So Much News, So Little Time: Trump Cries Audit & The Dems Get Lost in Translation | The Daily Show

Let’s kick it off
with the Mueller report. In many ways,
it’s like the movie Roma– it’s the thing
everyone’s talking about but no one has actually seen. All we know so far is that President Trump claims
the report is a “total exoneration.” But it turns out
that might be “total bullshit.” We do have breaking news. Overnight, The New York Times
reveals the Mueller report may be far more damaging
for President Trump than Attorney General Bill Barr
has let on. REPORTER:
The New York Times said some of Mueller’s prosecutors
have told associates the attorney general failed
to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry, adding the special counsel’s
conclusions were more troubling for President Trump
than Barr indicated. Yes! Trump is getting impeached! -(cheering)
-Impeached! He’s going down!
He’s going down! Even though, last time we said
that, nothing happened. But this time, it will be
different, because we believe! -(cheering)
-We believe! But, yes,
the 400-page Mueller report was summarized into four pages
by William Barr, attorney general
and very straight Elton John. And, now, some people
on Mueller’s team claim that his summary left out
information that actually made Trump
look really bad. And I get why people
are suspicious, all right? This attorney general
was hired by Trump, and summaries tend
to lead towards, you know, the person’s biases. That’s how it works. Like, if I summarize
the movie Alien, I would say it’s a-a monster
terrorizing a woman. That’s what it’s about.
You know? But for Joe Biden,
it’s just a friendly hello. So, so, this is why Democrats want to see
the full report, all right? They want to see
the Mueller report in full, with no redactions,
which makes total sense, because if Barr redacts
too much, then we won’t know
what the report means. It’ll be like the radio edit
of a rap song, you know? Be like…
♪ Yo, when the Trump started ♪ ♪ F-F…
and collude with the… ♪ ♪ Yeah, with corruption
at Putin ♪ ♪ Pee tape, mother… mistake. ♪ -Now…
-(cheering and applause) now… if we had more time, we could talk more about how
everyone is using this lack of information
to push competing narratives, when no one actually knows
the truth. But we can’t focus on that, because the president has
to Whac-A-Mole another issue that’s popping up. President Trump is facing
the first official call to release his tax returns. The top House Democrat on taxes
has formally petitioned the IRS to release six years
of Trump’s taxes, citing a provision of the tax
code that gives him that power. But President Trump is showing
no signs of giving in. -Take a look. -I’m always
under audit, it seems, but I’ve been under audit
for many years because the-the numbers are big. And I guess,
when you have a name, you… you’re audited. But, uh, until such time
as I’m not under audit, I would not be inclined
to do that. (as Trump):
“That’s right, folks. “My numbers are so big, “the IRS is still working on
a new number to describe them. “It could be ‘trememda-zillion” We’ll see what happens, folks.” (laughter) You know, in fairness to Trump,
he probably is under audit. I mean, Trump’s taxes
are so dirty, the IRS probably has them in one of those contagion rooms
from Outbreak. (laughter) And look, I want to see Trump’s
taxes as much as anyone, but after the Mueller report, I’m not putting my heart
on the line, all right? If you get too emotionally
invested in these things, you’ll only get hurt in the end. It’s just like in movies. That’s why,
when I watch The Notebook, I root for the Alzheimer’s.
It’s just safer that way. But we don’t have time
to go into all of that, because the Democratic primary
is overflowing with candidates, and to quote political pundit
DJ Khaled, “Another one.” -♪ ♪
-Add one more to the list. Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan
of Ohio is in, joining the growing list
of 2020 Democratic candidates, speaking out earlier on ABC
describing the moments behind how
he made the final decision. I can go back just a few weeks,
where my daughter called me crying from school because
her friend was crying to her, her dad just got transferred at
the local General Motors plant, -the kids had to move.
-Yeah. And my daughter called me,
and she said, “You got to do something,” and I said,
“I’m gonna do something, and I’m gonna run for President
of the United States.” -(laughter)
-Oh. Okay. That’s a… that’s a strange way
to help a friend. I… I feel like
I’m gonna start using that. Next time a friend asks me to
pick them up from the airport, I’m gonna be like, “You know
what, I’ll help you, Dave, -“by running for president.
-(laughter) “I’ll do it for you! -(cheering, applause)
-Just for you!” But that’s right. Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan has officially thrown his hat
into the ring. Which brings the number
of Democrats running for president to 17. That is so many people. Look at all those faces. Look at all
those faces! Why so many faces? At some point
you got to ask yourself, if every Democrat runs,
who’s gonna be left to vote? Huh? It’s just gonna be Trump
with 50 million votes and then 50 million Democrats
with one vote each. Now, we do have time
to talk about Tim Ryan, but we have nothing
to say about him. So instead, let’s move on and talk about how
the other Democrats in the race have a Spanish outreach program
that is no bueno. NEWSMAN:
Lost in translation, 2020 Democrats trying
to lure Hispanic voters with Spanish websites, and evidently, these websites are really missing the mark. Amy Klobuchar’s Spanish website has a number of mistakes,
and we’ll begin here with a translation that talks
about her announcing her run from inside
the Mississippi River. Kamala Harris’s
website here says: “Kamala Harris wasted her life
defending the values of her country.” Oh, man, this is…
this is so embarrassing. No, because the bad translation
on Kamala Harris’s website makes it sound like
she’s just, like, a broken shell of a woman. Just, like, “Goddamn it, guys,
I’ve wasted my life. “Please make me president,
or I’ll jump in that river with Amy Klobuchar. Please.” And I don’t even know why
Fox News is laughing at this. Right? Of all the people,
they can’t laugh, because, I mean, if they watched
their boy Trump a few days ago, they would have
seen him struggling to translate English
into English. No collusion, no obstruction. I hope they now go and take
a look at the oranges… the oranges of the… uh, uh, investigation. The beginnings
of that investigation. The Mueller report,
I wish, covered… the oranges… how it… started. (laughter) (applause) (cheering) I like how… I like how he goes away
from the word “origins” at the beginning, right? At the beginning, he’s like,
he’s like, “Oh, let’s… the beginnings, the beginnings,”
and then he gets confident, he’s like, “No, no, I got this.
Oranges. Goddamn it! Goddamn it. The oringins.
The oranges.” Can you imagine
if you’re an immigrant who learned English
from listening to Donald Trump? You wouldn’t make any sense. Like, if you spoke like Trump, you probably wouldn’t pass
your citizenship test, right? Someone would be there like,
“The oringes of America have inspired me bigly.” They’d be like, “Sir,
your citizenship is denied.” “Oh, come on,
don’t be a Covfefe, ah?”

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