SMMA Owner Day In The Life VLOG – Sales Call & How I Got My First Client!

m gentlemen. Welcome to the, I won’t
tell you what floor. Oh there Ciaran. We’ll get back to that later. But we had just arrived at the new
spot for the next two months. Uh, Pete is actually seeing this family.
Kiran is here for five days. Yeah, we’re just doing a bunch of
work out here. He flew out here. So you have POV back in I think three
days a and P and I are going to be staying here for the next two months and yeah, now this place isn’t
as big as the last one. But I think in a lot of ways I prefer
that because the last one was five bedrooms, three floors. There
was a cottage like you know, like 90% of space wasn’t used. So
I think a lot of ways our furthest, cause this is, I don’t know,
it feels a little more homely. It’s still a three bedroom,
so more than a space, a two bedrooms up there, another bedroom, their living space. Obviously, you know, those are where most of
the work will happen. Kind of little lounging area and uh, yeah, everything just is fitted
super well in this place. All the classes are stay at our exact
same thing at the old place. But yeah, although all the bedrooms furnished
nicely, everything, I don’t know, it just looks very New York bachelor pad. I won’t bother showing you guys upstairs
cause all the bedrooms are pretty much the same. Big King size bed. I said
just kind of like the state of the art. So yeah, it is currently
four 48 and 12 minutes. We have a live Q and a call with
the community. So clearance, Larry hopped off the plane, had a quick lunch and then now straight
to work and after that heading to dinner and yeah, this is a very
uninspired start to a blog. I don’t feel like there’s much else to
add. So let’s get into it. I don’t know, to be quite Frank, it’s,
it’s a totally new, different niche. Um, it’s
not something that’s cheap. Do they have some sort of a sales
process? Like, like what is the goal? You’re optimizing for it. Cause quite clearly you’re
not going to be running ads. And then at the end
they’re putting their uh, in their credit card information
for something that costs 10,000 USD. So what are you optimizing for? Are you
optimizing for calls booked? That’s it. You always need to be looking at a number
that you are held accountable to and that you’re optimizing for. So your, your KPIs that you’re optimizing
for isn’t CPA, it’s CPL. And in order for you to understand the
upper threshold of how much you can spend a per lead, you need to know
once you pass the Baton over, what closing percentage do they have?
You know, because that tells you, you know, if it’s 800 a F
they can spend 800 to acquire. If you know they only have a 10%
close percentage you want, you know, you’re gonna wanna a
margin, a safety, you know, let’s say it’s 10% in tech and you
can spend 80 per lead by the city. You want a little margin of safety
sites, say $70 Pluto at that point. Or if it’s 25%, then obviously
it’s 200, um, uh, is the, uh, upper threshold where you
can per lead. But once again, you want margin of safety.
So let’s say $180 per lead. So you see what I’m saying here? Yeah. So write long form copy based on
that. And that’s what I would do. Now in terms of targeting, I’m not sure
in terms of demographics, as I said, 24 to 34 and in terms of the
actual, the interest targeting, behavioral targeting, I’m not sure it would take me a
little while to think about that, but hopefully that points you in
the right direction and as that, in terms of the copy, do long form
and, and just make it human to human, not like all these other just horrendous
university ads where it’s like, I don’t know, the university or among
some of the worst advertisers on earth. It’s, it’s actual the funniest shit
ever. Um, so just make it human. And as I said, you, you explained what
the main benefit is right there. So he’s in gentlemen just finished
up live Q and a call and drag BCA. I kinda hit the suitcases on the side
cause I want it to look all presentable and whatnot. But yeah, the
police is a mess. So that’s that. Karen has brought me a lot of goodies. I don’t know why the hell you
brought me my watch case when, yeah, when you wrote me one watch. But
he went ahead and brought me my Hulk. I picked this up I think probably around
four months ago and I’ve worn it maybe four times. Um, Jamie, my friend Jamie who works at Rolex
always makes fun of me. He says that, uh, I just don’t wear a watch unless it’s
like one of my gold pieces or my protec. By the way, my BA tech, my novelists I wanted Kirin to bring and
he refused to bring it cause he said it was dumb wearing a 60,000
pound watch or actually having, I’m working values around 55,000 watch
market is kind of taking a 15 20% nosedive in the last, last
four or five months actually. But my point is I want
to wear the Nautilus, but he said that would be idiotic cause
I would get my arm chopped off and Cape town, first of all,
I’ve been here a month. It’s a lot safer than you
would imagine. Second, I think this is more like everyone
knows what the Marriner is. No one knows here what an Arliss
is in my opinion. But anyways, happy to have this. I’ve worn this
probably four times. You can see it. I think it’s going to be just got know
enough scratches on her or anything. One is four times this thing gets zero
risk time but it will be my only watch. Well I say my only watch, I’ve got my Timex expedition
that one of my um, clients boyfriend actually got from
me. I also have my Timex cue, uh, incredible, incredible watch. Probably
my favorite watch under 200 pounds. And then I also have my Apple watch and
you guys have seen my Apple watch review video and my thoughts
on that. But anyways, and so happy to have one
of my nice watches back on. I’m going to go ahead and set
the time problem and whatnot. But here in brought me some more goodies. So I’m here for two months.
I’m not messing around. So I got here and to bring out all
the stops. First thing’s first, I got my Beamer. Now I really don’t want to get
into detail of what this thing is, but I can just tell you that REM sleep
and deep this accounts for this gets me and I have the data tobacco
policy with my ordering. This gets me around 25%
more REM and deep sleep. I get around two hours REM and two hours
deep on average a night without this thing and kind of like and kinda,
you know, when my sleepy time tea, making sure that I’m following
my routine and whatnot. Uh, but with this thing I get around two
and a half hours of REM and deep slow. So just putting it out
there. I am, in my opinion, the undisputed champion of sleep. But
next thing is actually a gift for Pete. It is a portable SSD.
Now he edits on his Lacy. I edit all my stuff on my computer cause
I have a two terabyte specked out 20 2019 or 2020 I don’t know the 16
inch MacBook pro, the last one. But he had its own Lacey, so I’m getting a little technical here
but that the Lacey has right speeds of 150 megabytes per second. I believe this has 500 so this is three
times as fast and he’s editing four K for example, like this four K footage. The computer I believe has the
right speeds of 1.5 or two gigs. So obviously the fastest thing
to do is edit on your computer, but not everyone has the space
in order to do so. So yeah, I had it on my computer cause the
fastest thing Pete edits on his Lacey, which as I said is around probably
one 10th of the speed of the computer. This pretty much is all you need if
you’re editing four K footage. So yeah, that is that. Let’s move
onto the next thing. This is just a little cable for my
blue Yeti, which I forgot to bring. I got Karen to bring me my sleepy time
tea now and you guys having trouble with sleep. Go ahead and get this.
It is the sweet dreams from T2. This is what does this, okay,
this is some Chanel. I think I had someone actually asked me on
one of my Q and A’s. What do I use? And trust me gents, this is the best actually enough shit.
Everyone’s going to smell like me. But trust me, like I’ve tried a bunch
of different colognes out there. This isn’t as musky as a
Tom Ford Tuscan leather, but it’s also not as sweet as a
Hollister. It’s still pretty musky. So you’re not smiling like a girl and
you’re also not smelling like a six year old. I was going to say not too much. I can meet up. Are you sure? Are you sure? Just no, just, and it’s also not a
20 pound cologne, but it’s also not, you know, Clive Christian territory. So all in all I tried
to find this thing here. They said it was in their own
words, too expensive. So yeah, they didn’t stock this. So I
got Karen to bring this over. Go ahead and give everyone your
discount code. I wish I have that. Next thing is, Oh, I missed these babies. This isn’t actually the
company that makes them. Um, and I’ve had a ton of people ask me what
company makes them and I’m not going to tell you the reason I’m not gonna tell
you is because I actually used to use these, um, and they’re like 35 pounds, the little flimsy though and everyone
started wearing them and guys, to be honest, a certain stuff on my
style that I like to keep my style. But these are my blue light
blockers. I’ve missed these so much. I haven’t had any blue light blockers
out here. Uh, Kindle. Don’t tell Pete, but I guess he’ll see this in editing.
Actually, I already have it by now, but this is a gift for
him. This is my Amex, which obviously I’m not going to
show you, but um, my Amex gold card, as you guys know, I think I
mentioned on another video, I’m just going to sit down. Ah, I think I mentioned another video that
I have a platinum card for the business. This is a a gold card for me
personally to build out my credit. So that goes there. Is there anything
else fun in here? Ah, yes. This, this is for the Sony a
seminar three that I have a, this is for basically just to charge the
batteries because I remember the port, the little, the little station
thing, but I forgot this. So onto this, which is a teapot
for the loose leaf teeth. Oh, you’ll love this. Woo oof flames. This is this a good size. This is a good size. I like this one
rifle through my luggage, DP patches. That’s quite cool. I do like playing
this. Yeah, I have a pair of those. Some lighter cane. What
does that do? So, so it’s a little story about
his Swiss army knife. We’re going to Nepal and we have a
layover in Doha and like we got stopped, we get stopped and I don’t know, he was probably an idiot and has some
like hand cream or something that’s over the limit. But they pull out a Swiss
army knife in Doha and they’re like, sir, you know, you’re not allowed this cause
this, this thing’s like a proper weapon. His Swiss army knife. And they’re
like, sir. And at this point I’m like, and then they were like, sir, can you
stay here? And I just put on my OSH shit. Karen’s not joining us in Nepal. Like
he’s, I mean, look at this thing. This is a Rover weapon. Uh, I’m like, at
this point I, Jenny thought I was like, okay, you know, we’re going
in Nepal without Kiran. They come back and they’re like, sir,
we’re going to have to confiscate this. I was expecting calm skate this end.
Confiscate your, your Liberty. So, um, yeah, it turns out they just took it away. And the funniest thing is when we
got to Nepal, he had another one. So that’s this. So I don’t know why you
carry around so many Swiss army knives, but I’ll show you this. Wow. If
only you had something to open it. Oh, that’s so kind of, then they actually gave him a
battery with some battery for it. I think that’s a strap.
So what this is, is a, I am now a member of the Laker club. Uh, but with no lens. I went through the entire box. There
was no lens. That was the tool though, wasn’t it? This is a big issue
then. This is a very big issue. Well guys, you’ve seen my lab reaction of what
it’s like to get in like a [inaudible] but have no lens to shoot it
with. Here’s my new, like I’m six. Someone’s cutting fired.
Yes. This is my [inaudible]. As you guys know, I think I
had my context teeth three. I have my Nick on FM, which I picked up
here. And this is basically you’re like, in my opinion, for 35 millimeter
film. This is the Holy grail. I say in my blood it is, it’s
the Holy grail, this and the MP. But the NPO is the more modern version. I think this was continued discontinued
in 2007 or eight and this is the TTL, which kind of this and that the MSX
and the TTL just kind of same thing. Anyways, whatever. In
my humble opinion. Um, but I went for this over the M seven. They had an [inaudible] for 300 pound
cheaper. But I went for this because, uh, I mean it’s, let me look at it.
It’s like black, it’s stealthy. It’s so beautiful. Like this is in
my opinion, just the most gorgeous, like there’s just in general, just the
most gorgeous cameras ever created. But I was so excited
to shoot on this thing, but Karen’s definitely
getting fired because I know, cause I’ve been to all
of the film stores here, that there is not a single place we’re
going to be able to find a, like a lens. It’s off season here. They’re
not really stocking any, so this is a more grand a issue.
Very, very, very big issue. All right, so that is pretty much it.
I’m gonna turn off the camera shouted. Karen won’t let you guys see
that. So gotcha. Next clip. So just sat here doing some work with
Kieran and got team call in three minutes, but it was going back trying to find
some, just trying to find a document. And in my old archives,
it’s, it’s, it’s so funny. Sometimes I just find stuff that just, just sends me on a throwback to
when I first started my agency. So this is one of my proposals actually
used to make all my proposals in Canva. As you can see by the quite
obvious temp. Actually we know, I think I made him pages. I think I,
yeah, no, I think, I mean in pages, I think I found this as
like, um, as an image. Yeah, I definitely made it some pages.
Anyways, my point is that a, yeah, this is a proposal. I sent
a company called skin yoga. We were in talks and that you can see
here, Instagram content distribution, account management, 150 and then for
account management and content creation. So an extra 150 pounds a week
to actually curate the content. You can see right there.
This is a proposal. Uh, and
then I ended off in a say, uh, I would like to remind you that
December is a business mother, girlfriend, Instagram page out of the whole year. We can really get the ball rolling in
December as well as campaign for 2017 let’s build momentum on our social media
so you can have the best fourth quarter in the whole of the company
history. So I actually sent this, I remember it was probably
around October, 2016. No, I got my first agency client August of
2016 it was my old football club for 75 pounds a week, so 300 pounds a month. And for that I was doing
30 Instagram posts, three Facebook pros and also curating
all that content as well and for YouTube videos. But um, it took me six months of
sending out proposals like this, reaching out to clients until I got my
second client and I was athlete for 1900 pounds a month. Retainer athlete is
actually now rebranded to Jen flow. And the part of that that I love so much
is the fact that obviously they used to be a client of mine and then
now I’m a client of theirs. They actually helped some of the biggest
influencers on earth build out their info product. They have all the
operations in place for that. They also do that for physical
products, which is kind of their, their go to these days. So they actually, the ones that help with the logistical
side and the fulfillment of the gadget clothing line, that’s why
that company runs so smoothly. People have their tracking numbers and
you know there’s so many neighbors that can go on with having a clothing line
that we were able to mitigate by bringing them in to do that. As I said, it’s
just this really cool full circle story. Sean, who’s the CEO and founder just
at so much respect for that guy, we would spend a lot of time together
and so, so much respect for that guy. One of the best businessmen I’ve ever
met in my entire life and I’ve met a lot. So anyways, the point of
just showing you guys, this is like first of all for me, cause it’s kind of special
to look back at this. This is three and a half years ago. This year will be my fourth anniversary
of signing my first agency client. I’ve been in this game
a decent amount of time. I’ve been through every single
trial, every single tribulation. I’ve had a creative
agency, I’ve had a blend, sort of a full service agency now I have
just an advertising agency. I fallen, I’ve scraped my knees, I’ve, you know, I’ve kind of been through the ringer and
all I can say is for those of you guys right now who are trying to get your
first client or maybe you have one client or, or things are just getting
a little tough. Like trust me, that wasn’t enjoyable. Sending out these proposals and just
getting no response and having deals fall through. Like that was excruciating
for me at the beginning. But now three and a half years later
being able to look at stuff like that is just, yeah, it just puts the biggest,
biggest smile on my face. So guys, just about to hop on a call with a
client that I had a call with on Friday. Um, now I always say that, you know,
unless you close the client on the call, just in your mind mentally assume
that they’re not paying. Now, there are certain occasions where yes,
they need to talk to a business partner, et cetera, et cetera. And for those
of you guys in agency incubator, you guys know the way that
I actually circumvent that, and you guys know that if there’s
a business partner involved, the way that I navigate it and make
sure that it’s still pretty much closed. Even if one business partner is bought
in and the other one obviously has no idea of the service. But nonetheless, I still like to assume that
unless you close on the call, they’re not closing as a client, but just have a 15 minute followup
call with a client that I came to an agreement with on Friday for 5,200 pounds, which I think is around $6,500 per month. So I have the followup call now with
all three of the business partners. There was only two present last time. And what I will say is that both other
business partners said that even F the onto business partner said, no, they just override a decision
and do it either way, because they were that bought in. So I’m going to go ahead and say I’m
80% sure that this is a close by. As I said in my mind there’s always that
air of, unless they close on the call, it’s not happening. Let’s hop on the call. Let’s build on that first
payment of 5,000, 200 pounds. Send him the onboarding link for the
agency and a lock in another client. I’m, I don’t use it. How tired I am. I do have
the exact same thing. So, well Jerry right. You sent over the video. So we actually adopted
Jay last night. What? I hadn’t spoken to him about everything
about everything we’ll be doing. He didn’t have time to call, but um, we went ahead and broke down
everything you’ll be doing. Um, he’s taught me sound really static
about getting started, about, you know, making everything happen. We did have a couple of other offers from
other competitors that way, you know, cheaper, but there’s a
reason you charge so much. I mean that’s pretty obvious. And so
like the best, like in our industry, the best isn’t always the
cheapest. Right? Like, maybe if you’re buying a bottle of water, it might be ready to go with the cheaper
option, but when it comes to a service, it’s typically better to pay for more. So, yeah, I mean, I, I mean, why,
what phone do you guys have? Uh, I’ve got a iPhone 10 S yeah, well iPhone, I
mean, we all, you know, we all know iPhones are pretty damn
expensive. My question is, you know, why didn’t you guys buy
a Nakia? Exactly that. So yes, I can agree with you
more there. No, so I mean, the way it works is obviously,
well, first of all, you know, welcome to AIG media.
Very sad to hear you guys. So obviously today we’ll go ahead and
we’ll process the payment and I’ll send you guys the onboarding link. Like, are you running ads in that format or
are you just going to be [inaudible]? So we, uh, so yeah, you have to have,
uh, you have to have a, uh, a photo. So even if you look at my stuff, it’s 90% photo text-based. Um, like we, you know, we’ve gotten the
best results for our clients with, with just photo and text. So
I’m wa, you know, I wonder. No. Um, I, I have no doubts that you guys have
just a bunch of photos and you know, the photos don’t have to be, you know,
shot on a five, five, $5,000, uh, you know, a seminar three. Uh, they can
literally be shopped with your iPhone. I would doubt there would cost more than maybe $50 to be honest
in the first month. So, you know, with that being said, you’re getting
booked in around 40 calls. Awesome. Did you get perfect and you want
us and that is it stay on loan. We’ll go ahead and
process the payment now. Yeah, if you can send it through email, that’s like a contract. Yeah, that’s the thing. Cause we’re stray
wasn’t able to get on the call like, and it’s Wallace. So what we’re going to do is go over the
contract with Jay because he’s putting in on this payment and swallow. So we’re going to go over that
with him and then pay from that. Okay. I mean if you want to, I mean,
what’s the sort of apprehension? No it’s not. It’s not, you know,
I on our first initial call, like I told you guys up
front, I was like, Hey look, you mind if I skip the
salesy stuff cause you guys, we’re definitely going to get on board. We just need, you know, to go
over the contract with Dre so we can, you know, just [inaudible]
three and right now, like where we’re like we were good at, we’re supposed to be together
by today or already, but um, like my home is in like Palm beach, he lives like down in Miami and
we all gonna fly out to New York, like Jay and meet up. Um, and you know, like we’re going to, we’re actually
serious about doing any getting started, but um, you know, and that’d be sad. We just need like the
contract just freaking go over
like the final details and you know from there. So exactly as I said, I’m very weird. They wanted to like look over
the contract and stuff, which is multiple business, which is, yeah, I
guess. Yeah. Cause I mean, to be honest, like literally we’ve had clients signed
15,000 pound a month retainers and like not requests to look at the contract
cause it’s like, I dunno know, it’s just something that’s
legitimate, never come up. Um, cause obviously they pay. And then after that they
get the onboarding link and
then the onboarding funnel. And then part of that is they sign a
contract using HelloSign books. Can, you can use I think Panda
doc or [inaudible], you know, when one of these electronic
contracts softwares. Um, so yeah, the weird part of me was like,
that’s why I said like, you know, there’s that chance that they don’t close.
So I thought the closing may be like, Oh, maybe the business partner
like really was against it. But the business partner said he’s super
enthusiastic about it. Um, but yeah, you know, so that, that’s kinda annoying thing about
having multiple people involved. Um, but I got a call with them at four 15
Cape town time tomorrow and that will lock it in, hopefully. And if they don’t
lock in, then obviously, you know, I, they don’t not being serious. Um,
so everything so far can I like the, the stalls, cause usually for me
it’s a one call close, you know, to get to the second sort
of followup 15 minute call. And then now the third call that rarely
ever happens for me, but you know, everything has been valid so far and it
stems from the fact that there’s not one person in charge, not two, but three
as well call with them for 15 tomorrow. And I also got another very, very
promising call tomorrow at seven 15. Uh, and then as with this really, really
cool software company that I’d be very, very happy if I match
clothes. Cause yeah, it just, I just think they’re super
dope. But anyways, there you go. There’s a real life of
being an agency owner, which is you don’t always get
the outcome that you want, but hopefully tomorrow I can lock it
in even though it took longer than I normally like. All right, so is one day since I picked up the
camera and the situation is literally exactly the same. We basically haven’t
moved because to be honest, you know, after that last clip, uh, worked
for three, four more hours, was in bed by nine 30 and just
been working all the sense. So nothing really that eventful. But now
I have the followup call to yesterday. Go. Yeah. Let’s, uh,
let’s get into, all right. And so as it stands, they are seven
minutes late. So just want to hand in, follow it up. So I’ll stay on the
call, maybe some a more minutes and then wrap it up there. All right. So it’s been 15 minutes
going to end it up there. Um, yeah, not entirely sure what happened.
I’m sure there is a viable reason, uh, obviously like a client’s never just
not gonna show up and not tell you. Mmm. Or at least at this stage
of the sales process. So I’m sure there must
be a very viable reason, but obviously this once again is
just another sign in my opinion, that the client is less likely
to actually come on board. So from their side is looking less likely. And then obviously from my side
it leaves, I’m an appointment, my agency where unless it’s
a hundred percent match, I don’t take clients on. And this is almost leaving a little bit
of a sour taste in my mouth when I’m even starting to reassess. Is
this client worth taking on? Are they going to be those sorts of
clients where they ask too many questions and no one just let us do our thing
and get the results. But yeah. Anyways, so that’s that. I got another
call in two hours and 45 minutes, another sales call. So hopefully with that we can return to
good old man and just one call close. Yeah. Changed the I’m a no me anal kind of money for no wound me smack
you if I see when Guzzi I’ve been doing good though. I know you ain’t asking. You really want to throw say
on a ward about day. I know. No, it’s a combination of
things. First of all, I was totally off on
the sales calls. Second, he wouldn’t have been a good fit for the
agency anyways, both of our business. And so ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure you noticed that I was getting
really excited to go to Concentra Glen for like the 12th time and I was saying
something and then the audio cut and basically my Sony a seven R three
which I shoot with is a kind of mess. Just the audio is messed up proudly. It’s a very common issue that happens
when you just keep the, you know, cause most of the time, well pretty much this entire trip we’ve
literally just kept the road video. My pro plus, which was such a funny
name. I don’t know why they call it that, but um, yeah, the pro plus we just keep that into the
microphone input and apparently it’s a very common thing where
when that happens, uh, it just kind of wears against the audio
input and that kind of messes with the system. So that’s really, really annoying because that means
that I basically can’t shoot, I can shoot sit down and stuff, but then now we’re going to have to record
to an external source or how pulling in external sources from,
from some manner. Um, and as long story short, this
camera is basically broken. So we’re going to have to find
a way to get a repaired, um, which here in South Africa,
that’s basically impossible, uh, or basically just gonna
have to buy a new camera. And this is really also
annoying because I, the way I was going to get the a seven
S three, uh, whenever that comes out, that’s been meaning to come out for like
two years at this point. Um, so yeah, whenever the hell of
that actually comes out, I was gonna pick that up regardless, even though my ACE seminars three
was working and whatnot. Um, but yeah, I don’t know if just haven’t had a
lot of luck with equipment recently. You know, my Leica lens
getting lost somewhere, still
trying to figure that out. Now, my ACE seminar three,
like, I mean, you know, I got pretty much in camera equipment. I got like 20 odd thousand
pounds in camera equipment. Creating content is very, very
expensive. It can be very cheap. Obviously you can just do
with your iPhone and whatnot. But if you want to make
good quality content, if you
want good mix, if you want, um, good lenses, the lenses on there, the
lens on this right now is 2000 pounds. Got another 2000 pound lens heat lens
here. Got a 2000 pound lens in there. The camera itself, 3000
pounds. Um, uh, you know, this is two and a half
grand. The lens for is 1500. The contacts I have is tricking
to grow. It’s very expensive. It’s very expensive. There’s certain
stuff I do that is very expensive, like my watch hobby and creating content.
Very, very expensive stuff to do. And on that note, I spent more money and I didn’t even know
my ACE number three was broken at that point. We had got some led panels, um, will be like 600 pounds cause the
lighting in here, it’s just not very, not very good to be honest. Uh, and then what else I got was this, I got the road castor pro. Uh, with that it was like this whole set. It came with like Mike’s boom
pole and some other stuff. Um, you know, some other
cables and whatnot. Um, so you might be wondering at this
point and what, but once again, I apologize for the terrible audio. The reason that the audio is terrible
is basically we’re having to use the inbuilt, um, audio. So yeah, I think we’re going to start shooting
all of Lords with a 6,500 that, uh, Pete Scott, um, and just use it at a
seminar three for the sit down and stuff. But you might be wondering
why do you have a pocket? Basically what this thing was, I
think costs like a thousand pounds, which I thought was super cheap.
But for this entire setup, um, it’s basically just a podcasting
system and it’s like super cheap, super easy to use, et cetera, et
cetera. And you might be wondering, why do you have a podcasting system
when you don’t have a podcast? And you would assume that this would
be my leeway into telling you guys I’m a very proud and very happy to
announce a private victories podcast. But you’d be wrong because I’m not
announcing it and it’s not happening or at least yet, Kieran has been all
over my Dick for like six months, probably a year at this point. And telling
me start a podcast, start a podcast, start a podcast, start a podcast. And
it’s just, yeah, it’s something that like, I don’t know, I’m thinking
it’s a distraction. I don’t
know if I want to do it. I still picked up the set either
way, just just in case. Um, slash to be honest, I just think it’s
useful to have anyways. Um, yeah, I left my road podcaster set up in London, so here I just have my blue Yeti. Um, but I have a system similar to that.
Um, obviously not for podcasting. That one’s just a USB, so that plug straight into my computer
with the boom and stuff like that. But I left that one anyways. If you guys want me to
create a podcast in 2020, let me know. And the reason that I’ve been apprehensive
about it is because I don’t want to do a podcast in like
over zoom or over Skype. You know, I don’t want it to be a remote
podcast. I want like a proper studio. Like I’m talking like impulsive,
you know, Logan Paul’s podcast. I’m talking impulsive or true Jordy. If you guys have ever seen the true
Doroty podcasts, like a legit space, like a studio. And it would
be not just not only myself, it’d be myself in Kirin and a guest and
the guests wouldn’t be all to do with digital marketing and whatnot.
You know, I want to get, I want to get on my podcasts. I’m thinking like for some
of the first few guests, um, I want to get my friend Jordan.
So Jordan, he’s a, he’s a rapper, he’s an artist. Um, I want to get him
on a, I want to get my friend, uh, Charlie, Charlie Fredericks.
Uh, he was on love Island 2019. I think that’d be like a really
funny, interesting podcast, uh, on, I want to get up like some of my friends
who own like nightclubs in London. Man, it’s really just about my day. I want to get some of my friends
who own like nightclubs in London. I want to get some of my friends who are
living in the hundreds of millions from their real estate portfolios. Like a lot of people that like either
just have very interesting stories. I want to get some of my old clients on
cause it feels like that would be really interesting perspective. Like is it just going to be
another digital marketing podcast? Oh see the F I create this podcast. It’s going to be the
private victories podcast. It’s always going to be
entrepreneurship based. But as I said, I don’t want it to just be
some other lame podcast. So by the level of enthusiasm that
you give me in the comments section, I will decide if it’s a go ahead. Then I’m going to go ahead and
shoot the first episode here, see if I can get some sort of
interesting guests out here. I don’t really know who’s in
South Africa to be honest. And then if it goes well then when I’m
back in London then I’ll obviously look at the first three, four
guests on for that. So yeah, let me know if it’s something that
you guys want to see. As I said, like if I do it, I want to
do it right and if I do it, I think I’m actually going to get an
office in London slash I say an office book. Basically I’ll, I’ll get like a two, three bedroom apartment and make that
into an from a legal perspective, just as long as the landlord is informed
and whatnot, that’s totally fine. So no issues there, but as I said, it will be like a legitimate
like podcast studio. I want to do all of the podcasts in
person CUNY and I had this idea for, he’d be drinking a glass
of his favorite drink. I’d be drinking a glass of my
favorite drink. We’re just, that would just kind of be something [inaudible] all right. I had to move
away slightly. But anyways, my point is that we would ask the guests
before the podcast what drink they would want. So if they want a really
hard to get ball of wine, doesn’t matter. We’re going to get it. If
they want a specific cognac, if they want a specific whiskey, if they want a specific mineral water,
it doesn’t matter. We’d get it for them. And then Karen and I would both have
our drinks. Would that be matcha? A glass of wine, a glass of whiskey. I’m
thinking kind of leather couch chairs. Like I said, I’d want it to literally be everything
except for just a nerdy digital marketing podcast because the
thing is keeping, and I, we’re digital marketing nerds anyways, so like no matter what that’s going to
come through and the entrepreneurial aspect is going to come through. But I want to have the environment set
up so we talk about stuff that’s not really talked about on
YouTube. Get really deep. And the reason that I want to do with
Kiran is because as much as I have a good perception of myself, to be honest, I don’t think people would really want
to listen to me for like two hours. Like I’m not, I’m not genuinely not really
that interesting. And also I know me, I know I wouldn’t take the time to do
a ton of research about the guests and whatnot. We’re secure and I know he would have
show notes and he’d bring up something that the guests did like seven years
ago that everyone forgot about. Not to like I’ll ask them out or or
bring up an article or a song they wrote like you know, three years ago they’re like no one
really knows about or like discuss some thing that happened in their childhood
that they would have to go on this huge like website trail, go to like the extreme edges of
the internet to find you guys. Hopefully should kind of get an idea
of what I would want for this podcast. So my point is it would be a financial
investment, it will be a time investment, but I also think it’d be a good sort of
entry point for a lot of people to find out about myself, about my agency, IgE media to find out about gagging
my cooling line to find out about the education company grew
agency because of the day, I think at least in a business
online space I have, I don’t know, I think top 10 at least agency
specific YouTube channels, I know 100% I have the biggest agency
specific YouTube channel that I know for sure. But yeah, kind of in
the entrepreneurship space, like if you have a channel about
entrepreneurship, finances, stuff like that and you have 100,000
or above like that’s you rest for other industries, other niches like
that. That’s a tiny amount. So it’s a very small sort of niche.
It’s very small sort of market, the digital marketing, online
entrepreneurship, that sort of space. So as I said, it’d be kind of
interesting to reach a larger audience. But I’m rambling now. I want to go ahead and thank you guys
for watching this blog or wrap it up here so that if you guys want to a podcast
in 2020 done properly video and audio in the studio, leather couches. That’s
kind of how I’m envisioning it. Interesting guests, guests that you really wouldn’t
expect a digital marketing online entrepreneurship podcast to have. Let
me know and we can make it happen. So you were me for working with
someone else on a couple of BS. What do you really think of that
n***a that’s making your beats? I’ve done things.

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