Simone Biles pursuing history at Tokyo 2020 | Top Performers

Some people say the sequel is never as good as the original. Is this the coronation? Power and dynamics that take your breath away. This has been her destiny. All along. Simone Biles is looking for one of the most elusive sequels in all of sports. Back to back Olympic gold. I don’t think really anything intimidates me. So how does the best in the world. It’s Simones party and everyone else is just a guest. Incredible. Get better. This will be named after her. Triple twisting. Double back. Money. The most difficult pieces of gymnastics I’ve ever witnessed. Already the most decorated gymnast in world championships history. Biles aims to become the first woman to repeat as Olympic all-around champion in more than 50 years. Not even close to being done yet. But widely accepted as the greatest. Of all time. I never think about the records I honestly just try to do my work. With some new skills in tow. She does two flips and two twists. Absolutely incredible first person in history. To ever perform that skill. One twist, two, and a
third impossible! I feel like every day in training I kind of amaze myself even more so we’ll have to see what’s to come. In 2016 Simone Biles came to Rio in pursuit of a dream. In 2020 she’ll be in Tokyo pursuing history. She is something else. Once in a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how far ahead I am I should try to better my gymnastics and myself.

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