Sex History Documentary: Sex Ancient Greece

In this sex history documentary
you shall discover facts about the history of sex in Greece. Information and photographs of a sexual or
violent nature, recorded by history, are presented here. Zeus – immortal, severely morally challenged,
lustful, bored. The god is recorded raping or tricking mortals
and goddesses alike into sleeping with him. Here are some of the most famous victims. Hera – his sister – refused his proposal. He then created a massive thunderstorm, killed
many animals, posed as a cuckoo , Hera saved him, then he took her more or less by force. She was ashamed and married him afterwards. Antiope – daughter of a Theban king – taken
by force by Zeus in the form of a satyr. Leaving her to be raped again by a mortal. By time she was released she gave birth to
two sons by the god and the mortal. Europa – Phoenician princess – tricked to
pet and mount Zeus, who took the form of a great bull. Taken by force to the island of Crete. Showered with fantastical gifts and the island
itself. May have been a sexual exchange. Io – of Argos – virgin priestess to Hera – Refused
Zeus – cursed and un-cursed multiple times by the god and his wife. Recorded as giving birth to two children of
Zeus after evading him all this time. Leda – Aetolian princess – saved a swan Zeus
from an eagle. He then proceeded to rape her. She is mother to Helen of Troy. Ganymede – Trojan sheepherder – he was taken
by an eagle to Zeus to be his cupbearer because of his great beauty. Rather suspicious. Hera was jealous of him. His father was compensated with horses that
carry the gods. Callisto – nymph or Arcadian princess princess
– follower of Artemis – fooled by Zeus, in the shape of Artemis, to follow him into the
woods where she was raped. Then transformed into a bear by her patron
goddess. The son that resulted from this killed her, many
years later, during a hunting party. Alcmene – descendant of Zeus by Perseus – tricked
into sex by way of taking the form of her campaigning husband. She was so good the king of the gods extended
one night into 3 days. Out of fear her husband swore to touch her
no more. She loved him greatly. After his death she married another son of
Zeus by Europa. She is mother to Hercules. Danae – princess of Argos – prophesied to
birth a son that would kill her father. Father locked her in a tower. Zeus…in the strangest way yet… transformed
into a golden shower of rain and dripped into her womb. Wow. She and her son Perseus were put in a chest
and thrown into the sea. Saved by Poseidon, Perseus murdered his grandfather
and performed heroic feats of a more sinister nature like beheading his uncle Poseidon’s
rape victim. This enabled him to allegedly used the her
defiled body to slay the sea Ketos that Poseidon unleashed in the first place against some
mortals that offended the beauty of his daughters. More WOW.

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