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Thirteen billion years before the Battle of
Yavin, the galaxy is created when an immense cloud of dust and gas collapses under its
own gravity and transforms into a revolving disc. Over many more billions of years the
planets form and life begins to evolve in many varieties. By 200,000 BBY the biological
ancestors to the human race, known as the Zhell, gain sentience and fight against and
defeat the Taungs for control of their planet Notron, which would later be known as Coruscant. But by 100,000 BBY the mysterious Celestials
have control over the galaxy by developing highly advanced technology like Centerpoint
Station. With their machines they create entire worlds including the Corellian System. They
enslave races and put them to work across the galaxy. Around this time the ancient being known as
Abeloth gains immense power in the Force and the dark side. Her power is contained by the
use of Centerpoint Station to create the Maw Cluster of black holes. Meanwhile, the Zhell build Notron, or what
would eventually become Galactic City, and humanoid colonists begin spreading to other
planets. About 36,453 years before the Battle of Yavin
eight large ships of unknown origins activate on eight different planets. They are called
the Tho Yor, and their activation summons the nearby Force-sensitive beings aboard.
The ships travel to the planet Tython, and the beings soon create the Je’daii Order,
whose members seek to achieve perfect balance between the light and dark sides of the Force. One thousand years later, Celestial slaves
known as the Rakata have developed their own connection to the Force, and create new technology
powered by the Dark side. They use their new machines against the Celestials, and overthrow
their masters. The Rakata spread their influence in what becomes known as the Infinite Empire.
They take slaves themselves and build more technological terrors such as the Star Forge. Nearly eight thousand years later as their
Empire spreads, the Rakata attempt to take control of Korriban from the original Sith
species. The Sith King Adas successfully rallies his people in driving the Rakata away, but
Korriban is desolated. The Sith relocate to Ziost and Korriban becomes a holy tombworld. Over all this time, the Zhell have evolved
into the Human species and Notron is renamed Coruscant. The civilization there begins sending
sublight ships to nearby worlds to create new colonies. Once settled those colony planets
like Kuat send out their own sublight ships. In the year 25,793 BBY the Je’daii Order
splintered into followers of the light and dark sides of the Force. They fight in what
will be known as the Force Wars. Each side wields metal swords that glow with the power
of the Force. The followers of the dark side are defeated and exiled. The followers of
the light side create the Jedi Order and swear to use their connection to the Force to keep
peace throughout the galaxy. The Force Wars leave Tython in ruins, and the Jedi relocate
to the planet Ossus. The Rakata attack the Jedi shortly after,
but are struck by a mysterious plague that destroys their connection to the Force. Their
technology becomes useless to them and their slaves rise up and crush the Infinite Empire,
nearly wiping out the Rakata completely. Rakatan hyperspace technology is reverse-engineered
by Corellian scientists, bringing about an age of expansion from the Core Worlds. The
Galactic Republic is founded in the year 25,053 BBY and Coruscant is named as its capital.
Republic scouts encounter the Jedi Order on Ossus soon after. The Jedi travel to Coruscant
and agree to pledge their services to the government. Five hundred years later the Jedi experience
the First Great Schism when a Jedi named Xendar requests to create an academy for the purpose
of studying the dark side of the Force. When his request is refused he begins the Legions
of Lettow, and calls upon other Jedi who wished to study forbidden Force techniques. The Jedi
Order declares war on the splinter group, and destroys them. In 22,800 BBY a Jedi follows the call of the
Force to the Unknown Regions where he discovers the planet Ilum, which would become a sacred
location for the Jedi for thousands of years. For the next fifteen thousand years the Republic
continues to expand, sparking many minor conflicts. In the year 7,000 BBY several Dark Jedi break
off from the Order marking the Second Great Schism and the start of the Hundred-Year-Darkness.
The conflict ends at the Battle of Corbos. The Dark Jedi are defeated and exiled to unknown
space. The Exiles soon discover Ziost, Korriban, and the Sith species. The Dark Jedi conquer
the Sith and begin what will come to be known as the Old Sith Empire. After two thousand years of breeding between
the humans and Sith, two Republic scouts stumble upon Korriban. The Dark Lord of the Sith Naga
Sadow tracks the scouts back to the Republic and attempts to conquer it. His forces are
driven back, and he retreats to Yavin IV. Another ship in Sadow’s fleet crashes on
the planet Kesh, and its stranded crew become known as the Lost Tribe of the Sith. The surviving
Lords of the Sith Empire regroup on Nathema where a Lord named Vitiate conducts a Sith
ritual that strips the Force from the entire planet, killing everyone there except himself
leaving him immortal and powerful. Vitiate declares himself the Sith Emperor and heads
for a lost Sith colony called Dromund Kaas. Five hundred years later, a Padawan named
Freedon Nadd is rejected knighthood by the Jedi Order. He explores the Yavin system,
encounters the spirit of Naga Sadow, and is turned to the dark side before destroying
the ancient ghost. He conquers the world of Onderon where he rules for one hundred years.
His dark side influence brings upon the Beast Wars. When his body dies, his spirit remains
entombed where he continues training his dark side worshippers. In 4250 BBY the Third Great Schism begins
and ends when a group of Dark Jedi that were influenced by Sith teachings attack the Jedi
Order. The conflict ends when the Dark Jedi attempt to use a superweapon called the Cosmic
Turbine against their enemies. They lose control of the weapon and destroy themselves along
with the Vultar System. Hundreds of years after Freedon Nadd’s death,
the Jedi attempt to cleanse Onderon of the dark side. One of the Jedi involved named
Ulic Qel-Droma is influenced by the dark side and begins to fall. Another Jedi by the name of Exar Kun seeks
Sith teachings and infiltrates Freedon Nadd’s tomb. He learns under Nadd’s spirit and
then travels to Yavin IV for more power. Kun allows himself to fall completely to the dark
side, destroys Nadd’s spirit, and begins a hunt for Ulic Qel-Droma, who Kun believes
is a possible rival. Instead Ulic accepts Kun as his master and they join forces as
Dark Lords of the Sith. Ulic defeats Mandalore the Indomitable in
combat, which gains them a Mandalorian army. During the Old Sith Wars, they conquer worlds
throughout the galaxy, and finally attack Coruscant. Ulic kills his own brother and
in his grief returns to the light side. He confronts and kills Exar Kun on Yavin IV.
Mandalore the Indomitable is also killed during the war, and is succeeded by Mandalore the
Ultimate, who begins building a large military force in secret. A Sith agent encourages him to wage war against
the Republic, and so the Mandalorian Wars begin 3,964 years before the Battle of Yavin.
The Mandalorians invade the Republic, but meet resistance led by a Jedi named Revan
and his friend Malak. Revan successfully pushes the Mandalorians back, but often without regard
for sentient or ecological life. The Mandalorians are lured to Malachor V, where Revan defeats
Mandalore the Ultimate in single combat and uses the Mass Shadow Generator to destroy
the Mandalorian fleet along with the planet. Mandalore’s dying words are of his manipulation
by the Sith, causing Revan and Malak to venture into the Unknown Regions to investigate. There
they meet the Sith Emperor and fall to the dark side becoming Darth Revan and Darth Malak.
They return to the Republic with the intent to find the ancient Rakatan weapon known as
the Star Forge so they can conquer the Republic and begin their own Sith Empire. Darth Malak betrays Darth Revan just as his
master is attacked by the Jedi. Revan is saved by the Jedi Bastila Shan, and his memories
are lost. The Jedi rehabilitate and retrain Revan, who successfully kills Darth Malak
and destroys the Star Forge. The surviving Sith that were loyal to Malak
fight for power and the Sith Empire is broken into small groups. The Sith Triumvirate of
Darth Traya, Darth Sion, and Darth Nihilus is formed. Through their leadership the First
Jedi Purge begins, and they are nearly successful in destroying the entire Jedi Order. A Jedi
named Meetra Surik personally kills all three members of the Triumvirate and restarts the
Jedi Order. Nearly 300 years later the Sith Emperor launches
a campaign against the Republic beginning with the recapture of Korriban. The Sith Lords
including Darth Malgus devastate the Outer Rim and push into the Core worlds, attacking
Alderaan. There Malgus battles Satele Shan, the descendant of Bastila Shan and Revan.
The Sith eventually sack Coruscant and destroy the Jedi Temple itself. After nearly thirty
years of fighting the Sith Empire forces the Republic into the Treaty of Coruscant which
ends the war, but gives the Empire control over half the galaxy. The Jedi relocate to
Tython. The galaxy settles into a cold war for the
next twelve years until the peace treaty falls apart. With both sides of the conflict occupied,
a new Empire led by Vitiate called the Eternal Empire attacks. Vitiate is betrayed and killed
by his son, Arcann, who names himself Emperor, and forces both the Sith and the Republic
into a new treaty. Ultimately, the Eternal Empire fails, and the Republic is able to
take back control of a majority of the galaxy. The Jedi return to Coruscant and rebuild the
Jedi Temple. In the year 2000 BBY, the Fourth Great Schism
sparks the New Sith Wars, which will last for 1,000 years. A fallen Jedi names himself
Darth Ruin, the first Dark Lord of the Sith in a millennia. The Sith grow in size and
power, winning major victories against the Republic. However infighting between Sith
Lords holds them back. Thus the Brotherhood of Darkness is founded by Lord Kaan. The Brotherhood
abandons the Darth title, proclaiming all Sith to be equal in an attempt to unite and
crush the Republic. The Brotherhood successfully begins to drive
into the heart of the Republic. In response Jedi Lord Hoth creates the Army of Light,
a militarized sect of the Jedi Order. The two armies clash on Ruusan for a year. One
member of the Brotherhood named Bane believes the Brotherhood to be an affront to the Sith
Lords of old, and manipulates its destruction, leaving Bane as the sole survivor. He takes
the title Darth Bane, and begins the Rule of Two, which limits the Sith to one Master
and one Apprentice that will work in secret to grow the Sith Order in power and influence
over time. Believing the Sith to be extinct, the Republic
calls for the Ruusan Reformation, which dismantles the Army of Light, demilitarizing the Jedi.
The Republic military is likewise removed in an attempt to preserve peace, and the Supreme
Chancellor allows his power to be more evenly shared with the Galactic Senate. For the next nine hundred years the Sith secretly
amass political power as the Senate grows increasingly corrupt. Darth Bane’s Grand
Plan comes to a head when Darth Sidious is able to not only manipulate his election to
Supreme Chancellor, but also create a Clone Army for the Republic secretly under his control.
He engineers the Clone Wars which demands the Jedi Order again militarize to lead his
Clone Army. When the war is all but won, he orders his clones to betray and execute the
Jedi, and sends his apprentice Darth Vader to hunt down the survivors. Sidious, under
his public persona of Chancellor Palpatine, transitions the Republic into the Galactic
Empire, and proclaims himself Emperor. The Empire rules for nineteen years until
the secret son of Darth Vader named Luke Skywalker joins the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.
The Battle of Yavin is a major turning point in the galaxy in which Luke destroys an Imperial
superweapon called the Death Star, and the Empire begins to crumble. Luke trains under
two hidden Jedi and confronts Vader and Palpatine. He is able to bring his father back to the
light, who then sacrifices his life to kill the Emperor. In the following years the Rebel heroes including
Luke’s sister Leia and the smuggler-turned general Han Solo continue the fight against
the Imperial Remnant. The Rebel Alliance captures the Imperial capital on Coruscant, and establishes
the New Republic. The Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn returns
from the Unknown Regions to wage war against the fledgling government. His advanced tactics
and use of Clone Wars era cloning technology present a real threat, but Thrawn is assassinated
by his own bodyguard, and command of his fleet passes to Gillad Pellaeon. At this time a
Force-sensitive former Imperial agent named Mara Jade meets Luke Skywalker and they form
a friendship. The Emperor is revived through clones a few
times, but is defeated each time until he is finally killed for good. Luke begins a new Jedi Academy on Yavin IV,
and his students encounter and destroy the ancient spirit of Exar Kun. The Galactic Civil War rages on under the
leadership of Admiral Pellaeon until the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty, which ends
the conflict, although the Imperial Remnant is allowed to continue existing. With the
war over, Luke marries Mara Jade. The galaxy is largely at peace under the New
Republic and the New Jedi Order for six years until an extragalactic race known as the Yuuzhan
Vong invade. Their technology wreaks havoc on many planets and their inhabitants. The
New Republic is ultimately victorious, though casualties are astronomical. The government
is reorganized into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Six years later, a short conflict known as
the Swarm War erupts. The Alliance is able to quickly win the war, but the experience
leads Skywalker to believe the New Jedi Order is too involved with Galactic politics, and
establishes a new Jedi Council to help keep the Jedi serving again as peacekeepers rather
than warriors. The aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vong War and
the Swarm War leave the less affected planets with the opportunity to become independent
from the Galactic Alliance, which is beginning to operate much like the Galactic Empire.
The nephew of Luke Skywalker, Jacen Solo, falls to the Dark Side becoming Darth Caedus.
He kills Mara Jade, and leads the Galactic Alliance against the newly formed Confederation
in the Second Galactic Civil War. The war ends when Caedus is killed by his sister,
Jaina Solo. The Confederation surrenders, and the Galactic Alliance remains in power
under new leadership. The new Chief of State, a former Imperial
Admiral, fears the Jedi will bring more chaos to the galaxy, and exiles Skywalker. However
her rule is harsh and the Jedi Order quickly overthrow her and end Luke’s exile. After thousands of years of imprisonment,
Abeloth escapes her prison in the Maw, and the Lost Tribe of the Sith join her to attempt
to take control of the galaxy. Abeloth is able to possess the new Alliance Chief of
State, but is defeated by the Jedi Order. Despite the Liberation of Coruscant, anti-Jedi
sentiments are strong, and the Order is commanded to leave Coruscant. Eighty years later, the Yuuzhan Vong return
to the galaxy to help rebuild and make amends for the destruction they caused, but their
efforts are sabotaged by a new order of the Sith, known as the One Sith. At the same time,
the Imperial Remnant declares war on the Galactic Alliance. The One Sith aid the Empire, the
Jedi are again nearly destroyed, and the Alliance falls. With his enemies removed, the leader
of the One Sith, Darth Krayt, betrays the Empire and takes the throne for himself. After seven years of Sith rule over the galaxy,
the descendent of Luke, Cade Skywalker joins what’s left of the Jedi Order and unite
with the remainder of the Alliance and the Empire to defeat Darth Krayt and the One Sith.
They are successful and the Empire, the Alliance, and the Jedi form the Galactic Triumvirate
as the new government. A renegade Sith named Darth Wredd then launches
a covert campaign against the Triumvirate and the surviving One Sith, attempting to
manipulate them into destroying each other. His plot is foiled by Ania Solo, who kills
Darth Wredd and ends his insurgency. And thus ends the Legends history of Star
Wars. Of course I kind of breezed over some things and skipped others entirely, but as
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