Should Found Footage Stop?

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  • He actually praised unfriended… I thought he knew good movies!

  • Look out there's bullshit about. Best line ever

  • The visit sucks

  • The thing about Blair Witch was that it was able to be realistic enough to make people think it actually happened, but now it's just unrealistic looking.

  • Found footage is not as bad as shark movies cause fuck there are a lot of shark movies.

  • As above so below? That was quite good

  • Weird hearing something good about The Visit. MovieBob's review savaged it.
    That booing of the newest Paranormal Activity trailer NC heard brought to mind a similar reaction to the trailer to The First Purge, before Deadpool 2: in the theater, I shouted, out loud, "For fuck's sake, another one?! Christ!" and the guy sitting next to me said "I know, right? 2 was enough."
    And if Unfriended made the teenage characters intentionally unlikeable, then that's a failure of storytelling, because if the audience can't connect to the characters, then there's no point. TVTropes helpfully calls it I Don't Care What Happens To These People.

  • Dude how are you going to copy the Goosebumps intro? This Channel is a fraud. Found footage, anyways is one of the best genre-styles if done right. Pure fuckery

  • 1:29 What movie is this?

  • I don't remember what the movies name was but it was a found footage film about a couple that has a honeymoon in Brazil and them they wife gets inseminated with the antichirst…one of the worst horror movies I have personally seen. the movie was so bad I ended up making fun of it as it went along not even respecting the form of the medium until one good scene.
    the scene is the one where a child walks into the babies to be room, and the camera pans around in a circle until revealing the mother screaming like a pistof human to the child to leave…the silence pause makes the scene stand out……AND THEM she drops to the floor and keeps scratching the floor with a knife crating creaking sounds completely destroying the scene.

  • Found Footage needs to stop, but only for American-made movies. Rec is AMAZING, but Quarantine is garbage. It seems like foreign movies handle it better than we do.

  • The answer is yes

  • its not my favorite brand of film making the shaky cam makes me feels sick this is a controversial statment but i feel cloverfield would have been a better movie if it wasnt found footage

  • Wait, where you saying that Frozen (2010), Unfriended and The Visit where good movies?

    Okay then.

  • I would think that movies like Chernobyl diaries and Area 51 are good examples of Found Footage movies done right. Suspenseful and well done.

  • Every one of your 'can (this) ruin a film?'….end up being you giving negative criticism, yet saying it can work if done correctly and done well….for literally every one of these types of videos you do. So why not just call them, 'The good and bad of (this type of movie)'….then it wouldn't be misleading. And yes, despite anyone's arguments it is misleading.

  • I guess I have bad taste cuz I really like the paranormal activity movies…

  • *when he purposely opens the briefcase

  • The Blair witch project is boring as shit


  • I liked both Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity.

    What I don’t like are the obvious cashgrabs. I.e. sequels.

    I think most can agree;
    it’s better to be a part of shitty movie(and like what you’re doing), than bagging groceries at the local Pathmark.

  • 5:00 Boy, the fanbase for that movie must be really awkward now….

  • Well, a found footage film would fit a slender man movie

  • i LOVE DOUG AND. ROB MALCOLM. AND TAMARA!❤❤❤❤😆😆😆HILARITY, so glad im not the only living cartoon out here! K.I. THEE UNDERTAKER look me up Doug ! PLZ ! LOL

  • Chronical and cloverfield are my 2 favorite FF movies

  • F*ck you entertainment I don't have to see!

  • I tried watching Paranormal Activity with some friends, it was soooo boring. Who gets scared by a door opening by itself in the night or moving sheets? I nearly fell asleep. The acting was so bad it was cringeworthy.
    The only good found footage movie I've seen was Chronicle, though I think it would have worked better without the found footage style, as constantly needing to have cameras floating about felt silly.

  • Ironically, I think the found footage genre kind of died out not long after this aired.

    …Now we're back to old hat Slasher Films and Demonic Possession.

  • 8:48 It’s only bullshit because the guy gets saved in the end. Seriously it’s the same situation with Devil why do you hate the idea of people getting born again in movies?

  • you should review the Rec series

    it's a very underrated film series

  • While I agreed with most of the points that you made in regards to found footage films in general were well founded, I also personally think that your calling The Visit good really inadvertently detracted from the respective validities of many of your points.

  • I’ve only seen one found footage film which was Cloverfield and I loved it

  • when i was in school.
    some people and kids actually believed this was real FOUND footage.

  • I can't watch it. I got motion sickness too severe. Whenever i see a movie and i kinda want to watch it. Then i have to go to the bathroom later feeling so dizzy i regret every decision of ever doing it. much as i want to watch some of it i can't.

  • Who else read the paper in the beginning

  • And today we have… 3 movies? that all take place on Computers :O

  • Rec was probabbly one of the best found footage films, it's a spanish horror movie and its incredibbly scary

  • End of Watch was good. It all depends on how it’s done

  • All Blair Witch did was give me a stiff neck. I think it's time for found footage to get lost. If your movie looks worst than something posted here its time to bury it.

  • I just had a idea for a horror movie
    The whole movie is about a teen who is super paranoid and scared about everything at night and sees and hears things and is always tenis and then it gets worse and worse and we have to pick if its really a ghost or a demon or is the guy just freaking out and losing it becoming more and more paranoid and scared throigh out the movie

  • He's got a David pumpkins outfit

  • Does anyone know the instrumental used during the video? He used it in the happening review as well

  • Actually, this video reminds me to ask, how about you review Unfriended after Christmas? I HATE the movie, and I think you could get quite a few jokes from it.

  • I know it's 2018, but personally, I enjoy hand-held horror. Aside the motion sickness, it just seems interesting to me.
    Now when you beat a dead horse and never come up with anything remotely original, that's lame. :/

  • I feel like Dracula would work best as a Found Footage film, the book was a collection of journal entries, after all.

  • I wanna bring up this little movie called “never hike alone” which is a Friday the 13th fan movie about a hiker coming across Jason, it is half found footage and half BRILLIANT acting and I hope the guy who made this film makes another, now I like the found footage movies cause it makes me feel I’m the one with the camera, and unfriended is a perfect example, btw don’t go see the downgrading paranormal activity films they get entertaining then enter what the fuck is this territory

  • It's not done. If you take the time you'll find some really good gems. Grave encounters hell house llc and the houses October built. There's sequels to them but the only 1 worth watching is hell house llc 2. Not as great as the first but still good. Troll hunter is good and different and nori: the curse is a fantastic Japanese found footage film.

  • I LOVE the Last Exorcism…until the last 10 minutes

  • Nooooo!!!

  • Have yet to ever watch Blair Witch Project always look stupid still does

  • You’re right the found footage film has been done before Blair witch,the first one ever was a horrible(as in murdering animals horrible) movie called cannibal holocaust

  • Make a review of Unfriended. Pretty please.

  • The Last Exorcism was brilliant.

  • 6:50 Unfriended is a giant hunk of shit. I’m sorry Doug but It’s just bad.
    7:21 Oh and this failed abortion. Doug I like your videos a lot but THIS is what you use to defend found footage? This is one of the most cheesy, lazy, dumb, unfunny and annoying pieces of shit I’ve seen in my life. And I think it’s the worst M. Night movie (That And Glass). There’s not a single good thing about it apart from the fact it did indeed END.

  • Blur which sucks

  • Found footage would work best with H.P Lovecraft style storytelling. Don't tell me what it is, don't show me what it is, imply what it is. Let my sick imagination run wild and I'll scare the shit out of myself. Also, less shaky cam, please. I know that it may decrease realism, but Im willing to sacrifice that for a better watching experience.

  • My favorite found footage movie is Lunpolis

  • I'm so tired that just watching a video talking about horror movies alone is making me scared.

  • pause at 0:49
    Edit: And yeah, this style of film is really lame. It looks like some director just said "who needs to spend about $1,000 on all this camera equipment? Just use an iPhone held by someone who recently used a medication that makes them super jittery!"
    It just looks ugly.

  • I loved chronicle it was a amazing movie though

  • "Fuck you entertainment I don't have to see!" LOL.

  • In my opinion, found footage is a great movie style because of that touch of realism.

  • There needs to be newer ones

  • What I never have seen and always wanted was a scary movie based around a squat of soldiers doing investigation on a secret mission with supernatural elements.
    Maybe a secret weapon, or a phenomenon that the government is trying to understand.
    Whatever it is the how movie is shot through the cameras in their helmets and as they get deeper we grow closer to the characters and the same time we unravel the mystery with them.

  • And Quarantine and Rec

  • VHS did "found footage" in a weird anthology way that actually worked for me. Other than that I have hated found footage since like fucking blair witch
    with vhs it was like "oh didn't like that lil story? here is another by another creator" and it kinda made me miss that kind of format. It even gave a reason for the cam to be out and not just "dad got a new cam he wants to film 24/7" it was "we are on vacation" or "I opened an alt-dimension and need proof of my discovery" or "I am a douche that wants to be an asshole and fuck girls with a glasses cam"

  • The whole point of the found footage was to make it seem like a real event was captured by some poor soul(s), but once you realize that is never and can never be the case…then why would anyone want to put up with bad lighting, bad sound, bad camera handling, no framing, no cinema photography at all….all to not support weak story telling. It was a good idea once, a movie that a surprising number of people that was real. It cost nothing to make and made mad money. High profits on a low budget and no skills is the reason why studios make the movies. That part I understand. The reason why some people like those movies is confusing.

  • At the end of the day, Found Footage is just a creative choice for presenting a movie, much like animation. But, all creative decisions, it needs to be used correctly and for the right projects to be really effective.

  • Chronicle is my only favorite found footage movie. It was genuinely good with good characters and writing and story. Actors did great. It may just be my unpopular opinion, but I really liked it and thought it was a good movie.

  • First found footage I remember was in the 1995 movie Strange Days. It was just a short bit – basically the McGuffin for the movie – but I had to RUN for the toilet, because it made me so sick. For years, I avoided all FF. I did finally learn that dramamine and motion sickness braclets could help, and I saw a few of them after that, but Chronicle is the only one I really thought was worth it.

  • Everything about this video is great, it's well thought out, and a great exploration of something people were totally dismissing at the time (and that is sadly kinda gone by now) only one problem, one pretty big problem, he uses unfriended as an example. That's the whole problem, no seriously, it is one of the worst films in this whole genre, like good god what a fucking abomination. I mean he mentions unbelievably making the film fall apart, and that is the fucking apex of it. What he said about it is what it SHOULD have been, and I know why he used it because IF it had worked it would have been a perfect example, because, yeah, it is an amazing idea, but it failed hard.
    Also he references Frozen, and it's also just fucking awful.

  • Who gets motion sick from a camera jiggling about? I mean sure it can get annoying, but actually physically ill? I'd see a doctor about that before I complain about the movie.

  • YES.Yes it should. Never should have started. Someone go back in time and take the Blair Witch people's camera…

  • Cannibal Holocaust is the true Hand held found footage film that got popular world wide

  • Why people are getting sick?sequels.repetitiveness.
    just imagine a good movie like Pulp was awesome.but what if they made,2,3,4 etc?it would wear thin real fast.same here.Blair Witch project was a great movie but we didn't need sequels of it.

  • The Visit and Chronicle are two of my favorite movies

  • The only found footage i absolutely love is marble hornets

  • I just think cloverfield is good. Not just the movie, its the story. VERY confusing.

  • Cannibal Holocaust, the first found footage film, is still the best one. Best writing, best use of the found footage, and most importantly, a movie that is simultaneously pure exploitation, and one of the most pretentious movies of all time.

  • FoundFootage should be done without any effects , i feel like if you wanna make a found footage look like a vhs , record on an actual vhs without any CGI effects.

  • Chronicle is the best found footage film and I will die on that stance

  • Check out the movie 21 days free on tubi

  • You make every scary movie a funny movie

  • There's rules to found footage movies, which end up with most people break them after they decide its too monotonous. Its been nice to see a few films work somewhat.

  • Found footage is good for args like Marble Horents, the West records, etc

  • The only FF movies I like are: The Blair Witch Project (and its mockumentaries) and Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

  • No mention of the original found footage horror? No, not Blair Witch, Cannibal Holocaust.

  • The Main Reason Why I Don’t Like The Ghostfacers in Supernatural’s Because of Ed,&,Harry,The Secondary Reason’s The Found Footage Aspect of Those Episodes

  • i was with you until you talked about Unfriended in a positive light

  • Film makers should do an anthology style FF horror film where it’s jumping around to different cameras at different points of an event. Leaving the audience to piece together what’s happening. Like the video game “Return of the Obra Dinn”

  • Chronicle was good

  • nostalgaween is my favourite season c:

  • paranormal activity 2 is the peek of the series

  • 0:12. Damn, I'm trying to start the first Dark Tower book.

  • Th visit sucks asss

  • 0:53 Guess What I Just Saw A Trailer For?

  • Personally, I really like found footage films! I think it is a great way to make the movie seem more real!

    (Please don't hate me!)

  • The scariest found footage movie is surfs up.

  • Now there’s ‘screen capture’ like the 2 ‘Unfriended’ films & ‘Searching’

  • There shoukd be a found footage drama film, about a prisoner or hostage.

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