Should Veterinarians Have Individual Brand Pages in Addition to Clinic Website?

We’re starting to see that trend, a lot
of veterinarians are starting to have more individual brand pages in addition
to the practice. Because when you think about it, you probably have a doctor you
love right, or a dentist, okay well if they leave that practice are you going
to go back to that practice and start over or are you going to follow that that dentist that you have a relationship
with? It’s not a great example being a dentist, but basically that’s where
people are starting to turn, because they want that relationship. And we know in
the veterinary field that the relationships with a consistent doctor
are enhanced, right, because they know you, they know the pet, they know the history
a lot easier than if you see a different doctor every time you’re there. And
there’s some people that do that and are going to pick appointments
based on who’s available at the time that they want. But there’s a lot of
clients, especially as we’re getting into the age of—and well we’re already there—
of pets being our family members, you know, they want that relationship. And so,
it’s kind of neat to see these like individual personas emerge, and
especially if you have like a side a side interest too, like something like rehab or something that’s not really a part of the clinic.

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