Sitefinity Content Management System Tutorial: Editing a Page

Hello and welcome to Smooth Fusion’s Sitefinity tutorial. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to edit existing pages. I’ve already logged in and have navigated to the pages tab where you can see your page
tree as well as an option to create new pages. So, on the left over here I have the
page titles as well as the descriptions on whether it’s published, unpublished or
is a group page. Additionally, pages can be saved as draft and you will see that status
marked here as well. So, on the right side we have additional actions that you can
take for that page. So, you can delete, unpublished and duplicate pages from here but you can also
navigate directly to the pages titles and properties to modify that. So, we’re going
to dive into modifying the marketing page. And once your page has loaded, it’ll look something
like this granted the content and styling will be different, but you should be seeing
content on your page. So, for the sake of this video, I’m not
going to run through how to use each and every one of these widgets, simply just how to modify
existing items. So, I have already a populated page and some of these widgets
are out-of-the-box and some of them are custom. Content blocks are pretty widely
used across all Sitefinity sites. These are fairly simple to edit, simply click the edit
button and it opens the widget designer and which you can edit content for that
content block. There are multiple views for this, so there’s HTML, rich text editor and the HTML view whichever you feel more comfortable with. If you were to make changes, you could
do so here, types, press save. You’ll see your changes reflected here and if you do
not want to publish your page yet and you still want to preview your changes prior
to publishing, you can do so by clicking the preview button and this will open that
page with your changes. Now that’s just a simple copy change, some
of the other changes that you might make to a page is adding additional widgets.
For the sake of ease, we’re going to simply add additional content blocks. So, you found
where on the page you want to add the content, you simply drag and drop that widget to the page
to add it there and then select either edit or click the icon in the center of the widget.
You can add your content here, preview it here and you’ll see your content is now
there though it’s not terribly aligned well. Additionally, you can add additional layout
widgets, and this is just for setting up different grids. As you see here, we have
a grid 444 which is used to align in these widgets. So, if you’re are trying to structure
content in a grid-like pattern, you will want to navigate to the layout tab, drag
and drop that item onto the page, go back to your content item, select the widgets
you want to add and just drop them in and they will show in those spaces. And once
you’ve made your edits to the page and you have decided to publish it, you can do so
by pressing publish or you could save as draft if you need additional reviews before
publishing or you can schedule a published publication date using this method under more actions.
And if you need to navigate to the pages titles and properties from the page editor
you can do so in the upper right corner at titles and properties and this will take
you to this view and once you’ve made these changes and you save them, it will take you back
to the page editor. So, if you have published a page and content
on it is incorrect and you need to go back to a previous version you can do so through the
revision history. This page for this demo does not have any older history but if you
have multiple versions of this page you would see them here and you can click on
the version that you would like to see and it will give you a preview and if you do
decide to keep that version, you can revert using this method. For more Sitefinity tips
and tricks, follow our channel and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

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