Seyoon the rich and corrupt official [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.04.05]

(The second city) (of Go Everywhere All over Korea, Jeonju) (It’s the home of good food that welcomes tourists.) (A healing spot where you can relax in the city) (at a hanok-style house) (North Jeolla Province, Jeonju) Everyone, we’re in Jeonju now. Does anyone want to take a photo? – Here. The clay jars… / – As if we’re Korean chefs. (An elegant stone lantern welcomes tourists in Jeonju.) – Take a photo in the Hanok Village. / – Take one. We must take one for the record. We must know where we went. I’ll take it from the top, so the apartments aren’t in the frame. I’ll take it from the top. Gather around. – It looks like we’re in Jeonju. / – It does, right? (Yes! We’re in Jeonju.) Great. As long as the apartments aren’t in it. Everyone will think we’re in Jeonju. By the way, it smells different from the green tea field. – Yes, right. / – I mean it. – This is… / – They made a lot of pastes here. We’re so brazen. Welcome to the land with a 1,000-year-history, Jeonju. (The second city of Go Everywhere All over Korea) – Here we are. / – Yes. – The food here is delicious. / – Yes. (The food here is delicious.) – Are you from Jeonju? / – You bet I am. (He was born in Seoul.) All right. You’ll change into a new costume before your mission. – Great. / – We got an easy one. – Our mission was an easy one. / – Right. What costume? – Look at the costumes. / – What? Jeonju is the birthplace of scholars. – Really? I didn’t know. / – Yes. The bottom of my costume will sweep the ground. The rack is as tall as DinDin. – Do we have to put them on? / – It really will. (Yes, it is as tall as DinDin.) (But he still looks cool.) – It fits you perfectly. / – This is… – My gosh, it fits you perfectly. / – It fits you. I guess this is a small one. You look like a boy scholar. You know, the boy who runs around and causes trouble? – Yes. A black sheep of the family. / – Punish him! That’s so cute. That was adorable. I didn’t know you had such a high pitch. Punish him! (A serious version of the line) – Have you been in a periodical drama? / – Yes. Which drama was that? It was “100 Days My Prince”. I played the role of a genius scholar, Jung Jae Yoon. – You were a genius? / – Yes. – Must’ve been hard for you. / – Is this how I wear it? Let’s give Seonho a gat to wear. – Let’s see how it looks on him. / – No. – “My gat look”. / – It looks pretty good on him. – It looks good on him. / – You played a genius? Yes, I was a genius and always had my hands behind my back. Can you deliver one of your lines? A line that makes you – look smart. / – Pretend that you’re a genius. (Thinking) I missed you. – That’s all a genius can say? / – Yes. I’ll stop here. – Back then… / – I can’t do it when you tease me. – All right. / – Seyoon. Lately, our traditional hat, – Right. / – gat, has been very popular aboard. – Right. / – You look nice. (Through popular historical Korean dramas,) (gats became well-known abroad.) (Actually, it’s the most popular hat among hats.) On that note, the mission you will carry out in Jeonju is called Oh, My Gat. – “Oh, My Gat”? / – “Oh, My Gat”? – Oh, my gat. / – What is it? One of the members will throw the gat. And the other member has to catch the gat on his head. – Come on. / – That’s so easy. – Oh, my gat. / – This is too narrow. You can’t suddenly ask us to become a circus troupe. – We need to practice. / – It’s so easy. – This is too narrow. / – Drinking tea was easy. – What is this? / – We can’t do this. We won’t make you do it right away. You’ll wear the wig for the topknot… – and practice three times. / – Three times. – Three times? / – Really? – They can practice that many times. / – That’s a lot. We didn’t practice at all when we picked out the tea. – We could’ve taken a sip. / – Then what about us? – I think it’s unfair. / – We couldn’t even smell it. – How dare you! / – Make them be quiet! – We should’ve had sipped one. / – Hey, did you see? (The topknot wig for the game is brought in.) Seyoon, you look cool. You look rich. – He really looks like a rich guy. / – Right? He looks corrupt. You look so rich. – He looks like a corrupt official. / – A corrupt one. Bring me the table! (Acting enthusiastically) Leave it and get out! (Possessed by a corrupt official) (in the late Joseon Dynasty) – It suits him so well. / – He ate a lot. He should be in a children’s historical drama. He’s so good! He’s a genius actor. I’ll be waiting for your offer of a historical drama, KBS.

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