SIX in 6 Minutes: Season 2, Episode 9 Recap | History

[gunshots] MAN: Let’s recycle again.
MAN: [inaudible] You good? I’m golden. MAN: I warned you
not to contact him. Jesus. Nasry won’t talk
to anyone else. I run the asset. MAN: Out of the question. I’m not negotiating. I’ll forward the
text to the lab. And I want a legal
finding in writing from the president
authorizing the assassination of the prince. MAN: You’re more trouble
than you’re worth. The FSB has your
safehouses pegged. They don’t know my network. Just trust me. MAN: Word just came
in from higher. We’re on the hook for
another shot at Andrew Hall. Nasry? MAN: Yeah, he contacted the CIA. Hell just froze over. As soon as the OGAs chime in,
I’ll let you know, all right? Short leashes, no drinking. All that with
your home lives, do it. You’re not ready. They’re the guys. They’re loyal. They see what they want to see. But me, I see things clearly. What do you see? A selfish prick so desperate
to get back on this team you’re willing to risk all our lives. MAN: What the hell were you
thinking giving my wife a gun? It’s my family, it’s my call. Do you understand? Do you understand? You’re going to
hit me, hit me. I understand, Buddha. MAN: Thought I’d get
some skulls of my own. Figured it’s a better way
to keep counting, you know? We’re not keeping score, dude. You’re victims. This guy? Yeah, he deserved it. So did this one; blew
up a school in Peshawar. But this? That’s a mom. Lost her entire family. But she came at me with an empty
gun, so I shot her in the face. [inaudible] in Harvard,
too late for me. But I got to believe
you’ve got more to life than making your body a
scoreboard. MAN: What’s going on, man? I know you. What happened? MAN: This kid fought beside us. [gunfire] When the whole thing was
over, all of the villagers took turns killing this guy. [screams] With stones. Don’t do it. The kid took his own turn too. I joined the SEALs thinking
I could make a difference. This kid made me
realize I never will. When are you going to
tell them that your head’s going to explode? I love you, but
I need this for me. I’m sorry. MAN: Karma. [non-english speech] Azerbaijan is filled with
American military advisers. I grew up in a village in the
northeast called [inaudible].. Far away from Uncle
Sam’s mercenaries. There’s an old copper mine
there worked by my father and my father’s father. We’ll regroup there. WOMAN: I think he
ditched the phone. MAN: OK, pack your bags. MAN: Sheriff! WOMAN: Rescuing Hall is
our operational goal. Then capturing or
killing the prince. And what about Nasry? You will not kill him. He’s our asset. Are we clear? We’re clear. WOMAN: Nasry’s
inside, eighth level. MAN: Push that to
the assault teams. [beep] MAN: I see Hall! Leave him or we’re dead. [gunshots] [gunshots] [shouting] MAN: Hey, we got Hall! Take us out! Sir? I have multiple tangos
moving toward delta. Jesus, it’s an ambush. [gunfire] Get a fire mission
on them, get Golf and Hotel back on the ground. [blast] [gunfire] Viper 3-3, get daps
on those tangos! Moving to the OC now! [gunfire] Sir, let’s go! [gunfire] MAN (ON RADIO):
[inaudible],, let’s go! [grunts] Come on, come on, come on. MAN (ON RADIO): Dragon
1, this is Dragon 51. It’s too hot. We are [inaudible]
the extraction point. Negative, we have two
eagles on the ground! Bear! [shouting] Pull it down! [shouting] Put it down! Ah-ah-ah! [whimpering] Oh. I’m sorry, Bear. No worries, brother, OK? We’re here with you. All right, Armin? We got you, bro. [helicopter flies]

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