Springtrap and Deliah Part 1【 FNAF Comic Dub – Five Nights at Freddy’s 】

Oh Dad was that you Who’s there oh, it’s just you spring-trap Yeah, totally oh Nothing really well kind of had a nightmare. Yeah, I heard noise out there In the kitchen, you can tell me all about this nightmare of yours Okay You might be wondering what the heck is happening I won’t blame you, but don’t worry I can explain Spring-trap is my best friend. We’ve known each other for almost half a year now kind of stole him from the diner He was supposed to be in but that’s a whole other story Make you some cookies But I don’t know that much about him sure I know the important things like that He’s a big doofus and I’d like to speak kelis but as for his past Where he came from or how he’s even lie, I don’t have a clue. He never tells me anything The only thing I know for sure about all that is he came from the old Freddy fazbear’s pizza that used to be here There were a lot of rumors about that place about a serial killer who murdered kids there and who haunted the animatronics? The spring trap never likes to talk about it. I Guess it doesn’t matter. What matters is that? He bakes me cookies. That’s all I have to know Tell me about this night. Oh, um, well, I’m already over it. So, uh don’t You at least tell me all of it well you Don’t worry it was just a dream it doesn’t mean anything What did I do in this drink I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you To ask Nicely your terrible Nightmares one thing you can Tell me all your secrets over this I’m not telling you hey Yeah, I learned it from you that’s my yeah, come on let’s get you to bed There you go now sleep tight, okay Sweet dreams. Oh, yeah. Wait spring-trap What is it? Thank you for being there. It means a lot. Oh No problem at all, kiddo. You’re welcome Spring-trap What’s going on? Oh Great, I heard noises is everything okay here? Yes Everything’s fine neck Dalila had a bad dream Then I tucked her in bed, that’s all what tucking her in She’s my daughter not yours, and I thought I told you not to – um, I’m sorry Do you care to repeat that my auditory sensors are a little broken? Stay back That’s what I thought You should go back to bed and stop worrying about us. I’m not a bad guy. I want her safe Just as much as you do Delilah Delilah, are you awake? I’m you alright Dad, what is it? I’m trying to sleep. Oh I’m sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were okay You know with spring-trap at all dad, I’m fine No, I can handle myself right besides Spring-trap some good friends, and he won’t hurt me Well, it’s just I don’t think spring-trap is that nice of a guy? How would you know you never even got to know him if you just talk to him? I don’t have to get to know him to realize that he’s a bad influence You’ve only known him for three months and you’re treating him like he’s your dad or something. Well, he’s a better dad than you Well, I’ll leave you be now you need your sleep anyway Goodnight, Delilah. I love you Delilah wake up or he won’t wait now yeah Spring-trap, I’m not awake enough for this Pancakes always in forever You know, it’s not every day. You see a big weird rabbit roll out cooking pancakes. All right. This isn’t a common occurrence What do the rest of the world I’m afraid? Sorry to break it to ya really? Why don’t you learn something new every day What’s going on in here bad case Okay, I have many questions First how do you even know how to cook I just do okay Really? How do we know that? There isn’t a human under that suit? stupid question if you insist All right, I’ll never tell dad this but spring-trap soup wasn’t always empty Back when I first saw him about six months ago There was something in a suit Even though he told me it was just the bait ports or something. I don’t really believe him. It looks so real It creeps me out I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Please don’t Help you I love pancakes ready. I hope they’re okay. Oh, thanks spring-trap I’m going to work now Delilah. There’s food in the fridge remember to go outside and enjoy your summer break while you have it and if Spring-trap is bothering you remember you can always just call me get it dad Hold on I better go answer Hello, oh hi Harry Yes, that would be great Yeah, she’s here. Hold on. It’s for you. Oh Hey Harry, what’s up? No, I’m not really have any plans for today. Oh Yeah sure. You can come over What time? Okay, sounds good. Yeah. Bye Delilah rats dude. He’s just a cute kid from next door What that’s terrible? No, it’s not. I’m going to go get ready You can handle yourself without me for like two minutes, right? Teenage boys a boost I personally am glad she’s finally making some friends for once I meant real friends. Are you supposed to be going to work? Yeah, yeah I’m going now don’t bother Delilah while Harry’s over. Okay, whatever

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