Sonu Nigam – Biography

This is the story of the singer who has
been controversial as well melodious. The name is Sonu Nigam. He was born on 30th July 1973. City was Faridabad. State Haryana. Sonu has sung songs in
various regional languages. It’s astonishing to note that
Sony always found singing very easy. “Your anklet clanks and
it gets my heart racing.” “Don’t abuse me. The gang of
lads is here to put colour on you.” He started singing when he was 3 or 4. His father Agam Kumar Nigam
and his mother Shobha Nigam.. ..both did stage shows. His father would often do
orchestra at weddings and parties. Since Sonu belongs to a Kayast family. And in this community
it is stressed that kids.. ..should make a name in studies. But Sonu too made a name
for himself in the world of art. “You’re still immature.
Not mature enough for love.” “You’ve worn such a long pant.
Your shorts is short.” Sonu would often watch
his parents perform on stage.. ..and he would also feel like singing. He was just 3 or 4.
He insisted backstage. His father refused.
But his friends told him. Let him sing a few lines.
He’ll be happy. Who knew Sonu would present
the song Kya Hua Tera Vaada.. ..sung by Mohammad
Rafi before the world. And his voice won everyone’s heart. “You’ve entered my life and how.” “You’re the melody I long for.” It’s also surprising that Sonu worked
in lots of films as a child artist. Though he wouldn’t like
being on the sets much. He didn’t like the smell of the make-up. And producer directors wouldn’t
pay much attention to child artists. He was seen in the movie
Betaab as little Sunny Deol. He was seen in many other movies. When he grew up and became a singer.. ..he still was obsessed
with becoming a hero. Love In Nepal. Jaani Dushman. He acted as a hero in these movies. Though these movies couldn’t
create the magic at the box office.. ..which his singing had. “I live only for you, my love.” “I’ve been going crazy
for you since the evening.” It’s interesting how he
got Gulshan Kumar’s support. This was when he won lots
of singing competitions at school. Though he was really good at studies.. ..but his singing was giving him fame. That’s why his parents
thought of taking him to Mumbai. His struggle in Mumbai started
after appeared for his 12th grade exams. At times he would
leave the studio crying.. ..because some other singer
would dub songs sung by him. But the God answered his prayers. He sang a song O Aasmaan Waale. T Series super cassette’s
owner Gulshan Kumar loved this song. And he told Sonu that
you sing really well. I’ll surely support you. That was it. It was a fresh start. “The magic of the city drives you nuts.” “Anyone who goes to the
city he doesn’t come back.” He also sang for a Kannada film in 1996. The name of the film was Jeevan Saathi. Sonu is considered among
the great singers of Karnataka. Sonu was heard as a RJ too on India’s
famous radio channel Radio City 91.1 fm. Sonu has such magic in his voice.. ..that he lent his voice to the main lead
when Alladdin was being dubbed in Hindi. The list of songs sung
by Sonu is really long. Not just in India he has made
India proud internationally too. “We will win the battle.” “We will not be discouraged.” He hosted the musical show Saregama. He got the blessings of
the biggest music directors. He sang many a songs of Rafi on stage. He also sang some remixed songs. And achieved a position
in the world of playback singing.. ..wich is not easy to achieve. “The earth’s rejoicing.
So is the sky. Happiness is here.” “Everyone’s euphoric.” “The heart’s restless.
The body is going bonkers.” “My love mesmerizes me with her eyes.” His guru of Indian classical
music was Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan. Sonu Nigam got married
in 2002 with Madhurima Nigam. And he had a son from this marriage. He named his son Nivaan. “I’m the treasure plundered in love.” “I’m a lost generation.” Undoubtedly, there is no singer like Sonu
nor will there ever be one like him. To know more about the
lives of great talents.. ..subscribe to People & History.

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