Some Nights | Public History #1.19

– I’m taking a break from Adam’s party. It’s fun, it’s a good time. It’s just kinda loud, you know? Tommy’s here, it took some convincing to
get her here, but she’s here. I’m not sure exactly
where she is right now. I don’t know where Jason is either. Well, last time I saw
him, he was with Rosa so. I’m glad to be here. I feel like it’d be weird
to go through high school without going to at least one party. So, it’s good that I’m here. It’s good. – [Tommy] Dude, dude. – What? – I just kissed a girl. – What? – Yeah, she was being cute and she said I was being cute and she kissed me. – Well what are you doing
here and not kissing her more? – I had to tell you! – Go!
– Okay! (laughter) – Tommy’s having a good time I guess. – There he is. Hey, I was looking for you. – Dude, I saw Tommy
making out with a girl. – Yeah, I heard. – Good for her. Gay rights and all that! Yeah? – Yeah. – Babe, I’m so exhausted,
I think I’m gonna go home. – Oh, do you need a ride home? – Oh no, no. Neither of us should be driving tonight. I am gonna go and find Sara. – Sure. Love you. – See ya. – I might go catch up with her, get a ride home with Sara. You good? – Oh, yeah, I’m not… I’ve got all my faculties. – All your faculties (laughter) Did you have any fun tonight? – Yeah, I did. – You’re not lying to me? – No. – Do you have a sister by any chance? – No. – Oh, okay. Shame because I feel like you, if you had a sister, you know, she’d be really, really cute. (surprised gasp) (bright music)

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