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  • At the start where your showed guru nanaks qoutes they all are same as islamic beliefs, we belive God has no end and no beginning and theres non like him, guru nanak was a person who was born into a hindu family but he was very much influenced by muslim sufi saints and we as Muslims belive he potrayed god exactly the same as muslims do

  • I think guru nanak was a muslim becoz he's done hajj and a non muslim cant perform hajj or go to makkah so if he was a non muslim they wouldnt have let him perform the rituals of hajj, they say he used to go to mandirs as well but no where does it say he went to Mandirs and prayed to the hindu gods or did any of the hindu rituals

  • Thank you 🙏 Waheguru Satnam

  • Guru Nanak took the good and logical bits from Islam and Hinduism and made Sikhism but in the 16th century Sikhism changed and became more militant due to the Mughal invasion

  • Guru Nanak dev ji born in worrier class not merchant class

  • The Sikhs main goal is to gain knowledge and keep learning until death. They also seek spiritual peace. They actually were the first people to propose the theory of many planets near the 15th century P.s plz correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Great Job from Khan Academy!! A very accurate explanation of Sikhism in less than 10 minutes. Excellent 🙂

  • The world is maya. That is not the view of Sikhi. Sikhi says the world is real.

  • Guru nanak is hindu who makes shikh religion so all shikh all r hindu

  • Sikh religion started from Punjab Pakistan.

  • Dear Salman, the word India wasn't born before Punjab was called Punjab. Ibnebatuta in 12th century describes the land of five rivers as Punjab. Therefore pls don't say that Sikhism was born in Northern India part called Punjab. The correct sentence could be Sikhism was born in Punjab which is now in northern India and western Pakistan. India is a name gives to the subcontinent by the British empire. Thank you.

  • If anyone wants to understand Sikhism please read the book 'Spirit born People' by Professor Puran Singh

  • Very good explanation.
    I noticed that a lot of videos on Sikhism miss the historical context and make it seem like Sikhism was born out of vacuum. That was not the case with this video.

  • SHORT AND BRIEF very well explained.🙂

  • Lions of shere punjab who saved the east n who will get their own land back. Shere punjab

  • Well done, Khan academy.A short synopsis but covering all major points.

  • ok, good

  • Join sikhism

  • There was no tent.. the muslim spy sent by aurangzeb writes guru gobind singh behedded the people in front of his own eyes and says the guru has gone mad. he also writes that after swapping the heads onto different bodies, and redressed them in a tent. the guru prepared amrit and gave it to the head, and then the body and head rejoined. this muslim sent to spy on guru gobind then writes a letter saying he will now convert to sikhism because after seeing this, he realises aurangzeb has no real power. kool!

  • Islam copied the Torah and bible. lol you say Sikhism is hindiusim + Islam, but I think Islam is in itself a combination of prior beliefs.

  • follow basics of sikhi to know more, not this inaccurate info.

  • A mixture of Hinduism and Islam i see

  • Punjabi music goes hard!🎶

  • please dont take this the wrong way but sikhism is a bit confusing to me. having studied it , although sikhs dont like hearing this it does really seem like it has a mix of islam and hinduism integrated in it, which is not very surprising when you consider where he is located. its a bit too convenient to ignore. the next issue for me is that by the last guru, the religion has changed quite a bit. essentially the first guru and the last guru dont even follow the same rules. on top of all this, it doesnt seem very divine to have 'gurus' constantly be defeated and killed, especially if they are suppose to carry out some sort of divine message. i dont know, this religion does seem very nice and does seem like it truly does come from a place with good intentions. but im trying to be a bit practical here and this religion just doesnt seem like one i would follow now looking at the history of these gurus.

  • Guru Tegh Bahadur isn’t brave sword it means brave steel

  • This is why we need to rebuild the Sikh empire, duh

  • What is the main difference between Sikhism & Hinduism?

  • I already know this a 1000 times… why am i watching?

  • Anyone Muslim here

  • Nice effort by khan academy

  • Effort is appreciated but martyrdom of DHAN GURU ARJUN DEV G and DHAN GURU TEGBHADUR SAHIB G is not clear.They were sacrifice themselves with their willingness for the protection of destitute people who were grieved from brutal emperor.

  • Sikhism and Hinduism are the same religion in reality…guru Nanak was born in a Hindu family

  • I may convert just to get one of those sweet daggers

  • I'd really like to go to India one day to get a better understanding of the different religions of India.

  • Only in India there are all religions- Muslims, Jews, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh- Only missing is peace, All people needs to respect each one's belief.

  • Love and respect from indian Punjab 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • Jess w the Mess' controversy sent me here. Thank you.

  • 🙌❤️

  • Again Minformation from incorrect History written from Mughals and British sources. Sikhism was made to protect Hinduism and had nothing to do with Islam. And all teachings from Santan Dharm or Hinduism are more than 10,000 years old and Islam is only a couple of 100 years old. Indian written history is ruined by the writers from the influence of Mughal and British era.

  • Sikhism I we were to understand is most crystallised form of Indian dharmic tradition. Which means it draws basic philosophical premises shared by almost all major religion of Indian origin.

  • @1:45 as per bhagawat geeta as well there is only one god, and then there is small presence of god in everything and everybody

  • Phenomenal introduction Sal Khan👍❤

  • It started in Pakistan

  • In a world where faith is so often corrupted by greed and malice, the resolve of the Sikhs should be an inspiration to everyone

  • Sikh gurus were Hindus…

  • There were no Christians in India during that era.

  • Proud to be a "Sikh".

  • can I say most sikhs can't explain as correctly and as concisely as khan academy writers did. Truly we need this well researched resource, keep supporting khan academy not because they helped explain sikh religion but because they provide well researched resources, Choice of words is too good, example around 4:00 explains langar as a tradition, which is exactly what it is, a tradition that kept on going since first guru, but most sikhs when giving out interviews can't explain it in so few words as these guys did, I would say on point. Help them keep this going, we need research, we need to see the world as is, not through slimy goggles of people trying to justify their point of views.

  • Baba Nanak was not born in a merchant community he was born in a vedic warrior clan.

  • 👌👌👌👌

  • Waheguru Satnam 🙏🙏🙏

  • sikhism promote only one god

  • The most beautiful, condensed and concise narration on Sikhism! Thank You Sal Khan for video.

  • i have a hw question

    who are the important figures of Sikhism? name and describe at least 3.

    please help experts

  • Only mistake 6 guru pictures is acutely guru gobind Singh the last guru

  • Sikh are powerful in world

  • This is so well articulated, thank you !
    really hope less people would confuse sikhs with muslims, sikhism is a completely different religion with a completely different Holly Book

  • Hinduism and sikhism have same scientific believes

  • Thanks I needed a crash course on this so I can better understand someone I care about

  • Still alive today look it up kalsa aid

  • even in Hinduism, there is only one God.. but different manifestations of this one God.

  • I have some question regarding history of Sikhism, its creation, sacrifices and purposes and who were ruler and when it was came into existence.. so i need help.. because im from pakistan and un aware about historical facts of sikhism. Plz guide me to be aware from above questions. I will looking farward for positive response…

  • With all respect , after watching this , i see sikhism as a real 16th century religion written by man and followed by man and not by God.

    But respect to sikhism , they have a beautiful religious system with a combination of Hinduism and Islam.

  • Good effort. Really appreciate it. But need to get some facts right. Guru Gobind Singh ji did not add the bani/hymns of other saints from other religions instead Guru Arjun Dev ji did. Guru Gobind Singh ji only added the bani of the 9th guru ji and gave the gurship to the Guru Granth Sahib ji.


  • sikhism is a religion a community which fought against injustice….those hindus and muslims who wanna fight against injustice joined the khalsa army….it
    is based on unity one god…

  • Sikhism is monothistic religion like Islam when it says, ''there is but one God!

  • oh wow in javanese we have the word "Sinau", which is derived from Hindi "Sikhna" and means the exact same.

  • Nice but also mean because that I s not guru Nanak’s real picture and also because some words are also wrong by saying and one more is because Sikhism is a very strong Khalsa team waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

  • After realizing I know very little about this religion I'm just now learning about Sikhism. I like it! I wanna learn more.

  • Thank you for sharing. Can we have some one post a updated with the (history ) of Sikhs. They fought in world war 1, did you guys know that?

  • U didn't actually mention how Guru Nanak dev ji got revelations from God. Really disappointed with the way u started showing sikhi as an amalgamation of Hinduism and Islam.Plus U could have shown the reason as to why Guru Harkrishan Sahib ji got smallpox and also the detail about Guru teghbahadur ji's martyrdom wasn't there. But Still thank you for this vid.

  • Thank you, great video.

  • Sikhs are half muslims(sahil naseer hajini s_o mohd altaf parray r/o hajin kmr)

  • Your awesome

  • nanak ny Hinduism ko boht khrab kia. bagwaan us ko kabi nai chory ga

  • Thank you for making this beautiful introduction about Sikhi, even though I was born in Sikh family but most of Indian born Sikh like myself or our parents or grandparents don't even understand our Gurus ji's teaching, in the last 10 years or so many good parchark are spreading the teaching based on Guru Granth Sahib ji, so but I can understand is that our Gurus didn't create another religion, I think they tried to bring the whole Humanity together because starting from Guru Granth Sahib ji which have writing of poets from other faiths than laying the foundation of Harimander Sahib (Golden Temple) Guru ji chosed person from another faith to do it, the four doors which shows that everyone is welcome from all corners of the world, the Langer where everyone can sit and have meal together it doesn't matter if person is rich, poor, Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other faith, so what I can understand that Sikhi is not another faith, Guru Ji teaches us that we all are brothers & Sisters we all have one father people call him God, Allah, Ram, Waheguru etc.,
    May waheguru ji bless the whole Humanity
    We are All One!!!

  • Masahaallah

  • This does not seem to be factual. Compulsory conversations cannot be proved

  • Very nice and short history lesson khan academy. You guys are on point in everything I watch whether it is about religion history or education. Keep up the good work. God bless you guys.

  • goodsikh pepel and religion in the world they see all one same one light is all the world

  • Nice

  • Sikhism released from Hindu tradition of Punjab region (of present day India and pakistan) purposefully created to fight against- brutal muslim force, Islamic invaders, torturers, looteras. People used to join sikhism to protect their identity, culture what they were from long time by following the commandments of 10 Sikh gurus (religious teachers).

  • Is there a connection between English word "seek", and "Sikh"?

  • thanks for telling me more about my religion 😀

  • 1:48 more then 5000 years ago there were monotheism in India with worship of Shree Vishnu as one and only supreme God.

  • Finally! Someone explains Sikhism (My religion) Thoroughly and correctly. But couple things. Guru Harkrishan died at the age of 8 because he saved people from small pox by taking "their disease and giving it to himself" People asked before he was dying who is the next guru, he called out the name of a village where Teg Bahader lived. People from that village said I AM THE NEXT GURU, but a person found Teg bahadur in his home meditating (Not complete details) and they knew he was the next guru. He happened to be the son of Guru Hargobind. In Fact, Guru Amardas's daughter asked for a promise that the next gurus would be in the family, and that promise was kept. I know this isnt my video but just wanted to let you know

  • Every king was mean and cruel exept for Akhbar. He was Nice and Smart 🙂

  • The golden temple has 4 doors simplifying that anyone is welcome

  • The Sikhs don’t believe in a God , but instead they believe in a way of life in which they are taught from their day of birth , something that Christianity needs to learn from .
    If I could have chosen any religion to live with by birth , I would have chosen Sikhism .

  • I would so love to be a khalsa but i dwell in a well of self doubt. A fear of responsibility to my loved ones. But my farher anyways named me Dusht(evil) – anth(end) ..

  • peaceful and knowledge seeking , I like it , all humans need to understand they are one family , they need to learn to love each other , and be tolerant to all , no hate just love and peace

  • Sikhism, Hinduism, bhudism and Jainism are very coexted religions even it's hard to find difference sometimes.

  • The haram satha British destroyed the whole subcontinent, created communal divisions that had never existed to such extent before,brought about through their arrogance and ineptitude famine and poverty that had never existed before or since British rule ( read Mike Davis ' The New Holocaust'). Regarding Maharaja Ranjit Singh Europeans such as Ibbetson and even Americans such as Masson described that when traveling through Ranjit Singh's Empire they came across a land far more prosperous than any part of British ruled India and with no occurrence of famine whereas in East Punjab controlled by the British from the 1810s onwards famines occurred regularly. In fact throughout British Rule from its inception till its demise tens of millions of Indians died from draconic and inhumane agricultural and land revenue policies initiated by the British. The British caused more death than did Mao, Hitler or Stalin. The British Empire was not a benevolent empire but a malevolent one. The most dangerous and politically volatile regions in the world today were created by the British such as Northern Ireland, Palestine ( see Arthur Koestler the Nobel Laureate's book ' Palestine :From Promise to Fulfilment ) Iraq, Kashmir etc. The list goes on. Ranjit was far ahead of the British at his time in terms of humanity, fairness and compassion. No one was discriminated on the basis of religion and as well as Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims held the highest positions in his administration. In contrast, in Britain Catholics and Jews were ostracised and barred from holding office or even entering top universities and institutions ( right up until 1873 ). What the British excelled at as they do today was duplicity, hypocrisy, cunning and back stabbing.They paid lip service to liberty, democracy and human rights whereas in fact these were privileges afforded only to Whites back home in Britain or their Dominions in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Today thankfully Britain is nothing more than a tinpot nation beset with crime, sexual and moral decrepitude, a teetering economy dependent on foreigners whose arses they lick especially if they be corrupt Russian oligarchs, rich oil barons, Latin American dictators such as Chile's General Pinochet and of course Americans behind whose apron strings they cowardly hide. The sun certainly set on their Empire quicker than they thought. Thanks to the Americans and Soviets they avoided conquest by Nazi Germany. The British Empire created a myth of invincibility about themselves and a myth it was ; they lost the American War of Independence, the 1812 War against America, the First Afghan War ( with 20,000 of them being slaughtered ) and they would have list the Sikh Wars had it not been for the treachery and betrayal of two of the Sikh Empire's generals, Tej and Lal Singh.

  • All shikh veer love form india muslim

  • Waheguru ji

  • Excellent summary of Sikhism

  • Guru Nanak born Hindu family mean he is Hindu wow

  • "born in hindu family", every sikh should remember this whenever they say erroneous things about hinduism 🕉

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