Welcome to SPICE INVADERS Do not confuse with Old Spice nor Spice girls I’ll give you some tips if you are up to play this You have two tipes of shots the wide shot, which is the one i’m using right now It’s the “normal shot” of the game Then there’s the front shot or the “focus shot” your hitbox can be seen while shooting it Then finally there’s the classic bomb If you are going for a No miss like I did, you’ve gotta have to conserve this for certain moments Try destroying the red enemies, as they follow you and can ruin your plans while dodging other bullets The actual challenge of the game are the bosses For example, the first boss is a complete pain His pattern is completely RNG and really dense Absolutely hard If he didn’t have such a blind spot This one’s pattern is a bit simpler but you have to be careful to not alining his shots too close to you By the way, if you advance using the front shot, you shoot a bit faster I recommend using this mostly on the boss intros This one can look intimidating, but it’s much simpler than what it looks like Next one, not This one is completely RNG and dense, and he doesn’t have a blind spot 90% of the time you’ll have to use a bomb you’ll have to destroy the all the ships of a side, then use the wide shot to damage the boss You have to be quick and kill it before it respawns the little ships again otherwise, it’ll get almost impossible to beat This one is much simpler and intuitive, but his positioning is RNG you’ll have to follow it with the front shot before it gets too close Now, the UFOs This first one is almost like a joke compared to the rest of the bosses, no comments The second one isn’t much harder, you’ll have to pay attention to the speed of his bullets Here we get serious A very important thing to note is that the hitbox of the blue bullets is a bit smaller than what it looks like Escape from the bullet rain quickly so you can dodge what this next boss has for you Try to lure the enemies shots direction so you don’t have to do much movement Last Boss with his thumbnail worthy pattern, you´ll need to have some skill and experience when it becomes confusing, use the bomb That’s all i have to say Thank you for watching

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