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Make him a villain or a comedian. ‘I have stopped your carts.’ ‘If any of you are brave..’ ‘..then try to move your cart.’ ‘Don’t you understand?’ He can also act as a
fantastic character actor. ‘May you be happy! May you be happy!
May you be happy!’ Shakti Kapoor has done
all sorts of roles. ‘What was my grandfather’s name?
– Veena Muralikrishna.’ ‘My dad’s name?
– Mridung Muralikrishna.’ ‘What’s my name?’ ‘Sir, what’s wrong with you?
You forgot your name?’ His real name is Sunil Kapoor. He was born in New Delhi. Sunil Kapoor used to live
in the Karol Baug area. How did Sunil Kapoor
become Shakti Kapoor.. ..and earn so much
accolades as an actor? Let’s take a look at that. He was born on
3rd September, 1952 in Delhi. His parents had 4 kids and
he was the second one. His dad had a tailoring shop
at Connaught place in New Delhi. His dad’s name was
Sikandar Lal Kapoor. His mom was a housewife and
her name was Sushila Kapoor. Shakti Kapoor was in to
mischief since his childhood. He was thrown out of three schools. Holy Child, Frank Anthony Public
School and Salwan Public School. He was usually caught in tiffs
that happened in the school. He used to be thrown
out for bad behaviour. ‘You got me beaten up in everyone’s
presence. I won’t spare you.’ ‘Your punishment isn’t over yet.’ ‘Your wrong actions are
increasing day by day.’ ‘If you happen to get married and
settle within a month then its okay.’ ‘Else you will be thrown
out of the village.’ His dad wanted him to
join the family business. But Shakti Kapoor wanted
to start a travel agency. That’s the reason they
never got along well. None of them knew at that
point that in the near future.. ..Shakti Kapoor would
become a fantastic actor. ‘Try to remember the stories
written in the past.’ ‘Brahaspati’s wife ran
away with Chand.’ ‘Chand used to come to
learn from Brahaspati.’ ‘Don’t they consider
her to be pure?’ ‘Eliya who stumbled upon Lord Rama’s
feet and transformed in to a human.’ ‘Everyone knows about her.
Don’t they consider her pure?’ ‘Who dares to say that Draupadi
who had 5 husbands was not pure?’ ‘That’s why I am saying that you
should run away with Murali.’ Shakti graduated from
Kirorimal College, Delhi University. He was interested in
cricket since childhood. He got admitted in the
college because of cricket. He got involved with the girlfriend of
the captain of the college cricket team. This led to a huge problem. Finally, Shakti Kapoor left the
girl as well as playing cricket. Slowly, he started
getting in to modelling. ‘Narad, we are unable to
grab any human girl.’ ‘That’s why, this flute, this crown
and the peacock feather on it..’ ‘..are the things I am wearing and acting
as Lord Krishna, I might get some girl.’ ‘You are great, my Lord.
You are great.’ ‘She is coming.’ A ‘paan’ seller named Vishnu
used to stay in Karol Baug. He insisted that Shakti Kapoor
should get in to acting. He had placed his poster
on his shop as well. Slowly, Shakti Kapoor
was visible as a model. Along with some friends.. ..he filled the form of the Film
and Television Institute, Pune. He prepared with his friends.
All his friends failed. But Shakti Kapoor got selected. ‘When I came to you with the intension
of getting married to your daughter..’ ‘ had said that you daughter is
like a diamond and I am a pebble.’ ‘Now take a look. Your daughter
is running away with someone.’ In the morning, you
will understand whether.. ..your daughter is a
diamond or a pebble. When he reached FTII,
he was ragged. And the one who ragged him was none
other than Mithun Chakraborty. Later, they became friends. But even now his name
was Sunil Kapoor. His name wasn’t Shakti Kapoor. He got work because
of a road accident. One day, he was driving a car.. ..and that’s when a Mercedes
car banged in to his car. He came out and asked
for money for his loss. And the one who came out of the
Mercedes was none other than.. ..Feroz Khan. That’s how that accident turned out
to be the first step to acting. Feroz Khan didn’t
forget the accident. He told his friends that his car
banged in to a car with a strange guy. He said that the guy should work as
a villian in the film ‘Qurbani’. Because of his role in ‘Qurbani’,
he became a star within no time. The story as to how his name changed
to Shakti Kapoor is interesting. Sunil Dutt had casted him as a
villian in his film ‘Rocky’. This was Sanjay Dutt’s debut film. That’s when he felt
that Sunil Kapoor.. ..doesn’t match the
personality of a villian. And if he keeps getting villainous
roles then the name should be strong. That’s when his name was
kept Shakti Kapoor. ‘What about your son-in-law?
He is going close to the dead body.’ ‘First, figure out how
you will stop him.’ ‘Find out how you will make
him accept your orders.’ ‘After that teach us about
your ideas and orders.’ Shakti Kapoor did not
look back after this. A lot of actors came and went back. Shakti Kapoor kept
his position safe. ‘It’s been 7 months
since we got married..’ ‘..the birth of a child
is after 9 months.’ ‘Did you already have it?’ ‘How can you have
such wrong thoughts?’ ‘Some women give birth
within 7 months.’ ‘Women can give birth
within 7 months!’ Slowly, he started doing
comedian roles as well. Who can forget Nandu
from ‘Raja Babu’? ‘Nandu is everyone’s friend.’ ‘He was appreciated for the comic
timing he had with Kader Khan.’ In the film, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’.. ..he gave a fantastic performance
as Crime Master Gogo. Talking about
Shakti Kapoor’s personal life.. ..he got married to
Shivangi Kolhapure. Because of Shakti Kapoor’s
mischievous actions.. ..Shivangi’s parents did not want.. ..her to get married
to such a person. ‘At least get me married to
your elder daughter, Janki.’ ‘So that I am happy.’ ‘My daughter Janki is a diamond.’ ‘I will never give away a
diamond to a pebble like you.’ The situation was such that
Shivangi was kept in a closed room. She was strictly not allowed
to meet Shakti Kapoor. As soon as she found a way.. ..the first thing
Shivangi Kolhapure did was.. ..that she went to Shakti Kapoor and
they got married immediately. ‘Are you listening? My wife!
– What is it?’ ‘Hey! Have you come?
– Look at what your son has done.’ ‘Today I am sure that he is my
son and not someone else’s.’ ‘He is my son and that’s for sure.’ One cannot miss out on the fact.. ..that Shakti Kapoor is
13 years elder to Shivangi. When their son Siddhant was born.. ..Shivangi’s family members
accepted them completely. Then their daughter
Shraddha was born. Shakti Kapoor was stuck in
different controversies. But he kept his career alive because
of his characters in the films. ‘You are shy. That’s good.’ ‘But in some days,
I will make you shameless.’ ‘All this is new for you, right?’ ‘But my body is
accustomed to all this.’ Siddhant Kapoor and Shraddha
Kapoor started working in films. He didn’t just play a villian
or a comedian in films. He acted as a main lead in a film. The name was ‘Zakhmee Insaan’. This film flopped after
half hour of its release. After that Shakti Kapoor decided to
play any role but the main lead. Shakti Kapoor will be known in
the Hindi Film Industry forever. To know unique stories
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