Spirit Science 12 ~ The Hidden Human History Movie

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  • It was ASSYRIA they found. Not Babylon. Assyria was much more advanced and influential than any other Mesopotamian civilization. Why is it always overlooked? It’s because of the Assyrians keeping records that we even know about Sumer.

  • Is there any true evidence these were documented?

  • It’s understandable how people can be so quick to dismiss anything that they haven’t been spoon fed their whole life. True or not It upsets me to see the hate in the comments because so many people have been turned into sheep’s and refuse to question their world. But I want the people coming from these videos attempting to discredit this to understand that when you have been proven time and time again that you reality isn’t what you think it is and you realize you’ve been lied to about just about everything it makes you open minded to all and if you really look into a lot of this on YouTube it becomes more and more credible. Basically if you haven’t broken the conditioning this isn’t the first video you should watch on less commonly excepted beliefs.

  • I subscribed just so I could have the pleasure of unsubscribing.

  • For anyone who doesn't want to sit through nearly an hour of shear moronic raving the whole video boils down to
    space jews lmao

  • The ignorance in the comment section isn’t surprising….love this video

  • Nobody:

    The bowling alley screen when you get a strike:

  • A great deception… 😐

  • I really just want to know the name of the peruvian woman

  • This is a very child like documentary.

  • Cant be both?

  • The sugulatity into singularity

  • The new Kundalini is the Andes Mountains. You're welcome.

  • So…Idk how worried I should be but…I honestly don't know how to disprove any of this and that's slightly scaring me.

  • this video is awesome

  • is this the mushrooms or is this video really about time travle hebrews and aliens

  • Plesae translate to croatian/serbian
    Bitte um übersetzung oder untertitel auf kroatisch oder serbisch ( bosnisch , montenegro macedonian ….🙂🙂)

  • So


    Lamúria= Brown/Yellow. India and Asian

  • I didn't get 3 atoms thick is 24 feet.

  • It was said that myths and religions were the opiates of the people.
    This however, seems to be akin to weapon grade LSD mixed with Phencyclidine.

  • maybe 12 % true 88% speculation

  • The Emerald Tablets actually depict the existence of fallen angels, Hell, and even Satan in ways that glorify them and are central to what they teach.

  • Why don't you just close the comments section. Too many idiots here. It's like, why sit through a WHOLE HOUR of something you consider bullshit?

  • Never buy a book from anybody that publishes under the name "Melchizidech" (spelling?)…

  • Do I have a "Flower of life pattern"?

  • This is what happens when a person locks himself in a room containing only methane, text books, and LSD…

  • Please explain how a pole shift on the earth (which doesn't effect much unless you're a bird, poor things… And pole shifts are ONLY magnetic) effects the sunrise (hmmm ?) And apparently there are A LOT OF THINGS WE NEED TO DISCUSS ABOUT POLE SHIFTS, NOT JUST ONE (most of which have nothing to do with pole shifts… M A G N E T I C P O L E S, think about it… Not open imagination, which is beautiful, but factual thinking… Hmm, I don't think you understand the difference… Although you seem to have not become confused when you learned about the discoveries of Zechariah Sitchin). Why don't you focus on animation, and hire a writer that has some sort of contact with reality (Casey is not contact with reality) or, just write fiction (or, should I say, just label this fiction… It's important, if you tell kids stuff like this is real, they grow up and vote for people that tell them fiction, like, Donald Trump! Not good! Especially for the poor that are duped into voting for him and will eventually realize their severe suffering that comes later is from the things he signed into law directly hurting them, read the things he's signed into law of you don't believe me, it's not hard to READ IT ALL). THANK YOU. ENJOY LIFE, LOVE, AND SHARE COMFORTS AND KNOWLEDGE!

  • You have the idea, but you're confusing A LOT OF STUFF! AND PLEASE, DON'T PRETEND YOU'RE NOT CONFUSED WHEN YOU ARE, IT SCREWS UP KIDS! (Unless you are so egotistical that you don't know you're confused).

  • OMG, I just got to the part where you say "Keep an open mind about this, because there's very little proof for what I'm about to say" do you do stand-up? I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! 😝

  • OMG! YOU END WITH "TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT THOUGH, AFTERALL IT IS JUST A THEORY" THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Most people with these theories won't say that, and I'd like to encourage you to present it with more theory-oriented wording so that younger and less experienced people won't think that it is being presented as fact. That's why I was asking about your ego… Forgive me, but please, more theory-oriented wording, PLEASE… Especially for young people desperate for a belief system that helps them feel more secure in today's insecure anti-culture. I want them to feel secure, but not unrealistically (again, that creates all sorts of problems and people could end up committing suicide, living with severe hopelessness, or worse, like voting for Trump, which of course can cause those problems to spread amongst the general public, even to people who thought they had securely worked past that stuff. Your material is great for inspiring people to look into stuff that science has ignored and denied (without science)… THANK YOU! VERY THOUGHT INSPIRING! ANALYZE, INVESTIGATE, THEORIZE, CREATE! LOVE YA!

  • I can't help but laugh when i hear a new name that sounds funny to me. Like Halfgood lol he's not completely good he's only half-good.

  • The " crystaline grid" are the new fancy term for the electro-magnetic field

  • This is incorrect doctrine. Dont listen to this at all!

  • The sped up narration is annoying

  • A lot of this is straight up wrong. Not least of all which side of the brain is masculine vs feminine. And a polar shift isn't a 90 degree turn the earth takes. That's dumb. Aww. You had me hooked for a while.

  • Well I watched I made up my mind. I didn't believe a word of it. But you're into a lot of the same weird esoteric dorky, probably real magic, shit I am, we'd probably be friends. Your channel is dope. This video is great too.

  • For all the people joking about how unreal all this is, keep in mind that channel is not the author, this channel is just explaining what's in a large amount of history cientific and religious books, just because you hadn't read something like this doesn't make it false, or just a fantasy, and it doesn't make it real either, like it or not it is also part of the human history, or have you forgot Darwin's theory is also just a theory but doesn't make it less important, as the author says Be OPEN MINDED and do your own research, well if you want to eat pizza and play video games then don't bother watching educational videos like this one

  • I like that u guys say to investigate on our own, but y'all are DEFINITELY all on Sitchin's Dick for SURE! Js

  • This lil nigga talks waaaaaay to faaaast! "Like a 12 yr old girl!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Thank god they got their new vids right

  • Ok according to wat ur said around 9:20 , Lucifer experiment isn't wrong or evil, but in the very next sentence, say that any time it's been tried in the universe, it failed!!??? 🤷🏻‍♂️😳🤦🏻‍♂️ WTF? Don't ride the fence homie 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 43:36 I get that 2 of them are Muhammad and Jesus but who’s the other guy

  • I'm sorry what is all this crazy fucking shit? I dont even remember how I got here

  • Now i'm older, and i can say, what a load of crap

  • Interesting, but a little too gnostic for me.

  • I would yo hear a human voice and no this kind of machine voice

  • david icke shouuld watch this

  • Was Lemuria shaped like a giant crater or hit by something? Why would the coastal areas be visible the most at Easter Island and not the internal areas which should be naturally higher?

  • Why does this guy sound like the person from Extra Credits.

  • some BS, some good stuff.

    there is definitly something about our revolution around the galactic center, a sinusoid of consciousness : most energy = quantum level , good energy= dream time, low energy= material world.

    our consciousness is connected to our species wich connects to our super-organism (earth), and the memory loss when earths electromagnetic field shuts down is legit.

    we are multi-dimensional for sure and meditation is a good way to understand it.

    materialism is designed to further up the process of densification, we need to break free from it.

    i know it sounds crazy but dream time is coming soon, have faith on yourself, get rid of the fear, anger, shame, guilt, grief, attachment : LET IT GO AND BE IN THE MOMENT.

    the life you see is the life that vibrates like you, but there is life in all dimensions of existence, your soul is vibrating higher than you and contains all your relatives, be kind to them 🙂

  • bro i’m 17 and i watched this like 7 years ago and thought this was 100% true and fact……. oh boy.

  • Is Thoth (and it’s not Th-oh-th it’s th-ah-th) tell him directly or something? Why didn’t thoth tell ME about atlantis 🙁

  • “There are tons of bases in the middle of no where on islands, like guam” Guam is not a “place in the middle of no where” but an island the us acquired after the Spanish American war in 1910. Are you telling me the US got lucky and just so happened to find one of these places in the 1960s so happened to be in guam?

  • Amazing video!! I even cried at some point. Some shocking revelations. Thanks a lot!

  • Thoth has been able to confirm that this is true.

  • Cant believe capital steez actually believed in this

  • 54:00 is where things get REAL

  • I thought he was going to say "but that's just a theory… A GAME THEORY!" at the very end.

  • I went through void without completely losing my memory, and without your spaceships. It's also not so mystical as you make it out to be, but rather an abstraction for explaining it. Void is basically anywhere your body is destroyed, but not to the point where you can't be rebuilt. I put some of my memories into my construction though, rather than having it all in storage. It's not great though.

  • I read the Aryan Bible and they Believe they came from Mars after a War. This correlation is the only one I have found not saying is true just interesting akin to the Mormon origin story.

  • "Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'" John 14:6

    "'Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.'" John 5:24

    The only information you ever need is in the bible. It's the most amazing, wisdom-filled book and I learn from it every day. I hope whoever reads this knows that there is truth in Jesus Christ. Call out to Him and he will meet you where you are.

  • Good thing these ideas are in the public domain so I can rip them off for my own RPG story.

  • Pythagoras did not found Ancient Greece

  • So Jews really run the world

  • 7:50
    So what you are saying is…. Jews aren't human but extradimentional space aliens that came to earth because there was a energy vortex which needed filling, which was created by some very early form of people, which there were only 1000 of? Also, they came to earth to learn emotions , because they failed in emotions 101 back in another dimention when they were created?….

    This opens up a lot of questions..

    Also.. Where did the lemurians come from? I thought there were only the Nacals and they were 1000 people only. Did they just form out of the grass or did the nacals have like a loooooot of super super consciousness sex, by creating the energy vortices ? O.o

    If so, why didn't they teach their children? Who raised them anyway?

  • I think there has been a 45° polar shift just recently. My dad mentioned the suns weird position yesterday and I woke up early today and I noticed the sun wasn't rising behind a building that sits infront of us but instead it's rising to the left without the obstruction of the building. Need to get a compase to make sure.
    Edit:I just remembered compases wouldn't work.

  • Well I guess it’s not flat earth

  • Well the first mistake in this is there are theories on how the pyramids could be made but there are only theories

  • So far this is the only channel or anywhere that I've ever heard that we were all a female race and nothing else how did they respond babies with no without a male

  • One thing I don't understand is that we know Mesopotamia and the Sumerians were the first civilization civilization that have Reading writing math all that stuff everything we've based all our technology and the very first stories that ever came from any biblical reference whatsoever that wasn't a biblical reference to begin with but a story of creation from the Sumerians why would you go through iPic a reference point to your stories if they're not the original ones to begin with they are rewrites and poppies and filed transcripts and writings that have been changed to suit other people's needs why not go to the source

  • Wow the story that he's got from these books or people or whatever is getting them from the reason why that Atlantis was predicted shown has circles and described us because of the whole city was described as circles within certain feet whatever there's different layers of circles for the city not because there was some spiritual crap that had to deal with it is how the city and was built

  • Cuz it's from the Hebrews are Jewish people when they're very sextist we had intelligence of a 12 year old girl but they had an intelligence of a 60 year old man okay don't make any sense cuz no matter what your ages your intelligence is different you can be 12 and be one of the smartest people in the world then you can be 16 be one of the dumbest people in the world and dumbest and word neither smartest LOL

  • I'm watching this yet once more.

  • 27 grams of marijuana in one sitting, huh?

  • 12:18 FBI OPEN UP

  • Anyone else get here by chance but came to these same conclusions and it just feels true. We have no idea the power our bodies have through our brains and heart. With everything coming out in quantum physics and sacred geometry its an amazing time to be alive. The joining of the natural world and the machine world. If we find balance and use both spirit and science we will go far. Feminine and masculine joining, everything is ☯. If you know YOU know.


  • Damn, Extra Credit really let himself go

  • WOW O_O

    I see a video of the human history. I was thinking that it would make for good inspiration for the lore of a fantasy world. Then I am totally blown away by this stuff. The part about Martians invading Earth does remind me of some Warcraft lore. In Warcraft, there were good humanoids on Azeroth. They were practicing magic. Eventually that attracted the invasion of demons. The main demon faction is the Burning Legion. Later a secondary undead group came out of that, called the Scourge. In the World of Warcraft game itself, the player fights against the Burning Legion and the Scourge. Both the Alliance and the Horde are against it. When I think of it, there are other similar examples. Game of Thrones has similar lore. The children of the forest were good people of nature. They fought against the invadaing human Andals. They created white walkers to aid in the fight. Then the white walkers went out of control. They were an undead army that brought winter and killed off life. In the Game of Thrones series itself, the main story is focuses on the power struggles among noble families. The ultimate prize is to rule the whole realm of Westeros from the Iron Throne. Yet there is also the threat of white walkers. They come from the northernmost part, and they are trying to invade the southern lands. The main faction to deal with it is the Night's Watch. There is an urgency to stop the fighting for the throne in order to focus on fighting back the white walkers. Lord of the Rings lore very much has a version of the Lucifer Experiment. I think this is due to the author, Tolkien, being a Catholic. In the beginning of Middle Earth, there was a great divine being, called Illuvatar. He created the world of Middle Earth. He also created other divine being to aid in creation. They all harmonized in music and creation. One of the divine beings was Melkor. He cut himself from the rest. Then he caused all sorts of bad things to happen. The main story of Lord of the Rings has the fight against Sauron. Sauron is actually affiliated with Melkor. His evil army of orcs invaded and ruined Middle Earth. The good people band together to defeat Sauron.

    There is so much to explore, and it is cool. I think of history as having cycles. There are four steps. First a nation grows and conquers. Second a nation is big and creates a lot of control. Third there is a rebellion that overthrows the rule and breaks the nation apart. Fourth the rebels form a nation where there is equality and peace. Then some ruler rises above it, and starts conquest. Then the cycle repeats. This video can show another cycle of knowledge. One of the most interesting parts of history is the Renaissance. It is amazing due to a gain of knowlage. Yet It is intriguing that the knowledge was rediscovered from a golden age in ancient history. I can see how this fits in the cycle of knowlage. The Dark Ages would be a time when humanity was the most asleep. The Renaisance was the time that humanity woke up. I think of the modern New Age movement as a modern renaisance. It is probably further along in the wakening. The Greeks have a list of ages. It starts with the great golden age, and they get worse over time. Maybe this symbolized the progression of a waking state to a sleeping state. Ancient Greece was before the Middle Ages, so it would be in the part of the cycle where things get sleepier. Part of the Renaisance was the Protestant reformation. The Protestants realized that they can access God just using the Bible, which they printed a lot at the time. They didn't have to rely on the Catholic priests, such as the Pope. There was a big fight between Catholics and Protestants. Maybe the Protestants became more awakened. This video shows Akenatan saying that people don't need priests, and they can contact the divine without the priests. Then the priests get mad. That sounds a lot like the Protestants rejecting the Catholic priests. Even the part where Akenatan is more monotheistic is alos very much like the Protestants. Christians in general are supposed to be monotheistic. However Catholics have a lot of saints to pray to. So they do seem to have a mix of monotheism and polytheism. Protestants reject saints and so become more monotheistic.

  • For where did u get this knowledge!!!
    I'm so humbled!.. And I need guidance!

  • Hello, I have question regarding microwaves and the frequency of the Earth, or I'm looking for actual source of the information, its to present to my partner whom is pregnant. I know the harm but she doesn't take this serious, I greatly appreciate your work, it has helped us the past three years , be well, God Bless You

  • What were those website references

  • Us terrans seem like screwups… dang

  • i cringe everytime he says christ consciousness..

  • A lot of you are asking for citations for this. But, what about you? Where’s your legitimate citation that your religion is real?
    I’m waiting….

  • i like how it spares no time jumping right off into the deep end

  • Can confirm. The time-travelling space jews murdered my parents and castrated my dog.

  • I'm rewatching this after the second movie because I can understand more now.

  • how did you get to know this information? From where is this info coming from?

  • for all the shit talking on this video its still got 4 million views…

  • i love the moves

  • i love lierning new things

  • Yo…


  • Could someone please explain to me how evolution could fit into this story? I’m just curious

  • This is nothing but satans deception in order to keep people from knowing the truth. Jesus Christ is Lord come to him all who are tired of being enslaved and he will set you free.

  • I remember watching this when there were only a few thousand views. Now there's over 4M. 🙏🏽

  • It worries me how cowardly comment section is

  • Ordinary people cannot understand. But 99% is true

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