SocIndex: Keyword Searching

Welcome to the HS/HSL’S keyword
searching in SOCIndex tutorial. In this tutorial we will show you how to do a basic search in SOCindex and
retrieve the full text of the article. SOC index is an extensive sociological
database the covers over 4,000 journals. To access SOCIndex goto the library’s
homepage at WWW dot HS HSL dot umaryland dot edu and then click on Databases. Next choose S for SOCindex Click on the link for SOCindex with full text. If you are off campus you will be prompted to enter your UMID and password for access to SOCindex. In this search we will look for
information and counseling strategies for suicide prevention. You will search each of these concepts
separately and then combine them using the Boolean operator AND. First let’s search for counseling in the
search box. Next, let’s search for our second concept of suicide prevention. Notice the two sets of search results
in the search history. These sets of results a completely
separate right now. So next, let’s combine the results with AND by clicking the box next to each search term and then clicking “Search with AND”. Now we have a third set of results
which combines our previous two and our group of results is much smaller. That is because the articles in the
third set must include both of the concepts from our previous
searches rather than one concept or the other. We can further refine our
results by scrolling down the page and looking at the limits on the
left-hand sidebar. There are many useful limits here, including publication date and scholarly peer-reviewed journals. Let’s click on scholarly peer-reviewed
journals. To view the article in your results scroll
down the page. You will see basic information about the
articles. To see more information including the
abstract of the article when it is available click on the blue linked title. If you are interested in accessing the
full text of the article you can click on the PDF full-text or
HTML full text link. if you do not see that like click on the
yellow Find It button to find out how to access the full text. When available online you’ll see a link
to “read full text at” Click on the link and follow the prompts to
access the article. if you would like more information about
how to search SOCindex see our subject searching in SOCindex
tutorial. if you need additional assistance please
contact our reference desk by calling (410) 706- 7996

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