SpaceX Makes History | MARS

T minus 20 seconds. Stage two tanks
pressing for flight. Flight computer has
control of the vehicle. Do we see anything on the
sensors that’s a problem? – Anything right now?
– Nothing. Well, I’ll say go for launch. T minus 10.
9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. [cheering] It’s going, baby. Come on, baby. Let’s go. [inaudible]. Check it out. Speed bumped by two kilometers
per second [inaudible] Shortly after
main engine cutoff, we’re going to
separate the stages and begin the second
stage ignition. Come on! [cheering] The first stage
is returning to land as the second stage
powers the [inaudible] satellites to low-Earth orbit. The [inaudible] have
successfully deployed. The first stage will soon
begin its series of three burns to head back towards
Cape Canaveral. Where’s the– OK, this is bad. [cheering] That is that first
stage coming back down. History in the making, guys. It’s standing up. It sounded like an explosion. Yeah, man! Oh my god. Look at this. Look it, it’s just
sitting there. Look at that! What! Holy smokes, man! It’s kind of amazing that
this window of opportunity is open for life
to go beyond Earth. And we just don’t know
how long that window is going to be open. But the thing that
gets me most fired up is that creating a
self-sustaining civilization on Mars, it would be the
greatest adventure ever, ever in human history. It would be so exciting
to wake up in the morning and think that that’s
what’s happening.

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