yes, vegetables. It’s sweet. The sauce is perfect. It’s perfect. Just perfect. I can see why I should put everything in. The combination is well balanced. It’s not good. You are the man of noodles. I’m happy. The vegetables are good with the sauce too. The vegetables make me feel healthy. (The more you eat) Bun cha. Ho Chi Minh City is the country of bun cha. The country of bun cha. I want to ask how this sauce is made. (Owner) When he’s interested, he asks for the recipe. This is the fish sauce. With some other ingredients. Fish? Do you make it yourself? No, my mother-in-law. – It’s his mother-in-law’s recipe? / – Mother-in-law? It’s the same in Korean restaurants. Only the mothers-in-law know the key sauce. (No wonder she is good…) Your mother-in-law is from Hanoi? Right. If she were from a place like Da Nang, she couldn’t make it. It’s because she’s from Hanoi. (His mother-in-law helped him decide the dish) You have two contestants. It’s either banh xeo or bun cha. It’ll be one of the two. His mother-in-law’s fish sauce is… Thank you so much for enjoying the food. (For complimenting his mother-in-law) – A free dish. / – A free one. Fried banana? (Fried what?) Friend banana? (Everyone in the studio is confused) – What was that? / – Banana? Did he say banana? They have bananas? What is that? Fried banana? Fried banana? Fried banana. Banana? Did he say banana? They have bananas? (Mother-in-law’s fried bananas) How interesting. They deep-fried bananas. I wonder what the batter is. There’s chocolate sauce. (Never heard of) (Never seen) (But it tastes) (Terrific) (60-year-old’s foot stomping) This is it! Oh, wow. That means it’s really good. (Of all six Fun-Staurant episodes) (He looks the happiest now) (Satisfied) I love bananas, and moreover, this banana is cold. – That looks good. / – Frozen, cold. How do they do that? And with chocolate, it’s insane. You dip it in chocolate? I feel rejuvenated. He’s going to make something out of banana. Oh, this is bad. – What is this? / – The first day was hard. Crab meat noodles is… Is this supposed to be good? (He thought he might come home empty-handed) I don’t think this food agrees with me. It’s deep-fried, so how could the inside be cold? I’m curious about that. This will be a huge hit. But how can I make this? I’m sure this will be a hit, 100%. He even stomped his feet. I know. That means it’s good. Isn’t it dramatic? I’m so curious. It has to be delicious to make him feel that way. (Back in Korea) Fun-Staurant, Vietnam special. The second dish. (The second dish after ma jiang mian) Fried banana! Fried banana! He went with fried banana. I’m so curious. That’s going to be tough to beat. If you look here, this is Korean wheat. It’s Korean wheat grown in Gangwon-do. Next is, when you look at the fried banana, it looks a little green. Yes, it was tinted green. (The green color of the fried banana is) It’s sweet rice in Vietnam. I couldn’t get it, so I put flour in the batter and added powdered green tea to create that color. The bananas are senorita bananas available in Korea. – Senorita bananas? / – Yes. (Korean wheat batter, chocolate, frozen bananas) I’m going to make the crispy flakes. The batter is the key. (Use thin batter) They should be round. That’s how… You have to spread them out. If you do it in one spot, they stick together. (Like this) (He has weak hands) (It’s like lava) When they are done, spread them out. You need time. You have to deep-fry them again to get that color. Coat it like this. Coat it. – That looks simple and nice. / – The color is green. So easy. Seyun, you look like you want some. That looks amazing. (It hasn’t been deep-fried yet, but it looks yummy) You have to deep-fry it. (Deep-fry the coated banana until golden brown) It doesn’t take that long. – I’m curious. / – The color looks nice. How interesting. You have to dip it in chocolate. So? – That combination can’t be bad. / – I know. (The Hanoi mother-in-law’s food) (that made him stomp his feet) (So?) Did it work? (Yes) This is it! This is it! (Can you see) (the level of his confidence?) I’m scared. Fried banana! (He already looks like he won) His dish looks unbeatable. (His competitions are getting nervous) My dish is… Fried… Fried banana! Fried banana! He’s full of confidence. No wonder he won the first time. (Gyu Ikjeom’s second dish) (that drove everyone into chaos) The mother-in-law of the restaurant owner in Ho Chi Minh City who gave me the chance to make fried banana available for the people in Korea. Thank you. Vietnamese food is inside me! I wrote new history! Everyone, xin chao. Xin chao, xin chao, xin chao. He’s so excited. (Coming soon, fried banana) You got it for free while eating your noodles. That was accidental. Those who are lucky is always lucky. (He doesn’t care) Ma jiang mian is doing great, and this is great too! (I’m lucky through and through) The last contest’s winner, the creator of ma jiang mian. Here he is! Lee Gyeonggyu, please stand before the judges. (They can’t wait to see his dish) (Oh, I’m nervous) (The winner of the first contest walks over) (The man who lives in the past) (Here is the Boom-jukebox) There’s even background music. The winner of the first contest, Lee Gyeonggyu’s fried banana. Here’s your chance to advertise it. I’m the father of last week’s ma jiang mian. (Hahaha) Just eat it. (So much pride) I’ll talk to you after you try it. (Feeling excited at his high confidence) Okay. (Freshly deep-fried in passion-filled oil) (Perfect example of COMI) (Crispy outside, moist inside) (Perfect partner, when it meets chocolate sauce) (It creates the perfect sweetness) (Lee Gyeonggyu’s fried banana) Please begin. That looks good. It has to be. Don’t forget the chocolate sauce. (Excited) (His confidence made the judges more excited) (Looks good) (Harsh-tongued gourmet takes a careful bite) (Dips it in chocolate sauce) (And takes a quick bite) (Frown) (Odd expression) (Nervous about the unexpected reactions) If I may say one thing here… (Suddenly, he interrupts) (Out of the blue?) About the green rice. They only have that in Vietnam. If you choose my dish, I will go to Vietnam. I can meet the mother-in-law and improve the dish. (Lobbying for a consecutive victory) (The judges are done) – They didn’t finish. / – They didn’t. They didn’t finish. (Leftover fried bananas) You can eat this as dessert after eating ma jiang mian. I’m creating a series right now. My own series. Buy one, get one free. One ma jiang mian and one banana. (How did ambitious Gyeonggyu do?) Chef Choi Hyunseok? (Gyeonggyu can’t help but smile) Chef Choi Hyunseok is like my own child, I mean, like my own little brother. The key here is that he visited my restaurant many times. (The two had formed a close relationship) Really? (I’m counting on you, Hyunseok) Chef Choi Hyunseok? Generally speaking, when banana meets chocolate, you can’t fail. (The combination of the best flavors) With incredible planning, incredible idea and top quality ingredients, you failed in execution. You failed in execution. Failed? Did you say fail? He failed! He failed. (Lee Gyeonggyu, former winner, “I failed”) – How could he say it like that? / – He failed. I think the product itself is good. – But you failed in the detail. / – He failed. He failed. (Very adamant review) (Devastated) You didn’t have to go all the way… But you went way too far. It was too greasy, which was a shame, – so if you could work on it… / – I can’t stand it. Oh, I can’t stand this. (Covering his ears) (Hahaha) I was the king last week, so how could you destroy me like this? I can’t believe this. You should take a break this week. (Recommending a break) You should take a break this week. (Thud) (Harsh-tongued gourmet’s witty review) Oh, that’s really… (Is this the fall of the father of ma jiang mian?) Hang in there. Hang in there. (His confidence dropped) Without the chocolate, this is nothing. It’s so greasy I can’t eat it. Oh, make something else next week. (Shattered heart) – No, no. / – What on earth is this? I can’t even comment on this. (His consecutive win is gone…) – Sinu, we need to get the ingredients to / – Sinu! – make black bean noodles. / – They’re at the market. I picked black bean noodles, but I’m adding something. (Can Nayeong get groceries with Sinu and Ijun?) (Where did Sinu go?) Sinu. (Startled!) Sinu, go and get the onions. Go find the onions. (The onions are here!) Yes, those. (Sinu’s good) – He was good. / – He’s good. You’re great. You’re great. Potatoes. Sinu, potatoes. Oh, potatoes. Potatoes, oh! He is learning in everyday life. Sinu, ginger. Isn’t ginger a little too hard? Ginger is hard. I don’t think he knows ginger. Sinu, ginger. (Ginger? Ginger?) Ginger. (Grabbing ginger) (A 4-year-old who knows what ginger is) – He knows what ginger is? / – He’s smart. (He got ginger) – There aren’t many like him. / – Sinu, green onion. Sinu, eggs. Flour. Go find flour, Sinu. That… Sinu. No. (What about this?) Snacks. No, no. (Sad) Pick one you really want. One that is small. There’s a time limit. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6… Picking one is hard. 6. (I’m busy) – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. / – How can he pick just one? A small one. You’re getting that one only. Happy. (I feel great today) Where is the flour? I found it. (No way…) (He really found Korean wheat flour!) (Mommy’s proud) Here, Sinu, go put it in the cart. (Genius Sinu) Sinu, you were great today. – Thank you. / – Sinu’s all grown up. I was really surprised that day. I will make you delicious black bean noodles. (Grocery shopping with her sons was a success) Oh, I can’t stop crying. I’m so sad. (The reason is the green onion) (Let’s make black bean noodles) (Mince all the ingredients!) She’s mincing everything. She is. – Mince everything. / – Minced. Minced black bean noodles. Because it’s for kids. (What are the brothers doing?) (Sinu is drawing!) (He is being artistic) Nayeong, you’re great with kids. (Nayeong is using one wall as a giant sketchbook) (He is up to something) (Oh, my god) (It’s getting crazy) (It’s fatal) (Sinu reveals what he did) What did you do? My heart. (So funny) What did you do to your face? (Stir-frying black bean sauce in oil) (Stir-fry minced vegetables and meat) (Soy sauce, sugar, and soy sauce) – That’s a lot of work. / – Oh, wow! That looks delicious. No one can say that is bad. (Black bean sauce filled with love is finished) (Tasting time) (Yum) It’s so delicious. Oh, that looks good. The color… It’s really good. Oh, the color. The color is amazing. (Her score is A plus) I think I should open a black bean noodle restaurant. A very important guest is coming to our home. Huh? Who? Who is it? (How this 2-year-old waits) Ding-dong. Here comes Ijun. (Who is the important guest?) Hello. (Oh, my) Yang Hee-eun. – Hi. / – Hello. She’s a gourmet. She is. (I’m Yang Hee-eun, a singer of 48 years) – Peekaboo. / – Who is it? – Who is she? / – Who? Who’s this grandma? Who’s this grandma? Chubby grandma, chubby grandmother. Wow, he’s all grown up. She hardly ever goes anywhere, but she went to your apartment. She visits me often. (How Hee-eun gets close to Ijun) It’s a lion. Scary. (Frozen) (She’s good!) (Again, frozen) He was shocked because she was so good. (She’s my type) Sinu’s at kindergarten? Yes, at daycare. (Grandma, I’ll see you next time) I can tell – how much weight you lost. / – I know. Right? So I… Brought scorched rice and… Wow! (As if she found it on the way over) I cooked aged kimchi… (Hee-eun brought side dishes for Nayeong) With dried anchovies and perilla seed oil. Oh, that looks good. Her side dishes are really delicious. – Healthy and delicious. / – Yes. And… Waterless soybean paste stew. That is my soul food, Hee-eun. Try it. Oh! She made all of them for you? Soybean paste stew and… How could she do that for someone? She’s like Nayeong’s mother. (Nayeong’s soul food Hee-eun brought) I don’t have anything. Right. Put them in. And give me back the containers. I will. – The containers are important. / – Give them back. (Nayeong’s fridge is filled with Hee-eun’s love) (I have this dream about breakfast) (Everyone who lives alone does) Incredible. (“Nayeong’s Refrigerator” by Yang Hee-eun) (Hee-eun wrote a song about Nayeong) When I lived alone, I wrote a brief entry in my journal looking at my empty fridge, like a tiny whining. And she wrote a song with that. (They became like mom and daughter) She looks like her real mom, doesn’t she? She does. She takes good care of Nayeong. I’ve been doing this new show. Good for you. You should be on public TV. It’s called Fun-Staurant on public TV. It’s about the convenience store, right? Yes. Who’s the judge? Lee Seungchul… – I’ll get rid of him and take his spot. / – Really? – I’ll get rid of him and take his spot. / – Really? (Her junior singer can only smile) Everyone wants that spot. I want to make you lunch. Oh, what have you been up to? – I’m going to make you Chinese food. / – What? – I don’t believe this. / – Chinese food. You’re cooking now? – Noodles? / – Noodles? She’s making her own noodles? (Surprised chefs) I learned how fun cooking is doing Fun-Staurant. You should give the show a try too. The competition is fierce. I don’t like fierce. (Fierce? No, thank you) (No to fierce) It might end up taking longer than I thought. Will I be able to eat sometime today? (To be continued in part 2)

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