SPRING BREAK STUDY WITH ME PART 2: 20 HOURS! Reading, English, and guitar!

hey loves what’s poppin my name is Logan
in today’s video I’m gonna be doing a part two of my special spring break
study with me at the rate I’ve been filming I believe that there are going
to be about three parts in this series before my spring break ends and I
honestly have no idea what I’m going to do once online school starts I used to
have to leave an hour before my first class started to drive to campus but now
that we’re remote I have a lot more free time than I used to I definitely want to
use this time productively by trying to read more and get back into my Japanese
practice and I’ll probably try to listen to more podcasts while I’m giving myself
downtime too at least for my own sanity not going to school is really hard on me
and I have to find things to keep myself busy and productive so I don’t go insane
I know this is a really hard time for everyone and I hope that you’re all
doing well and no matter what situation you are all in during spring break one
of the assignments that my academic writing II class got was to write an
annotated bibliography of our sources for our research paper and at the time
the teacher didn’t say how many sources we needed to do on our annotated
bibliography so I was a bit confused all I saw online was that we needed
between six and twenty sources for our paper and that is vague as hell I was assuming that doing ten annotated
bibliographies would be a good amount and I was on my sixth one when she
posted that we only needed five and I was really happy about this since I did
not want to waste all my time on this one particular assignment since she did
assign a few more for my paper I’m reading the book
China’s hidden Children which is not even necessary for my research but I
thought why the hell not since my topic is about infant
abandonment in China and what was really going on there and I definitely have a
better look at what happened inside China after reading this book it was
really really good from what most adopters and adoptees were told China
had a one-child policy and boys were favored over girls which is why we were
all adopted out but after researching into it more this was just the surface
of what was going on most parents never want to give up their children in the
first place but we’re forced either by immense fines or actual physical force
to give up their children and I honestly love my research topic and I’m really
glad that I chose it it lets me look into my own history but
after reading about all the different ways that people had to abandon their
children it really makes me wonder what the hell happened to me like adoption is
such a whack-ass topic and maybe I’ll talk about it more in the future on my
channel for a guitar this week I didn’t have a
lesson since it was spring break and I’ll admit that my ass was lacking in
the practice department I was only practicing for like 30 minutes a day and
I took two days off which I never do I really do not enjoy practicing and it
was stressing me out a lot so I decided to give myself a little bit of slack
this week according to my times table I actually
did a lot of good work on this weekend of the study with me I studied for about
three to four hours each day and this was also while I was trying to give myself
designated downtime during this weekend I was really trying to crack down on my
annotated bibliography as well as my paper that I had to do for my film and
literature culture class that paper is pretty much a book report for Americanah
which I finished reading and my last study was me
we were also supposed to write a paper and do a presentation on it in our
groups but now we’re only writing the paper since we don’t have school anymore
according to the syllabus it’s supposed to be about three to five pages long but
there are a shitload of requirements in the rubric like we need to have two
interviews on the author two citations of the history where the book took place
a plot summary information about the author our opinion on the book how it
related to our class and examples about the various themes throughout the book
I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a lot more than three to
five pages to me I did a lot of research and I have a lot of good quotes from the
book and I could honestly write a 10 or more page paper on the book if I really
had to while the book did get boring at lot of different points I did enjoy
reading it overall and I thought that it was pretty well written I think that
it was a great choice to read for the class and I’m really glad that I went
outside of my comfort zone to choose it we were able to pick out of five books
from another culture which one we want to write our paper on and explore the
culture in that book and I was going to go the easy route and choose the Asian
book but I decided to challenge myself and choose the book written by an
African woman I learned a lot about her experiences of racism in America from
the perspective of a black woman and it was really eye-opening to me as an Asian
woman to see what my peers might experience I want to continue to
challenge myself by reading books written by non Asian and non-white
authors and I hope that by doing this I’ll learn a lot about all different
kinds of cultures and traditions along the way as well as becoming a more
open-minded and accepting person on Saturday I really crammed in a lot of
work I really got into my reading of China’s hidden children as well as
spending a lot of my time off-camera reading me talk pretty one day I also
devoted a lot of my time to my annotated bibliography for my research paper as
well as my Americanah paper and I managed to slip in a few minutes for my guitar
practice as well one thing I’m really trying to figure out with my videos is
how I want to go about filming my study with Me’s so far I’ve just been filming
myself in a time-lapse of me studying different subjects and trying to vary
the angle that you guys get but I’m not sure if that’s the best quality for you
guys I don’t have too many subscribers yet so I don’t have much feedback on my
editing style but I might want to try out some different types in the future I’ve been watching a lot of others study
with me videos to get a better idea of what the community overall likes but
they all vary depending on the creator some people don’t do any voiceovers and
just play music while others do a mix of both videos of them talking and then
going into studying after while others include cute captions on the screen
along with their music and some people narrate the entire video I personally
prefer the videos where commentary is included because I feel like I get to
really know the person behind the camera both Ruby Granger and Kaitlyn films do
this and they’re my two favorite study with me youtubers but I do find myself
enjoying the ones with just music as well I feel like my videos would be
really boring without commentary but that’s also because I use a lot of
YouTube’s free copyright music I mentioned in my last video that I was
having a hard time getting better music into my videos but my parent just
ordered a new Apple computer and they said that I can use it to edit my videos
I’m really looking forward to experimenting with the desktop version
of iMovie and being able to actually choose specific songs for my video
compared to just getting whatever matches the video time I’m hoping that this will lead to a
better watching experience overall and that I can improve the quality of my
channel for Sunday I did do a fair amount of
work but it was mostly editing for my youtube channel and I did take some screen
recordings of me typing and adding my voiceover into a YouTube video but I
figured that it was really boring to watch and the fast pace of the video
editor was not the most pleasant sight to see when it was sped up and I would
rather have the video be shorter and cut that out than giving you guys some
crappy visuals on Monday I was really stressed out and I ended up having a
really horrible night this was the day that I decided to really hone down the
fact that I need to work on my mental health so I spent the majority of the
day talking to my friend online while playing pokemon black and listening to
some Robin Hood snacks podcasts and this really helped me get back in the game
and I was able to keep my act together for the rest of the week for this video I managed to study for 20
hours well 19 hours and 50 minutes to be
precise but hey 20 hours looks way more appealing on the thumbnail am i right as
usual most of my reading was done off camera because watching me reading in
bed is very very boring but this was part 2 of my spring break study with me
videos and I plan to post the last part of it next week I really hope you guys
take the time to subscribe so you don’t miss out and I love you all so much I
hope to see you guys all on the next video

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