Solving THE HARDEST Lock Puzzle in HISTORY!! – LEVEL 10

– What’s up guys and welcome back. Now I’ve done a lot of
puzzles on this channel but today’s puzzle is very special. There’s a German locksmith puzzle maker, named Rainer Popp. Rainer’s famous for making
one lock puzzle a year and to get one of these locks, you have to be extremely
lucky because your basically entered in a lottery, you receive an email and
once you have that email you have a chance to
purchase one of these locks, which are not cheap. I myself wasn’t lucky enough
to be part of this email lottery, however, my friends
over at Puzzle Master had one left in stock. What I’m gonna read next
is an excerpt from a blog called, Boxes and Boos,
I’ll link the blog below but this guy puts into words exactly why this puzzle is so special. “Because of his skill and creativity, many believe that he is
the greatest puzzle lock maker living today. He hands turns and mills
every piece he designs himself from solid brass and stainless steel. His limited edition locks,
which he names simply, in a numbered sequence,
starting from his first trick lock, T1, has
become highly sought after collector items. He may truly have outdone
himself with the latest offering, the T11, which has been hailed as the greatest trick lock ever created. This lock is large at 140
millimeters high and heavy, weighing in at two kilos, it is fashioned like a medieval fortress
with a solid fortification and studs all over. As you explore and discover,
you are reminded more of a concentric castle
from the middle ages. Castle within a castle, if you will and the key to the castle
is also a thing of beauty. Large and stylish with a
clever T11 logo imprinted on the tip, which is somewhat ironic as there is no obvious keyhole. You are given one hint
along with the lock, which is to use the key in the keyhole. This lock’s an inspiration
from Yale’s magic lock, famous lock mechanism
invented around 1850, by Linus Yale Junior, one of the pioneers of
modern day mechanical locks. There are many steps
required and they’re fitting for a trick lock as they’re reminiscent of picking a lock,
requiring perfectly precise positioning and timing. There are so many unexpected movements and amazing developments in this puzzle and even a leap of
faith, which is rewarded is a true panic, T11 is truly
one louder than the rest. Compared to other locks like the Dan lock, which might be described
as scoring a 10 on 10 point scale, this goes to an 11.” Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time to try and solve the greatest
puzzle lock in history. I just got the chills. Let’s go. Ow. This is it. Oh my, dude, this things
weighs, this thing is so heavy. Look at that, look. It’s so heavy and it comes with this key, which is a really neat key. Okay so I have no clue
where to start on this. Noticing right now that this thing turns and there’s a little
black dot, as you can see, a little black dot and the black dot goes from here to here, here to here. This one spins either
direction to infinity, this one as well. You do not move. This one is a little bit loose on the top. This one does not turn. These do not turn and these do not turn. So the only moving part,
there’s a bit of a gap here so I know that, that might want to so that probably could have
something to do with this. I also hear that there are traps. There’s traps in here
that are like impossible to get out of so hopefully I don’t fall into any of those traps. Also you can pull it out a
little bit, just a tad bit. Oh, here we go. Oh baby, look at that, right there. So oh, and that one comes out. Okay, what does that mean? Maybe I’ll pull this one
out like that and now maybe these three pegs
here lock these three pegs? Ow. I’m holding onto this one because I’m, it’s the only really,
the only moving thing that I’ve discovered aside
from this one turning here hoping that by pulling it
and doing something else it’ll help me out. It’s really giving me
nothing to go on here. The key is interesting. I wonder if there’s a magnet. Not seem to be a magnet there. Wait, I know. That’s what we gotta go, we gotta spin it. Maybe not. You know what I forgot? I forgot the timer. Always forget the timer. I think we were probably
already like 10 minutes in. Oh now this one’s turning,
this one wasn’t turning before. This one turns too? Okay, now it stopped turning. There’s something heavy in there. Now this is turning. Okay so the way to open this
uses these knobs on the side ’cause these knobs here are now turning. Like these three on
this side, there’s like a clear resistance to
when I start turning them like there’s like pulling or
pushing onto something heavy or weighing down and
then depending on that, I’m sure it affects these bolts here. How do I know which ones affected? This button pushes in a tad bit. Like I mean, I could probably
just unscrew these bolts but I won’t do that. Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the fun in any of this? Let’s be honest right now. I feel like I’m just
going around in circles. It’s starting to hurt my fingers. This key is not made in
one solid piece so I don’t know if it comes apart or it’s
just made to look like that. Oh my God, it’s giving me nothing. That’s, it’s just, this
is clearly the side that’s gonna have to
like come off and move. Now they’re stuck, they’re live heavy. Trying different orientations,
see if that’ll work. This one is so hard to turn, I don’t know if it’s ’cause
it’s missing grease or. So it’s a few hours later in the day, I decided to come back to
this, take a little break, got caught up in some work. So I had a few thoughts while I was away, often times if you just
stop, you can think of maybe something else. So this one pulls out and
this one turns like this, that’s it, it stops here, goes here so it’s like a quarter turn. This one just turns randomly without any resistance whatsoever. On the other side these ones all turn but there is a bit of resistance, especially this last one here. It turns but like it’s,
there’s something heavy attached to that, makes
it really hard to turn so I’m gonna just try turning
these in different ways. It doesn’t really do anything. Also, I’m just constantly
checking the front part to see if anything might unhinge. Oh weird so this little,
it’s not a button really but I feel like it’s loose, this here but if I push in and up, it gets stuck, I don’t know what that means. I feel like that’s just
like, uh, this thing. I feel like that’s just the
mechanism on the inside. Why didn’t I just put it
there in the first place? For every puzzle video,
right there, why not? There’s like a bar in
here tapping this stuff. This is gonna bug me
if I got to bed tonight and I don’t open it. If it look on the inside,
I can see those pegs, especially this one here, I can see that. Oh, I don’t know what to try. This one has to be the first one to like, I have to find a way to
unlock whatever way that is. This thing is pretty cool
looking though, isn’t it? It’s a very cool looking. Something very interesting
upon very close inspection is that you’re not, I don’t
know if you can see this but the lines underneath this brass piece, alright let it focus,
the lines underneath that brass piece makes it so that this couldn’t be pushed down because like this piece is bigger than the hole that’s underneath. But on this side, it looks
like and I can probably confirm that the hole is bigger than this on all three here. Doesn’t look like the hole is yeah underneath, it’s definitely so these either these push in or
this comes out somehow. Same goes for here, I don’t
know if that means anything or. Maybe not, I don’t know. Notice the second I push
on it and I can’t twist it, I can only twist it if it’s out. If I start pushing on it,
just even a little bit, there’s no twisting them. I just keep trying the same
things over and over again, expecting different
results, hopefully unlocking a random pattern that opens this but I, I just don’t know where to go from here. I’ve gotten to this, this
and then these things turn. This is the only one that seems like it’s not attached to anything. Oh. Oh, did I just spin that top? Ha! Now this one’s stuck, it
won’t pull out anymore. Oh my God. Okay, okay, okay. This one maybe? So this is look, look, it’s
not stuck on there anymore, something changed. This one seems to be moving. Oh. See? It just popped in and
now this is out again. Okay, so I was here, lift this, turn this, why isn’t it working? I was here, how come I can’t recreate it? That’s interesting. It’s like you’re just,
it’s literally, look it, it’s ten pm and I’m sat
here figuring this thing out and that I was not expecting
before going to bed. That’s it, that’s all I did
and then it like turned more and it locked in, there. Oh. I think that’s pretty frustrating. I’m gonna have to go look back at this footage and see what I did. This is really hurting
my fingers to be honest. This like pulling this
like one thing here. So I figure if I pull this
one but not all the way ’cause it got stuck for
a second and I think there we go so I pull, it gets stuck. Now this one turned
more, we’re in a position where that’s stuck, that is good. Now what do we do? I don’t know, maybe play with these ones? There’s something happening
here on the inside. I can feel like this tension. Again so the only thing I figured out is this, there. So this normally only
does a 90 degree spin, now it does like a 180
when I pull that one up but not all the way. From there, I have no idea what to do. (light music) This whole panel here, you can feel that like there’s some give
where as this one over here completely solid. I know that this moves out of the way, I can tell, I can just
tell there’s a hole here, this moves out of the way. This side I’m not so sure
about, probably as well, I just need to know how to get this away, maybe that’s the last part, I don’t know. Oh! Oh what? Oh, hello. Hello, keyhole, oh my God,
this thing is glorious. Look at that, alright well now obviously, oh this comes off, okay. So I know for a fact that
this puzzle contains traps, okay, this puzzle is
known to have a few traps so basically if I do the wrong thing, it’s gonna put me in a
trap, which will make it twice as hard for me to get out of and this is just so obvious that I feel like it’s going to be a trap. Uh, here I go. (dramatic music) Ope, nothing. Ope, oh no. Oh no, oh no, my key’s stuck. Oh no, K, whoo. K so for some reason, nothing happens, I can put it in and I
can just kind of turn it and it stops there, right
there for no reason, there’s nothing else I can do. Can’t go to the other side, no. So maybe push this in and then turn? Nope, now won’t turn at all. Maybe turn these to unlock
the key, I don’t know. It’s so crazy. Ope! What? Okay, well now. Ladies and gentlemen, we
seem to have an extra piece. Oh, maybe two extra pieces? Okay, what is happening? Okay this changes
everything, this makes things way more complicated but
also changes everything so we have this and I
noticed at the top here, there is a hole, that
doesn’t fit in there, okay. There’s gotta be a hole for
this to fit somewhere, right? Am I right or am I right? Well I’ve turned it more I think. K so this is the starting position, it stops here but if I pull back, I can turn it even further. Maybe this unlocks the other side, maybe that’s what happens. I think I’m just gonna fix my key ’cause it’s a lot easier, I knew there was something up with the
key, alright, I knew it. You doubted me, but I knew it. One thing I’ve noticed is
that when I push in here, this guy moves around, this here but that doesn’t really help me, does it? Yeah, I felt it come out
on my finger right there. Is is supposed to come out,
is it supposed to go in? Alright so maybe, maybe
there’s more to this key. Oh, maybe I broke it. Oh, look at that, it
actually moved, shifted, still shifting, okay. Oh, there we go. What does that do? I don’t know but it does something. Literally just cut myself with that. I need, the thing is I
need this to be in there so that I can turn it otherwise, there’s not enough grip
for me to turn this key. Wha! Look. Look it, look it, look it. I don’t know what that
did but it did something. Okay. Oh, look at this ladies and gentlemen. This now, I don’t know
if that did that before but it does it now and it reveals more of these little pressure points here, look at that, look at that. So two of these things
are now here as well and they probably move, maybe
I can use that pin again. So it doesn’t push but
when I go here, watch. Oh wow, what the hell’s going on? Look it here, so this is
where it started, right? Look in here. And then if go here, that’s another keyhole. Okay. Still no turning. This is getting so exciting right now. I am actually literally freaking out. I’m kind of dreading putting
this all back together to be honest because
I’m not sure I remember exactly the steps but I’ll
watch this video if I need to. Okay, so there’s a spring, looks like, yeah, there’s a spring
in the bottom of this, here keyhole, down there,
there’s a spring in there. Who comes up with this stuff? Jeez. I don’t know what’s happening. Maybe it has to do with this piece again. Oh! Oh well hello. That comes out apparently, there we go. We have a thing. There’s a thing here and we have it. Oh. Oh, oh, man, this thing
is just so intricate, look at this, there’s another piece but now I’ve broken everything. I’m not sure what to do next. Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? I don’t know, this might
be one of those traps. Okay, there’s gotta be another maybe, maybe I have to put it all back together. I don’t know. I’ve probably just spent
the last half an hour looking at this thing
contemplating whether or not I should put this piece in there and how I should put it in
there is another question. I’m thinking because look in there, you’re not gonna be able
to see it but there is a notch that goes
further and this end here is further out so I’m
thinking and this is like that leap of faith moment where I either drop it in this way or drop it in this way and I’m thinking because
there’s that spring, which I mentioned earlier,
which is further down it might have to be this way and I’m just gonna go for it and I’m sure if I get stuck, I’m sure there’s a way out but here I go. (dramatic music) And it’s gone. And there’s no way I’m getting that back. Okay, hoping now I can turn it. Okay but now what? Ah! No. Now the trap! I’m stuck. Oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no. Come on. (groaning) This won’t turn. Now it’s stuck. K, what’s interesting is
that this fits in here right but you can turn it any which way and it doesn’t actually matter. Maybe now I have to unlock
it with these sides here. If I turn this, I can kind of like like here and it drops down a little bit but then it pops back up, I
don’t know what that means. I don’t know what to do. Wait, why isn’t this pushing in? What, this is stuck. Why is it stuck? This thing on the bottom seems
to be moving a little bit. Oh! There’s something clicking. Look at this, there’s
something going on here. Ah! I’m in shock, I’m in total shock. Okay, well there you have it. I’m in total disbelief right now. This puzzle is insane. This is the craziest lock
puzzle I’ve ever come across and that includes the Dan Lock B. Nuts, how does someone come up with this? If you saw my face right now, I gotta figure out how to
get all my pieces back. Alright, let’s start the timer. (light music) And we’re back to square
one, boom, two hours, baby. The T11 pop lock, solved. Okay, well there you have
it, ladies and gentlemen. That was the greatest
trick lock ever created. Solved in about two hours. I did take quite a few
breaks during that time because there’s only so much you can do when solving, you can’t,
you can’t just devote you know, a straight
two hours, you’ll go mad and you’ll start, there’s,
you’re just looking at the same pieces over and over again. It’s almost like you’re
going around in circles. The leap of faith part
was scary and I think that’s what makes this lock really great is that you, much like the Dan lock, when you put that broken piece in, you’re kind of left at
the mercy of this lock and being like I hope
this is what I had to do. A lot of people ask me where
I get a lot of my puzzles. I’ll leave a link below where
you can check out puzzles. Unfortunately this one is sold out and I will keep it on my shelf forever. So thank you for watching. Hit the like button if you did like this, subscribe if you do enjoy the content. We’ll see you on the next video. Peace, we’re out. (lively music)

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