Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant | 편스토랑 EP.16 Part 1 [SUB : ENG/2020.02.24]

(A man who walks by the water with a determined look) (Gyu-Ikjeom) I will come up with the best dish made with chicken. When I heard the theme, I thought Gyeonggyu would have some advantage. Since Kkokko-myeon… He’s tough to beat. Gyeonggyu doesn’t take it easy on Fun-Staurant. He gives it all he’s got. People say they can’t believe how hard he works. I can’t believe I have to compete against you. It’s degrading and that’s why I work hard. (With determination, he arrived at Andong Gu Market) A market. This is an alley with braised chicken restaurants. Braised chicken is a must. Good choice. Andong braised chicken is famous. It originated from there. In the summer, that alley becomes so crowded. Right here. (He found a place he likes) Let’s go in. Oh, hello. The owner… Hello, there. She looks just like Jeon Wonju. Really? Hello. – Who’s the owner? / – That person. (This is not Jeon Wonju) But that’s Jeon Wonju. (They look like twins) She looks just like her. – She does. / – She really does. I come to Andong often. When it comes to Andong braised chicken, I’ve been to many different restaurants. Sometimes I come here alone and get it, and sometimes I come here for a shoot and get it. Andong braised chicken is local dish. In 1970s, this alley was for fried chicken. – But consumers wanted something new. / – I see. They topped it with garlic and that became famous. And in the 1980s, Andong braised chicken was born. And all the restaurants here, after the 1980s, it became the Andong braised chicken alley. And they still sell Andong braised chicken. (Boil chicken and potatoes) (Add dried chili and soy sauce for flavors) They use dried chili to get chili oil. (Cook in high heat, add glass noodles and simmer) I want some. Even the breast meat is good. I feel proud of Andong braised chicken. Right. Thank you. You can put it here. (Here it is) (Enjoy the view) Andong braised chicken in Andong. That looks delicious. (Chuckling) (He can’t believe how good it looks) Let me try this. (Drumstick first) (Second bite) It’s nice and hot. – He’s really enjoying it. / – Oh, I’m hungry. I can’t believe how good this is. The sound he makes is so… I’m really jealous of that. I know. Going on a shoot and enjoying good food. – It’s always good. / – That can’t be bad. The unique flavors of the marinade. (Savory flavor of perfectly marinated chicken) I’ll try everything. This is potato. It’s the basics. Green onion. Red chili. Glass noodles. Yes, yes. – Oh, the glass noodles. / – I can’t watch. – Glass noodles are always good. / – That looks good. (Slurp) (Slurp) Yum! Why are you mixing the rice with the sauce? Excuse me? Why are you mixing the rice into it? – That sauce is delicious. / – That looks so good. That’s the highlight. With white rice, that’s a must. (White rice goes perfectly with braised chicken) (A spoonful of braised chicken bibimbap) The rice is delicious with the sauce. (A bite of chicken) (I want some) Oh, I’m hungry. (So happy) (Once you start, you can’t stop) If I could combine rice and chicken… Chicken and rice go so well together. I want that with some mustard leaf kimchi. (It’s not fair to show something like that this late) The dishes that were launched were mostly snacks. Don Spike’s dish was the same. And what was that? Jjujju-papa? Ilwoo’s jjujju-papa? That was the same. (Not “jjujju-papa” but “Tteok Pa Bao!”) Maybe I should come up with a meal. Something that can fill you up. They say “Rice gives you strength.” Something like rice bowl. – Rice bowl? / – Rice bowl. The problem is passing the judging. You can always launch my dish. Just launch my dish in addition to whatever you pick. You don’t need to judge my dish. You’re just blurting things out. (You heard that?) (The sun is going down) He works so hard. We should work even harder. This is Cheongsong in Gyeongsangbuk-do. Cheongsong? – You went down to Cheongsong? / – I’ve been to Daegu, Andong and Cheongdo, and now it’s Cheongsong. I’m eating all the chickens in Gyeongsangbuk-do. ♪ It’s a perfect day for eating chicken ♪ Oh, hello. – Hello. / – Welcome. (Gyu-Ikjeom is excited / What’s in Cheongsong?) I should tell you about this. It’s “Dalgi broth.” – Mineral water. / – Did I say broth? – Dalgi. / – It’s not broth. It’s mineral water. Dalgi mineral water. (Famous naturally carbonated mineral spring water) I’ve been there and the water comes from under rocks. That water is high in iron. (I see) I hear it has a unique taste. Let me try it. (Oh!) (This is!) If it’s your first time, you might not like it. I was surprised. This is carbonated. It’s really strong. It’s carbonated. Carbonated and salty. I’ve never had mineral water like this. They make chicken soup with this mineral water, so it’s going to be delicious and healthy. That water is great for making chicken soup. They use that water for all their chicken dish. The spring is right outside the restaurant. Mung beans, they add mung beans. They use mung beans too. Mung beans are delicious. (Add a handful of mung beans and let it boil) (Add rice and a dried jujube) What’s that? The rice isn’t stuffed inside like chicken soup. They just add all that stuff to one whole chicken. Wow. Oh, that looks good. (A hearty meal, mineral water chicken porridge) It’s a very healthy meal. Look at this color. That’s medicine, not a meal. It has mung beans. Look at the mung beans. It has mung beans. It has to be good for you. That looks good. (Let’s try this) It’s smooth. (It goes down smoothly) Yum. Knowing mung beans are good for your body, it makes me feel really happy. That looks so delicious. I think Gyeonggyu’s dish will be amazing. I know. This is, my goodness. There’s a whole chicken leg inside. That’s a huge chicken leg. – They use small chickens for chicken soup. / – Yummy. Let me get some meat. (It’s huge) It’s perfect for one person. (Nom) It’s so tender. That looks good. (Nodding in satisfaction) This is how you cook chicken. When I go fishing, I don’t eat anything else. To be honest, I don’t eat marinated fried chicken. – But he stuffed himself with that. / – This is it. (He has forgotten all about marinated fried chicken) He stuffed himself with that. This is what we need to pay attention to. Chicken drumettes. – I’ve never seen these before. / – What are they? – Chicken drumettes. / – Drumettes? I’ve never seen that before. They pull the meat off the bone, so you can eat it in one bite. That’s all done by hand. All by hand. They must be better than drumsticks. (Sizzling) – What is that? / – You could launch that. I would love to try that. (Grilled filleted drumettes with bone) Chicken drumettes. That’s one bite. That’s amazing. (They all wonder how it tastes) How does it taste? Just dip it into this sauce. Let me try it. That looks so good! (Pop!) It’s one bite. It’s so easy to eat. The meat is very tender. The inside is tender and the outside is meaty. I thought it might be salty, but it’s not. It’s really subtle and aromatic. I’m going to combine everything I ate into one dish, so people of all ages can enjoy it – as a simple meal. / – I’m intimidated. – What is it? / – That’s the chicken dish I’ll make. He sounds really determined. When you have a product with a clear aim, that product has a huge chance of being a hit. (What is Gyeonggyu’s dish everyone is excited about?) I had a lot of footage, but they edited them all out. Your part was the longest of all. He’s upset. The shooting went on for hours and hours! You jerks! That was perfect. (Really?) – Hello. / – Hello. – You’re famous. / – Thank you. Their chicken skewers are famous. They are famous on social media. Wow, it’s that long? (Lots of toppings) What is that? A 30cm-long chicken skewer. (It’s as long as an adult’s forearm) – It’s the owner’s recipe. / – Wine-based. They are all wine-based. His chicken skewers look pretty decent. Oh, sliced almonds. – The balsamic one sounds good. / – Perilla leaves. – Perilla leaves. / – Perilla leaves sound interesting. I’m trying to come up with an new dish using chicken. As an expert, as someone with his own recipe, do you have some advice for me? As you can see up there… “Skimping leads to your doom.” Even if it’s just a sauce… Good taste? You can’t skimp on the ingredients? – Right. You can’t. / – Don’t skimp. I think you should come up with a sauce everyone would like. When you see a motto like that at a restaurant, you can see what the owner’s thinking. Which ones are good? The wine cheese one won 1st place at a competition. It won first place? Which competition? On “Live Info Show”… Oh! It won an award on “Live Info Show”? On “Find the Skewer King”… Gyeongwan, you must have seen it. – Gyeongwan, you don’t remember? / – It’s true. (Winner of “Find the Skewer King”) He’s the Skewer King. – Do you remember? / – It’s him. (Fancy) We got the most famous people in Korea – to compete there. / – Right. – This one and… / – There are so many. Four? Four, I think four’s enough. Four. (She ordered 1.2m of skewers) (Yeongja spotted another customer) – You’ve seen me on TV, right? / – Yes. How do I look in person? How do I look in person? You’re thinner. (Wow! / He is quick on his feet) He knows how to please people. He has sharp eyes. Really? And you’re just skin and bones. They are so funny. (Transgenerational friendship) Here are your chicken skewers. Okay, I’ll take them. (They will leave you speechless) Is that for real? (Unbelievable) They look delicious. (The ultimate topping, mozzarella cheese) (1.2m of chicken skewers) They look amazing. They look so good. They look delicious. I’m curious about the taste. Yum. I love this. The perilla leaves are amazing. The fragrant perilla leaves tame the spiciness. That looks really good. (And the remaining 90cm) That looks good. (This is it / This is it) It might be like bunching onion chicken. (Yeongja’s soulmate agrees) – It’s good. / – Isn’t it? Is Heonjae’s dad home? He’s in Jeju-do. Jeju-do? How wonderful. Where? – He’s working there. / – He is? Do you miss your dad? (Yes) Say something to your dad. Say, “Dad, open wide.” (Habitual video message) To your dad, Heonjae. Say something to your dad. No, you should do it. Say, “I love you, dad.” He’s in Jeju-do. He must really miss you. Heonjae, go. Honey, it’s getting out of hands. I just wanted to buy him a corn dog. Dad, I love you. Dad, open wide. – “Dad, I love you.” / – It’s so good. Sir… I’d love to go there. I should go on a restaurant tour, take some time off. I’m getting jealous of them. Is the owner here? Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I really need your help. It’s about chicken. (Chef Wonil knows him) I’m a regular there. Can I get one of each cut? Okay, that one, that one, that one, – a little bit of each? / – A little bit. I’ve never seen a place that sells different cuts. Why do you use this sauce? – It’s our special fish soy sauce. / – Right. – It’s not too salty. / – What’s fish soy sauce? Oh, in soy sauce… Fish soy sauce and egg yolk. Stir it eight times with your chopsticks. That looks really good. (How does it taste?) It’s so good. I want to mix this into rice. This is it. It looks simple, but it’s both sweet and savory. And it has the unique soy sauce flavor. Here’s your chicken. (Get ready to be excited) (Today’s first cut) Neck meat? – With all the bones removed. / – Chicken neck meat. I heard it’s the best cut. It’s considered a delicacy in other countries. – It’s hard to find. / – It is. How did they remove the bones? Chicken neck meat? They removed the bones from chicken neck? It’s one strip of meat. – This is one chicken? / – Yes. – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. / – One per chicken. – So that’s 6 chickens? / – I’m eating 6 chickens? That’s very special. How many grams is this? That’s about 15 grams. – This one? / – 15 grams from one chicken? (The rarest cut of all) It’s hard to get and rare, so it’s considered a delicacy abroad. That looks amazing. This restaurant’s special sauce. Oh, that looks good. – That’s the best. / – That’s the best cut. – The muscle is… / – It’s good as it is. (So) (How does grilled neck meat taste with the sauce?) This is so good. I can hear it from my throat. (She’s crowing like a chicken) (She looks really healthy) (Is she a domestic chicken?) This is so good. The neck meat is chewy. It’s chewy and tender. That looks delicious. It’s tender, but it has texture. Where is that? It’s somewhere. – Tell me the name of the area. / – I can’t. – I love food like that. / – Its texture is perfect. Where is that? I said it’s somewhere. (Gyeonggyu and Yeongja have perfect chemistry) You two won the Best Couple in 2019. I put it in my storage. (Who cares) (Wherever the trophy is, she’s busy eating) – Can I get the fondue first? / – Okay. Oh, fondue? I think cheese might go well with it. (It’s an unusual combination) That and wine would go… (How is chicken neck meat dipped in cheese sauce?) I thought fondue would be too heavy, but when I tried it, it was savory and delicious. It’s really savory. I feel happy. It’s fragrant, and there’s no discord. – Chicken neck is good by itself. / – And the fondue makes it really creamy. I just had chicken neck meat, but they have their special cut. Drumettes. – Drumettes? / – Drumettes. – But earlier… / – Drumettes are mine. But they filleted them there. Boneless? (Red pepper paste sauce is the key) That looks so good. That looks delicious. The drumette meat is a little bit fatty. – That looks so good. / – That looks good. So it will taste rich. Chicken drumettes have this much meat on them? Yes, they are drumettes of bigger chickens. I never thought of them as anything other than wings, – so it’ll be my first time. / – That looks so good. Where is that? (Because of the fat) It’s fragrant. (And it tastes) It must be chewy. (My goodness) It’s so tender. How could this be? You need to get their secret. (The texture of drumettes is) If this were fabric, cashmere? 100% cashmere. It feels like cashmere? – It’s soft? / – It’s so soft. That’s how soft it is. What’s that? This is chicken tenderloin. – Tenderloin. / – Chicken tenderloin. We received it this morning. Tenderloin is here. It should be eaten medium rare. (It’s best when it’s medium rare) That looks so good. – That place must be really good. / – It is. (Grilled tenderloin) (should be dipped in the fish soy sauce) Tenderloin must be really tender. It’s tender, but it has texture, and there’s a unique flavor to it. Let me take back what I said. I called the drumettes 100% cashmere. – That was 80% blended. / – Blended. – This is… / – This is 100%? – 100% cashmere. / – I don’t just say it’s good. I explain it. – Junghyun, isn’t it easier? / – Yes. I don’t explain on purpose. Why? To make you curious. This is the skirt cut. The skirt. Skirt cut. – There is skirt cut? / – I didn’t know. They have that in Korea? – I looked, but I couldn’t find it. / – Interesting. It’s crunchy, so the texture is interesting. There’s cartilage, so I think you would love it, Yuri. – It’s not boring. / – I like the cartilage. So I finished the cuts from the body? Yes, you did. – Drumsticks. / – The highlight? – Yes, the highlight. / – Highlight. The highlight, drumsticks. They filleted them. That’s how you eat them. – They were aged for 24 hours. / – They were aged. Let me grill the drumsticks. That’s so good. I know how that tastes, so it’s driving me crazy. That’s for a bottle of soju. I don’t know how to eat drumsticks. – Really? / – Really. – Why? / – I’ve never had it growing up. – You know how it is. / – Mom, dad, – Drumsticks were rare. / – me, my baby sister, my big brother and big sister, so six people. I never got the chance to eat one. That footage is old. It brings tears to my eyes. It brings tears to my eyes to know a restaurant like that is in Seoul. The fact that you didn’t know… The fact that I didn’t know makes me sad. (Of course) (He is unbelievable) (Filled with memories) The marinade smells… Wholesome and spicy. (She can enjoy all the drumsticks she wants now) It smells so good. Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. (Little Yeongja’s dream food) Perilla leaf. That looks really good. You’re putting two pieces of meat? Let me put one more piece on this. The combination is great. Chives are so… Because of chives, it must be amazing. (Miming? / What is she doing?) (What’s wrong with her?) It’s spicy? Guess. Is it spicy? Perilla leaf? Unbelievable? – It tastes… / – Unbelievable. – Unbelievable. / – It’s so good, it’s unbelievable. Each and every cut is different, but I just ate all of them together. Divided up like this, they are all different. Each cut is uniquely charming. Sir, let me have the fried rice. – The last course. / – Their specialty. Their fried rice is incredible. (Why is their fried rice incredible?) What’s that? Oh, chicken. – Green onion kimchi? / – Green onion kimchi. (Fermented green onion kimchi, butter and chicken) That’s crazy. What is that? – That has to be good. / – That’s a must. – That must be a bit tart. / – Look at the color. That’s really… (Pickled radish / Green onion) (Sesame seeds / Crushed laver) (Topped with an egg) Restaurants usually don’t decorate the fried rice. It looks amazing. That’s so pretty. – Is this pickled radish? / – Yes. – That looks amazing. / – It’s minced. They are meticulous about their food. When you ask for fried rice, they put laver and crushed sesame seeds and just mix them up. But wow, theirs is so pretty. (Waiting for the fried rice to cook is the best part) Pickled radish. Pickled radish and laver. I was so surprised about the pickled radish. Pickled radish does everything. This three times a week means a successful life. Isn’t food like this the reason why you work hard? So you can eat well and live well? I want that. (One big bite / Taste of success) Ouch, hot. (Taste of burning success) Unbelievable. You know how green onion kimchi tastes. The spiciness of it lingers in the roof of your mouth. It makes me homesick. She has multiple hometowns. She’s homesick every week. I have about 30. She must have like 30 hometowns. (Anyway, the 30th taste of hometown is) The taste that consoles you. (When it’s cold) (There’s nothing like this dish) Chicken is so competitive. I want to use different cuts. Different cuts. Make a compact version of a whole chicken, so people could taste the different cuts. The pain of never getting a drumstick. I put that in there. (Just add everything in at once) (Performing exorcism) (Yeongja…) What’s that? – Fish soy sauce. / – Fish soy sauce? I fell in love with the fish soy sauce. You can do anything with it. This is so good. This is really good. (The sweet and savory flavor Yeongja fell in love with) First is… I got the recipe from him. – Really? / – Yes. You have to add fish. Isn’t that… – They catch that a lot in Incheon. / – Yes. About 3kg of cooking wine, boil it to get rid of all the alcohol. – You’re giving us the recipe? / – Add garlic. I should make some at home. Break some dried shiitake mushrooms. Dried big-eyed herring. – That’s the secret ingredient. / – Grill them? Grill them first. – Get rid of the fishy smell. / – Big-eyed herring. Did you know? There are celebrities who are like big-eyed herring. Gyeonggyu. Gyeonggyu. (He knew it) She thought of me, grilling those big-eyed herring. (Pitiful) Don’t grill them for too long. (Add the big-eyed herring that are like Gyeonggyu) Skimping leads to your doom. Skimping leads to your doom. (Add soy sauce to the boiled cooking wine) You can’t add too much soy sauce that early. – I measured them. / – You did? Yes, it’s the restaurant owner’s recipe. Here they are. That can’t be bad. I wanted to use that as the base. Like boiling herbal medicine. Everyone has a part they pay attention to. One part they always look. Where do you look? I look at nasal hair. Nasal hair? – I look at their nostrils. / – Women tend to do that. If they have clean nostrils, they look very decent. Oh… I won’t tell you who, but for a while, I fell for this celebrity – who has such clean nostrils. / – Who? I’ve never seen such clean nostrils. It’s Ilwoo. His nostrils. (Ilwoo has clean nostrils) (Funny but sad) Ilwoo has clean nostrils. Check them out. Ilwoo has clean nostrils. Check them out. (Clean nostrils) Why am I there? (Good for you for having handsome nostrils) Ilwoo, I’ve never seen such clean nostrils. I can’t see Gyeonggyu’s because he’s always like this. This is nuts. (I can’t believe this is happening when I’m sixty) (While they are busy talking about nostrils) (Yeongja’s fish soy sauce is almost done) I have to dip ten times. Dried bonito flakes. Just dip at the end. (Yeongja’s fish soy sauce) It’s so good. Let me reduce this a bit more. (Yeongja’s fish soy sauce is as good as Junghyun’s) That looks good. Let’s check if it came out right. Eat it with white rice. Just mix the soy sauce into the rice? (The most classic method) – What? Butter? / – Butter, soy sauce. – What’s that? / – Sesame oil. The simplest recipe is the best. Right. (These people won’t stop there) (Fresh egg yolk too) – I wanted to do that. / – Really? – It’s really easy / – That’s so… – and really tasty. / – Right. The soy sauce has to be good. If you want to check the taste, you just need a little, but they are actually having a meal. But I eat that much when I check for taste. (No wonder he has a meal when he judges) Sisters, come out. Sisters, hurry up. Come and try this. Sis, try this. You have to let me know. (How does her fish soy sauce taste?) It’s not too salty. I don’t think it would be very salty. That’s why fish soy sauce is so good. It’s delicious without being too salty. (Yeongja’s fish soy sauce is a success) Sis, turn the stove on. For what? (Fresh drumette meat on a heated pan) This soy sauce is amazing. That looks so good. That looks good. – Maybe she’ll get an idea from that. / – Over rice. (Top it with fresh egg yolk) That should be on TV. The soy sauce is so good. Chicken drumette meat over rice. (She is having her second bowl) I’m sure that’s good. That looks so good. That looks really good. Sis, you have a safe, don’t you? Put this in your safe. (Lock the fish soy sauce up) This is all you need. When you’ve lost your appetite, that and kimchi will… – There’s more? / – It’s my dish. I’m curious. I’ll add this much. This is wing meat and drumette meat. – Drumette and wing meat. / – Grind them? I will make a new chicken dish people of all ages will fall in love with. Family members won’t have to fight over it. Chicken that brings peace. (Chicken ground to bring peace) Sprinkle the board with sweet rice flour. (Mix in sweet rice flour to absorb moisture) (Egg yolk / Bread crumbs) (Parsley / Green onions) Let me put a cup of it. That’s too much. No, no. (To the kneaded chicken) That’s too much. No, no. That is way too much. (It’s half soy sauce, half chicken) The color looks salty, but it’s not salty at all. I added more. Don’t worry about it. – I think this is ready. / – That might be good. You could make dumplings with that. Yes, that would be delicious. You could make dumplings with that. It’s done. Wing and drumette meat. I will grind chicken breast and skirt meat. Chicken breast and skirt meat. – They are different cuts. / – Different cuts. (After the same procedure) You could make anything with that. Finally, drumstick meat. They have all the cuts. (3 types of ground chicken mix) My chicken dish – What is it? / – is coming up. Ta-da! – What is it? / – What? (What is Yeongja’s chicken dish?) That’s it! (It is coming right up) (Happy) I think your idea is great. Using all the different cuts… Winning gave her some kind of power. He gave me his first compliment. Let’s make some spicy chicken stew. I think I can add a bit more chili bean sauce. She’s using chili bean sauce. You’re using chili bean sauce? Chili bean sauce? The judges like strong flavors. This is too weak. (Adding a kick) (Chili bean sauce chicken stew is finished) (What is Junghyun’s dish?) First is spicy chicken stew croquette. (Spicy chicken stew / Croquette / Will they work?) – Oh, inside? / – Yes. That’s a great idea. Possibilities are endless when it comes to food. I should boil some potatoes. Why are you boiling potatoes separately? Just watch. (Find out why shortly!) – I need to get the meat. / – That’s genius. A croquette with all this inside would be amazing. I should make the croquette dough. I will make the dough with potatoes. – So that’s why. / – Mash the potatoes. That’s why you didn’t tell us. Season with salt and pepper, mix well. You are determined to win. Make the dough for the croquette. But it’s really easy to make croquettes. Just mash the potatoes and mix a bit of flour in. Butter. Butter? (Just what he likes) Butter and more perilla leaves the better. The perilla leaves can help keep the juice inside. (Shape it into a ball) Get in there. Coat it with beaten egg. – Lots of bread crumbs. / – Roll it in panko. Is the oil hot enough? The bread crumbs are floating. Let’s put it in. (Sizzling) That’s crazy. (Flip it and fry it until golden brown on both sides) Look at the size. That’s a decent meal. Everyone likes spicy chicken stew. That looks good. – Pizza topping. / – You’re making one more? Spicy chicken stew pizza. – Pizza? / – Pizza? (Mysterious cut) – To get rid of any foul smell… / – What’s that? What’s that? – Are those chicken gizzards? / – Yes, they are. They have amazing texture. That’s incredible. Coarse salt and flour. You have to rub them clean. Let’s clean these. Smells be gone. These are delicious grilled in oil. Coat with olive oil and cook in the air fryer. (Rinse them in running water) Slice vertically to keep the texture. – Slice vertically. / – The texture is amazing. (Right, right) Pour citrusy beer to get rid of any smell. (Rinse the beer off) Cook the chicken gizzards. Add the spicy chicken stew soup. That’s a nice idea. Amazing texture and delicious sauce. – Cook them together. / – So that’s the base? (The gizzard pizza topping is ready) Oh, my god. That looks good. Let’s check. (Crunchy) The texture is amazing. My goodness. Do you hear that? (Delicious sound that hits your eardrums) I love it. (That’s my kind of food) Let’s add some smoky flavor. Is it her torch again? Smoky flavor is delicious. It’s really good. That torch can do wonders. It adds smokiness. Yes. That looks good. It looks good. Tortilla. She’s making a tortilla pizza. Spread the chicken stew sauce on it. That looks good too. (Top it with mozzarella cheese) Spicy chicken stew goes well with potatoes. She knows what kind of kick to add. She knows it has to be same but different. (It is cooking in her oven) Top the pizza with the nutritious fresh spinach. That can’t be bad. Drizzle some truffle oil to make it taste fancy. Yum. That looks like a pretty dish too. It’s because Junghyun made it. (Spicy chicken stew pizza with added texture) Pizza shops will copy her recipe. (Crispy and moist / Spicy chicken stew croquette) Spicy chicken stew bun. (Flavor-artist’s dishes are finished) They look pretty too. A set menu. (She’s trying the pizza first) Her husband’s not eating. Let’s try this. (Nom) Yum. It’s so good. That is trendy kind of food. That’s what the young people like these days. It might be a hit. This is so good. – The spinach fills the void. / – Right. And the tortilla goes so well with it. (It smells so good) I think women would like this. But I don’t think older men would. (Older men in shock) (Embarrassed) (Feeling bitter) Let’s try the croquette. I saw some juice. Unbelievable. This looks good. I want to try that. The young people would love that. I think that’s the dish she will bring. (Crispy) One of that would fill you up. When you bite into it, it’s French fries, but inside is spicy chicken stew. (Satisfied) – That looks delicious. / – It’s really delicious. Yeongja, don’t get swept in. There’s potato, so it’s filling, and the perilla leaf keeps it from being too heavy. It’s so good. I think using perilla leaves was a great idea. They are both so delicious. Which one should I do? (Croquette or pizza?) (She’s going out to get help) Did you go to see your husband? She went to her husband’s office because he wouldn’t come home. I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this! Hey! (Junghyun’s rehearsal room) Oh, you haven’t changed a bit! They still perform. (She’s in demand because of the newtro trend) Even now? You look much more handsome with a bit of weight. Hello. You brought a fan. The fan, the fan. Junghyun, you haven’t changed a bit. – You’ve gotten even more beautiful. / – Thank you. He must be very good to you. My husband is so nice. He doesn’t make me worry. (Let’s warm up) Would you like to come out from here? It’s been so long that I felt really embarrassed. Yuri’s the most excited. Yuri, this is your favorite, isn’t it? Are we really going to see it? (Forget all about the Flavor-artist Junghyun) You still remember it! (“Wa” / Lee Junghyun’s sensational debut song) (Amazing) (Just like how she was back then!) (Don’t call me heartless) I should boil some potatoes. She’s living a double life. (10 months married / Newlywed bride’s double life?) – She’s living a double life. / – This is so good. (This is Singer Lee Junghyun!) So amazing. I just love that voice. (What was that sound?) (The cameral fell off) The mounted camera fell off. (While she is busy conquering the stage) The husband? No, no. The outfit is different. If you can’t see the face, it feels like it’s him. (Tapgol Gaga / She will never change) I think there was kicking. Right? – Yes, kicking. / – There was a kicking noise. – Two kicks, right? / – Hello. Hey! Hey? Hey? Zyoung! – What? / – It’s Baek Zyoung. (Welcome, Zyoung) It’s Zyoung. She sang at my wedding. You still got it. (Happy to see her) You’re doing a tour. “My Ear’s Candy”? Do “My Ear’s Candy.” – Oh, hey, I can’t. / – I really love that song. – “My Ear’s Candy.” Hurry. / – Stop it. – Let’s go, let’s go. / – Hurry, hurry. Does anyone know? You know “My Ear’s Candy,” right? (Oh, I shouldn’t have come) This is crazy. Zyoung, hurry up. I’m sorry. (Feeling of embarrassment passed) What? Just like that? (I am Baek Zyoung) (By the way…) (Who will perform Taecyeon’s part?) Who’s that? (Who are you?) (So funny) It’s the CEO of her Zyoung’s agency. My goodness. You have to be able to do that to be CEO? He’s so good. (My goodness!) Is he really the CEO? Is he really the CEO? (“My Ear’s Candy” by Baek Zyoung featuring CEO) (He’s good) Is he the CEO because he can do it? Or did he learn it to become the CEO? I don’t know. My CEO! (Let’s do this!) What? Wow, he’s good. (Junghyun’s dancing too) How can the CEO do that? I can’t believe it. He’s so cool. (Nobody missed Taecyeon) (They gave it all / “My Ear’s Candy”) (That was crazy) – March 21st, the Seoul concert. / – Seoul. I’ll be your guest performer. – Really? / – Yes. At 3 or at 7? – Both. / – You should talk to your manager. – I have nothing that day. / – Talk to your manager. Okay. Thank you so much for saying that. Is this warm? – It’s okay. / – You’re deciding now? (Croquette vs. Pizza / What did Junghyun pick?) (Junghyun’s dish / Spicy chicken stew croquette) Wow, the croquettes. You picked that? Yes, I wanted her to taste it. This is a croquette. Have you seen Fun-Staurant? I only watched the trailers. You should watch the actual shows. We only watch “Pinkfong” and “Pororo” at home. Because of the baby. – It’s a black photo frame. / – Because of Haim. – Haim is so much bigger now. / – But I’ll try to watch Fun-Staurant even if I have to watch it on my phone. The dough is made of avocado and potato, – and the stuffing is spicy chicken stew. / – Stuffing? It has avocado. Avocado? (She added cheese to make it creamy inside) (She’s not sure) (Why is she acting like that?) Just try it. (Head tipped) – Avocado? Won’t it be too rich? / – I know. Cheese is greasy, avocado is heavy, and croquette is also greasy. – It might be too heavy. / – I’m concerned. But the texture is so smooth. (Nervous) – Oh, it’s good. / – Isn’t it? – I think it’s good. / – She’s really honest. Is it good? How can this be so smooth? – How can this be so smooth? / – Isn’t it good? It’s the potato. Not flour? – How can it be not too heavy? / – Avocado… I added spicy chili with avocado. (No wonder!) A croquette with spicy chicken stew is… One of that would fill you up, right? It’s so good that Zyoung finished it. But she was full of doubt before. – Everyone’s eager to win. / – This is so good. This is so good. Isn’t it? She can’t lie. She doesn’t care if she’s on TV or not. I thought it might be too heavy, but it has a nice kick, and the chicken meat is amazing. It’s amazing. Baek Zyoung is so frank. She doesn’t lie. You have complicated things here. That took no time at all. No time. If it’s croquettes, just make regular croquettes. No, I couldn’t possibly win with that. Everyone is really… It’s bloody out there. She used milder language. Who’s the judge? Lee Seungchul is the head judge, and he’s so difficult. He’s so difficult. How could he be so… Aren’t you friends with him? How can you show that? Oh! Lee Seungchul! Oh, no… I agree! – You lost points. / – I didn’t mean it like that. She’s sick of him. She is. Aren’t you friends with him? Talk to him. He acts like he’ll pick me, but he doesn’t. We only call each other when we need something. – You should keep in touch. / – Why did you lose? I can’t afford to lose again this time. When you do this, do you give it to your husband? I do. His stomach is bulging out because of me. He gained so much weight. My husband too. It’s been 10 years for me, so 1kg per year is 10kg. You and your husband look alike, did you know? Everyone tells us that. You two look alike. Have you ever come close? – Close to arguing? / – Close? I don’t think we ever disagree on anything. (Sigh…) I heard couples fight when they have a baby. – I don’t think we ever have. / – Really? In my husband’s case, he’s not sure about what’s right or wrong about his decision-making skills, so he said he would let me decide everything. So he asks me all the time. He asks, “Can I show her TV?” “Can I feed her this?” He asks me everything, so it can get annoying, but we don’t argue. I guess younger husbands are like that. Your husband’s like that too? – He’s a bit like that. / – Your husband too? He asks you everything? But that’s really sweet. Your husband’s face says sweet and caring. (Happy) You have Haim, but you work so much. How many concerts are you doing? Isn’t it exhausting? Working and raising a child? Being exhausted… Have we ever not been exhausted? – That’s true. / – Right, right. I’m okay about being exhausted, but how should I put it? I’m sad because I feel guilty. When I go abroad to preform, I’m gone for 2 to 3 days. And when I come home after being gone for longer, she’s grown bigger. Not being there to see that breaks my heart. I can see why she feels that way. Yes, because she’s busy. I come home, and she says phrases I’ve never heard before, and that means I missed that moment. What I couldn’t do for my children when I was younger, I’m trying to do it for my grandchildren. A friend of mine taught Haim what my name is. “Baek Zyoung.” And I saw her thinking about it. And one day, she goes, “My mom’s name is Baek Zyoung.” And at that very moment, I felt a completely different kind of responsibility as her mother. Now I can never be alone. Every step I make affects Haim one way or another. So I always think about that. I thought about that before too, of course, but the moment Haim spoke my name, it all became a reality for me. When you have a baby, and your baby says, “My mom is Lee Junghyun,” how would you feel? I don’t know. I can’t even begin to imagine. There’s no news of a baby? No, not yet. Could I have one? At my age… I had Haim when I was 42. It just happened. It was easy. – Really? / – Yes. It would be so wonderful if I have a baby. You will love it and raise it well. My husband’s been making sure I take supplements. He got me all natural vitamins. He brings me a handful before I got to bed. I can’t even count how many. He’s a doctor, so I’m sure. I know. If you could have anything you wanted, what part of you and your husband do you want your baby to take after? I’ve never thought about that, but… What part of your husband, then? – His brains? / – Brains. How about you? – My talent? / – Talent? How about something you don’t want? A side of your husband you don’t want. Being too nice. – Why? / – He’s too nice. He lets me have everything. – Really? / – He does. Darn it. We’re newlyweds. After the tour, I’m thinking about going on a vacation to get pregnant. – To get pregnant? / – Yes. – Second child? / – We’re going to give it a try. If we could both have children, that’d be so nice. It’s boring to be pregnant alone. If we could… You never thought you two could talk about this, right? Right. – You should go with this. / – Okay. Insist on it with Seungchul. Can you give him a call? – Ask him to go easy on me. / – Out of the blue? I think Seungchul might be afraid of you. No, he’s not afraid of anything or anyone. (Heartless gourmet who’s not afraid of anything) We call each other when we need something, and I need something, so I’ll call him. Thank you, Zyoung. I’m glad I had her try this. Using domestic chicken, the five Fun-chefs developed their own recipes. All that remains is the judging process to pick the dish that will be launched. But I have an announcement for you. Your cooking skills seem to improve exponentially with each episode, so we have come up with a more intense way to decide on the final dish. After the first Fun-chef’s evaluation, he or she will pick the next person. (It’s a tournament) Which dish will go first? Is it Yeongja’s dish? The winner of the last competition, Lee Yeongja, will be judged first, and after that… You could get eliminated right away, right? – Of course. / – Right. It’s my first time, but I could get eliminated. You should expect it. (No expectation) – This will be a battle of wits. / – It’ll be hard. On top of your skills for cooking, you have to use your brains on Fun-Staurant. You can expect to lose friends. It’s better to get rid of them early on. (It has gotten even more ruthless and competitive) Have you tried it? Have you? (Keep it or lose it / It is chaos) This is too brutal. (Fun-Staurant’s 5th dish / Who will take the throne?) (Find out now) The first Fun-chef is the winner of last competition, Lee Yeongja. My chicken dish, here it is. (This is her secret weapon) (Ice cream bar mold?) – What’s that? / – What is that? I’m going to make chicken bars using this ice cream bar mold. (Charbroiled Barbecue Chicken Bars) She’s making three kinds? There will be three different textures. Chicken wing, drumette, breast… – Oh, like that? / – All three in one mold? And you can eat the drumstick meat too. You can eat all of it. – Here they are. / – They look good. At 200℃. – That goes in the oven? / – Yes, the oven. That would be fun to eat. Sis, I did it, I did it. The colors are different. – I’m going to grill them over charcoal. / – 3 steps. My goodness. That looks like a snack from a rest stop. Looks delicious. She’s putting popsicle sticks in. What? (A historical moment in chicken cuisine history) That’s incredible. Done! (Charbroiled Barbecue Chicken Bars are finished) That is a great idea. You don’t have to pick which cut. Charbroiled Barbecue Chicken Bar. You can eat a whole chicken in just one bar, no matter how old or young you are. (Lee Yeongja’s Charbroiled Barbecue Chicken Bar) It’s already been launched. You’ve already decided behind our backs? The case is out already. (Ready to be launched) – This is so cute. / – Yes. It’s small, so it’s convenient to eat. The size? Both? (Check out the size / Cute) It has its own theme song. ♪ Up, down, up, up, down ♪ ♪ Up, down, up, up, down ♪ ♪ Middle ♪ / Something like that. (Everyone is embarrassed for her) Please try Lee Yeongja’s dish. (How does it taste?) (A smile?) (The groom-to-be is carefully evaluating the dish) That looks good. Chili, tartar, and the barbecue sauce is really spicy. – That has wasabi. / – Yes, it’s really spicy. I can see them eating on the big screen, – and it’s even more nerve-racking. / – It is. It is more nerve-racking. Kim Jeonghun? (Her heart is pounding) Offering the customers different cuts, I think that is a great idea. I think that is a great idea. But what I want to know is why did you have to pulverize such delicious cuts. Pulverize… Pulverize… Pulverize… (His use of dialect made everyone laugh) (We shouldn’t be laughing) (Hahaha) (Her heart has been pulverized) They got combined and became the same. Your goal was good, but the method wasn’t right. – Okay. / – Anyway, thank you. Fists to the back. (Laughing) (So funny) It’s getting brutal here. Imagine this. You went to the convenience store and saw Lee Yeongja’s dish. You bought it and tried it, and the chicken tasted great. It was great, but then… It was great, but then… (Nervous) There’s no juiciness you get from the fish cake kinds. (Pretending to feel sad) It’s so dry that I got thirsty. (Two bad reviews in a row) He said it’s dry, Junghyun. Yuri, he said it’s dry. (He is spreading the good news) What do I think while eating this? “I shouldn’t have gotten this.” (Hold it in… Remain calm) “I should’ve gotten something else.” (Wow… He’s really brutal today) That’s what it makes you think. (This is a scary place…) When someone goes to a convenience store, – this is how they would feel. / – Right, of course. That’s how things will progress. I think he’s telling her to get down. To get down from there. Yeongja, how was it to bare the weight of the throne? It’s always scary to hear the reviews, and they sound correct. Yes, but I will go back with a wounded heart inside. Good job. Please go back to your seat. (Leaving with a load of wounds) I’m nervous. Yeongja, please name the person who will compete against you. This is so cruel. – I feel comfortable. / – You’re just watching. So this is fun for me. (Hahaha) The person I pick, we can’t be friends anymore. I must think they are easy to beat. Use strategy. (Avoiding eye contact) (Avoiding eye contact) If I pick this person, I think I can win. This person hasn’t been doing so well lately. Not so well. But since he’s my senior, I should go easy on him. If I choose this person, I will win 100%. But this time, everyone did so great. I haven’t seen this person’s dish yet, but he is doing a new drama. He’s busy, so I think he didn’t have much time. He probably couldn’t pay much attention, so I choose him. – Jung Ilwoo. / – Jung Ilwoo! (Yeongja vs. Ilwoo) My goodness. How do you feel? – Me? / – Yes. (Aren’t you nervous?) Actually, I feel relieved. I feel relieved. (Relieved?) (She received one bad review after another) You feel relieved? I’m really determined to win. I’m going to make something – with bechamel sauce. / – Bechamel sauce? Bechamel sauce is the most basic creamy sauce. It’s the most basic sauce in the West, like our bean paste or pepper paste. It’s one of the cheapest sauces. I had marinated some chicken breast. I’m going to add a bit of white wine to get rid of any smell. That’s too expensive. – He should’ve used soju. / – That will be $30. – He should’ve used soju. / – It should’ve been soju. I’m going to add some mushrooms. Mushrooms and chicken go so well together. – I’m adding the bechamel sauce. / – That looks good. (Add the bechamel sauce to the cooked ingredients) I’m going to wrap the chicken with tortilla to finish the dish. The process is complicated. – It looks good, but it’s too expensive. / – It’s not. Put the Jeju mandarins in here and squeeze the juice out. (Ilwoo’s touch) That’s gross. Who does that by hand? (Speechless) Gross? How could you? Yeongja, how could you even go there? I don’t know. So nice. (Jeju mandarin syrup) – Jeju mandarin syrup is interesting. / – Looks good. You can dip bread in that syrup, and remember my Tteok Pa Bao? That goes well with Tteok Pa Bao too. (That’s nice) It has creamy, sweet and tart flavors. That looks good. All you see is tortilla and Jeju mandarin syrup. You can’t see what’s inside. (Covering his ears) You were supposed to use chicken, not mandarin. We could’ve used Jeju mandarins too. (Inner peace) Ta-da. (Fancy restaurant-level presentation) He’s good. I think women would love that. Sell it at a bakery. That will go bad really fast. It should be made at bakeries. Judges, please try it. (Slice it with the Jeju mandarin) (And take a big bite) (Using a knife is a luxury) Chef Lee Wonil isn’t using his knife. (Nervous) It’s not convenient to eat, is it? – It’s very inconvenient. / – Yes. Mine, you can just grab and eat. People are busy. You have to ask for napkins. – There’s no time. / – Right. Eat the Jeju mandarins by themselves and the buns by themselves. Why eat them together? I’d like to ask the production staff to put a screen over here. (Please put a screen to block out the noise) (New rules are stirring up jealousy in the studio) If you’re finished, please give us your comments. From the very first show, I’ve noticed… (Noticed…) How amazing you are at creating good recipes. I have a feeling this will make a charming product. (This isn’t what I had hoped for…) Lee Seungchul. The key was the theme. Your understanding of this dish is so amazing that you were able to cover the weakness of this dish by using the Jeju mandarin, so I want to give you extra points. I want to give you extra points. The bechamel sauce is so delicious. And the tortilla wrap makes it so convenient. I think this is a perfect dish. You did a great job. (Ilwoo’s dish got good reviews) Ilwoo, please get back to your seat. It is Lee Yeongja who is sitting in the Throne of Launch. Will she be able to stay there? Or will Ilwoo take it… – The owner changes on the spot? / – from her? If you lose, – you have to get up / – How cruel! and take Jung Ilwoo’s seat. Can’t the final winner take it? No. No! Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? Is it Jung Ilwoo or Lee Yeongja? Judges, please start your discussion. Don’t talk too loudly. We can hear. We are really stressed out here. Of course… Yes. (Agreeing) Me too. No objection. (Unanimous) The judges have finished their discussion. The first – one-on-one match. / – Why am I nervous? This is even more nervous. Let’s find out the result. – This is bad. I’m nervous. / – This isn’t good. Whoever wins here, Jung Ilwoo and I will – no longer be friends. / – It’s over for you two. It’s over. (What’s the big deal? / Hahaha) – Well? / – How could you remain friends? Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? Who will take the throne? The first match, is it Lee Yeongja? (Startled / I thought it was Yeongja) Is it Jung Ilwoo? Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? (Who will take the throne?) Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? (Extremely nervous) (Please) Offering the customers different cuts, I think that is a great idea. The bechamel sauce was so delicious. I think this is a perfect dish. (Well?) The first match! The first match! (Happy / Sad) Congratulations. (They chose Ilwoo’s Mandarin Chicken Bake) I will take my throne. (The throne went to a different person) This is brutal. (She’s sad) This was the first match after we adapted a new system. (Pathetic / Luxurious) And the throne’s owner changed already. (Yeongja vs. Ilwoo) (Eliminated) Welcome. (Change of attitude in 5G-speed) Take your seat. (He is wearing the right outfit) He looks good. He’s like a real king. How do you feel? This seat is really… The attitude is so… (Did they say “The position makes the man”?) Then I will… (Arrogant) (Enjoy it while it lasts…) He’s crossing his legs. – Next… / – Excuse me. Who would you like to compete against? Pick a person. Picking a person is really hard. You might lose a friend. Well… (Which friend should I lose?) (Avoiding eye contact) They are all avoiding eye contact. Why are you avoiding eye contact? Why are you avoiding each other? Why won’t you look at me? Ilwoo? (Who will Jung Ilwoo choose?) (To be continued in part 2)

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