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angels waging war in the unseen realm global events fulfilling Biblical prophecy eternal life what lies beyond mortality from analyzing the paranormal from a biblical worldview to the discussion of cutting-edge science and technology conspiracy discovery special investigative reports unafraid to explore the challenging issues facing humanity welcome to another edition of sky watch TV the greatest cover-up in history is the cover-up of history so says Steve quale welcome the sky watch TV I’m Derek Gilbert our guest today the director and producer director and writer and star of the new film the topic today true legends the unholy see watch this they say this thing had been dead for maybe a day or two we estimated his size at approximately 12 to 10 feet tall the giant filled the first team that they came across it was extremely big and fast and agile for a guy that size the Pope’s and the agents of the holy seed have known about the Giants for many centuries and do you believe that they have artifacts from the past that would help explain some of what’s going on I’m sort of the sure the vatican knows all the secrets the Vatican is secretly preparing for the arrival of alien saviors they seem to be intentionally creating dogma that is going to position the Roman Catholic Church to be at the forefront of an official disclosure know their value can easing of the ufology ways that they can’t even imagine so while we’re standing here in the headquarters of the Jesuits tell us about Mount Graham they are constantly monitoring things with the Lucifer device sometimes they have to wait all of the UFOs to get out of the way I would like to tell you more about the career searching he told me John Mario one night I wake up and I saw nanaki sitting on my bed history is being repeated the days of Noah are returning the gods are returning to the earth to dwell among men and mingle their seed with the human race only the truth can prepare us for the lie that’s coming you in studio with me my best friend and wife co-host of psy Friday on the sky watch TV Channel on roku Sharon Gilbert hi honey hi sweetheart and the writer and director of true legends he on holy see Tim albariño Tim welcome tell you to be here to say hi honey well yeah thank you that’s my motivation Steve in the in the film Steve quale who produced a film said the greatest cover-up in history is the cover-up of history how what does he mean well that the the history of the pre-flood world is is has been completely covered over and covered up literally that that we have evidence then there exists evidence all over the earth of the dynamics of the reality of the pre-flood world and the Genesis 6 narrative that has been intentionally ignored at best and in many cases intentionally covered over and artifacts have been confiscated history has been literally rewritten and the the archaeological establishment as well as the as well as the educational establishment would like us to believe that thousands of years ago mankind was Neanderthal ‘ok and that we were in the infancy of our species and we were banging stones together and and and barely able to to build a mud hut let alone the amazing megalithic structures that are present all over the earth standing in testimony testifying in themselves of a superior a superior race society a superior past that has been completely ignored well if they allow us to even venture down that road they’ll say no no those are aliens or they came here and they seeded with Neanderthals i heard you talk just on the program that was recorded just a few minutes ago with tom horne you were talking about churches being built over ancient sites when of course when I was growing up when I was going to college we were told over and over again that was to reclaim those ancient sites sort of the people locally would you trust the church and then it was sort of a synchronistic moment is it different than that is there a darker motive to that and something more obviously part of the reason why the Church of Rome will take over an ancient pagan site is too it’s a show of dominance the plant the flag of the the Pope of realm of the Holy See and it’s it’s it’s a it’s they’ve conquered this pagan civilization that’s the way that they used to the conquistadors especially in Peru we’re conquering these they had the right to conquer in the name of God these pagan civilizations and in the name of the of the Holy Roman Church this was their attitude this was their mentality so so when they when they would conquer these pagan institutions he’s paying in civilizations they would find their most holy sites and they would put churches on them as a show of dominance that’s one level that’s one reason why they did it but there are other levels and and I’m in our film we prove that there’s more to it than just you know sticking the flag of Rome over the most holy pagan sites it’s about artifacts and it’s about knowledge at the end of the day knowledge is the most precious commodity on earth hmm and and and there’s another level to which is the treasure that is associated with not only these ancient cultures but specifically with the bodies and the remains of giants because we have discovered that not only in the case in Peru but also in other places especially in Sardinia which will be the subject matter of our next episode we have discovered that in many cases when the bodies and the tombs of these Giants are on earth they’re often accompanied by vast amounts of gold treasure hmm and we’ve we we have discovered that there is an underground black market that deals in the trade of these ancient artifacts including bones of giants and other entities that existed in the pre-flood other entities that’s right oh okay you experiment go by gotta hear that well many people are aware by now of the elongated skull phenomenon sure and we postulate in fact I’ve been doing some research on that myself and I’m finding out that that is something that most people are aware of practice calls from Peru what they aren’t aware of is that the in the pre-flood world in ancient Mesopotamia Sumer the pre brook culture a rook would be the city that was the center of Nimrods km so we’re talking about 3000 BC there pre-flood what they call the Ubaid culture which dates back to about 5,000 6,000 BC not long after humanity got kicked out of the garden every single scull dug out of the earth at era do which was the city that was devoted to the god of the abyss and key every single one 204 human sets of human remains every single one had deformed crania they practiced head cranial deformation now weren’t now the archaeologists weren’t looking for that they don’t know how to explain it it could be that was done artificially through head wrapping or whatever but the question to ask is why were they doing it what were they because that’s also the city where they find all those little lizard-like figurines well this this this begs the question if the elongation of the skulls is more than just artificial is in genetic is it you and obviously there’s definitely head boarding going on and these other weapons and by the way we talk about elongated skulls in our film but the when you when you when you artificially deform human cranium you don’t get more mass you’re just going with the mass that’s already present so you can shaping you can reshape it into a conical form or some other kind of a form but you don’t get more mass and you certainly don’t get a larger brains and a larger know it can cause neurological deficits actly right so when we when we encounter a lot of a lot of many of these elongated skulls as there are thousands all over the earth I believe are representative of a divergent genetic species divergent from us yeah and here’s the other thing that the scholars and you can find it if you dig into the academic papers that are written about this Ubaid culture again it’s not a main area of study for these scholars they know about it is for them it’s like a curiosity they want to talk more about the style of pottery exactly but those deformed crania they’re found all over the Levant even as far away as places like Jericho and northern Syria but they all disappear after the flood when this Eric culture comes up which is again Nimrods Kingdom post-flood it goes away right the flood wiped wiped it out now it comes back again later but again for the most part it disappeared so yeah and that’s one of the points that we make in this film when we talk about the the pre-flood world when we talk about the world before the flood of Noah we’re not just dealing with giants we’re dealing with a host of genetic aberrations yeah that came as a result of of the of the illicit activity of the of the Fallen Watchers that were commingling their genetics with that of the human race well if you had to take out every of the Lord God took out everything to breathe everything yeah the slate was wiped clean what’s interesting though is that the Bible says everything that was on land yes yes I’m and and what we have later on in we talked about Sumer in our film we make the case that Sumer when you say Sumer your it that word is synonymous with Nimrod in the Tower of Babel and then the kingdom that he founded the plains of China right and so the Sumerian culture was the culture of Nimrod yes and so so in our film we we talked about he was trying to rebuild it in my view in my research it was trying to rebuild that flat pre-flood temple that existed it that city of era do yes right there seems to be an indication that they chose the plains of Shinar to rebuild the Empire that existed before the flood of Noah that decimated this this this Empire now this is important the work of the occult of the mystery schools is to regain the knowledge of the Lost Watchers and resurrect their empire that’s what the Luciferian that’s their endgame hmm that is the endgame of the Luciferian elite and so now what’s what’s the Vatican’s role in all of this well I mean wouldn’t you think if their Christian organization and I’m posing this to you so you can challenge this or whatever you however you choose to respond but you would think that a Christian denomination would want Christendom to be aware of this so that we would be prepared for what is coming why are they holding this information so close to us we make a very controversial case in our film and we say that the roots of realm of the Church of Rome go back to the Tower of Babel and the Babylonian priesthood mmm that’s the case that we make in our film do you have a paper trail for that oh well yeah we show some some we show some proofs why we believe that for example I’ll give you just one very simple superficial thing is that the fish head mitres that they where are the representative of the fish head miters that were worn by the Sumerian priests in the priests of babylon the abdal yes that’s right they certainly served in the in the temple of a goddess named nan Chi yes and it specifically references what we know is Dagon yes um so and he was known as I honest to the Greeks yeah and this was according to myth an individual a hybrid person a half fish half man thing that came out of the sea and began to instruct mankind in the lost knowledge that existed before the flood light debt ceiling I have a paper that you need to read an academic paper you need to read a fella from Estonia named amar a noose wrote a paper about six years ago on the Mesopotamian origins of the Watchers Alana’s was there interesting one of the op kalo he was one of the yes he was called awana adopo in in in the Sumerian legend and 0 on an adapting to their legend and this is gues as ubiquitous in that region not just Mesopotamia the Greeks the Romans who wanna adopo came out of the sea mean after the flood of Noah right reteaching the mysteries you know that were lost in the flood and I find that interesting because the Bible makes a cape I mean states definitively that all everything on land was destroyed but I always wonder well what about what might have been in the sea exactly here he comes specially the sea is he comes out of the sea and the abyss which is associated with the sea and in fact the Sumerians according to the cylinder the the cylinder seals and the Sumerian tablets the Sumerians summoned this entity who you referenced minky yeah from the abyss from the observation dim and then where they sent the location where they summoned it hmm they built a temple called the a Abdul right which many archaeologists now believe was the foundation of the Tower of F exactly the city video yeah that’s right and there’s a same page so there’s something more with the Tower of Babel than just a tall building right this was there were they had summoned an entity there who very well anke is Enki is basically that Lucifer in the Sumerian absolutely but so they summon anke from the abyss and then right on top of that location very possibly they build this tower so the Tower of Babel was was there’s a lot more to that than what people and usually think so an event that the Vatican the Holy See unholy see when the Roman Catholic Church takes over these pagan sites they now control everything within it are these pagan sites more than just archaeological digs are they also portals I think that there’s evidence to show that they may be and this is the arcane not visit the knowledge this is the knowledge that the occult is working to recover is the knowledge that was lost in the great i call the empire of the gods and it that’s what they want and so we have to understand that there is a Luciferian faction a very strong Luciferian faction within the Holy See not exclusive to the Holy See this is a dark brotherhood that exists these are the mystery a depths that have existed there following a lineage that goes back hundreds of years actually that goes back to the Tower of Babel I would say the majority of Catholics have no have no clue and that’s I want to make a distinction we’re not taking aim at Catholics no no III was one for 10 years yes oh sorry we’re having guests cast and many of you are viewing our viewers may be Catholics as well we’re not talking about you we’re talking about the core the hidden core right within the elite at the very top that’s right and I think a lot of Catholics probably as we’re talking about this stuff are probably thinking about circumstances where they can say yeah you know what it is kind of strange it there’s a Catholic Church there and there’s a monastery there and so the it’s about the knowledge and so obviously there’s knowledge associated with the artifacts there’s knowledge associated with it with the documents and just the knowledge of the pre-flood world because and this is what I always tell people in terms of the relevance of this information of our film and all of this is in our film true legends the unholy see it’s there the reason why it’s so important and crucial for us to understand is because history is going full circle back to the beginning yeah and I say in the film and the Vatican’s leading the blanket are Boris what has passed well this is a good time to break this is a fascinating conversation i would love to extend this beyond the 28 minutes and 30 seconds we have but you’re just gonna have to be content with that and then get the film will tell you how and sky watch TV will continue right after this those who control the past control the future and no organization on earth has a tighter grip on the official history in the Roman Catholic Church sky watch TV is proud to offer the documentary film true legends the unholy see featuring producer Steve Quayle and host director Timothy albariño watches they connect the dots and present evidence of a long plot to cover up the history of the pre-flood world and to prepare humanity for the arrival of our space brothers bringing a different gospel order the unholy sea and sky watch TV will include a copy of the best-selling book XO vet ekene true legends the unholy see an XO vedic can up both for just 3495 order now by calling toll free 84 for 750 4985 or log on to sky watch TV welcome back to sky watch TV I’m Derek Gilbert along with Sharon Gilbert please please check out the other web exclusives on Sky watch TV com the daily news updates into the multiverse with josh peck and Kristina Peck and of course every Friday we take a look at science through a Christian lens with our science advisor who just happens to be sitting at the end of the table here you’ll find that at Sky watch TV calm and the sky watch TV channels on roku and on YouTube Tim albariño what we there’s so much going on right here right now that my brain is going to half dozen different directions i mean archaeologically the evidence is there to support what you’re saying i mean in 2003 archeologists British archaeologists found the tomb of Gilgamesh they believed in what had been the course of the Euphrates River so Gilgamesh was an historic person but he is known to history as one who believed he was two-thirds God one-third human two-thirds God interestingly the OP kalo the Mesopotamian watchers who came forth after the flood and there were several of whom came forth after the flood were also two thirds God one-third human and they recently discovered a cylinder seal in which Gilgamesh was named the master of the opp kallu and the one who brought forth brought back the pre-flood knowledge and and there’s reason to believe that gilgamesh was Nimrod there is there are those who will make that case and interesting that your Freydis is in prophecy as in a place where entities are bound and will be unbound in short right in the end times right so so yes there’s so there’s injustice really fascinating stuff here but I want to get to one that brings it back into present day because we tend to think that the Giants are all history those of us who accept that they were real most people accept them as just you know just think myths legends stories you open the film with a story that I’ve heard Steve quale talk about for a long time we both you know listen to Steve quails radio program for many years and we’ve heard him tell the story about the c-130 pilot in Afghanistan who was brought in to bring out the giant now being somewhat skeptical when Steve was talking about it on his radio program I thought well yeah maybe but you opened the film with the pilot and you know his identity is concealed but you’ve got somebody who’s testified to it and now others have come forth and talked to other researchers as well yeah absolutely separates the story and I we obviously we know the pilot personally I’ve seen his credential so you tell the story four people have not yet seen the first always active duty he’s flying c-130s today so he needs to keep his identity concern as I hated concealed and and let’s just say that he’s uh he’s had a little bit of persecution mhm since he’s kind of been talking about the stuff even though he’s kept his identity but other guys you know who he must do they think they know who he is at least somebody knows who he is but anyways so we wanted to make sure we protected him and people would say well why didn’t you just show his face and if you’re if he’s really telling the truth we want to protect the guy we have reason to believe that this kind of information frankly gets people killed and in a nutshell this individual this pilot flew the body of a giant that had been recently killed from Bagram Air Force Base to Qatar and when he pulled into Bagram in Afghanistan he was met on the tarmac by what he later referred to as the babysitters he described these babysitter so some great detail this is how our film opens up by the way true legends it opens up with this story like him telling the story and the babysitters accompany the body of the giant all the way to its final destination which by the way I rumor has it among military personnel that the body went to wright-patterson Patterson apparently sure so why not sorry so anyways uh he was told that this giant was they encountered the giant the case of Afghanistan which I believe they can they call this giant now the the giant of Kandahar i believe the kandahar giant something like that and so they came at came on a cave and the military had had a fight with this thing and i don’t know all the details of that part of the story but ultimately it ended up getting killed and they brought it to Bagram Air Force Base that’s where our story picks up where our pilot had to transport this body and here’s the thing he estimated between 10 and 12 feet tall I’ve heard other estimations from from some of the guys who actually claimed to have been there in the firefight with this giant as she wasn’t a firefight I guess he had some kind of a primitive weapon and they were shooting him where they say he was more like 15 well we know how much he wait for sure yeah for sure because they weighed him while the pilot was there they weighed the pellet because they had to before they put the AC 130 and he had a lift master our pilot who was very freaked out because he had the ride in the back with the body and the babysitters it was not a good experience for his liftmaster none while he was piloting the craft they waited and it weighed a thousand pounds it weighed eleven hundred pounds but you take off the straps and the and the talent and the peloton the guy way to fell probably over a thousand pounds a thousand pounds and this was solid the guy was like solid muscle cuz the pilot you know he he pounded his fist on the body and he said this guy was like a brick I mean he was just all muscle and he was pale he had a pale color he said he didn’t know if that was because of the fact that he had been dead for a while but and this happened by the way I think that back in 2005 and so he obviously wasn’t allowed to take any pictures or any notes or anything like that but they were very frank with him this is uh they called it a big guy this big guy was healed in and we’re bringing him to continue to bring him to Qatar and so and again that story has been corroborated now I think I at least one other source that I know possibly too and it’s well known now among military person right right the giant of Kandahar and I think the pilot that we talked to in our in our film who contacted eventually contacted steve was the first guy to go on record right right with this story and I’ve seen a couple of other members of the team that we need to take him out who have been interviewed as well and corroborate the pilots story i’ll write the story and they they took some casualties this thing didn’t go down without a fight apparently it killed some of them and and the in our pilot was told that it was eating the the individuals that it had killed so i don’t know if that’s true or not but i do know that the the body it was killed did your pilot mention what sort of clothing this thing was it was very primitive sort of canvas wrap on his feet at least the majority of the body was covered but the feet were hanging off of the pellet and the pilot along with the other crewmen and and and some of the military guys were were putting their feet up next to the to the feet of of the of this giant that were exposed and his hands were exposed and some of his here and his feet were were two to three times sighs care they can’t wait it would have to be yeah he’s talking about thousand-pound guys so the proportions matched that way and again now the US government US military involved in keeping this information a secret and why keep that quiet why what does that have to do with military intelligence and and and secrecy and security for the Americans the Vatican’s influence reach into the u.s. militant absolutely it does and and and I didn’t know if I was going to say this or not but I will I think it’s quite interesting that we have Hillary Clinton running for president right now and her running mate is a person that is very has very strong ties to the Jets order contains not adjusted himself but he’s Jesuit educated he calls himself a pope francis catholic and we know that hillary clinton’s health is failing rapidly so i think your pillory Clinton gets elected we’re going to have the vice president running the country an interesting name I know okay it is quite interesting well this is a fascinating topic and we’ve only just scratched the surface of it so you know again we urge you to look for the the interview which in which Tom Horn said in at the are in the archives at Sky Watch but mainly get yourself a copy of the film Tom Horn calls us the best documentary has ever seen bar none any genre any topic true legends the unholy see writer-director timothy albariño Tim we appreciate you making the trip up here to talk about this this is mind-blowing stuff I’m always excited to come to Sky watch TV and this is why we do what we do there is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy Horatio thank you for watching as we keep watch I’m Derek Gilbert and this is Skywatch TV you you

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