Sifting through the pages of history

I’m at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford home in Grosse
Pointe Shores and I am a general intern working with a bunch of different departments during
my summer internship here. It’s one thing to learn about theory and everything
in your classes but its another thing to actually like be immersed in it. A lot of it I learned just on the spot like
stuff about the house particularly and like the grounds and people who worked here I never
even knew the history of the staff who worked here. Becca was doing collections care, she was
using a special brush to move the dust off of the jackets of the books. Putting that vacuum cleaner right onto an
object might pull out tiny flecks of the actual materials. So you could unintentionally harm something. So any kind of cleaning that is done is incredibly
careful, stabilize and do no harm essentially is a huge part of what happens during collections
care. I know most people might not understand this
but it is an incredibly good learning opportunity for us as a museum staff to be able to think
about maybe in a little more concretely what it is we do and how we explain it to people
and also you know have that mentoring and teaching moments sometimes we don’t have the
opportunities to stop and do those things. Be open to a bunch of different things. Like if you don’t think you’re interested
in something particularly try to go for it, you might find something surprising or just
if you see something that you think is really neat go for it. Be open to new possibilities and opportunities
and you’ll learn a whole bunch of stuff that you would have never expected to learn.

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