“show bobs and vegana” /r/indianpeoplefacebook/ #3 [REDDIT REVIEW]

60 million! Thank you, thank you. *applauses* Of course, of course we’re gonna get that 60 mil merch son. **BAM** **babababababababa intensifies* 60 mil, I bet you thought I couldn’t do it huh? Check out the merch, link in- buy it in the description It would really help out a lot. You know it’s been uhh… it’s been do- channel’s doing well, but my god There are so many yellow dollar signs, *demonitize’s evil laugh* that I don’t even know what to do, I might have to live on the street unless Unless you’re an absolute mad lad, check out the merch link in the bio Oh, it comes with a sticker as well So you can place it on top of your 50 mil merch so that that will be relevant as well There is nothing more beautiful, than a man expressing his love, in poetic words. Words, that speaks DIRECTLY from his soul. And there’s no one that can do this better, than Indian men. Khan writes: send me your vegana pic Hai, are you f-ed at night? I want to kiss your vegana. I want to kiss your vagana for two hours, and then put my one feet, pinus in your vegana. You will happy? Truly beautiful. Truly words that speaks to your soul, how can you- how can you possibly say no to a request like this kHaN *kHaN INTENSIFIES* Hello dear how big is your… *mouthes* pUSSEY Mmm, very nice pics, send me nakde pic snow you bitch Hello, bitch lasagna (most romantic thing to say 2018) *wow flowers wow* KHAAAAAAAAAN What does he think lasagna means Here’s another classic: Your bobs very big, I’m kiss your bobs Don’t forget to kiss your Bobs. Every night, I kiss my Bobs, at least five times. Now I’m sure you’ve seen these already, but I thought we would go through some more Now I’m sure you’ve seen these already, but I thought we would go through some more wonderful poetic words of wisdom from Italian- *pissed italians everywhere* Italian really? That’s why they- they mixed up the lasagna From some Indian man on Facebook. Or twatter (haha) Trump is not my president, niether Obama, actually I’m from India. #notmypresident Trump is not my president Neither- niether Obama, actually I’m from Sweden (oMG NO REALLY?!) Send pussy, bed joke.. *angery emojis* KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN I can’t even- I don’t know what to say. It’s so fucking weird. I’m trying to decipher what’s happening here. (IQ of at least 1000 required) O H N Y T H O Always knew, me and Taylor were somehow connected. So that’s him on the left. That’s his friend on the right. That’s his friend on the right. That’s the guy on the left That’s the guy on the Left. That’s a girl. That’s the girl with Ed Sheeran! THAT ED SHEERAN?! THEY ARE CONNECTED. OH MY GOD. My mind has been BLOWN! *pssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh* day- damn. They are basically best friends, so he just met this guy took a selfie with him and then after that he’s like yeah I’m connected with this Aw that’s genius Backstage with Eminem. W o w . It-it truly is backstage, not on stage and not staged at all As in it’s not photoshopped, my god that looks incredible *pewds is amazed* No one loves Photoshop Like Indian people Lesson learned: don’t f with random men from Pakistan who message you on Facebook because they’ll send you photoshopped pictures of you and them I told you. Oh Yeah, you think you’re sep- we’re separated? WELL THINK AGAIN We’re actually best friends. And no, no he photoshopped himself no That can’t be right. Selfie with- *he lost it.* There he is, *ultra hd zoom of ronaldo* my god Selfie with Ronaldo as well. It’s a rare disease. I need to see fresh girls without dress to be alive I want to see you without dress or I will die That’s so funny. Ha-what’s it called? It’s not a joke okay, real disease It’s called a Anudeispedia, you can’t find on Google don’t search- It is so rare… it is so rare you cannot find don’t even try it, What happens if I don’t send you pics? My skin turn red And I will slowly puke blood and die P.S JUST SEND BITCH COME ON Come on man, come on JUST SEND IT!! *angery pewds* IM DYINGGGG Will you ever come to America? I was threre 4m 9- What is he saying?
“I was threre 4m 1996 to 1999” Where in America? “in broklyn n michigan detroit” What did you do there? HEROIN. *laughs hyterically* Got a friend request from a spam account, checked the friend list and found this guy with Justin Bieber’s haircut photoshopped on. No, no, no this is not- this is not photoshopped. I can’t even tell. I mean it looks good. Put a condom on your heart bish. Because I’m about to f- your feelings. *press f for respect* That unibrow makes me moist. *im wet* “Baby, I’m having headache.” “Let me see” “Okay, wait” “Damn that looks painful” “Yes” *le cry emojis* You can’t make this stuff up. You just can’t make this stuff up. Damn, that does look very painful. I’ve seen a couple of headaches in my days, but… *flashback* She has come a long way indeed. Air hostage to Air Hostess That’s great. It really shows that you can turn your life around. If you are bad, Than I am your dad? *realization* If you are bad, then I am your dad, I am your-you’re my- if I’m- WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! All these lights, but you couldn’t brighten up my life. *hello darkness my old friend* Azam is really going through some stuff right now. Don’t you just hate when you surrounded by lights? But nothing can bright up your life? “Why am I still single?” “UR GAY” “Gay?” “I straighter than the pole your mom dances on!” *ROASTED* DAMN. *shout to my boy kenny* I love the rock and roll one in the bottom as well. Man, if- *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* If a man sends you this. You know, you have to show at least vegana. GODDAMN. Now that’s cool. “Mosquito bites a boob.- He sucks blood-” *laughs* You can’t make this stuff up. It’s just too good! Probably blood? “He is not my boyfriend- But I love his hugs his advice and the way he can change my mood with a slightest smile He is my one and only, he’s not my boyfriend, but he’s still mine” Now that’s some next-level friend-zoning god damn. God damn. Amith Mandivilli I am not Amith. I am a legend. Absolute. Legend. My god. He’s not Amith. (lol) “Super cool yo” “Ya, it’s a very cool game.” “I LOVE YOU” (lol) Seems like the perfect time to uh, confess your love. You’ve probably seen this one. Basically, this guy is- didn’t want to be best friends with Mudasir anymore, so uh, He made this picture. Declaring, Salman (his new best friend) truly uh, truly uh touching stuff. Sexy girl, I want to touch her boobs Show your sexy boobs and Snoop Dogg Now that’s what you really want, you want to Snoop Dog. If you ever meet a girl and you’re like: Show me your sexy boobs but then stop yourself no, no, no, no. Show Snoop Dogg as well. I know he’s here, so I know he’s here somewhere. SNOOP DOGG! When you ask her nicely to send vegana pic, instead she screenshots your conversation and posts it in- He’s just asking nicely for bobs and vegana! Show boob-bobs and vegana! Is it to much to ask?! This pic- this is my pic in Manchestar Stadium, graet place I just met Wane Rooney and give him tip abouot football Seems legit. Me and my wife- No, no this can’t be real this can’t be real- now he can fuck himself- What a lucky man to get to marry himself. I wish I could do the same. Are you a waman? *desk bang* Yeah, why tf you asking? I’m doing economics research on wamans in economics India So we’ll send private parts because we do research on economists body parts To determine median size of breasts in wamans in economic Yes, for the science of economics can you please just send me your boobs and vegana I’m doing a research for economics of waman, this is for your sake I’m trying to help YOUU. Okay, I think that’s enough of… Mad lad, Indian edition. Remember to post your bob and vegana. This has been it for me, leave a like for Bob, and leave a like for vegana and This has been my pleasure Thank you for watching. I’ll see you tomorrow with another video. What am I reading- can you get some- can I get some likes please because my little brother just burned? Two days ago. What are you saying? What happened to your brother? My god *sniffle*

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