Seventh-day Adventist Exposed ( 7 Facts You Don’t Know about SDA )

Hi I’m pastor mark Finley and for the
last 50 years I’ve traveled the world sharing the truths of the word of God
with tens of thousands of people I’ve spoken in over a hundred countries and
written more than 70 books and today I want to share with you seven facts that
you don’t know about seventh-day Adventists. Now when you study about what
a religious faith believes it’s always wise not to go to what others say about
them, but to go to what they say about themselves for example if I want
to learn something about Hinduism or Islam or the Baptist’s or the
Presbyterians or the Catholics or any Christian faith it’s only fair to go to
the original source and find out what they believe so we’re not going to pull
myths out of the air about seventh-day adventists recently a book was written
called seventh-day adventists and believed and what we’re going to do is
look at the teachings of Adventists as outlined in this book and as I compare
them to the Word of God. Many people will be surprised to know that seventh-day
Adventists are Bible believing Christians. In fact, seventh-day
Adventists, this is fact number one, believe the Bible is the only source of
faith and practice they believe that the Bible is authoritative. They base that on
2nd Timothy chapter 3 and verse 16. It says all Scripture is given by
inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for
instruction in righteousness that the man or woman of God may be complete
thoroughly equipped for every good work. The Bible teaches that Scripture is the
very foundation of our faith. Seventh-day Adventists believe that. The Bible also
asserts that it’s inspired by God divinely inspired. In 2nd Peter chapter 1
and verse 21 the Bible puts it this way. It
says knowing this first that no prophecy is of private interpretation for
prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were
moved by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is the Living Word of God and as these
prophets spoke they revealed God’s will to humanity. Seventh-day Adventist believe
that. They don’t have an extra biblical source contrary to some what some teach
that supersedes the Bible. Seventh-day Adventists believe in the Bible and the
Bible only as their source of faith and practice this leads us to the surprising
fact number two. Seventh-day Adventist believe that there are three Co eternal
co-equal persons in the Godhead the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit
that’s based of course on Scripture itself. In Deuteronomy chapter 6 verse 4
the Bible talks about the plurality of the Godhead, in other words the Father,
Son and the Holy Spirit. In Deuteronomy 6 verse 4 the Bible puts
it this way. “Here o Israel the Lord our God is one”. Now that’s a very fascinating
passage the word for Lord there is Jehovah
so it says Jehovah our God the word for God is Elohim which is the plural form
of God and then it says the Lord is one the word one there is Akkad now I want
you to get this the word Akkad is not like the number one number two number
three that’s a different Hebrew word the word Akkad has to do with the fusion of
equals so evening and morning were the first day
two elements of time and you have the first or one day
Akkad day, for example when a husband and wife are married they become one, Akkad,
the two become one, they’re two separate and distinct beings but there’s a
oneness of mind a oneness of heart a oneness of
purpose so the Bible says the Lord Jehovah, our God plural is one that is
Akkad Jehovah in other words the Father Son and Holy Spirit are three distinct
beings that have the same purpose they have the same desire, they follow
the same plans they have different roles in the Godhead but they are united in
the salvation and the joy and the happiness of the human race and of
course the entire universe. Now when you come to the New Testament there are
repeated references to the Godhead the Bible does not use the term Trinity and
many people are confused if you try to use that word they have mistaken
understandings of it but let me look for example at second Corinthians chapter 13
verse 14. This helps us to understand a little bit about the Godhead. Many people
are surprised when they learn this startling fact about seventh-day
adventists that they are Bible believing Christians who are committed to the
authority of God’s Word that they believe in the Father the Son and the
Holy Spirit. They believe in the eternal nature of the Godhead. Here’s what the
Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 13 verse 14, it says the grace of the Lord Jesus
Christ the love of God in the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you also here
in this one passage you have the Lord Jesus Christ you have God and you have
the Holy Spirit. Remember Jesus baptism Jesus is being baptized and as Christ is
being baptized a voice comes from heaven from the father that says this is my
beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased and there at that very moment as well the
Holy Spirit comes upon Jesus so you have Jesus you have the Father speaking from
heaven and you have the Holy Spirit coming upon him the Bible says the Holy
Spirit descended like a dove you’ll find that in Matthew chapter 3. You have the
same thing at Creation. God created the heavens and the earth
Jesus was the master architect designer as God worked through His Son as really
the active agent in creation. The Bible says in Ephesians 3 verse 9 that
Christ created the heavens and the earth but in Genesis 1:1 it says that God
created the heavens and the earth how do you harmonize that. God is this overall
architect God is the master designer but he works through Jesus as the active
agent in creation Christ accomplishes that through the Holy Spirit so who
created the world the Father Son and the Holy Spirit as a unity created the world
with this common purpose. What a seventh-day Adventist believe. They
believe first the Bible is God’s Word the foundation of faith, secondly they
believe in the Eternity of the Godhead the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.
co-equal, co-eternal. Thirdly this gonna really shock you seventh-day adventists
do not believe in salvation by works they do not believe that they are saved
by what they eat or what day they keep or the external works they preform.
Seventh-day Adventists are solidly committed to the Bible teaching of
righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ they are solidly committed to the fact
that we are saved by grace and grace alone now you find that in Ephesians
chapter 2 and verse 8. Adventists do not believe that the works that we do save
us this is Ephesians chapter 2 there are many of the critics of seventh-day
Adventists that say that seventh-day Adventists are legalists, we’re going to
get to that shortly. Ephesians chapter 2 but let me be very
clear very plain Ephesians 2 verse 8 and it says this for by grace you have been
saved through faith not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works lest
anyone should boast for we are his workmanship
created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand for those
that walk in him. Seventh-day Adventists believe that we can come to Jesus that
the only thing that saves us is the death of Christ on the cross that we are
saved by His grace our faith we’re not saved by faith faith is the hand that
takes hold of the grace that saves us what is grace, grace is God’s mercy, grace
is God’s pardon, grace is God’s goodness, grace is who God is he reaches out to us
in our weakness our folly our sinfulness and He says, my child, I hung on the cross for
you, the nails through my hands were for you the blood that ran down my temples
were for you you can come you can come and find forgiveness and mercy the Bible
says without the shedding of blood Leviticus 17:11 without the shedding of
blood there is no remission why why do scriptures say that because the blood
represents the life and on the cross of Calvary Christ’s life was poured out for
you when Adam and Eve sinned they were separated from God disobeyed God guilt
filled their souls separated from God they were separated from the source of
life Jesus came to live the life that they should have believed Jesus was the
second Adam according to Romans chapter 5
Jesus is the second Adam he comes and covers the ground that Adam should have
covered he redeems our failures his perfect life in the final judgment
stands in the place of our imperfect life the Bible says in acts 4 verse 12
there is no other name under heaven whereby we might be saved except the
name of Jesus so seventh-day adventists
they believed in salvation by grace and grace alone but wait friend what in our
text say our text says not of works that lenny at less than anyone
should boast Ephesians chapter 2 verse 9 for we are his workmanship created in
Christ Jesus for good works grace leads us to obedience not to disobedience in
fact in Romans 1 that’s what Paul says he says I’ve given you the grace for
obedience so the grace of God pardons us from our past guilt but also is
operative as a living dynamic principle in our lives of the Holy Spirit to
change us to make us over again so we are created for good works seventh-day
adventists believe that faith leads you to have a relationship with Christ that
changes your behavior seventh-day adventists believe that grace not only
pardons our past and delivers us from the guilt of sin but it delivers us from
the grip of sin we are no longer under sins condemnation Romans 8:1 there is no
longer no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus
but neither are we under sins bondage Romans 8 verse 15 and onward so grace
delivers us from the condemnation of the law but it also delivers us from the
bondage and the tyranny and the chains of sin grace leads us to obedience this
is why Jesus said if you love me keep my Commandments now here’s one of the
biggest misunderstandings many evangelical Christians particularly say
seventh-day adventists believe you’re saved by law not so Adventists believe
you’re saved by grace but we believe that grace is so good that it enters our
lives and leads us to live godly obedient lives now when you talk about
the commandments people always say well we’re not saved by the law and therefore
we’re under the new covenant what is the new covenant what does it mean to be
under the new covenant in Hebrews the 10th chapter and the 16th verse it says
this is the Covenant that I’ll make with them after those days as the Lord I’ll
put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I
right there what is the New Covenant the New Covenant is Jesus Christ who died
for us entering into our lives for the Holy Spirit writing his law in our mind
so we know it and writing his law in our heart so we love it
that’s what the New Covenant is all about when people say to me well you’re
not under law you’re under grace what does it mean to be under law it means to
be under the condemnation of the law it means that the law that you have broken
condemns you it means to be under the system of law as a method of salvation
we’re not under the system of law as a method of salvation were under the grace
of God as a method of salvation but you know the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter
3 puts it this way Paul says in Romans the third chapter verse 31 do we then
make void the law through faith certainly not on the country we
established the law so Paul says look I’m coming to my conclusion whatever
conclusion to come to that’s not Paul’s conclusion his indeed a wrong conclusion
Paul says here do you make void the law through faith not at all we what
establish the law so when seventh-day Adventists pray to God to live an
obedient life they’re trying to be obedient in their own strength they’re
trusting the holy spirit to write the law in their mind so they’ll know it in
their hearts so they love it but then somebody said put you Adventist keep the
Sabbath the Sabbath this Old Testament it’s it’s Judaism wait a minute let’s
think this one through that’s the fourth startling fact about seventh-day
Adventist seventh-day Adventists don’t accept the Sabbath as an Old Testament
legalistic requirement as a reversion to Judaism seventh-day Adventists want to
go back much further than Judaism they want to go back to the book of Genesis
and they’re in Genesis chapter 2 the Bible puts it this way Genesis the
second chapter verses 1 to 3 the Bible talks about the creation of our world
now remember there is no Jew around at creation when did the Jewish race come
into existence in the days of Abraham and that was certainly over 2200 years
after creation Abraham had Isaac and Isaac had Jacob and Jacob had 12 sons
and those 12 sons became the tribes of Israel so no Jews around at the time of
creation notice what the Bible says in Genesis 2 thus the 7 thus the heavens
and the earth and all the host of them were finished and on the seventh day God
ended his work which he had done and he rested on the seventh day from all the
work which he had done God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because in
it he rested from all his work which he had created and made so there at
creation God creates the seventh day Sabbath he rests on the Sabbath we rest
because he rested he blessed the Sabbath you can get a blessing any day you
worship on but seventh-day Adventists believe based on Genesis 2 that God put
a special blessing within the Sabbath and as we come every Sabbath we long for
that blessing God sanctified the Sabbath the Bible says he set it apart just like
one woman set apart in marriage for one man we worship God every day of our
lives we live lives of worship but one day is especially sanctified one day is
especially set apart that’s why in the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter 20
the Bible puts it this way remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days
shalt thou labor and do all thy work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the
LORD thy God it says remember why did God say remember because he knew we
would forget notice it doesn’t say remember the Sabbath because in six days
God created the heavens and the earth and the Sabbath is the Sabbath of the
Jew he says in the commandments it’s the Sabbath of the LORD thy God somebody’s
up at the second if the commandments were nailed to the cross
may I ask you a question which Commandments were nailed to the cross
was the one that says thou shalt not have any other gods before thee was the
one that says thou should not make any graven image when the one that was the
one that says thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain was the
one that said thou shalt not kill thou shalt not commit adultery thou shalt not
steal thou shalt not bear false witness honor thy father and thy mother with
which one you say oh but wait a minute we as Christians were motivated to keep
by the holy spirit 9 but but we’ll leave the 10th the Sabbath nailed to the cross
does that make any sense does God say I’ll write my law in your mind and I’ll
write it in your heart except for the fourth commandment the Sabbath you see
the Sabbath identifies the validity of the entire law of God because you read
thou shalt not have any other gods before they don’t worship images why
shouldn’t I do that thou shalt not kill why shouldn’t I do that thou shalt not
steal why shouldn’t I do that but when you read the fourth commandment which is
the seal of the whole law it says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
for in six days the Lord God created heaven and earth
the reason the law has validity is because we are creatures and he is
creator the reason the law has validity is because we did not evolve that
because God made us God created us God fashioned us so the law has validity
because we serve a Creator God who’s given us principles of living and the
law reveals how to love if you could summarize the whole law in one word it’s
love if you summarized it in two phrases it’s love God and love your fellow man
but the way we love God is by keeping the first four Commandments the way we
reveal love to man is understanding the last six Commandments and so love is the
fulfilling of the law love is not the breaking of the law like Jesus said in
Matthew chapter 5 verse 17 when he said don’t think I’ve come to destroy the law
the prophets I’ve come not to destroy but to do what fulfil somebody says is
there any evidence at all in the New Testament about the Sabbath well Luke 4
verse 16 says that as is than was Jesus kept the Sabbath in
Matthew chapter 24 he said pray that when you have to flee from Jerusalem but
the robots are coming that you’d have to do it on the Sabbath Jerusalem was
destroyed 70 AD years almost 37 years after the death of Christ but there
abouts and yet he said to his followers pray
that your flights not on the Sabbath why would he say that if they weren’t
keeping the Sabbath but you know in Acts the 13th chapter here the Apostle Paul
the Apostle Paul gets a whole city together and as he brings that city
together they worship on the Sabbath and in verse 42 it says when the Jews went
out of the synagogue the Gentiles begged that these words might be preached to
them the next Sabbath now notice what it says after that the what does Paul say
does he say the Gentiles you come back tomorrow not at all notice it says the
next Sabbath the whole city came together to hear the word of God why
didn’t Paul tell them hey you come back on the first day of the week you see the
Sabbath is of eternal significance the book of Revelation chapter 14 verse 12
says here is the patience of the saints here they that keep the commandments of
God the Bible is the basis of our faith alone
it provides the foundation the Father Son and the Holy Spirit have work
together in creation they work together to initiate the plan of salvation
Jesus Christ died on Calvary’s cross as our only Savior were saved totally by
grace but that grace leads us to obedience it leads us to obedience to
all God’s commandments and we keep the Sabbath not as a symbol of legalism but
we keep the Sabbath an acknowledgment that he is our Creator and we are his
creatures the Sabbath is a symbol of righteousness by faith not righteousness
by works because on Sabbath we rest we rest in his love we rest in his care we
rest in His goodness we rest in his salvation and we rest looking forward to
the new creation here is the
next startling fact about seventh-day adventists seventh-day adventists fact 5
believe in hope they are a people of hope they believe in Jesus promise that
he’s coming again John 14 verse 1 2 3 let not your heart be troubled you
believe in God believe also in me in my father’s house are many mansions if it
were not so I would have told you and I go to prepare a place for you and if I
go to prepare a place for you jesus said I will come again seventh-day Adventist
are people of hope around us we have crime around us we have corruption
around us we have poverty and pollution around us we have disaster and disease
around us all over the world we see this groaning for deliverance seventh-day
Adventists are people of hope they believe that the signs of the times
reveal that Jesus is coming soon revelation 1 verse 7 he comes with
clouds and every eye will see him first Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 16 and 17
the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the Trump of
God with the voice of the archangel and the dead in Christ shall rise first then
we which are alive shall be caught up to meet them with them together to meet the
Lord in the air you see Adventists are a people of hope
their hearts beat with hope they recognize that this world is not going
to be destroyed in some thermonuclear disaster this world is not going to be
destroyed by some Cataclysm in the future Adventists are a people of hope
they believe in the second coming of Christ here’s the sixth fact that you
didn’t know about seventh-day Adventist seventh-day Adventists do not believe
they can eat their way into heaven they don’t believe they can exercise their
way into heaven they don’t believe that the physical habits of life are Salvage
that earn them salvation but yet seventh-day Adventists are living
between seven and ten years longer than their American neighbors why
because they believe that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit first
Corinthians chapter 6 verse 19 and 20 you see Adventists do not practice
health because they think if they do in some magical way that will earn them
salvation but Adventist we’ve recognized that human beings are holistic they
recognize that their bodies are the temple of God 1st Corinthians chapter 6
verse 19 and 20 do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy
Spirit who is in you who you have from God and you’re not your own you bought
with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are
gods seventh-day adventists believe that God has created them seventh-day
adventists believe that Jesus Christ has redeemed them so we are twice his where
he is by creation in his by redemption and as the result of that seventh day
I’ve must believe that we ought to care for our bodies our bodies are the temple
of the holy spirit and as we live in harmony with the principles of God’s law
as outlined in Scripture it improves the quality of our life in a stressful world
as we rest each Sabbath and have a peaceful mind our health is improved in
a world of junk foods with fast foods as wheat the piont based diet that God
outlined in the book of Genesis of fruits nuts grains and vegetables we
reduce heart attacks we reduce the amount of cancer and we can reverse some
of the degenerative diseases of our time now somebody says but but wait a minute
the Bible does not advocate a vegetarian diet all the seventh-day Adventists are
not vegetarians a percentage of them are vegetarianism is not a tenet of the
seventh-day Adventist faith in the sense that it is a doctrine of the Adventist
faith Adventists recognized that the ideal diet given in the book of Genesis
a plant-based diet they also recognize that throughout the Bible after the days
of Noah God gave permission to eat meat Adventists believe that a plant-based
diet is the best diet but they do not condemn people who are eating meat and
who have not made a transition to that better diet yet the Adventists encourage
the most healthful diet possible they encourage the eating of foods in as
natural States less artificial as possible but none of these things are
tenets of faith none of these things are doctrines they are rather principles
that God has given to enable us to live longer happier lives Adventists advocate
a non-smoking lifestyle the speak openly against any physical habit that destroys
our body seventh-day Adventists recognize the physical and social
dangers of excessive alcohol or alcohol at all and urge a temperate lifestyle so
seventh-day Adventists want to be a healthy people seventh-day Adventists
want to make a contribution to their society that’s why there are Adventist
hospitals throughout that’s why their Adventist health clinics
that’s why Adventist churches conduct depression recovery seminars and reefs
M&R seminars on reversing diabetes and natural lifestyle cooking schools and
stress management programs we want to make a contribution to our society and
we believe that it honors God if we live a healthy lifestyle now here’s the
seventh fact that you likely don’t know about seventh-day adventists seventh-day
Adventist see the Bible in its broadest perspective we recognize that there is a
conflict between good and evil in the universe Revelation chapter 12 and we’re
looking there at Revelation chapter 12 and we’re looking starting
verse seven and war broke out in heaven isn’t that a strange place for war
Michael and his angels fought against the dragon the dragon fought in his
angels but they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any
longer so the Great Dragon was cast out that serpent of old the devil and Satan
who deceives the whole world he was cast into the earth and his angels were cast
out with him in the ancient realms of space thousands
of years ago there was an intergalactic conflict a great controversy a cosmic
battle between the father Jesus and the Holy Spirit on one side and Satan and
his angels on the other side Satan had claimed that God was unfair and unjust
Satan had misrepresented the character of God and as the result of that said
that God was authoritarian that God was a vindictive judge and a wrathful tyrant
why didn’t God destroy Satan immediately because if God would have done that the
whole universe would have served him from fear Satan did God create Satan not
at all he created a beautiful angel called Lucifer coming from two words
Latin words lux Farah Lux is light Pharaoh is bearer and so Lucifer
rebelled against God he wanted to take God’s throne he wanted to usurp dad’s
authority according to Isaiah chapter 14 Lucifer is cast out of heaven with his
evil angels but to be fair to the universe the he was cast out just as the
earth was being created God gave earth beings that power of choice God gave
earth beings Adam and Eve the power of choice who will they serve Satan comes
to Eve in the Garden of Eden and says if you eat this fruit God knows you will be
an exalted being you’ll know good and evil if you eat this fruit you’ll have a
greater sphere of happiness and joy and meaning God doesn’t want you to enter
into the fullness of life he doesn’t want you to have this kind of joy Satan
misrepresents the character of God Eve partakes of the fruit Adam partakes of
it immediately they begin to die in their body
their bodies are decaying the wages of sin are death Romans chapter 6 verse 23
God comes to that garden he promises genesis 3:15 that the Messiah will come
why did Christ come for two reasons to live for us and to die for us he came to
answer this charges of Satan he came to clear the name of the Father that’s why
he said to Philip if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father John 14 verse 9
because every time Jesus touched blind eyes and they’re opened every time you
touch deaf ears and they run stopped every time he touched a withered man’s
arm and was healed every time he held a baby that had died and breathed life
into what he’s saying this is what God is like God wants you to be healthy God
wants you to be well see the great controversy theme is unique seventh-day
Evans understand this Conover see between good and evil Christ came to
reveal the father and he came to pay the ransom price for sin he came to die the
death we ought to die he bore our sin and guilt and shame on the cross now
every human being on planet Earth has the opportunity of accepting this gospel
and when this gospel they came to Matthew 24 verse 14 shall go to all the
world then the end shall come and before the coming of Jesus there will be a
cosmic judgment according to Daniel chapter 7 the books are open the
judgment is set and the whole universe sees that God has done everything he
could to save every human being and that when the universe is satisfied that
every human being is at the final opportunity and choice to serve Christ
but those who’ve disobeyed have rebelled against the moving of his spirit they’ve
turned their backs on his love when every human being has had the chance to
see that when revelation 22 verse 11 and 12 is fulfilled he that is righteous let
him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still
and he that is unrighteous let him be unrighteous still and he that his unholy
let him be unholy still behold I come quickly my reward is with me when every
human being on earth has had a reasonable opportunity make their final
irrevocable decision Jesus will come he will come as king of kings he will come
as Lord of lords seventh-day Adventists are a people of hope because they
believe that in the final analysis Jesus wins and Satan loses they believe that
Jesus will be triumphant they believe that the powers of evil will be crushed
and gone the Bible says that God will create a new heavens and a new earth
Christ comes we ascend to heaven with him and then after that great millennial
period that the Bible talks about revelation 20 the holy city descends and
as it descends the wicked who now have been resurrected after they have been
destroyed by the brightness of Christ coming rush up to that city they tried
to take it but yet fire comes down from that city and devours them and out of
the ashes of the old world God creates a new heaven and a new earth seventh-day
Adventists believe and what the Bible teaches that Jesus is going to come that
Jesus plan will be triumphant that his purpose will be triumphant
that his kingdom will reign forever and ever and ever and ever
now this video may have stimulated some questions on your part I’ve not answered
all the questions and I’ve not certainly go in going into every doctor in the
seventh-day adventists teach let me open my heart to you I was a young seventeen
year old boy seeking for truth seeking for meaning in my life and I began to
study God’s Word I was not interested in man’s opinion I wanted to know what the
Bible teaches and as I studied the Holy Spirit impressed me with the truths that
I’ve shared with you now the truths that I’ve shared with you from the Bible
today are not simply the only things that seventh-day Adventist teach and if
you are really a truth seeker I’d really love to be able to answer some of the
questions you have or have our staff answer some of those questions now look
let me be honest with you if you just want to debate we’re not interested in
debating you know Jesus said in John 7 verse 17 if any man will do his will
then he shall know of the doctrine see understanding with our head first comes
with a commitment of our heart and if you really want to know God’s will if
you are a truth seeker if you really are anxious to know truth I’m more than
happy to share with you personally to have my staff share with you if you have
questions we’d love to answer your questions all you need to do is go to
hope lives forward slash questions that’s hope
lives forward slash questions we are here for you we’re here to help you
on that faith journey there’s no coercion no pressure you know in my own
faith journey as I sought I was looking for truth and when I found the real
facts about seventh-day Adventists it resonated with what the Holy Spirit was
doing in my own heart it resonated with what the truths that I had discovered in
the Word of God or in the Bible we’d love to stay in touch with you and if
you liked the video click the subscribe button below and I’d love to hear your
comments on which of these seven facts were most inspiring to you or which one
were most startling just let me know which ones were most
surprising to you as well I’m delighted to have this opportunity to share God’s
word with you I know that there’s somebody that’s watching this video on
YouTube that you are a truth seeker the deep in your heart you want to know
God’s will for your life deep in your heart you
desire to follow truth I want to pray for you right now father in heaven thank
you so much for the joy and opportunity of knowing your word thank you for the
guidance of the Holy Spirit I pray for each one watching this youtube video
today may the Holy Spirit guide them to understand your will and your ways and
your truth in Christ’s name you

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  • You don’t know the history of your childish and pathetic cult. Ellen White was insane. She boasted that she flew to heaven co Omegle with wings and saw the Ten Commandments with a halo of light over the fourth commandment. Only a mentally challenged person or a deluded fool would believe fables and fairy tales from Hell. There was no Holy day in the garden. You embarrass yourself every time you say it.

  • May God have mercy upon the Adventist demonic cult members who have been placed under a curse. God does not take lightly his gospel message being perverted. Enjoy the delusion. It’s like a drug. Happy Sabbath

  • Jesus Christ is the Father He is the Son He is still the Holy Spirit. Him alone is GOD.

  • I was in the process of preparing a talk and came upon your video. Very clear, refreshing, thoughtful and accurate. Yes, you used the NKJV. I understand many people find it difficult to understand the KJV. The serious "seeker" will compare the two versions. I sincerely believe with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they will find the truth in Jesus Christ.

  • How long have you been a demonic cult captive sir? You have been turned into a babbling idiot by a cult. Willing to say about anything to support your cult and prophet. God didn’t rest after creation. He wasn’t tired. He simply stopped working after 6 days. Adam and Eve were given one command. They managed to screw it up and here we are. The command had nothing to do with a day or any observance of a day. When people make up stories and call them facts they are intellectually dishonest. Adventists are demonic cult members that have trouble with truth. By the way heretic, just so you know, Ellen did pontificate that honoring an abrogated Hebrew ritual law is the seal of God; that’s why you repeat the error like a puppet. She was wrong and so are you. The seal of God is the gift of the Holy Spirit. You would know that to be true if you were a Christian. Adventists are not Christians; they are enemies of the church and cursed by God, having separated themselves from God, grace, and the body of Christ.

  • Pretty brutal video exposing SDA. Amazing Youtube allows such a negative video to remain visible.

  • For God was manifested in the flesh… 1Tim.3:16
    He shall be called Emmanuel…mtt. 1:23, Ish.7:14. (God is with men)
    Col.1:15, Heb. 1:3.
    Please Christ is God

  • We believe in the Lord of the Sabbath. Christians believe in all that you have said and also believe that if we are in Christ and He in is, if by accepting and confessing Him, we become children of God, if we are seated in Him in the highest heaven, then He who is the Lord of the Sabbath, has also made us children of the Sabath. He healed on the Sabbath , and did a lot on the Sabath. If you esteem Saturday don't take is back please..

  • It’s not a disagreement heretic. It’s a profound departure from biblical Christianity. You are intellectually dishonest and deluded. It’s painfully obvious to any honest man that can comprehend that Adventism is not Christianity. Christians aren’t on probation. Christians aren’t instructed that it’s a sin to declared you are saved. Paul instructed the church to be on the lookout for you and your fellow cult members. You have separated yourself from Christ and grace and the body of Christ. That’s your choice. I’m simply reacting to your choice. Happy Sabbath!

  • Ellen White was delusional

  • Drinking tea and coffee is a sin, come on they are a gift from God

  • Americans are so gullible

  • Happy sabbath heretic. Another demonic celebration of self righteousness. A sure ticket to Hell. Double talkers spewing lies about the gospel and dragging innocents into Hell with them- that’s an Adventist. Gonna be hell to pay Samuel.

  • “perfection of character is our only hope of eternal life.” Ellen White. This is not Christianity. What arrogance and anti biblical position. Salvation is a gift that can’t be earned. Yes, that’s right exclaims the Adventist cultist deluded by fables and fairy tales from Hell and bewitched by a crazed Victorian woman who said she flew to heaven complete with wings and saw angels entering with golden key passes; that’s right, saved by grace and then the Adventist demonic cult members will proclaim that grace is the power to obey abrogated Hebrew law; displaying a profound ignorance of what grace is; unmerited favor. Adventists are legalists that delight in putting each other and the body of Christ in bondage. Paul was very strong and clear that the church should be on the lookout for Adventists:” Be on the lookout for the dogs, the evil doers, the mutilators of the flesh.” – Apostle Paul. Happy sabbath heretics.

  • Please Bear with me and explain this: (to any and all listening) how would I go wrong belonging to the faith and fellowship of saints in the Seventh-day Adventist Church? I am attending a Sabbath worship Service of that fellowship where I am locally. My big problem is is that my wife says she will not go even one time !😐

  • Happy Sabbath? Christians are not under a yoke of bondage. Obeying abrogated Hebrew law is like being married to a dead man. Adventists carry around a corpse with them. It has the stench of self righteousness and legalism. The stench of a Judaizer dog. It will not be a happy day when Jesus lets you know that your fantasy Sabbath keeping was an abomination to him. Jesus was very clear on the mount that he desires mercy; not sacrifice. Rituals and sacrifices and all the Ellen rules are meaningless to Jesus. Paul describes his impeccable law keeping to have the value of rotting compost. Leaves, actually. The Hebrew means putrid and rotting leaves decomposing. You can look it up yourself.

  • Noone teaches prophecy better than prophet Bradley. I promise!

  • They believe  the same as I do . I go to a Baptist Church but I am not a Baptist I am  a born again Christian Saint of God

  • I work  6 days and rest on 7 day . my days of work are wed-sun im off work mon-tue . I work the the so called weekends . my Sabbath is Tuesday .

  • why does it seam like Seventh-day Adventist condemn others if they are not them , Other than that I believe the same way they do

  • I left the sda when they started politically persecuting the LGBTQ

  • I think for 7th day Adventist to fully be honedt, when it comes down to the final millennial reign, they believe in the Babylonian system, Sunday Sabbsth, versus the Hebrew system. which is a Saturday sabbath. Firmly believe that those who are in the Babylonian system will be judged and those that sticks with the Hebrew system will be saved. Bottom line, in the end, the Adventists believe that you can only go to heaven if you worship on Saturday because the Babylonian system is equivalent to the mark of the beast.

  • When you say the bible is the living word of God. That is faults. I have never read anywhere in the holy bible where Christ Himself did any writing except for in the sand so who wrote the holy bible true prophets of God.. The living word of God is the mouth of a true living prophet. One way to go in the time of Noah Moses Abraham or any of Gods true living prophets. One way to go in the time of jesus was to follow christ miss understand a lot . .sorry you do not have it the church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints also believes in being saved by grace. .

  • A big WRONG of what your explanation ang and your understanding….I'm call you a Jesuits and infeltrator …

  • Throughout my existence, I have this undying question "WHO GAVE THEM AUTHORITY TO WORSHIP ON SUNDAY, NOTWITHSTANDING, GOD, HIMSELF, RESTED ON THE SEVENTH DAY?" its very obvious. Brothers and sisters, open your eyes and adapt the truth. Move away from your blind devotions.
    "Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy." Exodus 20:8
    Theres nothing probably wrong with resting on other days, yet, somehow resting on the SEVENTH DAY as God rested and blessed it might be a must.

  • “ The man above?” That’s a phrase heathens use. Men who don’t understand that God is holy. God is spirit, fool. Not a man. Words have meaning. A holy God has an eternal hell ready for Adventist Judaizer dogs. Pompous Pharisees puffed up with pride and self righteousness. Religious frauds playing wannabe Jew because it makes them feel good. Happy Sabbath.

  • Its sad to see such an adult misleading the world😢

  • Absolutely outstanding!

  • I found it very interesting that you started off this video with the statement that if you want to know the truth about something then go to the actual source. As an ex Jehovah's witness of over 30+ years I was told the very same thing by the Watchtower Organisation and for 30+ years I did exactly as you stated, I went to the JW website for information. If only I had done independent research into my own religion I would not have wasted years of my life in a false religion. I think people should be bereon like and ask questions and prayerfully consider whether the answers they receive are based on the Gods word or the doctrines of men. So yes by all means go to the actual source but know that that source may be biased. Once should prayerfully consider all these things. 🙂

  • The entire Jewish system was abrogated and obliterated at Calvary. It was weak, useless, and became obsolete. You are an insane shadow chaser. Enjoy the delusion. It’s like a drug.

  • Why would a new covenant Christian have any connection to an ancient and abrogated Hebrew law. Hebrew law was given to Hebrews as a tool until the seed came. These are not complicated concepts. Jesus himself taught that he came with a new commandment. Any religious freak and hypocritical liar can plat religious games and perform rituals and sacrifices. Try living by the Royal law. Try living by the law of Christ. It’s the most difficult thing you will ever attempt and you will fail over and over again.

  • Col: Chapter 2 Verse 16?

  • I can show you many more than just 7 reasons the SDA is nothing but a RCC puppet out of hell

  • So I've been watching Scientology videos all night and then started thinking about actual religions and thought about SDA because I love Gilmore girls and wanted to know about what Lanes Mom supposedly believes (lol) I'm an atheist but was raised Lutheran and i have to say I like how this religion is based only on tbr bible and they actually can explain why the believe what they believe!

  • You lie and state that the Adventist demonic cult is the most biblical church. You are a hypocritical liar. Adventists do damage to every major Christian doctrine and substitute the insane babbling of a crazed Victorian woman who said she flew to heaven complete with wings and saw angels entering with golden key passes. Have you lost your mind? Have you been struck in the head with a rock like Ellen. You want me to believe you are biblical but you are on probation and are being examined to evaluate if you are worthy of Heaven and you can’t say you are saved. Do you know the teachings of the cult you are in? Ellen Harmon White pontificated that it’s a sin to say you are saved. Find the concept in a bible. You wrote that Adventism is the most biblical religion in the world. Well show me in a real Bible where any apostle teaches that it’s a sin to say you are saved. Not the rag that your cult wrote, published, promotes and sells; but an actual real Bible; give me any passage that teaches it’s a sin to declare you are saved. Go ahead heretic, make my day.

  • 8th fact. They denied the pioneers beliefs thanks to a Mason called LEROY FROOM

  • If the Ten Commandments are your standard of morality you suck. The Decalogue was a very low standard for rebellious escaped Hebrew slaves. The new covenant is infinitely more difficult to obey. The Hebrew ritual law of sabbath wasn’t changed to Sunday heretic; it was obliterated at Calvary. It was weak, useless, and obsolete. It was a yoke of bondage and a ministry of condemnation and death. You are a Judaizer dog barking at the church. Annoying and good for nothing. Ignorant and do very self assured about matters you know nothing about. How many innocent souls will you drag into your despicable demonic cult and ultimately into Hell? You are cursed by God.

  • Sounds like a cult to me, how do you know it's true?

  • Did you have a not so quiet moment sparky? Your demonic cult has turned you into an ugly Pharisee. Legalism turns all humans involved into nasty Pharisees. Pompous and petty and puffed up with weird religious pride. Spooky Ellen tried to control people’s lives. She was a control freak and a hypocritical liar. While pontificating that eggs, butter, and cheese were unfit for food her table was filled with all three. While regurgitating that meat caused men to have animalistic urges she was caught by her aid devouring oysters with vinegar, salt, and pepper. Ellen enjoyed commanding how women dressed and proclaimed wigs had driven some hopelessly insane. You are a weirdo in a demonic cult and way too stupid and deluded to know it. Ellen had one Secretary kill herself and another starved herself. They were so freaked out by demonic Ellen that they chose death over life. Wonder if they passed the investigative judgement. Happy Sabbath! Gotta go. I have an omelette cooking in butter with lots of melted cheese and Italian cappacola ham on top. Yummy. You could enjoy one but you are in a demonic cult and you think righteousness is about what’s for lunch. Enjoy the delusion. It’s like a drug and you are an addict.

  • Now watch Walter Martin. What about the false writings and properties on Allen G White.? He left some important things out, like they believe in the Bible plus the writings and properties of Allen g White. They don’t like to debate, why.? The Bible says there must be differences so the truth to be revealed. They also say that if you don’t keep the Sabbath you won’t inter heaven. When they wanted to be included as true Christians, they lied to Walter Martin when they said they no longer were going to follow Allen g White teachings. When some of their teachers told them they no longer were going to teach Allen’s teaching, they were no longer allowed to teach, choosing the teachings and false prophecies of Allen g. There are so many other things that he left out, showing that they are not telling the truth. Watch the debate between Walter Martin and the 7th day teachers. Watch the interview they had with him. As you know they are called a cult. Well at one meeting after hearing from the leaders Walter Martin said that he no longer consider them a cult but some members came forth and told them that the leaders were lying to them and so Walter Martin told how could he accept them as true Christians if the leaders lied. Seventh-day Adventist want it so bad to be considered Christians that the leadership lied. Rev. Says do not add or take away from this book. The Bible plus the teachings of Allen g White are adding. If a group is called a cult, there’s a reason for it. You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to check it out. Again watch Water Matin interview with them. You don’t want to hear Matt. 7:21 I never knew you.

  • I was born a roman Catholic. became a seeker of truth in my high school days. attended lutheran church services. got baptized in a pentecostal church. became a muslim and participated the hajj.
    then one lonely evening, youtube brought me to amazingworship channel where the choir sings this is my father's world. I was so touched and cried. then I supposed the holy spirit guided me to seventh day Adventists church. thanks God.

  • Great video. Thank you

  • There’s lots of lovely Adventist people but I know many Adventist’s that still don’t know the core of SDA beliefs. You won’t get the truth from them nor the truth about their so called prophet and her many false prophesies. Their main off beat theology is called The Investigative Judgement. This is a teaching of anti grace and judgement. Don’t be deceived. This is a very dangerous religion. Once you start, it is very difficult to leave because they spin a web of guilt and condemnation around you. Ellen White clearly says that you will not go to heaven if you do not keep the Jewish sabbath or eat meat.The gentleman above seems like a nice enough guy but he is lying and he knows it.

  • The 7th day inventists , imagine a sabbath that was given as law in Genesis, the truth is there is no 24 hr period to observe as the 7th day is open ended. Also[ remember the sabbath] implies not from the past but what was being given right there to those alive at Horeb and not to there forefathers who it was not given to. God says he is making it known only to those alive at Horeb. Use your logic you think nobody broke the sabbath in 3000 years? You must believe this as there is no record of anyone observing or breaking the sabbath as there was no time given to observe no evening on the 7th day and no morning the next its eternal rest period as Adam and Eve were in prior to the fall.

  • thank you my dear brother Finley,GOD bless.

  • Why you worship in sunday? The bible says that 7day of a week is a sabbath day it says in ten commandments


  • Upon the question of when to start the Sabbath,  the Angel of Yahuah told E White (1st Testimonies Pg 116) to go back to the Scriptures and find out WHAT and WHEN – even is.  Did the SDA church do this?  No!  They continued to press forward with starting the Sabbath at sunset which was brought into the 2nd Tabernacle era at around the 450 BC time frame (documented ultra clearly by Julian Morgenstern In – The Calendars of Ancient Israel) alongside following the moon to determine time. This is a pure abomination (see Isaiah @-17).  The SDA church does NOT OBEY THE STATUTES OF THE 7TH DAY SABBATH!  The Sabbaths, (all of them) start and end at Dawn exactly as Genesis 1 and throughout the Scriptures (especially the Passion Week) portrays through explicit documentation.
    Lets get into Covenant with our Creator and observe the Sabbaths  from Dawn to Dawn exactly as the statutes instruct!  Be Blessed.

  • this video is misleading

  • 7 facks you dont know about sda.

  • my mother and i became pregnant when i was 14 years old, so we went to the moon to have surgery.we found out, that our babies have no heads yet still alive. the doctors recommend that we eat brains to keep our children happy. thank god i found this.

  • In Romans 14:5-6, Paul wrote: “One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it. He who eats, eats to the Lord, for he gives God thanks; and he who does not eat, to the Lord he does not eat, and gives God thanks.”

  • may god bless us all. .

  • Most of the here are justifying the religion and not christ.

  • This religion is real.

  • Sad works is a part of the adventist religion.

  • What fanatics.

  • I'm glad to be an adventist.

  • The adventist is right.

  • Ellen g white fake.

  • I have been a seventh day Adventist for 20 years now. I don't see any negativity in all that the pastor has just said. Instead he has has increased my hope the more.
    Pastor can you explain to me the first chapter of the gospel of John? And if you do not believe that there is war between good and evil, how do you explain the 17 th chapter of John? I'm sorry Sir, God instructs us to respect elders, may you revisit your arguments.
    May our good Lord help you understand.
    May our good Lord help you to understand.

  • I'm really not interested in what EG White has to say about the Sabbath or Pastor Finley.

    And the EVENING and the MORNING were the first day. Gen 1:5

    Matthew 12:1-8, Mark 2:23-28 and Luke 6:1-5. … Then he (Jesus) said to them, "The Sabbath was made for MAN, not MAN for the Sabbath.

    The basic assumption that the Sabbath was for the JEWS is incorrect. So all the nonsense following that is also incorrect.

    The Sabbath was made for MANKIND not specifically for the Hebrews! And the first of mankind Adam and Eve celebrated on the beginning of the evening of the seventh day! Case closed!

    Should I believe JESUS when he says the Sabbath was made for MAN? Or should I believe those who like to bring up when and where and how the JEWS worshiped Sabbath?


  • Thanks, Pastor. I needed that!

  • What of Ellen White, a prophet on the level of Joseph Smith, a serial plagiiarizer, and the violation of scripture known as the investigative judgement? What of the complete lack of assurance among the SDA flock, who can only be redeemed by the blood of Jesus if they live an unblemished life, in complete contradiction to the scriptures, on which the SDA church claims to base all of their beliefs?

    Your smiling and "reasonable" defense of the SDA church cloaks the true heart of SDA doctrine, which is that 1st-day worship is the MARK OF THE BEAST, and that all such worshippers will be utterly destroyed.

    What of the New Testament scripture that plainly states that the earliest assemblies of Jesus developed the habit of worshipping on the 1st day of the week, being the day in which Jesus was resurrected, and calling it the "Lord's Day," hundreds of years before Constantine named it "Sun"day? Does the earliest assembly of Jesus have this mark of the beast stamped on their forehead, when they were living in the Holy Spirit and worshipping God in spirit and in truth, through the final, atoning sacrifice of Jesus, our blemishless Passover lamb?

    I understand your desire not to debate, for you dare not compare the "continuing prophetic authority" of your prophetess against the scriptures contained in the bible, in a public, open forum.

    SDA members, you can know security of your place as a true child of God TODAY, this is the true gospel message that your shepherds are keeping from you. You can have PEACE, knowing that the sacrifice of Jesus was acceptable to God Most High, once and for all, 2,000 years ago–not beginning with a face-saving human doctrime, created to hide the fact that Jesus did NOT begin his work in March or September of 1844. This was developed to divert people's attention away from the real fact that William Miller was a date-setting false prophet, and retain the reputation of beliefs that were proven wrong 180 years ago. Jesus is at the right hand of God, this is in the pages of the New Testament.

  • There is not 'THREE" who are COEQUAL. That would be three Gods. Mr. Finley " Who died for you God or Jesus?" If three (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) are coequal why did God put the crucifixion on the son "Jesus"? The word says "God so loved the world" Mr. Finley would you say you loved someone and then send your son to die for them? If you are coequal, why would you not die for them yourself?  God so loved the world that the spirit was made flesh and dwelt among us. God is a spirit, Jesus was the flesh of the spirit and the Holy Spirit is that Spirit. The Bible does not speak of the "Holy Three' it speaks of the "Holy ONE'  Why would the Seventhday Adventist believe the doctrine of the Catholic Faith? Are there three creators? NO=John 1:1, Gen. 1:1. Who raised Christ from the dead? John 2:19, 21, Acts 2:32, 10:40, 3:15, 4:18. Who gave his life for us God or Jesus? John 3:16, 1John 3:16. Did Jesus say he looked like his father or you have seen the father? John 14:8-9. Did Jesus do only things God can do? John 6:19, Job 9:8. Who is "The Great I AM" God or Jesus? John 8:57-59, Exodus 3:13-14. Which one shall be like the Father or the Son? 1John 3:1-2, Philippians 3:20-21. If three are coequal who is it all in? 2John 9, Col. 2:9. If three are coequal who is The Almighty? Rev. 1:8, 4:8, 11:16-17. Gen. 17:1, EX. 6:2, 6:3, Is. 9:6. If three are coequal , who is on the throne? whose throne is it? Rev. 4:2, 4-8, 1:8, 4:11, 5:1-11. I can answer all of the three God dudes questions including John 3:16, 1John 5:7 and Matt. 3:16-17, THE GODHEAD IS ALL IN JESUS=COL. 2:9, 1 Timothy 3:16. Jesus (Son)=  Matt 1:21-23 is the name of the Father God= (Spirit = John 4:24)= and the Spirit is the actions of God= Gen. 1:1-2, Acts 2:3-4, Gal. 5:22-23. THERE IS NOT THREE WHO ARE COEQUAL=ISAIAH 42:8. Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 45:5. Jesus Christ my Lord and God. I AM SO GLAD TO KNOW JESUS IS NOT ONLY THE SON OF GOD, HE IS GOD!!!! THERE IS ONLY "ONE GOD' AND HIS NAME IS "JESUS'. Titus 2:13, 1John 5:20. Three who are Coequal and Coeternal is a lie from Hell conceived by the Roman Catholics. The devil only believes  in "ONE GOD'" AND TREMBLES. If there was three he would shake himself to death.

  • Mark i attended SDA and i found that they didnt mix with other Christians sunday believers !!!

  • We cant keep the LAW perfectly l we must Trust in Jesus to cover our Sin as white as snow !!

  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 TRIUNE GOD …….DO You Use the KJV

  • Please Check Out >>>>Gene Kim <<<<<<< and the Sabbath >>> on Youtube

  • Vegan diets are found to be difficult >>>>> My friends had to swear to be vegan !!!! to be an SDA this is the Truth !! I was there!!!

  • I wonder if this guy watched much of Mister Rodger’s Neighborhood…

  • Sabbathday keeping was abolished at the cross. Colossians 2:14-16, Hebrews 9:15

    When a disciple asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was, He did not refer this disciple back to the Ten Commandments.
    See Matthew 22:37-40.

    The mosaic law which included Sabbathday keeping ended at the cross and the New Covenant which inlcuded Jesus's teachings went into effect when Jesus died on the cross. heb 9:15 And for this cause he is the mediator of the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament, they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance. 16 For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. 17 For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth.

    The old law/covenant which included the 10 commandments and sabbathday keeping were nailed to the cross. Notice what it says here. ? Eph 2:14For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, 15by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace, 16and in this one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility. 17He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. 18For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.

    Christians are commanded to follow Jesus and his teachings. Hebrews 7:18The former regulation is set aside because it was weak and useless 19(for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God. 20And it was not without an oath! Others became priests without any oath, 21but he became a priest with an oath when God said to him: "The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: 'You are a priest forever.' "[b] 22Because of this oath, Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant.

    The old law including the ten commandments and sabbathday keeping were nailed to the cross. Christians follow Jesus and his teachings today.>Galatians 3:24So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ[a] that we might be justified by faith. 25Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law.

  • Sabbathday keeping was abolished at the cross. Colossians 2:14-16, Hebrews 9:15

    When a disciple asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was, He did not refer this disciple back to the Ten Commandments.
    See Matthew 22:37-40.

    The mosaic law which included Sabbathday keeping ended at the cross and the New Covenant which inlcuded Jesus's teachings went into effect when Jesus died on the cross. heb 9:15 And for this cause he is the mediator of the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament, they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance. 16 For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. 17 For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth.

    The old law/covenant which included the 10 commandments and sabbathday keeping were nailed to the cross. Notice what it says here. ? Eph 2:14For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, 15by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace, 16and in this one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility. 17He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. 18For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.

    Christians are commanded to follow Jesus and his teachings. Hebrews 7:18The former regulation is set aside because it was weak and useless 19(for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God. 20And it was not without an oath! Others became priests without any oath, 21but he became a priest with an oath when God said to him: "The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: 'You are a priest forever.' "[b] 22Because of this oath, Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant.

    The old law including the ten commandments and sabbathday keeping were nailed to the cross. Christians follow Jesus and his teachings today.>Galatians 3:24So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ[a] that we might be justified by faith. 25Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law.
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  • Interesting summary, thank you. I see this clear enough

  • Let (God) The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit arise and his enemies be scattered and let( God )The Father , The Son and The Holy Spirit be True and every man a liar!!!

  • It is a fearful thing to fall in the hand of God! We can do nothing against the TRUTH, but for the TRUTH!

  • If you follow the great commandment you will fulfill all of the Ten Commandments through love of God and neighbour

  • Deception upon deception upon deception. You can coat your un-scriptural doctrines in as much sugar as you want to but the core doctrine of your cult, named The Investigative Judgment, directly blasphemes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in that doctrine you SDA's openly declare Satan as your Savior. In The Investigative Judgment you claim that, in the end, God will take the sins of the world off Jesus's shoulders and place it on Satan, and the destroy Satan and these sins, which now means that Satan is your sin=bearer and not Jesus. In this doctrine you have ultimately made Satan the one who now carried your sins and have legal claim to your soul. Maybe you should re-think your position regarding this, as it will most surely impact your eternity. And no clever explanation will steer you around this fact of the Seventh Day Adventist cult.

  • My problem with SDA is when they claim there will be a Sunday law. No offense intended I just don't think that is what the mark will be about.

  • I really needed this. Thank u

  • Many sda doctorines are quite biblical but there are a few quirky doctorines that come ellen g white do love the adventists but do not join the cjurch

  • Praise God for all this truth.

  • dirty little gosiper for the love of your money. satan is your work.

  • “The Bible is the living word of God.”

    No, the LIVING word of God is, GOD.

    “Seventh Day Adventists believe in the Bible, and the Bible only, as their source of faith and practice.”

    We’re to be led by the Holy Spirit, not Scripture alone.

  • Thank you sir. I fading from Jehovah's Witness beliefs and u can never do enough in that organization. I will listen over and over to your words as you have taken from God's word and learn to accept the gift of our Savoir.

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  • You lost me at Jehovah. Shows you don't know what you are talking about.

  • Thank you Mark. God bless you
    Deut 5:29 Oh that they had such a heart in them that they would revere Me and ALWAYS keep ALL of My commandments, that it might be well with them and their children FOREVER
    Deut 7:9 Therefore know that the LORD your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keeps his commandments.

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