Solstice Canyon & Reyes Adobe Historical Site (Passport 2 History): Look Who’s Traveling

Just another hole. (bump) [Dad] Ouch! We are at Solstice Canyon. This park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Malibu. Now we’re going on the Solstice Canyon Trail. Baby and I are fighting over the binoculars. What happened to this car? I am having a good time with my baby brother. I will name this butterfly Penny. Baby and I are pretending to be birds. I wonder what lives inside this hole. And Baby wants to go up to the second hole. There are just too many holes on this trail! Now we’re at the Keller House. This stone cottage was built in 1865, but was left in ruins by the 2007 Corral Canyon fire. I had so much fun hiking the Solstice Canyon Trail. We are at Tra di Noi. Now we’re having lunch at the patio. We are at Grom. The ice cream is imported from Italy. Now I’m having some gelato. For this new segment, we are going to feature many places from the Passport 2 History program. And wherever we go, we’re going to collect a stamp from our visit. We are at Reyes Adobe Historical Site. This is an early California rancho setting featuring a preserved adobe home, interpretive displays, and an adobe barn that is now a museum. I am watching a video on the history of the adobe. And now I am going on a guided tour. The Reyes Adobe was built by Jose Paulino Reyes in approximately 1850. He was the son of Maria Antonia Machado. Now we’re going inside the house. I am sitting on a saddle. This bed is made of ropes. Now we’re going in the kitchen. These look very fragile. And this is the bedroom. Stop looking at me, doll! I had so much fun at the Reyes Adobe Historical Site. And I got a stamp for my visit. You can get your own passport book at Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this video with your friends. We are at We are at Residence Inn in Westlake Village. Because he did it backwards. Now we’re going swimming at the hotel pool. Now we’re going in the jacuzzi. Now we’re playing games at the hotel lobby. A B C D E F G We are at Lure Fish House. Alive without breath. As cold as death. Never thirsty. Ever drinking. All in mail. Never clinging. What am I? Now I’m going to have some clam chowder. Now I’m going to have some crab cake. [Mom] Ooo, sour! Now we’re going to play some pool. [Baby] Did it! I’m sleeping with my brother for the first time.

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