Star Wars’ Baby Yoda vs. Porg: Daisy Ridley Declares Which Is Cutest

-This is a big deal. I mean, this is
the final “Star Wars.” -Yeah.
-It’s a big deal. -It is a big deal. -And how long have you
been part of this? Five years? -Five years. -Do you remember
first getting this? And, like, were you allowed to tell your friends
that you got the part? -No. I told my mom, dad,
and sister, and then I couldn’t tell
anyone else. But I was going to
quite an expensive gym and I was a bartender, so
everyone was like, “Why are you going
to an expensive gym?” And I was like, “Oh, no reason.” So I didn’t — People knew
something was going on. -They knew something
was happening. They’re like, “Wait. You don’t have the money
to go to this gym.” And you’re like, “Yeah, I might,
though, one day.” Yeah. -Yeah.
-I have to ask you a question. I think it’s on everyone’s mind.
-Mm-hmm. -Baby Yoda.
-Oh, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I mean… What’s cuter?
Baby Yoda or a Porg? -Baby Yoda. -Wait. What? -Look, I’m not a big fan
of the Porgs. [ Applause ]
Thank you. We worked for six months on
“The Last Jedi,” and in every interview,
“What about the Porgs?” I was like, “The Porgs
have been there for a day.” I was there
every day for six months. We worked hard. Yeah.
-“Stop asking me about Porgs.” -Yeah.
-So, finally, settle it. It’s —
-Baby Yoda. -Oh, yeah,
Baby Yoda all the way. I love that. Now, there’s
rumored cameos in this. I’m so excited about this, ’cause J.J. Abrams —
he doesn’t mess around. When he does something,
he does it all the way. -Yeah.
-But there’s rumored cameos. I know a lot of people get — There were Stormtroopers
in the last one. -Yes. -And it was — A lot of them, you can’t say who was in them, but I know one confirmed
was Daniel Craig. -Oh, yeah, Daniel Craig was
in the first one. And he did
a proper scene with me, so it felt more than a cameo. And then he takes
the helmet off. I’m like,
“Oh, you’re James Bond. What are you doing there?”
-This is a big deal. This is almost the first time
that you used the force. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-That was a big deal. So he just is friends
with J.J. or — -I guess he was next door
and he just popped in. I don’t know how
it came about, yeah. I guess they’re friends.
-That’s wild. Then I heard, like, Prince Harry
and Prince William were — -Yeah, they were in it. And then they were cut out.
Yeah, yeah. -No.
-Yeah. Also Tom Hardy. And Tom Hardy was amazing
as a Stormtrooper. -Really?
-Yeah. But Prince William and Harry
were cut out with Tom Hardy, and I think Rian
had to tell them. -I was going to say,
who told Prince — -Yeah, yeah.
-Oh, my gosh. -Yeah. And then they were
at the premiere for “The Last Jedi.” I was like, “Oh,
this is so uncomfortable.” -Well, can’t they just say,
“That’s me”? Like, can’t I just say like,
“This was me”? -They’re quite tall,
so they looked sort of taller than
the average Stormtrooper. -Oh, ’cause who’s —
William or Harry? -William.
-Is taller than — -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-So he’s too tall. -I think he was too tall.
-Yeah, to be a Stormtrooper. -Yeah.
-Come on, try again, buddy. -Yeah. Yeah. -I was wondering if you could
break down a scene from this,
’cause the trailers came out, and everyone is freaking out
and it went viral. I mean, uber-viral. It was like the biggest thing
in the world when the trailer came out. I was one of the people
sending it around, as well. I loved it so much. I was just wondering if you
could just maybe give us a little scoop on what
is happening here. This is Dark Rey.
-That’s Dark Rey. -I mean, do you go over to
the Dark Side? What is happening? -I honestly felt like I now know
what a viral sensation is because I was one. -Yeah. -It was really exciting, because it dropped at
a convention, and then trailer didn’t come out
for three days. So my mom was texting me,
being like, “What is this
I’ve seen on Twitter? Do you go dark?” And I was like,
“We’ll have to wait and see.” -Oh, my God.
-Yeah. -Your mom knew
about it from Twitter? -Yeah, ’cause people were saying
this happened in the trailer. -That’s how
fast these things work. -So fast.
-You don’t mess around. -Yeah.
-Oh, my gosh. I’m so excited. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Daisy Ridley in “Star Wars:
The Rise of Skywalker.” Take a look. ♪♪ -We spotted the fugitives. -Oh, they fly now!
-They fly now?! -They fly now. -Daisy Ridley, everybody!

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