Social Security Cards Explained

Americans love their independence… a nation of pioneers living out from under the eye of government … (except for all the government). As such, unlike many other countries, Americans don’t have a national ID card… …and even the idea of creating one is a political hot topic every election cycle. The results are always the same: we don’t need no ID card. But suspiciously, US citizens do already have this: a card with a unique number that many places will ask for to prove who you are. This is the Social Security card and number… …and it has become a quasi ID / unique password to identify citizens… …though that was never its intended use. For Americans, keeping this number secret is super important… because it’s the key to the government and banks to identifying you as you… … and losing control of it is the worst kind of identity theft that can happen. So how did Americans end up with a national ID number… … that isn’t one and a card terribly unfit to identify? It all started in the great depression of long long ago… … when the government created the social security program, … … a kind of mandatory pension: Citizens would be required to pay in during… … their working lives and withdraw in their retirement. The idea being that even if past-you didn’t save… … for the sunset years of future-you, the eventually old current you… … would still have something to live on. Now if you want to think of social security as a benefit… … the government provides or as a bank account that’s yours … … is… controversial, but either way this number was created … … to track what you put in and what you take out. Now, because this was just one government program… related only to your working life, you only needed to apply… …for a social security card when you actually started working. But over time, that changed and the younger you are, …the more likely you’ve had one from the moment of your birth… …despite babies’ worthlessness as child laborers. So why? Well it goes back to Americans’ having no national identity card… …with a national number, which makes it harder for institutions… … to keep track of people over their lives. With hundreds of millions of citizens, names and birthdays aren’t unique, people move, people marry, people change names. And if you’re trying to keep track of everyone, as say the United States Tax department might want to do, it can be a real problem, particularly in the pre-computer days. “Hey, wait a minute, look, at *this* number just lying around,” the tax department said. “It’s not supposed to be used as an ID number,” said the social security department. “There are security reasons you shouldn’t–” “Yoink!” Thus the tax department piggy-backed off of the work the social security department did assigning working adults a number, which made tracking taxes easier … and they highly encouraged parents to get a social security number… … for their children by tying it to a tax discount. Crazily, counting children for tax rebates used to run on the honor system. The US Tax Department told people: 1. We will give you a discount on your taxes for each child you have. And: 2. Write down your number of children, … …please be honest, we don’t have a way to check. Which was just asking, nay, begging people to lie. Which they did, birthing on paper millions of phantom children. But after requiring each kid to have a social security… … account number connected to a birth certificate… … before the parents could get the tax discount, … … all those phantoms faded away. This turned the social security number into a unique number… … that all citizens had right from the start, … and that made it easy for lots of other places like banks … … and schools and companies and landlords … … to also piggy back on the number as an easy way… … to keep track of people without having to come up… … with their own systems and to be able to exchange information… … about people between institutions. This is super useful for institutions, so, … …the desire of Americans to not have a national identity card led, … …somewhat inevitably, … …to the nearest thing available being used as a substitute… … which ended up being worse because the social security number… … was never designed to be used this way in the long, long ago. And you can tell because it has no security built into it. Ok, so there’s this neat trick that most ID numbers use… …where they can check themselves to see if they’re invalid. The simplest way is to have the last couple digits… … match the sum of the others. All kinds of ID cards and bar codes do this because it makes it impossible… … to enter an incorrect number in a computer, … … and makes it harder for fraudsters to guess valid numbers. This is why if you try to buy something online by guessing… … a credit card number, the website knows it’s invalid… … before you even click buy. But because the Social Security number started life… … in the long, long ago, it’s just a number… … with no self-checking security built in. Worse, if you’re born pre-2011 it’s not that hard to just guess … …most of the number: the first three digits are the state where the … parents applied for the card and the last four digits just count up in order, … … and the middle digits follow a regular pattern. So you can take your number, subtract one and that’s a valid number… … of someone who was probably born in the same hospital… … as you around the same time. Thus a fraudster who knows your time and location of birth… … can probably get the first five digits by just looking them up on a chart. Institutions ask for the last four digits as a code to identify you as you… … which means it’s not that hard to put together your number… … from a security leak anywhere or just by connecting a few puzzle pieces. The physical card itself is no help either: … just a literal piece of cardboard, … … depending on when it was issued, not even laminated. The social security department used to print… … ‘not to be used for identification’ on the cards… … as a futile attempt to stop institutions for asking for them as IDs, … …because there’s nothing identifying a person on the card. But eventually they gave up and removed these words… … because, unlike passports or driver’s licenses, … … you can assume all Americans will have this one card. All this means your social security card and number… … probably have less security than your library card, … …while being vastly more important. So it fails at being a secure number, … … it fails at being a good ID card, … … but at least it is universal* which is why people use it. Oh hello, asterisk, my old friend. No, of course not, this program isn’t actually universal: …not everyone has a social security account number, … …and not everyone pays into the program. If you want to get out of paying you’ll just need to: First: Never have received any social security benefits… … and give up your rights to getting any in the future. Which seems fair. In addition you must also: Be a member of a religion opposed to the idea of social security. Usually because it’s a kind of insurance, and insurance is a kind of gambling. That’s harder, but you could always just start… … your own religion if you were really serious about avoiding taxes. But your new religion must also: Provide for its elderly and dependent members. Which means you have to re-create a social security program of sorts … …in your religion (while also being against social security). But if creating a contradictory religion doesn’t daunt you… Lastly, it must have existed continuously since 1950. Which is a giveaway that this exception was written pretty much exclusively… for the Amish and Mennonites, … … and kills dead your plans unless you’re willing … … to undergo a serious change in lifestyle. It doesn’t stop there: …keep digging and you’ll find all sorts of other weird, weird exceptions: … including some railroad workers, or firefighters, or police, … … or teachers (but only in Chicago). Usually these are groups that in the long long ago… … were able to get out of the program at its creation date. So nothing’s ever straight forward. And that’s the deal with this social security card: … containing a national number for citizens that don’t want one, … … on an identification card, that fails at identification, … … given to all citizens — except when it isn’t — … …for a program that’s universal, except when it’s not. This episode has been brought to you by Squarespace,… … whether you need a domain, a website, or online store, … … make your next move with Squarespace. Does your brand new social security-avoiding religion… … need a website to spread the good news? You should use Squarespace’s all-in-one platform. Their beautiful templates will make it easy to set up, and… … there’s nothing to install, patch, or upgrade, ever. Squarespace is what I use for my personal website… … and I really think you should use it, too. Start your free trial today at … … and enter offer code “Grey” to get 10% off your first purchase.

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  • When I was in the Army in the late 1980's, the SSN was put on every document.

  • The FBI's collaborative private entity, Infragard has a similar card with no photo ID or security.

  • 042-68-4425

    That's the number that Obama's handlers stole from a Connecticut dead man for Obama to use.

  • Yep. That pretty much sums up our government.

  • All y'all should have your social security number etched into your brain.

  • Can I get a social security number for my dog so she can work and get Benefit?

  • At least most institutions ask for more than one form of ID.

  • There is a Passport Id card which is pretty much a national id card

  • bold of you to assume that my library card is less important than my social security card

  • My state ID isn't a fucking American ID?

  • Everyone is adding their SSN, so here's mine.


  • It's a Social Slave Number.

  • Lol the little Amish guy shrugging his shoulders..

  • This dude is an idiot.

  • No law says you need one.

  • @2:17 "YOINK"!

  • One thing that gets me is, since it is basically our identity (despite what the video said), back then and even now, it seems to disregard important logical reasons like actually laminating it.. I mean You are told to laminate your gun permit and it's an option!

  • My social security code is 832-05-5828

  • Wow so u telling me I had a whole class about the government and my rights and about taxes etc but I didn’t learn about this 🤯🤯

  • So can my alien get a social security number,when I get him out of Area 51?

  • Well it's not for identification. But yes everyone ask for it for identification like the DMV. The information on the social security card is YOU. It's your "person " . Artificial person is dead on. Also known as your strawman. Anyway you person is the all CAPS name printed on the card , person according to the legal dictionary means " a commercial entity " . It's faketisious. So it's not a "man" so it has no rights because it was not created by God, rather it was created by the government. So when you use the card, or the information contained on the card you are saying you are the person listed on the card. It's the social security card and your birth certificate is what the government forced everyone to get " (there is no law requiring anyone to get them) so they could get the people to basically agree to be the person on the card and that's where the fraud begins. You have to check it out. By the way did you know that you birth certificate is a bond? And it's called the " social security card, name, and account number " it to has value. And not because they take money from your check.

  • I wonder if it would be possible to refuse to use the Social Security Card as identification.
    Like, once someone get to 18 years old, they immediatly get an State ID and refuses to provide their SSC, only giving the State ID.

  • Joe who??😂

  • Fun fact: the United States isn't a nation; it's a union, a confederation of states.

  • Most countries that have national ID use their national health card so we Americans should just use that – oh wait, never mind ….

  • Typical government operation. Kinda like the federal bank. Pull the blanket over the citizens eyes

  • In Canada they have social insurance numbers

  • The real real reason was bc the federal reserve (which is a private bank, look up the creature from Jekyll island even here on YouTube, the author was speaking about the creation of this creature) wanted to tax people.

    In 1913 when the bank was created, no one wanted a central bank and no one paid income taxes. The income tax law was passed some weeks before the approval by lies of a central bank.

    So then these people, in order to sell you a "tracking device" created the great depression. Yup that was fixed. And then the federal reserve could tax your income. Then they funded the women's rights movement through ppl like the rothschilds and Carnegie. This way, women leave their households to work, pay income taxes and then leave the kids to the care of the state where they are indoctrinated.

    The federal reserve is the top of the top….the left and right is an illusion in politics.

  • Also now, with the real ID, it's pretty much a national ID with face recognition…say hello to living like in those cities in China.

  • Wouldn’t that mean that we’re all at risk for identity theft in the near future ?

  • You talk too much

  • Well technically u.s. citizens are not actual citizens either. The fact that the government in washinton d.c. which is called the united states which is and was separate for that reason from the america. Over the years the united states made a pretty good job into getting people to accept the social security number which places them squarely under the laws of washingotn d.c. it is not actually forced but is voluntary which they do not tell you. But now that it is made the way it is, it is hard to do anything without it. Just as they rewrite your name as a fictitious business and give you a birth certificate which is not the original birth of a living person. It really wasn't that long ago when they did this, and this is why you are required to get licenses's and such because that is pat of the law of the united states. Btw a religion is also part of the united states and is another form of business so itself is part of the system. You can still get out of social security and the system thats in place by denying the contract but again its hard to live without and would need a group of like minded individuals to help. And honestly over the last few years they have attacked these groups shooting and killing most of them and throwing a bunch more in prisons never to be seen again. Most likely to dissuade the masses from choosing this route. All you have to do is call DSS and ask them is social security is mandated by law or must you have one in order to live and you will be surprised what they tell you. You can do the same thing with the DMV and driver license they will all tell you to have one but most of them will tell you its not forced by law at all whatsoever, That includes taxes and everything else we have in today's world that we think is mandatory. Thats our problem we think to much.

  • Employee>citizen

  • 1:02 Love how you visualized the guy paying by using a Bitcoin

  • I remember when I was around 19yrs old and I was visiting my GF (in the not so best of side of town) and found a stack of SS cards laying on the ground in the street. I collected them all (about 20 of them) and brought them over to the local police station. When I handed them in, the police officers were looking at me like I did something wrong and didn’t even say thank you or asked where I found them… the end. Lol.

  • The part about the SSN having no built in security is false. The ninth digit is a Luhn check digit, which the same as a credit card.

  • 101-09-7296
    go ahead

  • Kifflom 😂😂😂😂

  • Thanks for doxing me

  • Put your Priests in Prison and maybe he will pray for his release? The is a High as your Goddamn Flag went as "Elected Psychiatric Garbage" as Senator, Congress, Executive and Judicial.

    I met America and you inherit hell, not private property.

    Did communism know the only deal you can make is converting some one to Satan to lower your debt?

    You are buried in Hell forever. USA history is gypsy paper of Jews.

  • Cant get a new s.sec. card without 2 forms of I'd have birth cert. And expired driver licences bought house 3 vehicles a trailer even went to as office in my state but because I wasn't born in the state I'm currently in they can not give me a copy of my SSI also because I don't and cant get 2 forms of "actual" ids in order to to get any other forms of a "actual" I'd I would have to get either hospital records from hospital I was born In which i have no way of finding seing as how I'm adopted and do not have any contact w family 2.go back to my home state and show them I'm proof who I say I'm am I actually am because they cant verify it over the phone in the state from where I'm from and due to not having SSI card I cant get driver's license renewed or anything else hows that for SSI nightmare!!!!

  • I remember when i was working in a supermarket i had customers with a special ID that are a certain religious tax group that don’t pay taxes and my cash register already had a tax exempt button.

  • Check digits don't provide security. They exist for error detection.

  • Screw any of,your i.d. cards. Screw national i.d screw any and all micro chips ofthe beast. Stuff it up your fat aasses

  • my ss# doesnt add up to the last 2 numbers 🙁


  • How many people share the same SSN? Is it 5 – 10 people per SSN?

  • Yeah, as a Tax accountant. Even if that were true that they did lie, lying about your tax information is really bad… Taxes are checked so many times that you won't get away with it… And the amount you'll have to pay for lying, plus the original taxes, plus the interest… Let's just hope you didn't have family your children…

  • Is a passport not ID?

    I know it isn't a card per se, but if you can use it as ID then what is the issue?

  • Why not modify future SS cards to have like idk a picture, address, DOB, all those things so you can’t nik someone elses card

  • SS# is nothing more than a barcode for humans.

  • Wait how does Australia work then. We don't have ID or social security number

  • Future: “Hey we have better more secured means to identify people individually. Want to hear th-”
    US Government: “No.”

  • One thing you guys might want to consider if you’re counting on Soc Sec income in retirement. It’s a pay in/pay out system. The taxes $$ you pay in right now, goes out to somebody’s grandma right now. The birth rate is slowing down. Young people don’t want kids anymore and in 1973, the Supreme Court passed a law called Roe v Wade. (yes. The Supreme Court did that) and I thought Congress made the laws. I digress….I was born in 1966, so I should be ok. But when my kids are ready to retire. Good luck! They better have some CDs, savings, state pension. Don’t trust Wall Street with a 401k. Those Jews will wipe you out clean. But definitely don’t count on Social Security, my friends. Young people today are too selfish to have babies and raise them! Fact!

  • Who’s joe

  • well, hey, just get a passport, even if you don't want to travel anywhere

  • "You can always depend on Americans to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other options"

  • Just cause you have a name you're still just a number

  • You should've done "Joe Neric"

  • How is the USA even a working country?

  • My SS card is flimsyer than a post-it note…

  • That was extremely enlightening for a non-us citizen, thanks!

    But the music… I thought I'd have a heart attack from stress.

  • What the fuck is wrong about having an ID-card? Why is this the world's single superpower?

  • I didn’t even have an opinion of a national ID card and I’m against it LOL

  • Give us our money back that we paid in, plus interest, and shut down SSA.

  • Laughs in Europe

  • This is why YouTube was created. School was too useless to tell you the basic things to know in life such as paying taxes.

  • O brother, who art thou?

  • Please don't forget social security in Arizona New York tried to work there too I was happy to meet Angela Christian and Delilah and Jenny from NewYork interesting how I got 40 dollars Stole From there chase bank had a trace on it and found there all Fraud just like they tried to pull all this off with foodstamps to work world wide to scam American people this all Failed Iran N Korea and Africa and there frauds all all caught how they messed up they introduced themselves in NewYork to me at there building s for foodstamps then they tried to do the same in Arizona Chase Bank will be looked at threw social security NewYork all registered threw HHB shelter s in NewYork working with only the other countries near NewYork to steal Mexican names and Jewish names was caught when we found Syria s who were undocumented using Mexica last name pretending to be from Puerto Rico caught those lies as well Syria government s most wanted

  • Social security card is trending all over in the manner at which one can’t make out the real from the fake. Luckily I had mine renewed last week using this legit vendor (702)9079165. My social security card is authentic and valid. I did the signature myself once I received my license.

  • You're right, Bruno. It's not suitable for an ID number.

  • Oh look, the government making something that is overly complicated and doesn't work, I expected nothing less.

  • Social security is a damn scam 😡

  • Jij bent Kayla goed

  • Did you just give away the self security function of number codes on cards? :/ uncool

  • lol i burned my card xD

  • why is the card in the thumbnail my snn?

  • Yeah ssn shit
    Anyway, this site is just so amazing
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  • After 9/11, we should have implemented a national biometric ID card. It would also have helped with identifying the 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants wandering around because they would NOT have them.

  • Phil Sansone psychiatrist; ever think maybe you should have reviewed your diagnostic disability of me September 23, 1976?

    I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that Day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing." I fought the good fight and not one American was on my side. You are committed to Hell, not Heaven. You have been represented and I have never been in prison for any crime other than believing in God in my life. I hate Americans for experience, God of Heaven does not take your life, Satan takes Americans as contracted to Hell, the US Marriage, witnessed in Satan the American altar, Satan, the God of Democracy.

  • Fuck your strawman. I dont want it.

  • wHo'S jOe?

  • Joe "mama" Generic.

  • so the tax man did this. HE DID THIS

  • Wait who is joe

  • Do a video about Medicare

  • What A Fucked Up System, U are going to pay your entire life into this BULLSHIT and then they wont give U jack FuK Back when U go Cripple, "MuthaFuk America" I dont Give a flyin Fuk Who Reads This,I'm Ready To Blow Some Shit UP>>>>>>>McVey will be lookin like a Ameteur!

  • I still don't get why Americans don't want a national ID, it's not like the government doesn't already know who you are, and by not having it you're just facilitating identity theft. smh

  • the sims? seriously, Mr. Grey?

  • I'm a British citizen and even I got a Social Security card when I worked in the US for 9 weeks…

  • Well if you were born after about 1980, you probably can’t guess the number of those around you. Once a current card holder dies, their number goes back on the list. That’s how a lady got the 000-00-0001 SSN

  • America has an incredible ability to half-ass things, we don’t want that but we’ll accept a worse alternative that is the same as the original good idea but worse?

  • Is the sample drivers license at 5:25 the old design of New York State’s license?

  • I don’t think we have anything like this in the UK. I think we’re just a bit obtuse to track between organisations.

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