Soul Mates and Twin Souls: The Real Story

Soul Mates and twin souls. Boom boom boom boom boom. OK. Soul mates and twin souls. You know, it’s a popular topic for certain reasons. And let me elaborate here. It’s a popular topic because people have this deep program that we’re separate from God, therefore separate from each other. Therefore there’s this aftereffect called emptiness inside. We then look for completeness in
another person, and sometimes in really horrible looking ways — addiction’s and codependence and all that — but sometimes in really romantic ways, such as having a fantasy version of love that might not even be reciprocated. But the fantasy is better than the
nothing that you’re feeling, the emptiness. And, bear with me here, because I know it’s
challenging to hear some this, but some of the concepts with soul mates and twin souls is highly romanticized for the purpose of trying to fill a spiritual void that isn’t really
there. We are complete within ourselves. Now here’s the paradox. We are complete within ourselves. However. We are also one with everyone else, and so in that sense you wouldn’t need a twin or a soul mate or whatever a soul a
twin soul or a soul. Let me explain again, but you wouldn’t need a twin, a counterpart to complete you, ever, because we’re already filled. We’re already one, you know, whole. However there is indeed a certain amount of an understanding that has to be there
as well that we’re all connected. So here’s how things look at the end of the day. At the end of the day we are one, and therefore there would be no need to need anything from anyone else. So we look at this and we say to
ourselves, “Well, when we have other people, I feel more complete. That never lasts. Think about it. It never lasts. And, if it does, it would still be just a special relationship, a romantic
relationship that is more of a gifting
relationship rather than a karmic one. At the end of the day, it’s like this. We’re already complete and not needing anyone or anything else so there is no one that can complete us. And I’m repeating this again, but at the same time we are one with everyone else. So in one respect we don’t need
anyone else. In another respect we are one with everyone else. But one of the reasons we don’t need
anything is because we’re one with, ultimately one with. My point though is we’re not not one with and there’s one of those many others that are somehow going to
just fill us and complete us. It just doesn’t work that way. And people are not going to get that until they really
wake up spiritually on a complete level. So you’re going to have people not
liking what I’m saying.
They’re going to be you know kvetching and whining and all.
But it’s just because that’s where they’re at. I totally get it. I totally
understand. I have people that ache, you know, over that, and they say, “No I need, I want to believe that someone is out there that will
complete me. You can’t tell them, “You’re wrong.” You can’t tell them, “No, you don’t need anyone. Instead what we should say is, “OK getcha. That’s cool. How does it feel to be incomplete without that person?” and let them share. Because that’s the real stuff in the
conversation. I don’t need to tell them it doesn’t
exist, and I don’t need to tell them it
does exist. What really matters is why they would need anyone else. That’s what, right now, that’s what matters. Ultimately what matters is that we
don’t need anything, but till people get to that point. Let’s just be beautiful people. Let’s just be nice and and let people talk about what it is that would make them feel like
they need someone else. So all of that said, you know we’re going to consult an old manual. It’s called “The Book of Love.” You
may have heard of it. It begins, Chapter 7. “Oh I wonder, I wonder, who wrote the book of love?” Do you remember that one? Anyway just kidding. So we have to get down to business. There’s a Queen song that has this
great line. They’re not the ones who sang the
last song that was on. I’M FALLING IN LOVE. I’M FALLING IN LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME, AND THIS TIME I know it’s for real. Please hear the beauty of that line, because this is what we do. It’s the same old, same old. And yet each time we think we’re going to try to pretend it’s
the first time. This time it’s for real. Which is pretty much making it more funny that the last whatever number of times weren’t real. So when we get to the depth of
understanding this, here’s the true story to it
all. We are one with God in spirit. And then we believe we refracted into many souls coming into the universe. You can say God created many souls or you can say we believe we
refracted into many souls. Doesn’t matter. We ended up many souls. Soul mates are not to be romanticized. Soul mates or not, “Oh I met my soul mate.” You met A soul mate. All of us are ultimately one, therefore everyone is eventually your soul mate. So if we did an exercise right here: “Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is Michael Mirdad and I’m going to promise you today that we’re going to introduce you to
your soul mate. Which of course, then you’d start getting all kinds of people getting online and people going, “Hey get on this quick. We’re going to all be introduced to
our soul mate. Much more popular. But that wouldn’t be me. So let’s say we’re going to introduce you to your
soul mate. But here’s what it really is. Every being that was ever created is one of your soul mates, because all souls are connected, therefore they are in the British sense “mates. “You are my mate. You’re my buddy. You’re my soul mate. That does not exclude having had or having currently romantic soul mates. So even though I’m saying something that sounds kind of
paradoxical, that I’m saying there isn’t such a
thing. It’s because there’s two sides of
the story. There are such things as soul mates, but I’m saying ultimately everyone ends up being seen as a soul mate. And some of us go, “No. No no. I want someone special. That really speaks to a codependence and malfunctions in the soul, and that’s okay. So go look for the one and only. And after you find them, I hope it goes well. I hope it’s a gifting relationship. And the likelihood, inevitably, it might not go well, and then you’re going to find
yourself heartbroken, saying “I thought that was the one
that was you know the one and only.” And you’re going to go through this, and go through this until you reach
your pain tolerance, and then you’re going to
go, “Let me go and listen to that guy
that I really didn’t like listening to, first time I heard it, and see what he said about soul
mates. And then you’ll go, “Oh my god. I get it. Everyone is my soul mate.” We’re all in this together, but seemingly contrary, but not, there are people that are romantic parts of that whole story. We all come cascading into the universe. Some of us met each other a couple of lifetimes romantically, others in war, others in family, others in healing, others in spiritual systems, whatever. And so we know each other. And that’s why we go, “But this feels familiar.” It is familiar. Likely you’ve known them many times. Just because you’ve known them many
times doesn’t actually make them somehow superior to any other soul in the universe. When we all go home, we don’t actually go, “I refuse to go unless I can stay
next to this one and go in together.” There’s no
romance on the other side. It’s bliss. Romance is just a mild taste of something that most of the time turns bitter rather than sweet. If we know how to be properly
romantic or in romance, then we will experience something that’s sweet. But most people it goes better. Why? Because they didn’t really
enter it in a healthy mind. So we come cascading into the universe when we go home. It’s total unconditional love together that we rise. We don’t go, “hey, well have fun on your ascension into God. I’m going to be going with my one and only.” That’s not at all how this works, guys. I’m sorry, man, but come on. So the good news, though, is that while on Earth if you’d just know what you’re doing
it’s not going to be harmful to say, Well, I know it’s not a one and only but while I’m with you, I love sharing
romantically with you. Whether that’s intimacy, friendship, a team mate, school mate, or any other kind of connection you feel. So soul mates are people that feel familiar with one another. That’s it. And when we go home, we will all remember feeling quite familiar. “Oh, I remember us,” and it’s bliss. But on the way there there’s a
little bit of connecting with people that feel familiar. The Ego’s going to want you to take the familiar ones and make them somehow special. Make them, I can’t live, if living is without
them. And all that is is unhealthy. You need not a spiritual teacher to explain soul mate, you need a therapist to talk about
codependence. Now, again please bear with me, because I know it’s going
to sound strange here and there, but I’ll bring it all back together. We started as one. We refracted into many, and here we are. Because we feel empty and refracted and alone, which we’re not, but we feel that way, ee look for something to fill us. And you can name it this and name it that, sometimes more
clever terms than others, but really the soul
mate concept is, and twin soul concept is, someone needs to be special so
that I feel special. Now I feel more complete. It won’t last and you’ll end up feeling empty
again, and usually worse because of all the
energy and emphasis you put on the person to be your one and only. Then you say, “Oh my God, you know, it wasn’t that. Look I’ve been a spiritual counselor
for a long time. I’ve been on the earth plane
many times. I’ve studied. I worked, did this work. I understand these things, but as a counselor alone, spiritual counselor alone, I can’t tell you how many times and I’m not intending to harm or humiliate anyone, I’m just saying I can’t tell you the
number of times someone has come to me, “Oh Michael, guess what. Guy and gal. Male and female. “Guess what? I finally met my soul mate. So everything’s going great. I’m looking forward. we’re going to
get married tomorrow, or we’re going to move to
Tahiti together,” or whatever. “We’re going to travel the universe
together.” It’s really cool, and I’m always
like, congratulations, you know blessings, blessings. Then, when they come back a few
months later alone, usually quite sad-looking. You know, “I don’t understand it, Michael. I don’t know what happened. I thought this was them. And then I, now that they’re broken, so to speak, they’re more open to hearing. And what I will do at that point is
tell them about their beauty, not their failure, their beauty, to say you know come
on. You thought someone else could fill
you. This is a pattern of years. It’s a pattern of everyone’s to some
degree or another. And let’s let go of that. Let’s just agree that you’re a
beautiful being and you don’t need anyone. When you get that nx you recognize
your own completeness, your own interdependence, then all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh my God. I get it. I don’t need anyone. I am everything I need. And now I can choose maturely, spiritually, maturely to share with others and someone I am going to connect with a little more
than another and they are a soul mate as everyone in the universe is. But this one this one’s a romantic soul mate. I know them. I recognize them. My One and Only. No no no no no no. You’ve been around, man. You’ve lived lifetimes. Everybody’s got the little bit of
the cosmic ‘HO in them. You know, we’ve all done this and that. You’ve lived lifetimes you
you’ve killed and been killed. You’ve been male. You’ve been female. You’ve been up. You’ve been down. You know, everybody’s got a little
of that. You know, the one and only isn’t there, it’s someone you recognize. So you know it’s okay just to say, “I recognize them,” but is this a healthy memory, or is this just a reason to hook up with somebody, or another concept of my emptiness being filled somehow with or through a romantic notion. So everybody’s a soul mate to one degree or another, but to be more accurate, ultimately everyone is a soul mate. But more specifically, it’s true. You will recognize some people more than others, which sounds like a contradiction. So there are such things as soul
mates, and they will feel unique, but that’s because they’re romantic soul mates. There are others you
might feel more affinity with one sibling than another. Why? Because you probably have more connection in lifetimes with them than another. And they’re soul mates and that might yuck you out because
you think soul mates are partners. No. It’s yeah affinity. “Wow, I feel that. Wow cool!” Just recognize it for what it is. Love everyone you don’t feel an
affinity with. Don’t move in with all of them that you do feel an
affinity with. And keep it kind of
level-headed. And recognize it’s OK for me to have had relations and intimacies. So if you felt attracted to someone
when you were 20 and then you thought they were your
soul mate, and then another one at 30, and then another one at thirty five, am I doing something naughty? Am I being unfaithful to my one and only? No! Thats just life. Its romance, its connecting, it’s breaking off, its karmic relationships, its gifting relationships. We all have done that to some degree or another. And at the end, its just better to say, “I get it and wow!” And yet, my goal is not to find my one and only. My goal is, learn what I can from the karmic
relationships and give thanks for those. The lessons I learned, not for the karma, but the lessons I learned. Then turn and also acknowledge the gifting relationships. Those are the ones that are soul
mates without antagonism, but soul mates that are gifts. And by all means, yes. To take it full circle. Yes that’s wonderful. Light a birthday cake, you know. Get a party hat and noisemakers and say, “Wow I got one of those. And it’s beautiful. I mean, count your blessings if you found a gifting relationship. Just don’t call it your one and only. It is a gifting, beautiful relationship. Probably from somewhere else. I have met people in this lifetime. I’m not the type that typically
says, “Sumeria, right? Do you remember me. Oh my God. You! It’s been so long. I’m not the type. I’m not the type to walk around and say, “You owe me some money from ancient you know Khaldiya. And you owe me some money from
ancient Britain, or whatever. I’m not one to mess with that stuff. I can see and recognize people. I understand that the love, even even being a teacher and having students come in and and go, “Whoa! What is this guy. And they often romanticize it
because people are broken. But we break the brokenness and get out of that when we start to say, “Wow, what is this. First of all, we’ve probably done this before. This person may have been a teacher
of mine before, may have been a friend of mine, whatever. Don’t get it too specific, such as, “Hey you owe me 20 bucks from another lifetime. Get out of that and soak in the beauty of it. More like, “Wow. It’s so cool to see I am meeting so many old friends and the ones that are karmic. How can I bring this to healing and release them. In a way you could say the people
you don’t want to believe are your soul mates
are the ones you most need to bring to a blessing. All people, all beings, a lot of times, when I do healing with people and they want to heal something with the relationship. I ask them, whether it’s somebody they love or challenge with. whichever. I often ask him to imagine, if it’s appropriate, to bring that other person’s soul
into your soul and just feel like a harmonizing. A blending of forgiveness, a compassion, and a release, like so. And some people will go, “Oh my god, my deceased mother, I feel her now,” and that’s fantastic. And there’s a camaraderie. It’s very cool. Or my sister who passed away or whatever whatever whatever. So they integrate these beings and they really appreciate it. Sometimes people they were
challenged with they feel God. I feel a little more harmony that
feels good. But here’s the secret. Even though it feels good to do that with one person here and there at the end of our days every soul will end up integrated into our hearts. Every one of them. There’s no exclusion. They’re all equally important. There’s no one that’s special. I’ve said this many times. God does not see any of us as
special and we should not be seeing anyone as special. You could say you know unique in
that I live with this one unique and with one’s my child. If I’m fine but not special in the sense that codependence special like, “You give me something I don’t have already you give me. You make me feel complete or you’re the blame for my not
feeling good.” Those are codependencies, both positive and negative, and they’re both technically
negative. So just be open to the idea. In one respect I’m asking you this, to do this. Spiritually be willing to say OK not easy but I accept spiritually we are all soul mates and one OK, try and breathe that in even if you start to go but but just please try. It’s actually exquisite. We’re all soul mates. How cool is that? Also what about the people I feel unique
connection with? Go ahead and feel it. Don’t make them one and only. Don’t make them your
salvation. Just see them as likely I’ve known you before. That’s all. And let’s have fun. We probably had fun before. How do we
know tha? Because something feels really light
now. I’ve probably been your mother
before or you’ve been my father before. How do we know. Because one is still
trying to parent the other. You know you can tell from the
behaviors look at your relationships past and present do this exercise. Now if you don’t mind. Look at any relationship you’d like and look not at the frills like when
you first meet somebody a little bit of the
fake you know making yourself up to look special and all that stuff. Get past that and get into the depth
of the relationship. What was that like. Oh my god this person. They tried to control me. I mean they they told me this and I couldn’t do that. And they acted like they could tell
me what to watch on TV and what not to believe and what to believe spiritually sometimes just use your imagination and say Where might I have been with this person before and if ever you used words like you don’t own me or do you think I’m your slave. Believe it or not. All too often that’s exactly what happened. And you’re there to break free. That’s it. You’re there to find your freedom. So instead of saying I do and I said I do. Therefore now I’m stuck forever
because God doesn’t believe in divorce or my mother doesn’t believe in
divorce. Instead of getting into all that try this mantra free at last free at last. Thank God Almighty we are free at last and be free because you’re not supposed to leave hating the person. It’s more like saying guess what. You may not realize this but we actually signed a contract. I became your slave and I mentally still believe that that was true. Somehow God has sent us back or spirit or souls who have chosen to bring us back so that I could end that contract. I think I’ll do that right now. You know and break free. Sometimes relationships are like look I’ll take take care of you forever. Little sister I’ll take care of you
forever. And you come into this lifetime and you feel bound to care for them and care carry them around literally sometimes because it’s an old you know karmic contract. I would say to you that if you feel
those are if you know of those it doesn’t
mean you have to break every one of them but you can transform them transcend them so you don’t have to say for example let’s say that you were a child of mine in another lifetime and I lost you somehow and I just feel terrible. What I need to do in this lifetime
is not overly dote over you not overly create a codependence with you so that I make up for the last lifetime because that doesn’t make up for it. It only sort of does. It only alleviates and comes the knot out the knots out of my guilt that’s all and helps me feel a
little bit better. If you were to interview God and say God I had this child I lost them in another lifetime. I just felt such regret. I should have done more to keep him
alive or I should have protected him or whatever God would not stay. God would not say and does not say all you know what you need. You need to go back and for five lifetimes now put a leash on them never let them
out of your sight. That’s not God. It’s God would say to you what would you need to be free. What would you need to fill peace
what would you need to find peace honey. Well I don’t know God will well God says use your imagination let’s let’s do that
together. You feel terrible don’t you. Okay. Well then cry a little if you
want. Let’s get that out of your system now. Now what else do you feel like
you need to do. Well I just I don’t want to lose them again. Okay. But people and things come and go on this planet you can’t
control that. Why don’t you tell me instead
Sweetheart what did you feel when it happened. The failure. I let them down. Lonely. So your contract with them is actually not as much what you thought which is I owe
them. You’re actually projecting your own guilt and shame onto them saying if I can make it up to you I won’t feel as much of my stuff. And that person cannot do that for you. And so you can end up having several
lifetimes with him trying to work out one
issue. For what purpose. It could be done in the holy now. So just be willing to look at what’s really behind it and you know God’s love and compassion for us angels you know loved ones everyone with a good soul will say hey we’re
all there for you. Let’s do this. Let it out of your system and let’s process it. There’s an amazing movie that someone you know introduced introduced me to and just a short time ago. But if you haven’t seen it it’s called The Shack and it’s really a trippy movie. I know it was a book and some of you prefer books but a really trippy movie because it’s a man who had some bizarre things happen all
at once almost lost a child went to save one
child. Another child has a problem and ends up being a problem. He ends up dealing with all this guilt and shame and in deep deep depression which is what you’re going to feel when
you go through loss of any kind there’s a certain
amount of emptiness that comes. That’s kind of the emotional
hangover of a change in our life. And so his process of that however leads him to having communication with. It’s amazing with the father the son and the Holy Spirit. Each of them never failing in their love but looking like
humans you know. But the dialogues and the compassion and helping them just get through process stuff. They didn’t make things go back the way they were. They didn’t fix
his life they helped him to heal and transform his heart. And that’s what we need to do and not project that onto romanticized relationships. And now that leads us to the last
part of what I’m going to talk about
soulmates are different from twin flames or twin souls now. So somebody out there is going okay. That’s what I’m looking for. It wasn’t soul mate. Even if I agree with Michael it
wasn’t solely so everybody’s it’s all me. That’s
great but I want my twin flame My One and Only. Here we go again. So twin flames twin souls are the same thing but we’ll call it
twin flames. You can use it interchangeably but the twin flame concept is really intense. It’s like it’s like all the neediness of soul mate one and only compounded by ten or a hundred. And so let me explain this and please understand things are
spiritual more than they are material. Come on. Right. Are you. Are you a human being having an occasional spiritual experience or are you really a
spiritual being who has a human experience which is your priority which is the real world the spiritual or the human. And if you have half a sense to say the spiritual then you would agree with me on the rest which is your spiritual relationship with people is more important than
your human one. And that includes the novelty the romanticism of. I want everybody to be this one and only. So please be patient with this. A twin flame is not. Some people will say twin flame is this. Once upon a time when we all were created we split each of us. We were many souls yes but then each of us split into two halves. OK. And then comes. That means my other half is out there
somewhere. If only I could find them. Then comes I would’ve found them if
only I hadn’t been distracted with this other person that wasn’t
my twin that I thought was my twin blah blah blah
blah blah. Now. Now they’re going to start coming up with twin demons you know. You know or you know somebody is my shadow broke off of me and ruined my life. That’s ridiculous. There isn’t another half of you wandering around the stinking
universe without you trying to find you. God we have souls we have
intelligent spiritual deep spiritual
intelligence and something called God. God would not go oh look at all of you halfs. You’re all looking like habes of
something. Sucks to be you. That’s not God. Wow. Terrible. You all look like halves of
everything you know. Come on if there’s God if there’s
soul intelligence don’t you think after a billion years we have found each other by
now. Your other half. Oh no we’re not allowed to. Oh that sounds even better. A God that says Oh your half is about to walk in the door. So let me create a car accident so they can’t
get to you. That’s that’s that’s that’s Hollywood. Okay that’s just Hollywood. It doesn’t happen that way. You’re not half a being. The problem we have is that we think we’re half of being we think we’re
empty we think we’re whatever. So there is no one that can complete you if there’s
anyone out there that’s a counselor please post something intelligent right now and say yes that’s dysfunctional. There’s nothing and no one that can complete you God made us in its image. There isn’t half a God sitting somewhere and then oh then it’s looking for
its other half. Oh that’s a big problem. You know so it doesn’t exist. There’s no gender in God there’s no have’s and God there’s no duality in God we have duality so we keep projecting it. So there is good news to this I
promise. So there’s not another half so there’s not a twin in the literal sense. You know you can be like a person
who says you know many people on earth who lost a twin in birth are like a physical twin
biological twin anatomical twin. You know they they you know there’s like a guilt sometimes that
they keep. There’s a incompleteness. It’s a weird thing because
psychologically there’s this ache. And they feel like there’s something
missing. And that too was not their twin soul and God wasn’t going to let them
come in together. That’s just the biology and psychology saying I was that close to someone physically and they’re gone. And I was biologically connected and they’re gone so others. It’s like losing your parents when you were born your mom
passed away during the delivery. There’s going to be guilt there’s no
emptiness. All these feelings and it’s beautiful that we feel that kind of love for someone but it doesn’t affirm that we lost a part of ourselves. It feels that’s all. It feels like we lost a part of
ourselves. So there’s not a real literal version of a twin soul a twin flame or twin soul. However check this out when we are between lives some of us say oh I got to go back again and just do more stuff. I’m kind of you know I’m on a on a level of 010 spiritual awakening 10 being the optimal. On my scale of zero to 10
spiritually I’m a 2 and I I just don’t seem to be getting it. I don’t believe in anything. I live really mundane and so on and so on. You know that person’s going to come
in and just deal with karmic
relationships and ups and downs like most people. But some of us on the other side we just go you know what I’m ready for the fast track man
seriously. Like seriously I can’t do this too. I feel like I’m a 6 or 7. I feel like I’m getting it. I’m ready to wake up. That’s when I’ve done a lot of good work. If I’ve gotten any broken pieces left let me heal them I’ll go in and heal them. Otherwise if there’s I’ve done a lot of great work already
because I am awake and waking up. It’s kind of cool we get a lot of
gifting relationships a lot of support people take care of us. People are supportive they
love us. If you’re a musician they listen
your music they love your music. If you’re a mom your kids just
really love you support you. Everything connects and it’s really
cool. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any
challenges but it just there’s a lot of obvious good karma. Yet while we’re there on the other side some of us
are going it’s not enough for me to just go back and say you know I’ve been doing
pretty well so many going grab some more
gifts for myself. You know I’d like to make a difference and this is the key when on the other side or in this lifetime any present lifetime you say. I’m ready I’m enjoying that I’m waking up but I’m also aware that I would like to make a difference and help others somehow. Doesn’t mean you have to become a
national figure or international pop star. It’s I’d like to make a difference when that happens. When you feel that when you hear
that. I’d like to make a difference then something very powerful happens and that is there are other soulmates remember. Everyone’s a soul mate some you know
better than others. But there are other
soulmates that you connect with that step up with you and say I will join you in that commitment and those are your twins. They’re called spiritual twins. It just means spiritual partners. Why twin. Because we are joining with a common goal. And I’ve said this many times. And again I know that a certain
percentage of people don’t like what I’m saying. So again go find your soul mate. Hope you do it. You know before you
die but when you find them I hope you can get it to last. And if not I hope your depression passes quickly and that you recover and decide on a more spiritual perspective of it. But what happens as I was starting to say as I’ve shared this in in my book
Creating fulfilling relationships and the reason for the subtitle in
that book turning cellmates into soul mates it means turning karmic relationships cell like prison cell turning cell mates into soul mates turning karmic relationships into gifting ones. And it means turning empty shallow nothing relationships into soulmate relationships because
they’re all going to become that all relationships as a Course in
Miracles tells you have to become holy. And that’s what that means. Where all my relationships are holy not they all suck. But thank God I got this one
soulmate cause we’re just together. We’re just going to go live on an
island you know together and then everything’s gonna be
peachy. That’s not what a soulmate is. We have to actually turn all relationships into soulmates. How love and forgiveness. Learning to see that we’re part of
them and they’re part of us. And I choose not to have any
unhealthy part of myself therefore I’m clear. And then they become clear. But the twins soul thing as I’ve
shared in my books and other writings is as follows. Lennon and McCartney were actually twin souls but there wasn’t a lot of romance I don’t think I don’t think they
looked at each other what Yirra really special partner and you they they wrote together they changed the world they changed music consciousness the world because two of them souls got together on the other side and said You get what I’m getting Yeah yeah. If I write this you’ll write Yeah well hang in there yep we’ll get some other band members that
have this perfect chemistry and we’ll change the world. Those are soul mates and then they become twin souls. It’s quite beautiful. They’re twin souls we’re not their
wives. Those were romantic soulmates. That’s all. And you know what’s really strange. Some people meet people and go I feel such a connection. And they marry the person sometimes the connection was you were my brother in another lifetime. That kind of feels a little creepy
later doesn’t it or I feel such a connection. And they start dating and they get married and it turns out Oh you murdered me in five of their
lifetimes. That’s why I recognized you. You were on one hads in all the post offices in heaven. That’s what a lot of people do. And they’re just mistaken. They they they pursue a compulsion instead of wisdom. Instead we got a relax back and realize Wow there’s there’s identity’s soulmates karmic relationships gifting
relationships all the karmic ones have to be
turned into gifting all people turned into soulmates all soulmates into oneness with God with with God and I. And while we’re doing it while we’re
here the twin souls are not special but they are pretty uniquely
powerful. I say special meaning if you do not choose to do the work with me I am not a lost soul. If you my twin decide not to do this a twin soul can say you’re going to be a wonderful public speaker let’s say motivational or educational. I’m not really good at that but I have a lot of money and I’m going to I’m going to help
fund you. That’s a twin soul relationship. Believe it or not even if it’s not romantic and I want to get to the
romantic piece in a sec. Helen who wrote a course in miracles had a husband. What’s he. You guys should know by now right. Yeah that’s right romantic soul
mate. Then she had a guy who she kept trying to turn into a
romantic thing. Her co-editor Bill. He was just a co-editor. He helped her create a course in
miracles. Where do you think that happened. Where do you think that contract was
made on the other side when it was you and I might be able to pull this
off. All right. You helped me out it. We do that for me. Yes I’ll do that. And they went in and collaborated. You see mother Mary and Jesus were twin
souls. I know everybody you know. Oh my God no no no Mary Magdalene no that’s romantic soul mate. If you want to look at it that way. But Mother Mary was the twin that
said all go birth you if you’ll do the work I’ll do the work you do the birth
I’ll do the work you do the labor I’ll do the other you know. That’s how it works. So Helen’s husband was the soul mate romantically but her editor was her spiritual twin. So this is not maybe the majority vote interpretation. I understand that. Which is why I end up having to talk
about it all the time because not because I want to. It’s because it’s still such a
problem for people. If I was wrong I wouldn’t have to say this twice. It would be proven wrong and everybody would be happy with their one and only as they keep finding Medgar Casey’s wife was a romantic soulmate just an auger her who brought the work to the world was a spiritual twin a spiritual comrade a spiritual partner. And let’s go do this work. You can be writing the checks for
the artist. You can be the agent for the actor. You can be all kinds of things it means one of us will either do this together like Linda
McCartney or sometimes one of us plays one kind of a role like Mother Mary and Jesus or whomever else. And none of that should be judged. It’s more like how can I help. I’m here you know and sometimes there might even be more than two. Like Linda McCartney maybe it could
be the other members of the Beatles for
them or there could be three people collaborating on a particular
project or even more people but if you know of this kind of thing in your life past present or you see it to come do remember a couple of things one one which is the most mundane but I’m going to get this
one out of the way often. When you feel a connection of that level where not just a soul mate connection like we’ve been here
we’ve done some things before but a level of it feels like we’re going to do
something together. We should write songs. We should. I’ll be the producer
you’ll be the director. You know maybe Spielberg and Lucas or something you know creating some
films together. Sometimes it’s things like that when it happens and you see it and it happens to be of the your preferred sex as a partner. Please be careful because you’re
going to want to romanticize it. You’re going to want to take it to
that level because it’s very natural to it’s you know
it’s very natural to say I feel such a connection and follow the compulsion of the body which is
the ego most of the time. So just remember this because Casey did it. He was you know attracted to his Dunagan for so he asked in the readings. Should I pursue this. The readings said you can it would
be wonderful because twins which is what you are with your stenographer are also originally soul mates. So you know her from another time and you connected another time you know have fun. You can just really traipse all around and have fun. Oh by the way if you do that the work will not happen the work meaning the transmissions the channeling of your
Casey it would have been affected not because you’re doing something
wrong. It’s your energy’s going into one
thing. It diminishes in another and the same Jesus told to Helen and Bill you know Helen was like I really like this guy. Jesus was saying that’s because
you’re supposed to work together. Helen starts going oh no. I think we’re supposed to be
romantic. I’m really insisting that we both be romantic. Even though she had a soulmate
husband she was like oh no no I got to have this oh my God she would get angry when Bill would not respond to her advances even so he’d get all temper tantrums going you know. And Jesus was like OK let me spell
this out to you Helen. This is just the ego compulsions. Let’s start with this. First of all Bill the guy you’re attracted to is gay so he’s not really interested in you. So get over it. You can take it personally. He’s probably gay. Just so he can avoid me. Maybe it’s because he has free will and that’s who he is and that’s not you. So knock it off and get this book. Of course in miracles done so it can
change the world instead of you just
getting what you want. So that’s kind of how it all flies
guys. That’s how it all rolls. It’s how it all works. Hopefully this is making sense and has made sense as I’m coming to a close we all are soul mates and those of us who do projects together for the greater good are
likely twin souls of some kind. You’ll be tempted to romanticize it and act on it physically
sometimes. Just try to see through that and if you choose to do it it’s not
bad you’re actually seeing something
that might be there energetically but just know that it just make the conscious decision that it
likely would affect your work and if you’re
okay with that great then go for it. Do what you want to do and also know that the next piece to this. So that was a next piece of like rules to keep in mind is you can have more than one twin so you think twin. I only have one twin
right. Otherwise your triplets. You might have triplets in one
project but people don’t talk about more than one
because that would squash the notion that someone special. And is your other half. You know so just do your best to see past it and see your best to see. I can have more than one twin soul so if I did a project when I was in
my 20s and it felt really clear that there
was a project great probably nice spiritual camaraderie you know and twin kind of feel and then maybe when I’m 40 I do another maybe when I’m 60 I do another. You know it’s OK. There’s more than one. And again what I’ve shared today is spiritual. It’s maybe not romantic which some would want you should probably go to. You know soulmate. Hook me up dot com or something. Web sites or maybe try romance enabled dot com. Maybe there’s something out there
for him now. Forgive me is it just you
know how I’m silly and so forth because I think humans we can just be so silly and I’m not dissing you if that’s what you’re into. I actually do the opposite I actually praise you and say if you only knew how how wonderful how wonderous how beautiful you are. Any one of us is. It would be just laughable to think how could you know your brilliance and think you’re half a person at
the same time. How can you know you’re made in the
image of God and think but an anomaly took place and half of you is somewhere else. And be sure to travel the world man. Cause you got 7 billion people to interview. Hello. Are you my other half. You could start a website. Are you my other and try and get all seven people seven billion people on the planet
to get on there and be interviewed please please please answer my question or I can’t live if you’re out there and you’re my one and only. And then what if they were creepy by
the way. So um. Because in this lifetime that other half. If there is another half and there isn’t. Might not have been in the mood to have fun with you. Oh god this is so
commonsensical. Please please see it and laugh and and at this whole silliness not laugh at your hurt if it hurts you. But share a few comments please with each other on this. Constructive and help each other. If one of you says but but I want there to be one of you not just me one of you
reach out and say hey beloved maybe you need to recognize how
beautiful you are. I had a twin soul and they left me. Hey you know what if there was a twin soul as you think there is they could not have left you. The magnetic draw could not have
been pulled apart. So you don’t do that with each other help each other out. Don’t just listen to me help each
other out please on any of my pages web pages Facebook pages and all that. I’m really looking for people to step up and help. I don’t think you should
become preachy and if you are with bumpy out of the
Facebook pages anyway don’t become preachy and don’t become rude. But but try to help each other out. Offer some wisdom keep a lightness in your heart and just how can you hear each
other’s needs and help each other out. Work together in that we would become sort of a soul mates website or Facebook page wouldn’t we. It would be soul mates not seeking but we would be found. There we go. Soulmates found Facebook page. You know maybe we’ll do it or you guys can do it. That’s cool right. Anyway. Many many thanks for all
your time and your blessings and your support and all the things you do for each
other and from me and the work I do. Please remember any time you want to you can see there’s tons and tons on YouTube free conversations talks that sort of thing. Go and check them out. There’s a lot of things posted on
Facebook you can look for in the library or whatever they have different
talks. And always remember 945 Pacific Time. I’m always doing a live talk from Unity of Sedona and when I’m not there and I’m on tour somewhere will
usually even fill those from wherever I am live. So I’m for the next week so I’m going to be probably here in Unity of Sedona and doing live and then I’m next year off and on off again. We’re off and running on tours again so you can watch us from wherever and any time I’m in your area. Join bring some friends if you
think they’re interested. Don’t drag people along to try to
convert them. I’m not into that but if you think they could be
helped if you think they’re interested. By all means bring them more and more. I’m insisting in my life and encourage people insisting your life healthiness insists soul mate relationships healthy not karmic insist on more and more twin souls to help you with things you’re doing. Get people to collaborate with you and launch projects because you’re like the father and mother on earth. Let God come through and help you as parents. Not literally but as co creators and as twins to birth something beautiful could be
anything could be a website for spiritual poetry whatever it is and so it is. Let it be. So thank you for your time guys. Many many many blessings of love and peace to you all. Peace be with you. Bye bye.

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  • I agree to what you are saying but there a few facts that I would want to share with you about what I feel are important.
    I am a muslim so I am blessed to have this twinflame concept as far as I understand in Quran as well.
    "Glory be to the One, who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as themselves, and other things they do not know."

    (36- Ya-Seen, 36)
    See how clear this is that God created us in pairs!
    So yes twin flames are not several souls connecting rather twin flames were created in pairs for spiritual purpose and for humanity services and they are the perfect match for each other because God created them for each other!
    This is not all that I have to say but I"ll wait for your response first Michael Mirdad. With many many blessings and peace to you as well.


  • Michael, should have asked about the matter of walk-ins when it comes to twin-flame connection. How would this, if it were so, affect any soul contract between the twins? Thank you very much. Will keep an eye out for furthers which are all wonderful. tks.

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  • This resonates so well.
    At this point in my life I choose to only surround myself with people that feel like home.
    No more shallow friendships.
    Then I meet these 2 people and see them both in my dreams. In past lives.
    This was when I realized there is not just 1 love.
    So I feel like the wheel of fortune is turning but it's still me making the choice here.
    And the one person I choose to spend my time with. It's not like I need them. My live is very abundant this year. I wasn't even looking for somebody when we met. I wanted me-time actually. So right now it's not like I need him but I want him all the same.

    Might be we are moving together next year. That means I would move abroad to another country. If it turns out not to work I have plan b in the making. Would I be heartbroken? Yes. Would it be ok tho? Yes

    So instead I will do a Work and travel. Which I always wanted to do but never did in 30yrs. Now that person he somehow keep me opening up for the possibilities of life. And my best friends too encourage me to follow the dreams I have in my mind.

    At the same time I know I can do this on my own. My love and my best friends they have the better of me. It's like they encourage me to do the things I always wanted to do.
    If they come along with me that's great. If I'm doing this for my own and alone that's great to. It's like I found myself now make a conscious choice of whom I want to have around. Everyone that feels like home.

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  • Oh, and I forgot to mention, the reason why this is so exasperated is because there are blind leaders perpetuating the subject because either they are ignorant or worse, squandering money from these unawakened souls. Tarot readers….
    I hope its the 1st reason….

  • "lost a part of ourselves". I heard through a channeled being from Deneb system that said, "In a romantic relationship, we are energetically attached through our lower three chakras. When you separate, The feeling of being out of balance is due to the disconnection of the chakras". Thats the feeling of loss and being in the void.

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  • For my point of view ,, yes we are connected but I donโ€™t think all of the souls on earth came from the same origin otherwise we will feel connected to everyone ,, each soul has a family soul and within that there are soulmates and we can share the tree with other souls so thatโ€™s why we feel connected with the souls within the same tree and the connection fade away when we go further.. we have many soulmates and also we could have more than one twin flames.. People stuck in 3 D matrix .. they are freaking out about finding the one to complete them, we are all whole as you said .. Twins are here to accomplish a mission on earth and itโ€™s not a romantic as they picture it ,, itโ€™s a journey that will change you and that could be devastating and really painful for some depends on their stage of consciousness or awareness..

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  • I have been told by my angels that I am living my twin soul. I want to romanticize it so bad and I've also been told that this relationship will only be for a short few years. This brought a lot of clarity to my situation. I've known that I have more than one soulmate or twin soul. I feel that this relationship will become romantic, only for a short time, and we will remember a lot together and go from there creating love on this planet with other people. I'm interested to see where this relationship goes. I'm just in observation as this journey unfolds and I take trusted action.

  • We need others for the human experience

  • Ive only recently come across the concept of twin flames. From what Iโ€™ve heard the belief is that although the soul was split into two before entering earth, the role of a union between twin flames is for each side to have their โ€œissuesโ€ come up for them to work on themselves. I keep hearing that a lot of twins break up after meeting to do the healing on themselves that they need to do. It appears the concept is more about them mirroring back to you what you need to deal with within yourself rather than co dependency and looking towards others to โ€œcompleteโ€ you.
    I agree with your message. Regardless of whether youโ€™re looking for a โ€œsoulmateโ€ or Twin Flame, from a personal development perspective, everyone should work on becoming complete within themselves before looking at sharing their lives with others.

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    As a crashed romantic, I'm still trying to find my way in the greater universe, and any living water along the way is warmly appreciated.

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  • I feel my life purpose is to help people and I met my twin soul that is already doing that, i have chanse to work with her.. I loved to do that, she was my teacher and my best friend, so i wander could it last, if we know that we are twin soul, we won't go fall apart.. We could move mountins together, changing world and helping people is nothing for us..
    Yet, i know for pendulum that we were conected in so much life helping people like we want now..
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  • Here's my thing about the belief in "Soul Mates" in its most blasphemous form …'s used by mate poachers, narcissists, straight up evil doers, to lure the poached into affairs, lies, deception, abuse and violence against others and so often believed by those who are poached. The phrase "Soul Mates" is a fantasy and when believed by the weak of heart can very easily, become a living nightmare. Peace!

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  • I agree with you and have spent nearly 24 years trhing to find and then keep a person that i seen in a series of visions in 1995. I have come to think that this is all delusional. Last year i was so desperate and lonely and confused ablut a person that i had met i sought the advice a psychic and learned a out twin flames. Then i started seeing synchronicities all the time. No longer in contact with the person however i was told by a youtube twin flame promoter via a reading that i would see the person the first week of March. This was 7 weeks ago and i have been preparing for this moment. End of the week and no contact from them. I am heartbroken disillusioned disappointed and almkst suicidal. I have deleted every twin flame subscription and facebook group, i no longer want all this. I will never ever understand the visions i had or intense feelings for this last person. I just feel that lots of people out there are making money from this whole twin flame journey belief and dont see the vulnerable people like myself who are lonely and hurting and trusting them.

  • There is a reason why people like Michael Brown, Eckhart Tole or Paul Lowe never said a single word about soulmates and twin flames…the hard part is admiting to yourself that human beings are obviously prone to be infatuated with another time after time. Myself included. Happened to me several times. Takes a lot of self talk to finaly come to terms with the fact that they are not coming back…having said that, i believe that it is of immense importance in life to have an intimate relationship with another and with one that truly makes you feel ignited inside…not everyone has these experiences obviously and unfortunately.

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  • I have been on this journey..of twin flames..i guess the journey is not about finding the one ,its about being the whole within yourself..secondly if there are not special connection between two souls why the journey is so painfull..why only that person triggers you? I guess its meant to be this way so that we learn our life lessons and we learn it very hard way because if we are not connected this much we will not get triggered by them and ultimately we will not learn any lessons and will continue the same cycle then..3.its not about getting into physical union with our twin because spritually they are always one… many twinflame shares romantic bonds it doesnt mean that they will end up toghether..its more about spritual lesson and twinflames can be karmic too in our lives depending upon soul contract..they are created to raise vibration of the earth..and help humanity irrespective of wheather they will be in union or not.and yes we all are one..but my point is we are not triggered by all the other soulmates..the bond is such strong that one person can sense other persons feelings..if thats not special then what is that??can everyone feels this with every romantic partner??another thing is twinflame journey is about true love..true unconditional love for yourself and for your twin.for god for everyone.and its not about finding the other half its about doing your internal work so much that all your wounds gets healed..because we have both masculine and feminine energy within us…and if you have that dont need external validation from anyone that you need god puts us through test and with those people with whom we feel deep bond with so that we learn that we should only dependent on one source the almighty god ,allah,and what you learn from it is that true love which is highest vibration…and that is what we all need the' love 'to help the humanity..raise the vibration of the my take on it will be rather that taking it as you dont need someone or there is not the one for you…it should come from point of self love ,and where you are self content with your own love that when it comes from another souls its like two full cups which are already filled up..coming toghther in beutifull union and the cup of love overflowing..which will occur if you grown as person to high vibration being and as per law of attraction will attract the same vibe soul..its about energy rather than union..blessings and peace๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I support your message, and I believe it is something I needed to hear to help my healing towards inner wholeness. I would like to mention though, that twin flames are real. The twins aren't meant to be in union until they are whole in themselves. So it does align with your teachings. For whatever reason, there are couples who have a soul recognition that says you are me. That says I love you no matter what, and we don't have to be together, however most twins will want to be together.

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  • Hello Michael I love you brother I have to disagree with you twin flames is not about all some need it's so much more from the beginning of time being separated from our creator led to our understanding the pursuit of knowledge of that separation which was considered or called The human condition we live in a time where we are so separated the world as a whole as the collective is not spiritually conscientiously connected we have things that separate us economic class prejudice racism still exists we are moving in the right direction towards loving onenes with others unfortunately we are not there yet as a whole would be nice to think of us all being one and actually being that but we're not so we need signs and we need guidance that's what soulflames is about to remind us of unconditional love unconditional love is the most single important thing there is reminding us that we need each others and we need the Creator unifying us it exists soulflames exist to show the rest of the world and to show ourselves that we need to be connected it's the way to a oneness with the collective

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  • Yes! I completely agree! The only question I still have is why out of all who felt familiar or who I recognize, only one has ever felt like ME. (My most recent connection) Everything you discussed in this message applies.

  • I blame Jane Austen and those for romaticing partners and soul I meet. I have high standards because I give alot of myself and expect that back.

  • ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’you are my twin! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  • It's ok to talk about one ness but we do live in third dimensional duality, and need to do so. Spirituality is great but it's like saying your hobby won't pay the bills or put food on the table. Let's not get ahead of ourselves because we are not yet pure enough for society to bring up our children.

  • Amen and Thank Youโฃ

  • I think it's strange that my twin died last year and I'm still hear in your opinion is that the way shouldn't we both be together in spiritual realm are any other dimensions

  • No you donโ€™t need a SM or twin to complete you, but by god do they feel nice

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  • You don't need a twin to complete you yes …but you do need to learn the lessons that only they can trigger in you because only they can push you to your core to grow and change and transform in the ways you never thought is possible!!!so no you don't need a twinflame to complete you !!

  • I appreciate your truth, and thank you for challenging mine while it evolves, I've totally been here before but I think I'm gonna peacefully stick to my guns on my twin flame.
    However you did speak of new concepts and brought things back to my attention on soulmates, codependent relationships or voids and mentalities that I really enjoyed listening to, I appreciated your compassion and humor, sending lots of love, light and gratitude your wayโ˜บ๏ธ

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  • Woodstock! Lol

  • You are funny thow!

  • So beautifully explained almost everything I am in a process of knowing learning and understanding ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’–We are complete yet we can help each other to heal grow evolve awake in 3d plain to rise to higher vibrationsโ˜€๏ธloving ways always๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–About Twinflame (that name given I don't know what to name it)I must say….all my life in my failed relationships I really begged if I could have invest that much of love n energy in God…that I could have love God the same way willingly..I pretended to love God but in my heart I knew it's not happening truly and I was afraid I would never know…but then this person I never met physically yet…yes he exist in this world… pushed me in such a way that finally I can say Yes I have fallen in love with God๐Ÿ’•. End of all insecurities. Yet to know the depths of this Love but I am loving every bit of it๐Ÿ’. Whenever I think of my twinflame or miss him…I end up being with God….and I giggle what this man doing to me๐Ÿ˜„

  • I been single selabate 12 half years now.
    I did meet a guy this year who brought me closer to god.but we are not together. And to be honest I do love him but I am happy on my own and don't feel like I need any one to complete me.
    Jesus is my way my light my truth.
    If God want me to be with him then he will bring us back together.
    My children and my best friend are my soul mates.
    We are one because we are connected to god.
    He is our creator.

  • 5 minutes in and this is beautiful ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • The Monotones – who wrote the book of love and Queen – I want to break free ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸŽผ

  • Sadhguru says: To some extent, the process of mating belongs to the body and the mind. The soul cannot mate with anything, nor does the soul need a mate because it is absolute and boundless. Only what is limited needs a mate in order feel a little better.
    If you choose a mate because you want your body to feel a little better, we call that sexuality, and it can be quite beautiful. If we choose a mate because we want our minds to feel a little better, we call that companionship. If we want our emotions to feel better, we call that love.

  • I don't get this "one" thing. What's the point in illusion of being seperate to begin with?. Why don't we all just look the same? This "one" concept takes the uniqueness out of us as "individuals." Too confusing. I just don't get it.

  • Thank you for the clear guidance – now I can let go of the concept of MY SPECIAL ONE – and live freely to accept WHAT IS.

  • 1 + 1 = 2. I just finished playing out a mother contract. Iโ€™m excited to fulfill more spiritual and creative endeavors now.

  • Thank you for the clarity. Finally.

  • Haaaaahaaaa soulmate ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ cosmic ho ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ um still laughing till next week

  • Thanks so much! This realy resonated and most people indeed explain this in an other way. Maybe there all true. I don't really know for sure but i feel something coming towards me and feels like a collaboration mission. Althou i don't see any one jet. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i do have this idea about something i want to give/ bring/ change to the world but i also feel small and not sure it is something people also need or want. ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค but thanks for the confirmation that twins are supposed to work together not only romantic.

  • โค๏ธ

  • Romance is being in harmony with your own self and the life.Twin souls have romantic connection with respect to this approach and so they just feel complete.Yes I do agree that we do not need anyone to complete ourselves as we are all complete at the soul level.Twin flame has a specific mission and role to particularly feel when there is so much age gap between twins they try to bridge the intergenerational gap and conveys message to the world that age is just a number.There is so much that twin souls can contribute to the world ๐Ÿ™

  • I feel we do not go and search for our other halves or twins. These are all destined. Where, how and when will they meet is all destined. I strongly feel that.

  • OMG at laaast i find a person who thinks exactly Like me!!! Sure we are all one there is not many "Soul Families" but only ONE

  • I donโ€™t need any one but in order to have a relationship I need someone to do that… not just any one but the one that can fulfill my needs…

  • Really enjoyed this. Thanks very much!

  • I had to find out through experience what you say is True. I wish I would have ran across this video years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of heartbreak. I thought I met my Twin Flame years ago, but turned out to be an epic fail. I was deceived by my feelings and need for love. I mistakenly pursued a compulsion that led me to a series of bad choices. But the good news is I received the gift of desperation and doing so found Jesus. Since then I've grown so much in such a short period of time that even though I'm alone, I'm not lonely. The hole I was so desperately trying to fill has been replaced with my wholeness. So when I think of my soul-mate or twin flame now I think of Jesus. His teachings and my connection with God restored me. Everything he said and taught is absolute truth because it all gets results. I'm living proof.

  • I love how funny and sarcastic you are yet your message is so genuine and tough love that we need to hear it! Thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing The Truth!

  • Thank you. I enjoyed your message. So glad I don't have to look for Mr. Twin Flame.

  • I love listening to you because you are real and relatable and donโ€™t have any deceptive vibes that I get from some others . Just saying :). You are sincere and not in ego overload. . I can tell โค๏ธ

  • This makes so much sense for me. You have answered many questions for me. Thank you

  • I feel liberated.

  • Many many thanks and blessings right back at ya. Wonderful "work"!!!!

  • The emotions dont change we still want love

  • Yes,Thank You,I will not allow my work to be compromised by anything๐Ÿ’™

  • Yes, truly saying..I dont need anyone but I love everyone

  • Your characters talk w God so touched me, I cried. You also made me think a lot about this subject that I plan to do a presentation of and hold a discussion afterward. Thank you.

  • Lovely and amazing. And I like the green short also.

  • Brilliant video! Subscribed guv!

  • This is interesting! If we have everything we need to be complete and we are all connected and there is no such thing as your Twinflame or special soul mate…then is there any reason to commit yourself to a lifelong relationship? Seems like continuing to make pit stops in different relationships to collect lessons and move along applying to the next one might be the other side of that.

  • I agree with Michael that to believe another completes us is dysfunctional if we view it as "that" which makes us "whole."
    I am also in agreenent in the "twin flame" having a higher vibration than the "soul or karmic mate." Sure energy would could be lessened in one of the project areas, but I choose 2 believe you with that twin can balance your energies, especially as 2 wholes 2gether to do the "change the world projects n make the love!" This is the Ultimate gift 2eachother n the world if U 2 choose it. One n Only? Ok, if U want 2 only b with that person, this 2 can manifest –

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