Small Details You Missed In The Morbius Trailer

The first trailer for Sony’s Morbius does
an excellent job setting up the core story of the film, a doctor transforms into a vampire
after attempting to cure his rare blood disease. But it also features subtler moments that
offer significance. These are the small details you missed in
the Morbius trailer. The first 45 seconds or so of the Morbius
trailer establish that the doctor is suffering greatly because of his illness. He’s shown with wires taped to his head and
neck, struggling to walk with forearm crutches, and hunched over a bed as a fellow doctor
meticulously counts the vertebrae of his spine protruding from his skin. In a voiceover, he says: “I’m running out
of time.” It soon becomes clear that Dr. Morbius intends
to cure his blood disease using non-traditional medicine and his own devices, which raises
a red flag to the woman working alongside him. When Morbius says that what he’s discovered
would be a cure, she asks: “At what cost?” This line is more than just the musings of
a concerned colleague, it’s foreshadowing of the highest degree. The woman who speaks it is Martine Bancroft,
Morbius’ fianceé played by Adria Arjona. Throughout the Marvel comics, Martine actually
dies several times, is resurrected, and eventually becomes a living vampire herself. It’s unclear at this point in time, however,
whether the Morbius film will depict the death, subsequent revival, and transformation of
Martine. While several members of the Morbius cast
were announced far before the release of this first trailer, one actor’s involvement in
the film came as a complete surprise, and was only revealed through the new footage. At the very end of the Morbius trailer, Michael
Keaton appears as Vulture, a.k.a. Adrian Toomes, the villain of Spider-Man: Homecoming. “Got tired of doing the whole good guy thing,
huh?” “What’s up, Doc?” Those who stuck around for the Spider-Man:
Homecoming post-credits scenes might recognize what the salvager-slash-arms-trafficker is
wearing in the Morbius trailer. As a hooded Morbius approaches his white van,
Vulture is shown donning the same prison jumpsuit he was wearing in Homecoming’s mid-credits
stinger, pardon the, uhh, Scorpion pun. Anyway, since his appearance in the Morbius
trailer is so brief, there’s no way to tell when exactly the meeting between Vulture and
Morbius takes place in the movie’s timeline. Because of that, it’s also not clear how significant
Keaton’s role in the film will be. That doesn’t mean Keaton’s appearance is all
for show and shock, though. Vulture’s brief, end-of-trailer reveal might
allude to the early foundations for a potential Sinister Six team-up on the silver screen. While the Spider-Man villain team has had
numerous iterations in the comics, several of its key or recurring baddies, including
Venom, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, and Green Goblin, have already appeared in both Sony’s
Spidey offerings and its shared MCU installments. While nothing has been confirmed, Keaton’s
surprise cameo in Morbius is much larger than the return of a famous face, it could signal
a more connected and expanding web of the Spidey universe. With Sony launching, and planning to launch,
so many Spider-Verse movies, it’s hard to keep up with who and what we can expect to
see out of the growing web of adaptations. One image captured within the Morbius trailer
helps further that confusion, or air of mystery, depending on whom you ask. In the first-look footage, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it
moment, Morbius walks past a mural of Spider-Man with the word “murderer” spray-painted across
it. There are a couple things to pull apart from
the moment, the first being Spidey’s outfit. It appears to be a blend of several Spider-Man
suits, but looks most similar to Sam Raimi’s version. If you can remember all the way back to the
2000s, Tobey Maguire embodied the web-slinger when Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was dominating
silver screens. If you were a hardcore fan of those films,
you may have also bought the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game featuring an animated
version of Peter Parker wearing a Raimi-like suit, which is seemingly the same suit shown
in the mural that appears in the Morbius trailer. The second noticeable thing is the actual
language covering the image. The “murderer” statement points to Tom Holland’s
most recent turn as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home. During the final scenes of that film, Peter
is accused of killing Mysterio using footage the villain doctored and sent to J. Jonah
Jameson, who broadcasted it in a video posted to “Spider-Man’s name is Peter Parker!” “What the f—.” There’s no clarity about what this moment
in the Morbius trailer could mean just yet, but here’s to hoping a legit Spidey cameo
happens in the theatrical cut. Later on in the trailer, there’s a shot of
Matt Smith’s character walking cautiously through a seemingly abandoned subway station. In the film, Smith doesn’t play some random
tie-wearing dude who likes to walk around alone at night, he plays Loxias Crown. Smith’s Loxias Crown is to be the central
antagonist of Morbius, however, Smith’s character has been described as, quote, “Morbius’ best
friend.” So, what’s going on here? In the Marvel comics, Crown is best known
as Hunger, another vampire whose origin is unknown and who has nothing to do directly
with the events that lead to Morbius transforming into a pseudo-vampire. But there’s also the character of Emil Nikos,
Dr. Morbius’ closest friend and lab associate who dies as a result of Morbius’ post-transformation
confusion and bloodlust, only to be made into a vampire by another unrelated comic character
later. Since Smith’s character has Crown as a last
name, it’s been assumed from the get-go that he’s partially inspired by the preexisting
Marvel antagonist, and the rest of his characterization is filled in by the general concept of Emil
Nikos. Smith’s character will reportedly be afflicted
by the same blood disease Morbius is, which is the basis of their friendship, and perhaps
its ultimate destruction, once Morbius kinda-sorta cures and curses himself. The Morbius trailer also gives us a good look
at Tyrese Gibson’s character, whom we know from one of the actor’s Instagram posts to
be FBI Agent Simon Stroud. In the pages of Marvel comics, Stroud is an
Agent-of-S.H.I.E.L.D.-turned-mercenary who seems to always find himself tangled up with
the weirder denizens of the Marvel universe, including Morbius. Stroud is sporting some interesting tech in
his brief appearance in the Morbius trailer. He’s seen wearing a sleeve that appears to
offer augmentation for his right arm, and specifically his hand. Stroud was never depicted as having any kind
of enhancements in the comics, and this one raises an interesting question: Who built
the thing? Stroud often worked side-by-side with Morbius
in the comics, and this tech looks like the kind of thing that the good doctor, with his
Nobel Prize-winning expertise in physiology and medicine, might have constructed. Obviously, Stroud won’t be depicted as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in this film, as the Sony Universe of
Marvel Characters and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are still ostensibly separate, for
now. Still, Stroud’s dapper attire and the fact
that he’s seen backed by a number of cops seem to indicate that he’ll be in some kind
of position of authority, meaning that Morbius may very well have a friend in high places
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