Sony Adds Another Spider-Man Villain to Venom 2

you oh man so it looks like we’re getting more news again apparently everyone has gone back to work because a lot of information has been coming out today a lot of it a lot of good stuff and it looks like everyone’s off and going back to the regular schedule of things if you guys haven’t seen my last video on Catwoman be sure to check it out I uploaded that this morning so now we have some more information on the venom sequel which is coming out next year where Sony will add another spider-man villain as if venom wasn’t going to have his hands full already a new report suggests he’ll be fighting someone after other than carnage in this next movie according to Deadline the spider-man rogue Nonna’s shriek has been added to the venom 2 screenplay so this is good obviously we knew that carnage was going to be in it thanks to the mid-credits scene and the first one and now we’re getting another character so it’s gonna be more villains versus the antihero venom and this is a picture they have of the character I actually haven’t heard of his character before um I’m not really too deep into the venom comics art Kent comics in general I mean I just started comics this year but this is how she looks obviously that’s not I mean that’s just the comic version whenever they come out with actual screenshots of what they’re gonna look like on screen you’ll see and true we still haven’t seen in about that we still haven’t seen live-action pictures of carnage yet so that’s going to be interesting which they may show in maybe a teaser trailer or first trailer probably sometime next year probably so two sources close to the project confirmed the character’s appearance but sony has yet to make an official announcement considering the film is still in pre-production the most likely won’t spill the beans until everything is set to go woody harrelson is suspected to return as Clara’s Cassidy acted appearing in Venice make credit scene last year a course he’ll eventually bond with his own symbiote to become carnage one of the Venom’s most notorious rivals yeah so we’ve seen carnage before and the cartoons I’m remember seeing him in the original spider-man cartoon which is really a good classic which will be available on Disney Plus I’m pretty sure I’m not sure about this one but didn’t he appear in Marvel Alliance on one of the games I’m not sure I’m pretty sure he did so we seen him there of course in the comics so this is gonna be the first time that we’re seeing carnage on the live screen which is very exciting my one thing though is that they’re gonna make any improvements we have to work on the CGI of venom and other symbiotes we saw what he did in the last scene of venom cool fight but too much CGI like are this bad CGI like it felt like we were watching flubber let’s fight each other I felt like we were watching jello fight each other I mean I just think it needs to be a bit better than what we had in venom one but that can be done new technology upgrade that CGI so shrieks involvement certainly makes the sequel a lot more interesting her real name is Francis Barisan and she’s a mutant capable of unleashing power sonic blast since symbiotes are vulnerable to Sonics this may pose a threat to Eddie Brock and his other half tree can also dredge up her enemy’s darkest impulses which might also play a part in separating Eddie and the symbiote so the first thing I notice dark impulses oh that’s one of her powers I can see them maybe making venom evil making maybe making Eddie Brock evil one of the other maybe been fighting each other or I don’t know if this is in the comics but is there ever a time where carnage will kind of mix with venom that could be a possibility to see that I’m also happening of course it makes sense that her power set being sonic blast would fit you know just these type of characters so I get why they put her in here I think if it wasn’t for that I don’t think she’d even be put in the movie because you know her power set needs to kind of be able to fight off these characters so I think that was a good choice to put this character and we’ve never seen her on screen and I’m not sure if she’s been in any cartoon shows but if she has please let me know but I have never seen her on any cartoons or any animations or anything like that this would be my first time seeing her too so a lot of moviegoers will see this new character and pipa like who is this and then they’ll research the character and then you know this could help the fan base so that that’s also good news there it’s also worth mentioning that shrieks became Cassidy’s girlfriend during the maximum carnage event so whoever fulfills the role should probably have chemistry with Harlan sin’ one of the deadlines sources revealed that Sony is currently looking and many kinds of actors to play the character but apparently the studio would prefer it is that she’s um unknown so it says the studio would prefer it is she were an unknown Oh okay so they don’t want a new they don’t want a like a you know a current actor who’s like you know hi they want like a new person okay kind of like Tom Holland right Tom Holland kind of disappeared out of nowhere so I could see that or like Harry Potter but Danielle right cliff I mean he kind of appeared out of the scene so that’s okay that could be cool that could be great for a new a new fresh female actor so that’s actually good I don’t mind that I don’t mind that at all it’s not like every movie has to have some identical actor I mean you can’t have a full list it mean it’s kind of it’s not realistic right because you know that’s pretty really expensive so we’re gonna see who that person’s gonna be probably in the teaser more information coming out this year or next year so Andy Serkis will direct venom two taking over from Reuben Fischer Tom Hardy will once again return to the role of Eddie Brock in venom good with Michelle Williams also coming back as an okay she was cool I mean I don’t care but she’s cool although she’s no longer although he’s no longer part of the franchise my flesh recently told them that Sony is working towards an confrontation between the venom and Tom Hollands spider-man right however time will tell if this can work out an arrangement with Marvel Studios to make this happen right it is it is kind of obvious that eventually venom and spider-man will meet I don’t think this is going to happen in venom 2 but I’m pretty sure this will happen afterwards so venom 2 opens in theaters October 2nd 2020 that is the date that they have so far that could change I mean it is kind of early but that is the slot they have for right now I’m pretty excited for this to see a new character shriek and live action and I see carnage for the first time live action is a really great time to be into this type of pop culture and all this other stuff guys this is gonna be great they did recommend to read the maximum carnage which I might get into it myself I’m still a noob on the comic scene but anyway what are your thoughts on this and what are your thoughts about venom did you like venom I loved it I think it did great are you excited for venom to let me know down below with any comments I’ll be sure to reply to our comments as usual and sure to like the video and subscribe for more content on a channel anyway guys peace out and have a great day

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