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Signing up for your HP Instant Ink When signing up for HP Instant Ink, you pay a monthly fee based on the number of pages printed. All cartridges required to print are shipped
to you automatically by HP. A printed page counts towards your plan page allowance the same, whether it is a black and white, a color document, or high-resolution photo. Your monthly fee also pays for cartridge shipping and postage-paid recycling. To sign up for HP Instant Ink, you need an
eligible network-connected printer with an active Internet connection. This allows HP access to your printer to monitor your printer ink levels. A USB connection does not provide Internet access and does not work with HP Instant Ink. You also need an email address and a payment card. On a printer or mobile device, open a web browser and go to To find out if your printer is eligible for HP Instant Ink, scroll to and select Check to see if your printer works with Instant Ink. Select Sign Up or Sign Up Now. Select your printer type, and then select
the printer series. For example, if you have the HP ENVY 6055, you would select HP ENVY, and then HP ENVY 6050 Series. Verify the printer series listed is correct, and then select Yes, Continue. If you have a prepaid or enrollment card,
select Enter pin code or key. Type the key found under the scratch-off portion of the prepaid or enrollment card, and then select Continue. If you don’t have an enrollment or prepaid
card, select the plan that best fits your printing needs. If you already have an HP Connected account, sign in to the account and on your account page, select Enroll another printer. Then select the printer you would like to
enroll. Otherwise, fill in the required information
to create an HP Connected account. An account is required to sign up for HP Instant Ink. With all information entered and the Captcha complete, select Sign Up. On the Shipping page, enter the address where you would like HP to ship your Instant Ink cartridges, and then select Save and Continue. Turn on your printer, and make sure it is
connected to the Internet with a wired or wireless network connection. For assistance connecting your printer, select How do I know if my printer is connected?. Otherwise, select Continue. Follow the instructions to enable Web Services on your printer or to print an information page. The instructions vary depending on your printer. A Web Services, Network Configuration, or Printer Information page prints containing a code. Select Continue. Enter the printer claim code found on the information page. If the information page only lists an email address, the printer claim code is the characters before at With the code entered, select Apply. Select a payment method. If you previously entered a prepaid key, it populates automatically. Save your payment information, and then select Continue. Review your information, and then enter any Special Offers keys, including Promo and Refer-a-friend codes, if you have one. After verifying and entering any codes, select Enroll. A Welcome email, with details about your account, is sent to the email address you used when enrolling. With the enrollment complete, select View Account Page. A tour is provided highlighting key information about your account. Continue or skip the tour to get to your account page where you can update your shipping and billing information, see your print history, and view your ink shipments. Bookmark this page to return to your account settings at any time.

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