SHAREit V6: 2019 South Dakota Training 1/3

we’re back after that short interruption
so so there are some changes like I said they’re mostly displayed visual your
basic workflow hasn’t changed now there are some great back-end changes that do
play into basically your search and results we’re going to talk about some
of those the other thing I want to mention though too is that your URL to
access the system is going to change right now it’s the big long one along
the top you don’t need to write this down for two reasons number one I
learned last week that the new one actually may change
I don’t think it will at this point but um you know where it says home right
here they said they may not need to use the word home so they might be able to
make it even shorter but so I’m not sure about that but the other reason you
don’t need to write it down is that after South Dakota moves to the new
version we’ll do an automatically redirect for six months all right so even if you
didn’t know that you were moving to new version and you came in and logged into
the system it would go to the correct place and give you the diversion the
other thing I want to mention before I go much further is if you have any
questions as I’m talking about anything feel free to ask ok it’s always better
to ask a question never we wrapped that topic if you think of something later I
want to ask that’s fine ask it later but if you have it now feel
free to ask so some of the technical improvements that I mentioned first of
all when it comes to security right now transactions and things are all secured
in the current v5 version 5 but going forward with version 6
everything will be encrypted whether it is you know at rest on a server or
whether it’s in transit a transaction is happening and data is moving over the
internet everything is encrypted and secured the other nice improvement is
when it comes to sessions is that you’ll be able to log into multiple sections in
the same browser right now if you try to have six tabs open I can Chrome and do
different things it really can’t and thinks you’re working in the same session and it’ll get sort of confused alright
in version 6 you’ll be able to let’s say you’re working in the request to manager
and somebody comes up to the desk and you want to look something up for them
you can open up the new tab and go ahead and do that and then go back to the
request manager and you’re where you work okay one thing about that is like
when you open a new tab you are going to have to log in again because it’s a
brand new session alright so that’s a nice thing so you’ll be able to do
multiple activities within the same browser now you can do that but within
different browsers usually so that’s a helpful one I think I mention the cool
new search engine one thing on this slide that’s new is that now it will be
incorporating like rooting and stemming so if you search for a word like house
your results will include things like houses housing household you know
anything that has house like that type the head now when you start typing and
it starts giving you a list of suggestions it can still do that but now
they’ll be divided by index so it’ll start giving you an author some
suggestions title title series subject whatever is appropriate for what you’re
typing one thing to be aware of whenever you’re seeing those type of has
suggestions is that those suggestions are coming from the South Dakota union
catalog okay because that is the only data that the system has access to at
that point now I know the South Dakota you’re what we call a hybrid system and
so there’s a union catalog but most of the libraries are accessed as virtual
targets using z39.50 alright that’s going to see that whole list of
libraries so whenever you’re getting the type aheads you know suggestions it
can only look at what’s in the union catalog until you do the search it
hasn’t gone out to find things in those virtual libraries alright so you know
your your results may be different from what you actually see when you’re
typing the other nice thing is that you’re able to search as a guest meaning you haven’t logged in yet okay but you can
perform a search you’d have your results on the screen and then you realize oh I
wanted to place a request on this but I totally forgot to log in now in
version 5 you can log in but you have to do your search again in version 6 could
do your search log in and it retains your search it may update the results
based upon what targets have been selected for you once you’re logged in
but your search should be retained and you’ll have is also an indexing itself
overall has been improved it’s much more targeted it’s easier for our staff to
add new indexes or fastest if they’re needed for you that’s admin when it
comes to your search results there’s a lot of things you can set in UX admin
that we’ll look at as to how you can change how the search works and other
results display on the screen right now if you’re viewing you do your search for
you look at your results they’re gonna be either and clustered or merged
clustered means is looking at the title and the author merged is looking at the
title author publisher and think to group records together that has to be
set now on the back end you know in the staff side in version 6 you have an
option that you can actually put a selector button right on the results
screen so that you can let people change on the fly
you know they get their results and they want to look at them differently they
can do that I’ll show you how you how you can do that and you can also make it
on or off for staff different than from everybody else patrons are guests okay
and I’ll show you that don’t worry but sort of place little benefit I think and
you also have an option now to highlight your search term in the results again
that’s something that can be turned on or off for staff for patrons there’s
some new icons for requesting now you know and saving things to a list how
many people here views list okay well I’m going to show to you any how okay
because they are actually sort of nice there’s different ways we’re using them how many people let your patrons log in and place requests
okay because it is a bet you know this on the feature that patrons can use also
and whenever people let their patrons log in and place requests patrons liked
it because I might be they might you might come across a book or something
that they want to check out later or ask for later but not now so they can keep a
list running of things they might want to look at in the future
but you have to be able to you know you have to be logged in to be able to do
that let’s see facets that’s what displays on the left side of the screen
after you do the search there’s more facets in the system now they’re much
more efficient and also there’s been improvement in how you can select facets
okay right now in version 5 if you wanted to look at let’s say you’re
looking at the format’s and there’s some some DVDs and there’s some blu-rays
and you wanted to see what was available in both but right now you can click DVD
and see what DVDs there are but then if you select blu-ray all the DVDs
disappear and you’re only looking at the blu-ray results in version 6 if you
select one format and you look and you can add a format and it’s going to
display both on a screen so what it’s doing is it’s using or between those I
don’t know those types so it’ll you know if you select format and then DVD or a
blu-ray to get both it still uses in between different facets so if you
select a subject and a format you know your results will include that’s things
that have that subject and are in a particular format now there is a new
facet for awards I’ll show you that and that is looking at the mark 586 and we
only have we don’t have every award in the world listed there because there’s
an awful lot out there but all of the big ones are there
you know Nobel, Pulitzer, Caldecott, Newberry, Booker
there’s more like you know Academy awards even things like that are all
listed there right now we don’t have any local or statewide awards there we are
hoping some point down the road we can add those which would be really nice if
there is text right now in the 586 you know let’s say it’s a South Dakota award
it won’t be listed as such in the facet but there is a item for other so that
you know anything with text that doesn’t meet one of the current awards is that
we’re going to display that other category also when you’re doing your
searching right look what the system does is if you put in two words or more
in the search box what it does is it automatically inserts the “and” between them so if you type in any White, Betty it’s gonna look for anything with
white and Betty Betty and White okay if there is nothing for Betty White in
there currently you’re going to just get there’s no results okay you might get
suggestions or something in version 6 it’ll say well there’s nothing with
white me and Betty so let’s look for a white or Betty so it’s come to try and
give you some results hoping that you might be able to find something close to
what you’re looking for okay and I’ll show you how that on zero results work
too because you’ll still get on did you mean options but it’s really easy now to
add customized text so if there are no results you may want to direct people to
a let’s say you have a page already on for your local catalog you know
searching tips okay you can say can’t find your results check our help page
something like that if you have a chat with a librarian feature in this state
you might want to direct people there depending on what they’re looking for so
it’s really easy to add that when it comes to the full record display there
haven’t been any major changes here all the elements are the same what you
currently see when you’re looking cool record you’ll see in version 6 the
big changes the functions that are currently listed on the right side of
the bib information we’re gonna be listed on the left side some of the
changes that they made were to make the whole system work tablet and phone
friendly because things like that they would admit when the screen starts
minimizing it starts looking to the left side more than the right side
so thouse functions are better off over on the left that’s what the developers told
me at least when you’re placing a request you know again the actual
process of place to your request hasn’t changed there’s a new icon to request
something but the whole process will be the same the form itself is going to
look different though it displays differently on the screen and it’s much
easier now to configure the request form if you wanted to make some changes to it
and I’ll show you how to do that whenever we get to the UX admin part
there is a nice change if you do want a copy request how many people place multi
copy request for book clubs and things okay
so right now whenever you do a multi copy request now the whole process
hasn’t changed alright the change is that right now
when you do a multi copy request the number of copies needed defaults to one
so if you forget to change that guess what so I’m multi copy request right in
version six that field is going to be blank and it’s going to be required so
if you forget to put a number in there it’s going to tell you you know that
that field is required and so you’d have to do something about that
apparently that’s not uncommon for people to forget to change that one to
something else you’re rushing around so the advanced search we’ll take a look at
this on the advanced search has a nice feature now in which with record counts
are immediately visible on the screen and that’s for the total number of
records and the total number was in each filter like format language that type of
thing the important thing to realize about those numbers
is that again they’re only looking at the union database because that’s the
only thing that there’s access to at the moment all right you can still use
advanced search if you wanted to do a very detailed search and if you want you
know you can do that and select specific targets to search so it’s still workable
that way and it’s still workable for you have searching the Z targets but those
numbers are only looking at the Union database there are some changes to the
staff dashboard mostly display things we’ve rearranged some things in the ILL
admin menu there’s a new left panel navigation that’s sort of nice to move
between staff screens yes oh look at that and how many people use what’s
currently called the Quick Menu you do okay
the Quick Menu is sort of nice it’s an easy way to get to staff functions
without having to go to the staff dashboard it’s okay the big change there
is that they’re now called Quick Links rather than a quick menu and it’s much
easier though to add things and to edit your quick menu so we’ll look at that
silly when it comes to your account you’re listed in the search history the
biggest changes or just in the display how it looks how many people – better
ask how many people use lists nobody does you have to do it but nobody ok
we’re still gonna look at them all and then we are going to look at you at the
UX admin because like I said this is where you can really set the defaults
for what people will see and how searches behave whenever they’re doing a
search and looking at their results and you can make a dip that might have said
if your staff or patrons so you can make things maybe a little bit simpler for
your patrons when they look at the results screen but have more options
there or staff if you’d like you might want to have highlighting on for patrons
but offer staff so whatever is gonna work for you so we’ll look at those
things in UX admin we’ll look at some of the design features having your you want
to put a logo in the upper left rather than just
library’s name is anybody done that put a logo or change that text up there yeah
you guys happy I did yesterday a couple people had it it’s really easy to do see
my mind put your library’s logo up there rather than just your name so we’ll take
a look bad um and they might change the color you know the little bar across
the top okay you can do that too so we’ll take a look at that we’ll look at creating pages is anybody created a
new page ? no okay most of you most people haven’t it yet yeah
I don’t well the thing is most people haven’t and South Dakota has a nice
homepage that’s really nice because if people go into a different library but
they’re looking at the system they know where they are okay but you can actually
create a new page that would show as a link across the top you know it says
like stop dashboard search history well if you’re not logged in it doesn’t say
stop dashboard but you can create a page up there so some places people
create things on you might create one called for your patrons called ILL
policies so that they’re right there in his system okay you can click on it to
see them one of the trainings I did one of the women said that it’s really
difficult for her because she’s the primary ILL person but anytime she
takes time off other people cover for her and sometimes they do things the
wrong way or something’s not followed through correctly it says she leaves a
little post-it notes and a little pieces of paper all over on how to do things
she realized that she could create a page that’s only visible to staff not to
patrons okay only visible to staff with her ILL workflow you know little things
for people to remember so if they have to cover for her but she’s away he’s
right in the system they don’t have to look for little notice or remember
anything it’s right there so you know different ways of doing pages things
like that and then there’s just a couple squeeze here which we’re gonna look at
on actually doing the pages okay any questions or anything before we get into
the demo part
[D: You’re talking about the flashing, right? ]
I’m going to talk about that but that’s a visual I wait till we get to see that
[D: So many people are going to love you guys for that. ]
I know. Everybody already loves us [D: That’s true – but even more]
Even more!
[NINA] I just wanted to say about the home page [NINA] we discussed this yesterday at our training in Rapid City and when we get migrated to version 6 what I’m going to do is I’m
going to create a new homepage because I have to kind of tweak what we have right
now and I’m gonna put it out globally just like it is now but if you decide
that you want your very own homepage that’s not a problem you’ll be able to
create that just let me know and then I will take you off the global list so you
can have your very own migration for SHAREit but I just want to give
everybody something to get started yet just like we did when we first got SHAREit
yeah thanks for bringing that up the other thing about the page is that the
way we’re doing pages in the new system is different and so that’s why a new one
will have to be created okay but they’re so easy to do now it’s really not a big
deal but what we discovered is because they
changed how it’s done if we just tried to move this current page over there you
know to the new version things like this login button it might look pretty but it
may not work okay so there’s a certain things the way the old system does that
don’t correlate perfectly to the way the new one is so I’m people are redoing
them so that’s why that’s happening now if you have changed your color scheme
that will move over okay the big difference there is that in the current
version there’s only about I don’t know seven eight nine color places that you
can select to do different colors for things in the new version there’s me
there’s many more so they did a little script to try and match things from the
old to the new but because they’re so you know so many more now
some things aren’t matching perfectly so it’s just something to take a look at
for most people it’s not going to be an issue but it’s just something to look at
whenever we move to that version so I just wanted to show this to you this is
your current page in case you forgot what it looks like okay
and this is the new page now the top part is blue that’s our desert demo site
it’s not really it’s going to be your page but I just put a little I did this
actually I had forgotten to do this last week I guess I forgot everything so I
actually did this really quickly yesterday morning like 10 minutes before
I was walking out the door huh I didn’t do a page for them so I just like threw
this up and that’s how faster but I won’t do it that often okay so it was
pretty pretty quick and easy to do but I’m here so this color will match so
it’ll look more groups you don’t look more like this once you move to the new
version but for now we’re using this demo site so the thing about the demo
site it is a demo site it doesn’t have South Dakota’s resources here it doesn’t
have any of your settings or defaults or things so things will look a bit
different I’ll try the point out that questions that come up when people say
something like oh is that going to happen like no no this is the demo site
okay the other thing about the demo site is that it is not as up-to-date as the
production site because they can’t update it and we’re training all the
time so it’s a little bit behind so there’s a few things they’re a bit
quirky in here that they haven’t had time to fix and all point goes out to
but they’re not they’re not big things and they they do work fine in the
regular system all right just to show you you know just to be aware of that so
actually I want to go ahead and online out here okay because I don’t want to be
logged in quite yet so in the upper left we do have more SHAREit logo but that’s
where it normally it’s gonna say your library’s name but you could have your
library’s logo there if you want the next thing this is the language selector
now it was going to work the same way as this language selector does when you
click you get to change the text on the screen if you want to a different way
which but that is one of the things that does not work in the demo system you can
see I’m hovering nothing happening I click nothing happens okay so in that
little icon this is a little Chinese character and next to a capital a so um
but that is you know when you hover there it will say select language and
then here’s your search bar looks pretty much the same we have very few indexes
selected for people who are not logged into the system but whatever indexes you
currently see they’re still going to be there when we go to the system the
resource selection open is on the left now rather than sort of in the middle
and again these are not your resources in South Dakota but all of these
resources that you have here which is phenomenal
and we’ll talk about these a little bit later on to do but all of these
resources you know your defaults and things you’ll see the same information
I’m going to uncheck some of these and just leave a few catalogs open
we’ll look at the advanced search in a little bit you’re not using the kids
catalog here so you won’t see that when you move to the new system and
we’ll talk about the list you’re not using um use the guest tracking feature
no so we’ll know you know we want to talk about that little icon because I
mean there’s some certain things we have through the demo system we’re training
everybody who uses the system what is one thing that’s really nice about SHAREit
as a system is that it is super flexible and super customizable but that means
that whenever we’re demoing it there’s certain things that we’ll have oh that
you don’t use that you know but you do use this so I apologize if a little bit
differences there but we’ll be fine we’ll get through it so I’m going to
show you whenever I start typing as soon as I type in H I it starts bringing up
my type it has suggestions so I have title, title series and author if I keep
typing is going to change things because it’s always looking at the system and
then once they get down to H I ll be there’s only a couple
left that match so I can keep typing if I want just like here now where you can
select one of these options if that’s what you’re looking for so I’m doing you
know fairly elegy and my that won’t look really fast on if you noticed right up
here really quickly it said five search resources remaining did you catch that
okay I’ll show you that again in just a second I’m gonna point out a couple
things first on this and then we’ll do another search and I’ll show you exactly
where to look okay it’s went really fast this morning so but he is overall the on
screen is pretty much looking the same what we’re looking at here is the
gallery view with the results clustered so the gallery view we now have things
listed in little boxes okay so everything is a uniform size we have
highlighting turned on so my search term is highlighted all through the screen
this one’s interesting down here Appalachian reckoning a region and
showing highlighting there we have yellow line if you can see that right
under that means that hillbilly elegy is in the title it’s just not displaying on
the screen in order to make things fit nicely on the screen we’re only taking
two lines for the title and if it’s longer than that we show the ellipsis
okay this title there is no highlighting or underlining at all
but if I click on the cover to take a look at this record
we’ll see that somewhere well there it is it is in the record
alright so the highlighting follows through to the full record it’s not just
on these search results page itself I go back and take a look at this one we’ll
see Hillbilly Elegy is at the end of that title
so we’ll talk a bit more about some of the things on the screen in a minute I
want to take a look at another search so let’s do my favorite Oh typed in Harry
Potter have some on type ahead suggestions where I want you to look is
here in the upper right next to that sort box
okay five search resources remaining what’s not happening the covers are not
flickering it’s still out there searching easy targets but what we’re
doing differently from version five well first of all tell you well in version 5 the way it works is that if you have multiple resources selected so it
has to go out and search to all these different catalogs that are set up as
virtual libraries every time it gets results from one of them and brings them
back it repaints the screen so the covers are flickering
every time it hits a resource okay that’s really annoying so what we’re
doing in version 6 is as soon as we have enough results to paint the screen with
some results it can still be out there searching but that’s okay you have a
static screen and the beauty of that is that if you’re searching you know say 40
Z targets 40 libraries up there and sometimes the speed of getting your
results through some of them can vary from day to day even it’s all dependent
on the track to get the Z target everything else so sometimes some of
them are really slow currently you know you can stop the search there’s a little
stop bar in the upper left in the current system there is no stop bar in
version 6 because once not needed as results are
coming in if you see what you want on the screen you can click on it
you can request it you know you can do whatever you want with this because the
search is happening in the background that’s not affecting what was
happening at the moment if you did your search and you’re not finding what you
want or you don’t want to make sure you see all the results if there’s
additional results found after that initial screen paints yeah you can add
them or you can just ignore them if I add to the results what it does is it
refreshes the screen and it says additional results are now included in
your search results and it also said you’ve been returned to page 1 so if you
had page through in wrong page 3 and then how did the results because it has
to add results back to what’s on the screen and it has to
add results back to update all the various facets it does have to put you
back on to page one now that’s different than if I were you know I have my Harry
Potter results on the screen and I’m looking through and I’m not seeing
anything that I want and I’m looking a looking, looking, and I get up to
page three and I say oh this is the one that I want brand loyalty okay so I
click on that and go to the full record now I realize though that’s not what I
want in the current version five whenever I go back it puts me back onto
page one which isn’t super duper helpful in version 6 it puts me back to the page
they started from which is logical so still on page three so when you’re going
through results they’re looking full record and close that full record it’s
going to put you back to the page that you started from if you have been
looking through pages and then you added results it is does have to put you back
to page one because it needs to add and it results back to what’s currently on
the screen you know to update things here and like I said to update the
various facets I’m not logged in what I have here is an option to do with sorts
I have my gallery view which I’m looking at now I can switch to the list view if
I’d like what I don’t have anymore is the grid view that was the one that’s
sort of listed things like a list but all the covers were sort of in a
carousel across the top anybody use that view okay well that’s interesting
because whenever we’re working on this new version they took a look and they
can see like how many people have we don’t know who they are but they could
see how many people had grid view as their default setting so for all the
libraries out there that you share at less than one percent use that as their
default all right and I say I wasn’t a training where I mentioned that
one person did say on the less than 1% she used it so but because nobody really
uses that they decided to no longer support it so you still have your
gallery view and you still have the list view you most people how many people use gallery as a default most of you use list though so
[NINA: everybody had list view as a default so if they didn’t change it – that’s how I started]
yeah for staff yeah the patrons if you’re not logged in
its gallery
[NINA: no no, I think I did list view]
okay okay I’m sort of partial to the gallery but we’ll look at
both here so like I said this is the gallery view and we’ll ping at the
clustered setting now I’m not logged in and this are our demo library here
apparently patrons or anybody who is not logged in we don’t we did not give them
permission to change between merged and clustered okay so they don’t have that
option but they can switch just like you can now between you know now two types
of views gallery or lists so you see the list view here’s the request this item
icon which is new one thing that is different you’ll notice that when you
hover over the cover art you’re not seeing those options here to request add
to list view details they went to come to an icon for requesting anymore
clicking on either the cover art or the formats which is a link either one is
going to take you into the full record or I was like this example because it
works or in this case it takes you into the review if there’s more than one
record matching that one okay and this is another weird thing about the demo
system is that it’s duplicating some things here and I don’t know why that
was happening but it does not happen in the actual system okay
so clicking on the cover art will take you to the brief view if there’s more
than one record just like it does now in version 5
or it will take you directly into the full record so here I have all my
details to start with where to find it whatever library or libraries it’s at
and there’s a little at the bottom page this little up arrow that I’m moving
back to the top yeah and you don’t use some the more about this title is for
libraries that use things like since that they synthetic sort of content cafe
to bring in more information okay so you don’t currently have that so you won’t
see this little icon the other thing that we have set up in the demo system
is that for patrons or guess anyone who’s not a staff member they don’t have
an option to look at the mark for you so that’s something that you can turn on or
off for patrons all right sometimes people don’t have a different patrons
because those patrons don’t know what a MARC record is and it looks confusing
and why are you do concaving all this stuff that’s already on the screen so
you don’t want to show that to your patrons you don’t have to and then on
the left is the information that’s normally on the right so I’m going to go
back here back to my search results and I’m going to go ahead and login and so
here I am in my demo library so this works the same you know
there’s your drop-down list of libraries put in your your name and password your
password there we go now it says there are 12 search resources 9 search
resources remaining so I’m logged in as a staff person it’s showing me my search
term whatever I searched for but it’s doing a larger search and that’s because
for staff I have all these default settings to search so as soon as I log
in it’s going to search all of my resources even if they’re different than
what I had selected whatever I was not loved in it so I’m actually getting more
results back this time when you go ahead and add these to my results and
what we’re seeing now is this new option along the top here that says group 5 and
if you hover over the question mark it explains what that is and that that
option I told you that you can let people choose on the screen how they
want to look at the results so there’s actually three options one of
them is no grouping which means nothing is grouped together every record is
going to be listed separately clustered as I said they’re grouped together by
author and title that tends to bring together different formats because they
all have the same author and title the exception to that is DVDs so if you’re
looking at Harry Potter and all those books were made into movies the DVDs are
not going to cluster even though they have you know there’s the same thing and
that’s because DVDs do not have an author so it’s if it’s matching on those
two fields and one of them is blank you can’t do a match so the DVDs do not
cluster in that way and then author publisher and date and so it tends to
break things out by format not always because sometimes one publisher will do
the same title in different formats in the same year all right an example might
be listening library might put something out and they might put it on audiobook
CD and on an mp3 and on an e-book okay so they put them all at the same time
they’re different formats but those four elements are all going to match so they
would merge together so if we take a look we’re in list view here actually
I’m going to switch over to the gallery view real quick I think it’s more the
display you see the difference is much more clearly because here we can see
we’re clustered all these different formats are coming together if I switch
it to merged it breaks them out so books are listed separately here’s one where a
book and an e-book we’re done by the same publisher in the same year so like
I said you will see that but usually it breaks things out by formats you know I
cassettes you know the book is here somewhere – if I switch it to no
grouping each and every record is listed separately most people do not use this
one it is something though that occasionally
catalogers will use if they’re trying to you know they’re doing a very
targeted search then they might want to look at each what each on record
individually on the screen so and you can do that whether you’re in clustered
remerged you you know do a different grouping so it works either way
there’s my clustered in a list field the other thing that we had different for
patrons and staff in our demo system here is that now as a staff person I
haven’t option to save to a list you can decide whether or not patron you know
people who aren’t logged in can save to a list it’s not really helpful to save
something to a list if you’re not logged in because it’s only good for that
session so if you might want to save things to a list and then go back and
pick the one you want you know but it’s not going to stay there for you whereas
as a person who’s logged in every time you log in your list will be there a
couple other things about these search results is are facets on the left and I
have these sets so that they display in alphabetical order
I find that most helpful there is the way in UX admin that you can set them so
they’ll display in numerical order so in this case for the format the book would
be at the top because there’s over 500 of those and then it would work its way
down based upon how many items there are for that particular format but let’s
take a look at um so if I select format let’s say I look at me on audiobook
cassettes so here I have 8 results for audiobook cassettes and I also want to
see what’s available is audiobook CDs so they both had 8 so now it has 16 total
results so that’s something that you can’t currently do in version 5 version
6 allows you to do that and as we look across the top
here we can see that it shows me the fastest that I selected I can remove
either one by clicking the X or remove all of them by clicking they remove all
X if I wanted to add something else to my facets here let’s say I wanted to
probably all gonna be the same as Harry Potter let’s see they’re all in English
let’s say here’s one that says Harry Potter – so I currently have 16 results
looking for audio books CDs or audio book cassettes as soon as I add
something to it audio book cassette with that subject may be results change to
one and the audio book CDs all go away because that particular title had none
in an audio book CD so it’ll just keep updating your results based upon what
you’re selecting I remove that one and I go back and add my CDs back in and let’s
say now I want to go by date so now I have I’m looking for things with a
format of audiobook cassette or audio book CD and published between 1991 to
2000 so just a more functional way to narrow down your results any questions
on anything so far [D: the predictive searching ]
type-ahead – predictive is much more of a technical [D: Is there a limit of how many shares like I saw this you typed here does it only show there’s five and that’s it?] Yeah, it will only show five in each group
okay good point thank you I think for a second it is fun it’s funny because that
is one thing that um sort of went back to four back and forth on like what
would be the best best way to do that we realized while we didn’t want to have
that go on and on forever and ever when they could fit on the screen
[D: so we can’t change that]
No – that’s a hard-coded yeah yeah it’s funny on the system
itself is like so super customizable that everybody well I want to change
that well not everything is customizable remember too, it is only looking at your union catalog to get those suggestions but if you click
on a title or a subject or an author when it actually does the search it will
bring back results from whatever resources you’ve selected not just the
Union catalog okay so it still does a full search let me see here let’s go
ahead and place a request so I can show you what the request form looks like so
here it is it looks a bit different than it currently does but like I said all of
the elements are the same now what we’re seeing here is not your request form all
right every time I do a training I play around I changed names of fields I moved
them around I had things I delete things so what you’re seeing is not your exact
form but your form will transfer over to the new versions so some of the big
changes here number one is looks a bit different okay there’s a submit button
at the bottom and a cancel button as you scroll through just like you do now you
you’ll really only need to fill in the required fields and I’m gonna put in
main here I think I made that required yesterday branch ok I’ll put in a name
my initial because I’m lazy no demo system we made patrons email a required
field most people have it set to say like contact info you can put in any like an email or a phone number like I said that this is just our demo system so
what you see here is not what you’ll see in real life
the other thing to realize is that on that field and we look a little bit
about how to configure this all of these fields have system names that you’re
able to so this one I think actually is called
like patriotic or contacted or something like that as the system name if you
change it to email where you change its telephone number it’s not a specific
telephone number field it’s not a specific email field you know if you’re
doing something online and asked for your email and if you forget to put in
a [dot] com or the @ symbol it doesn’t accept it because it’s not a valid email
address that’s not what this is doing [D: it’s a free text]
it’s just perfect like it’s free text I could put in just a letter [D: I tell our libraries that- they are like, well do I have to put the – Technically you can put whatever you want in there. ]
yeah yeah yeah patrons last name if this is if
you’re doing a multi copy request for your book club you can put in BC for
book club patrons first name is something put in Monday we fix your
Monday book club or something okay put in whatever works for you so that does
not have to be an email so I just click the submit button I get my little ILL request confirmation pop-up just like it does now it still have the option to
print so this is one where it you know it looks a bit different but it’s going
to work the same way good go ahead and do that just click the button against I
just want to show you one other thing about this that’s different from the
current version is right now one of the fields on the form is request type and
it defaults to whatever is appropriate for the format you’re requesting alright
so if you’re requesting a book the request type is going to save it
returnable loan if you’re requesting something that is catalog as a you know
periodical magazine in a journal on a serial format like that it is going to
show you the non-returnable copy request type because they are different so in
version six that’s no longer a little drop-down now it’s two separate forms
two separate forms in version five but it just displays differently here
as a staff person you can do this in version 5 and you can do this in version
6 you’re able to switch the request type if you need to when you’re placing the
request and why would you want to do that well if you’re requesting and I
don’t want to get myself into copyright legal issues here so this is an example
for illustration only ok let’s say that album you have a book and somebody
returned it and the last page is ripped out so it’s no good to anybody else
because that’s where you find out who the killer was all right – Yeah, I read murder
mysteries so I’m be doing it by the book again so you put in a request but you
put in a borrower’s note saying Please photocopy the last page alright so you
don’t want to do that as a returnable you would want to do that as a
non-returnable you just want a photocopy right you’re not going to send it back
to them they always get that little copyright notice you would be able to
change that to a non-returnable copy request ok
the other way that you might do is if the request started out as a
non-returnable because it is a magazine but let’s say that it is a issue of
People magazine and it’s a whole special issue issue devoted to the new royal
baby okay something wants to know if they can
borrow the entire magazine well whenever you go to place that request is going to
say it’s a not on non-returnable copy request you would need to change it to a
returnable and again put in a borrower’s note saying can we please borrow the
whole magazine so there’s reason is that for staff you might want to switch back
and forth you normally you don’t need to but because it’s a different view here I
like to point it out some people apparently do that a lot
any questions on placing the request no okay check out my time here we’re doing
good let’s take a look now at the advanced search screen ok so again it
looks a bit different than the current advanced search screen but it functions
in mostly the same way the big difference is that in the
lower-right it says there’s your search button and in this case it says search
one hundred and thirty eight thousand two hundred and thirty seven records so
it knows right off the bat how many records are in this demo systems union
catalog if I click that search button right now it would three back results
for the entire unique catalog here you don’t need to enter a search term
anymore to do a search now be aware though that if you do that you’re only
going to get results from the Union catalog let me shut me off I’m going to
show you how that works in a second but so here’s our filters at the bottom
here’s your library selection that’s gonna work the same way okay we look at
formats it shows me that counts for each format in the Union catalog alright if I
were to let me see if books are like a hundred and thirty-five thousand the
majority of things I look at DVDs there’s forty three DVDs nineteen large
prints – by the way, let’s do large prints if I were to select that I’m not
entering anything as a search term this now says search nineteen records if I
click the search button now is going to bring back only those nineteen records
okay because I didn’t put in a search term so it’s only records from the Union
catalog in that case in order to search on my Z targets I need to make sure I
put in some sort of a search term just like you do now you can select your
resources or change the defaults on this screen if you want to you can uncheck
looks uncheck a whole group of them if you
want you can just put in a couple we have all kinds of you know odd things in
the system here so you can put in you know just a few a few wants as long as
you have a search term it would just search those resources so the counts are
only looking at what’s in the Union catalog one thing that’s nice about it
is that that’s say somebody comes in and they’re
looking for something in Polish you can open up the languages facet and you can
see well at least in the union catalog there’s four records all right so
if you wanted to at least give them a start on something sometimes people want
something a different language you don’t have a search term to go by they just
want something in a different language so that’s sort of a way to at least see
if you can give them a head start on something in that way the other thing
here this is new I didn’t show it to you on the left the facets but the awards
you know hope then this up here just to show you so you know here’s where some
of the records that have won awards or listed you can see these are you know
the biggies you know Faulkner and Newberry, Alcott, Academy, then there’s
that other category really got you back here and do another actually I don’t
want to do a big in search of all again I’m gonna do, oh, I’ll do Harry Potter again
oops then we’ll take a look at that on awards
festive on the left once it pops up you can see as first it wasn’t even
displaying but that but then as results came back that had an award that facet
popped up so it keeps refreshing this until it gets to our search resources
well we’ll skip that for now doesn’t matter I can still look at my words
and in this case he’s just saying yeah there’s one listed under other if I come
back up and add to my results so my additional results have been added and
take a look at my rewards now that was updated so now I could see the four won
they won the Hugo and then there’s 14 in that other category so that’s where
anything you know currently any load you know any um enough to get the full list
of the awards that are there and post that somewhere so everybody has that but
for sure you look cool or South Dakota Awards will not be listed there they
would all display and me as other so we take a look at this and now I do I can’t
look at the mark record and look at this one my god I’m 2d 586 this one has a
good feel when the Bram Stoker award in 2003 okay so that one is not in the list
of awards they’re showing up in that facet but you can still get access to it
questions every now and then you have people like to sit there and they’re
saying go back to something a little bit further back yeah
[_: Can you export records?]
Yeah in fact let’s take a look now
at let’s see here when I got back to the do you export records now do you use the
download cart or okay yeah you still have the same we’re gonna look the staff
dashboard a little bit that hasn’t changed at all the download cart is
still there it’s still gonna work there are a couple other things I want to show
you before we get into the staff dashboard piece your question reminded
me so thank you is um I didn’t want to take a look at saving things to your
list because you guys said you don’t do it but this is actually another way to
download records all right do you share do you have how many people
who your library lived in one who catalogs or can you share login or okay
because you know so whatever you’re doing that you have one download cart
okay if you wanted to have separate groups of the things you’re downloading
or if you’re both doing work or in a larger library where multiple people
might be doing it but sharing a login they can actually use lists as a way to
download records also so we’ll talk about lists for a second here first of
all if you want to save something to your list
now this save to your list icon corresponds with this your list I climb
in the upper right that little six I currently have six lists that I
created okay if I want to ask something to a list I just click say to your list
and it says add to list now if I didn’t have any created yet this whole section
set me up to choose from your list would not be there I would just have to create
a new one all right but I have some lists already so I have options here I
can add it to a list where I can create a whole new list I think this one fits
very nicely into my list list yeah my imagination guys it’s exciting so it
says I didn’t add it to the list okay that’s great
I’ve added something to an existing list the other thing I can do is I can say
say to your list and create a new list so in this case I’m gonna call it public
okay create a new list do a little plus sign
it very quickly says list out it and then it says item add it to the list
now those little black bars show up they’re called snack bars okay it’s just
telling me something happens where something was successful
if you ignore it it’ll just go away in a couple seconds you don’t have to click
OK or anything to make it go away so I just added one thing to an existing list
and I created a whole new list both of them are pretty quick to do if I take a
look at my list now we can see now that 6 is changed to a 7 because that
creative 7th list I take a look at the list what it does is on the left side it
shows you my current list tonight have a pool if I want you to create a new list
here enter in a name and then click Save but it lists all my current ones and
they’re listed in alphabetical order so my newest one is at the top rather than
at the bottom because the last one created it just puts it in alphabetical
order and the first one on the list is going to display on the right there’s
only one thing here let’s take a look at one with a few more things like my
library list so what’s new and list is that the displays have bit different the
elements are the same except the cover art did not used to
display but it does now and then you can select all to perform actions on all of
the items you can clear all you can looks like you know once I have at least
one check the buttons across the top you compact it but there’s nothing checked
they’re not active I can’t do anything with them so you have to select at least
one item and you can delete something from the list the buttons across the top
you know this will delete multiple records they’re just deleting from the
lists not from the catalogue just to delete one list you know one item you
don’t even have to highlight it you can just click the delete button next to
that title you are able to print a list just click the print button
um it’s loading the preview I’ll be honest I don’t find this particularly
helpful doesn’t want to get bigger so you can’t really see it here but um
always showing you is record one from Union catalog the title a little bit of
the dip information it’s not the most helpful thing in the world but save is
helpful because you can select the file type so you have a few options text file
tab delimited the last one is unmarked download so you can select MARC download
and click Save and in the lower left I’m using Chrome so it shows being like um
file that was created in the lower left so you can use a list in order to do a
you know to download mark records so just another option on how to do that
like I said a lot of times patrons use this if they log in because they can
keep a list of things they might want to read or borrow in the future I used to
use one personally years ago because I did cataloging so I would get all the
new books and I was like keep track of which ones I wanted to read I was
talking with a children’s library about this and she said that’s um but
she’s working at the CIRC desk – she doesn’t have access to her stuff in her children’s
room and lots of times somebody will check something out or ask her by the
book will see something she’s like oh this would be really good to do for
storytime so she wouldn’t be I used to rain herself little notes well now she
realized she just keeps his storytime list so she just adds things directly to
the list so wherever she is she can do that and
still access them when she’s back at her in her children’s room so there’s
different ways of using lists just want to make sure that I pointed them out so
you would know that they’re there look look at the search history because this
has changed currently it displays like across the
top of the screen I believe now it’s always going to display on the Left I
have 17 of 30 things in my search history memory can I’ll show you your
account you can say how many you want to save at a time in your search history
and then the information about the search is on the left so my search term
is Harry Potter I did all headings then it lists all of my resources that I
selected I need to ask now that they can make something you make search term
search index resources bold or something to set this off a bit because right now
it all sort of runs together but it’s the same info that in currently have
again just like you can currently do if you click the search button it’s just
going to rerun that search that you’ve had originally done if you click the
modify button it’s going to take you into the advanced search screen with
your original search term selected so you don’t have to modify this to do a
new search if you look at the more details button it just gives you a few
more details so if you had if this had been an advanced search or you had done
different phrases or select a different formats on advanced search or something
it would list all that information here so that you would know
exactly what it was you had done the original search on or how you had
conducted that original search the search history number of things to save
is found in your accounts in your preferences this really hasn’t changed
from the current version again the display is a bit different
but here’s where you say how many searches to save in your search history
so as you can see it hasn’t changed at all if you only want to save 10 that’s
fine just say 10 says they’ve been saved okay so now I’m gonna save 10 things in
my search history the other thing we’re going to talk about we’re going to look
at the staff dashboard now and you are able to say what you want to have is
your primary staff menu right now in version 5 the first menu on the left is
always the quick menu and then in the rest sort of follow suit after that in
version 6 the first menu is to staff dashboard and then you decide in your
preferences what you want I mean the first menu is the Quick Links and then
you decide what you want to have as your first menu next to that and that one
will always be open when you can first go to this page so here’s the staff
dashboard what you’re seeing here may not be exactly what you see when you log
in because it depends on what permissions you’re logging in with and
everything just to point out a few of the changes the first one is currently
there’s a great big box here in the center to search the staff dashboard
that’s been moved to the upper left there’s a toggle menu button on the
right in which you can open or close all of the menus if I wanted to do and each
individual menu has the same toggle option to open and close things if I
wanted to search something in the staff dashboard as soon as I type a P it
narrows things down so things are going in P and a a T is only going to show me
things now this that have PA t so in this case it’s all my patron and for me
so if you’re looking for you know patrons something about patrons or
something else it’ll keep narrowing the results down
for you one thing to be aware of is on these search box itself there at least
currently is not a clear button or an X or anything to get rid of what you’ve
typed in there you can always go ahead and highlight and hit the Delete key you
can also just click the magnifying glass again and if you can see that the little
text says clear search so that will clear your search outs and revert back to the
full staff – boring I quit that I cursed me and I don’t use the search function
so I figure everything I’m looking at is on the screen or whatever I’m trying to
find but some people use it a lot one of my co-workers always uses it to find
what she’s looking for here so I know that it is used so a few changes here
we’ll talk about these changes and then we’re going to take a little morning
break but I’m going to finish the staff dashboard part first so here’s the Quick
Links I’ll show you that in just a minute here’s the iol admin menu and
there are a few changes to this menu the first one is that currently the
participant record is called maintain participant record what we tried to do
with a staff dashboard is to clean it up the bits okay the big thing is that in
version 6 were not underlining everything that’s a link that makes for
a really busy screen now the underlying only appears whenever you hover over
something to show you that it’s a link so we try to clean it up the base so
rather than saying maintain participant record it just says participant record
rather say maintain shipping labels and maintain book straps what you’re doing
is printing them so it just says print how many people use shipping labels book
stress book straps one person a pack the functionality of both of them hasn’t
changed okay except it now says print book straps which makes more sense the
other thing that changed on the ILL admin menu is that all of the configuration options are now in their own little sub menu
called configuration there’s no longer a menu called documentation the new menu
is called support because the current documentation menu contains more than
just documentation like crit stuff there’s videos and links to things and
so what we’ve done is we’ve changed that to support and there’s a section for
user guides and videos and we’re still listing all of our products here not
just the one you’re currently using and people often ask what why’d you do that
why can I just see just the sheriff’s stuff this because we have lots to cover
as we use multiple products from us and they’d like to be able to access things
from wherever they happen to be all right so this makes it easy but now if
you click on the user guides and videos link takes you into a big chart that
lists all the products and versions and you have to go through the lines and
find what you’re looking for in version 6 you’ll be able to just click on the
sharing button and it’ll lift any documentation any training videos
anything that has to do with share it will be listed on that page it’s not
done in the demo system code I can’t show you show it to you but it’s coming
ok I don’t that though that menu the other still the release notes and
bulletins downloads things like that so that hasn’t changed but you’ll be able
to access your share specific information much easier and note about
documentation now the other thing is that the new documentation will be
available in HTML plus PDF so it’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for
on the screen the thing I mentioned about documentation is that I know that
South Dakota does have documentation posted in life by binder okay that’s
always the place to start not to anything against the audio graphics
produce documentation but your South Dakota documentation
specific to how your do things set up here okay whenever you look at our
documentation it has to cover every possibility of a very flexible
customizable system so you may come across things that aren’t set up the way
you use them or features or options that you don’t have alright so just be aware
of that there’s a lot more than Styles tell people start with your local
documentation and then if you want you know of course you’re always welcome we
have it here for you to use and benefit from so don’t hesitate to use it just be
aware that when you come across some things that may not be the way your
setup is so we are now going to take a little break and then we come back we’re
going to look at we’re going to stay on the staff dashboard and look at the
Quick Links and look at the configure request form

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