SERMON: Path to Freedom (Pastor Vlad)

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freedom this weekend has been a weekend of freedom yesterday there was prayers
that were offered for people to find freedom cinta fication and this morning
service I focused on that to be honest with you I had a different message for
the second service but when I heard that the membership meeting was changed so I
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come to church with that said a book of Esther chapter 2 and verse 5 it says the
following in in Sushant sin Adele there was a certain Jew whose name was mardik
I the son of Jer the son of Shama the son of Kish
Benjamin and then if you can flip you pages to Esther chapter 5 and we will
read Esther chapter 5 in just a minute the story of Esther begins as such that
Esther was chosen to be a queen for the king
who’d you thrown another Queen because she didn’t show up because he ordered
her to do so and Esther who was adopted by Mordecai her uncle she was there
and Mordecai the Bible says in here it gives us specifically where he came from
now for most of us we read these names shy my Josh and I and we’re like you
know what it’s not petroi Japan I don’t care but I want you to notice something
here because there’s the reason why this was mentioned here Mordecai was a direct
descendant of the family of Kish family of Kish is a family Kish was the father
to Saul remember King Saul so keish comes from a family of Saul family Saul
comes from the family of Kish and we see Mordecai he also comes from the family
of Kish and why is that important because all of the book of Esther pretty
much deals with one big enemy his name was Haman and Haman was a descendant of
a Malik which tells me that Saul was commanded by God to completely wipe out
Amalekites that was promised to Joshua when Moses fought Amalekites and he
spoke to Joshua he says God will wipe out the memory of Amalekites and there
was appropriate time for that to happen because the wickedness of Amalekites
reached the throne of God and God commissioned Saul and says I want you to
go and completely wipe them out King Saul he disobeys God by giving God
half obedience you spare some of the best things
including the king of Amalekites only decades later years later the very thing
that Kings sold in that defeat resurfaced again and his descendants
were faced with it everything you don’t win doesn’t die with you
it goes to a next generation every battle that you are faced by God and God
challenges you and God calls you to win and God calls you to obey Him see a lot
of us what we call a defeat God calls disobedience what we say I’ve been
defeated in this area in reality when Saul says well I didn’t defeat the enemy
you know I didn’t do all of that was actually disobedience every area of our
life where there’s disobedience there will always be defeat and that defeat
it’s not something you will live with it that defeat will be passed on to your
next generation and I understand I’m looking at young adults mainly and
you’re not thinking about your next generation you thinking about survival
you’re thinking about how to get through this year without maxing out all your
credit cards so next year you can buy what you want or live out purpose and
travel and become an Instagram queen or an Instagram influencer and all of that
and that is great there’s nothing wrong with that god bless you in your goals
and in your pursuits but I want to let you know Satan will fight you hard not
only because so you can live in defeat he knows that if he can defeat you
he doesn’t really have to fight the next generation they already inherited your
defeat they have odds starting stucked against them statistics says if your
parents were alcoholics your chances of becoming an alcoholic is 10 times more
than someone whose parents were not alcoholics that means that the battle
for the next generation if the previous generation loses it becomes 10 times
harder and that’s not even including the realities of the things that they have
to fight what am I trying to say with all of this is that many of us are
fighting battles they didn’t begin with us does that mean we’re holding the
other generation responsible no you’re not responsible for what’s passed on to
you you are responsible for what you activate and what you pass on to a next
generation when me and my wife purchased our duplex at when we were married
we say we lived in apartments for a year and then we saved up some money and
instead of buying a house we bought a rental property so that you know we can
have a little bit extra of income and so we don’t have to pay all the money for
our mortgage and we bought this really all rundown property because they
usually sell for cheap and so we can fix it up the guy who sold it to us was a
lawyer he didn’t keep the property really well in fact it was all ran down
that one side looked like a gothic like some ghost driven town had drug busts
windows broken just just just dead cats buried like under the floor just scary
stuff we sprayed it and prayed it and oil I poured everything on it and those
walls so to sanctify it and to cleanse it and to purify it and one of the
things that it had on that house is the lawn the front lawn and the back lawn
was extremely unkept there was no aggregation system installed the weeds
were literally to my to my knees and you know when I saw them there was so much
weeds I was afraid to mow those weeds because I never really will live there
I’m looking at them thinking I’m like man this this stuff is like there’s
spirits there probably or like some kind of a snakes that live there remember
first time I molded with my push lawnmower I mean it would get stuck
every few feet or so now I could have stayed that and called that guy who sold
us the house how dare you you know what kind of a citizen are you you know
aren’t you thinking you’re a lawyer but you there’s no brains in your head
because you’re not even taking care of your own house what kind of a hack could
up build a case against them but I think that’s not gonna help my lawn right no
lawn is not gonna get better because I’m blaming somebody so I took the lawn
mower mowing the lawn once more in the last second time put the sprinkler
system start you know putting weed and feed and then putting all kinds of stuff
and then after about a few years all of this stuff got cleared out and when we
sold the property a few years ago you know not only it was completely
remodeled but the lawn look like somebody actually put a lawn there
instead of build that and I passed on something that was good maybe your
situation today is the same perhaps even as one of the young men shared perhaps
you come from a broken family perhaps divorce is you’re accustomed to it
parents fighting with each other World War three is already happening in
your house the world just doesn’t know yet
perhaps sickness and disease runs rampant people don’t take care of their
bodies people don’t take care of what they eat people don’t take care of they
don’t they don’t exercise that they don’t think that that’s important to
take care of your temple perhaps there is a anxiety and fear and
depression that is normal nobody can sleep in the house without
popping pills perhaps in your house there’s abuse of alcohol and that’s what
you’ve been accustomed to and is something that you’ve been tempted with
perhaps there’s lust that runs in your family tree my encouragement today to
you is that Mordecai faced an enemy that belonged to his ancestors but he didn’t
blame solve for that he faced him he overcame them and Esther and Mordecai
did not pass on Amalekites to the next generation that they passed on a
festival they passed on a holiday that you celebrate till this day where they
celebrate the victory that Mordecai and Esther achieved pass on triumph to the
next generation our trials many of you sitting here today you come from a good
family you come from a family where your mom and dad is together for you the idea
of divorce is strange it’s Elian the same way as it is for me my mom and my
dad have been married for over thirty 33 33 years my grandpa passed away last
year 93 or 92 on his birthday he was a pastor his grandpa his dad Lazarus was a
pastor and they were in ministry they were married all their life never seen
my mom or dad you know argue they fight sometimes but my dad learned the secret
to marriage is always listening to my mom in secret my mom is Ukrainian woman
short a little feisty and as long as that obeys her everything is fine
husband’s listen amen but I see that they’re together
I see they love each other I see that the care of us is the family and so for
me it’s very easy it’s easier to be able to see challenges in my relationship
with my wife and overcome them because my parents passed on something
to me that I’m benefiting from same thing with finances to manage finances
it comes a lot easier for me because my dad does it my dad never gave me a
financial lesson he never set me down and when Dave Ramsey and me made that
simple that lived his life balancing his books never owning money to anybody and
always was very generous and seeing that and seeing how he modeled that to me it
comes very easy for me to manage my finances that even when we give all of
our money away I still we’re still able to manage it in a way that the glorifies
God and in a way that helps us to to take care of our needs because that was
passed on to us and so the Bible says in the New Testament first Peter 1:18 it
says knowing that you were not redeemed from corruptible things like with
corruptible things like silver and gold from your aimless conduct received by
tradition from your father’s 2nd Timothy 1:5 it says when I call to remembers the
genuine faith that is in you which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your
mother I am persuaded it is in you I want you to see both of these scriptures
Peter is saying God redeemed us from things that were passed down from our
fathers and Apostle Timothy says Timothy Apostle Paul says to Timothy resistivity
there was your thing I know your grandma she had that faith your mama has the
same faith and he says I’m persuaded you got the same faith that tells me though
you can’t pass on salvation to the next generation you can pass on your faith
your passion for God you can pass on good things to the next generation
that’s why there will fight you hard he will fight me hard because he knows if I
beat him at this level this is what’s gonna happen it’s gonna be easier for
the next generation to overcome the enemy when King David died he passed on
to his son Solomon a lot of good things he passed on to him a lot of money he
passed on to him a throne he passed on to him a crown he passed down to him
Authority he passed on to him houses and he passed on to him a blueprint for how
to build the temple but there was one more thing that King David passed on is
that he gave him a very clear description that though King David will
die the enemies King David accumulated throughout his life
will not they will be passed on to Solomon in King David was very clear to
Solomon and he says this and he actually named those enemies he says this is the
guy that’s the guy that’s the guy he lives there that guy lives there that
guy lives there he says make sure none of them die normally meaning you take
care of them Solomon is young and inexperienced
that’s before Solomon had the wisdom from God before Solomon builds his house
and builds the house of the Lord the Bible says the Solomon the first I think
chapter of the the Kings Kings chapter 2 you see one problem surfaces it’s his
daddy’s problem one guy begins to make some fuss and ask for something that he
shouldn’t be asking well he surfaces and then another surface it then Solomon
game another person at restriction says he can’t go past the roots of them and I
want you to see this the solomon doesn’t go building his kingdom until he
establishes his kingdom by getting rid of his daddy’s demons impatience anger
passivity laziness gossiping about pastors constantly criticizing worship I
met a person yesterday here who says I criticize your church and I really
really apologize and he says my daughter today don’t go to church those things
some of you you’re battling with that inside of you and it’s a battle that
didn’t begin with you it becomes someone else if you don’t win it it will
continue but I’m challenging you today this afternoon that the Holy Spirit has
empowered you to have victory in your life and for the future generations the
Holy Spirit wants you and I to win as many battles as we can so that the next
generation will use our ceiling as their floor you’re not responsible for what’s
passed on to you you are responsible for what you activate scientists did a study
and they found out there are certain things that are passed on in our DNA not
only the color of hair the color of skin the color of eyes but our
characteristics sicknesses health habits our past and
also in our DNA that’s why when you go to the doctor he doesn’t just ask you
hey you had a flu for how long what are some of the symptoms if you fill out the
first time you go to doctor you fill out the application they will ask you about
your grandma look she lives in Moscow why would you want to know my my grandma
what about your uncles they’ll ask you about your parents you say I don’t know
my parents I don’t talk to them they want to know has diabetes been in your
family they will ask you has the heart problem this is something that goes in
your family and you can say well doctor I don’t believe in that stuff because
under the blood all of that is taken care of he doesn’t care what you believe
because scientist doesn’t operate my belief system they believe they I put it
by facts and it’s been proven scientifically that there are things
that are laying in my DNA and your DNA passed on from My Father
there can be activated or deactivated based on my choices my experiences and
my associations good or bad you can have faith passed on to you you can have good
marriage passed on to you by your parents you can have a prayer life
passed on to you by your parents laying dormant until it’s activated by your
choices your associations and your experiences that’s why when you go to a
Bible School that’s why when you go to and have an encounter with God you have
an experience with God when you connect yourself with the right people you have
proper associations and then when you have a proper you make a decision this
is what happens it begins to activate certain those things and you go into
ministry and it’s not necessarily because you just went into ministry
because your daddy was in ministry but at the same time there was choices
associations and experiences their activity the same grace that is moving
from your father God of Abraham god of Isaac and God of Jacob God is a
generational God God doesn’t just want the blessing and favor to rest on you he
wants you to spread to the next generation and generation after on your
children the grandchildren and your great grandchildren so is the devil
he doesn’t want porn to be your your problem he wants your children from him
to be the same he doesn’t want to press you to be your problem it doesn’t want
nightmares to be your problem he wants that to be just going through you to
other generation that’s why today it’s not an option to live a victorious life
I don’t care if you’re 15 or if you 27 a victory is our portion and we have to do
it for our sake for God’s sake and for generations sake
come on somebody are you with me how do we receive how do we walk in that
victory how do we receive that victory and we’re going to take a look at book
of Esther chapter 5 and I’m going to share with you three simple steps on how
to walk in victory receive victory now it happened on the third day that Esther
put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the king’s palace a crust
of the King’s house while the King sat on his royal throne in the royal house a
lot of royal facing the entrance of the house so it was when the King saw Queen
Esther standing in the court she found favor in his side and the King held out
to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand and Esther went near and
touched the top of the scepter and the king said to her what do you wish Queen
Esther what is your request it shall be given to you up to half of the kingdom
and so Esther answered please increase the limit on my credit card so I can buy
more shoes from China I’m just checking if you listen to your heart and Queen
Esther answer we’re about to die kill Haman that’s not what it says if it
pleases the King let the king and Haman come today to the banquet that I have
prepared for him she knew the key to every man’s heart it’s food especially
good food mama’s food she says I want you to come to my banquet dear lord I
ask you that today you will open our hearts to your word to your faith and I
pray that you will help us to receive what we came for today in Jesus name
Amen I want us to see first of all is when
Haman the enemy who’s been there for generations before resurfaced that
Esther’s first reaction to dealing with Haman was not political or physical now
this problem that her life would be destroyed
the Jewish people would die this a real problem it was a it was not a
spiritual made-up mystical problem somewhere and on Mars this was here
right here you could see it everybody gonna die die means no more physical
problem real problem Esther unlike many people in Babylon had a position which
she could leverage to solve that problem she was in a very high political place
in fact she was so close I’m pretty sure she had a speed and speed dial many of
the governor’s many of the people who influenced different territories she
could have easily pull the strings called a committee created a campaign
create a GoFundMe account she could have did some physical things to pull the
strings influence her husband who was the king to move upon the Supreme Court
of that land to reverse the law but when Esther hears of this problem that is
physical I want you to see what Esther does not do she doesn’t lean on her
political connections she doesn’t lean on her political abilities she calls the
whole nation now this is the girl she didn’t win a championship of the cutest
girl on Instagram this girl she was the queen she was the most influential when
it comes to women she had a platform she had to look she had the favor but this
girl she got brains in order to discern that this problem is spiritual and it
doesn’t require my political connections and my good face
it requires something bigger it requires spiritual spiritual solution she gets
the whole nation to do what fast and pray he doesn’t create a go fund account
let’s defund Mordecai she doesn’t call up her connection she says I want to
bring the whole nation to fast and pray dear friends having a good looking body
and no brains here is no good having big pocket but not seeing the spiritual
world is no good having a status of a millionaire but not understanding that
the world you live the spiritual is not good the Bible says
we do not wage a war in the physical realm we fight a spiritual warfare this
war exists right now whether you like it or not whether you like to admit it or
not whether you are engaged in this warfare or not it is up to you and I and
that is why fasting and prayer is not an option to people who understand the
world they live in is spiritual the problems we face might
be physical but many times many times the roots of those problems are not
visible to a human eye that’s why therapy
that’s why counseling that’s why many times medicine all of that numbs those
problems but many many many times they don’t necessarily fix them what am I
trying to say many of our problems that we face right now are physical but the
roots are spiritual and their solution has to be not fists but knees when I
went to a grou conference in Portland the second largest Church in America
the Church of Highlands and they hope as a whole system called a growth tract and
all of this stuff and we used that system then a senior pastor Chris Hodges
he does this whole thing of describing how they bring people to church how they
disciple them all of those things that I know some of you guys even do here as
well and then at the end he does this thing when he talks about prayer and
fasting how they do twice a year 21 days of prayer and fasting and something that
shocked me hearing they’re from from American churches especially Church that
size and he says if you do every single thing that we do but you don’t pray and
you don’t fast he says it will not work and this is why because church is not a
social club Church does not scratch my back I scratch your back Club Church is
a spiritual place Church is a place where people get plucked out of hell and
put into heaven Church is a place where the warfare is
being done for the souls of people because church is a place that deals
with eternity of people and there are spiritual forces that do not want that
to happen and they occupy the Bible says they live in the heavenly places and
when you fast and pray now you might not understand anything about spiritual
world and that’s completely fine but something happens when you pray and fast
the spiritual world begins to move when Moses lifted his hands on the mountain
and Joshua fought on the bottom of the mountain against the Malachi’s anytime
the hands were up Joshua was winning when the hands went down Joshua was
losing so the victory did not depend on how strong Joshua was it depended on how
high his hands went up I genuinely believe they Jesus says this kind
doesn’t come out by prayer and fasting there are forces of darkness can never
be crushed in our city and in our region except if we pray and fast fasting and
prayer is not an option for people living in the broken world
not only if we humble ourselves by it not only we see God but it’s like Daniel
who fasted 21 days and the Prince of Persia the Bible says he was occupying
Prince of Persia wasn’t the guy who was sitting on the throne it’s the guy who
occupied the guy who sat on the throne it was a spiritual entity and when
Daniel fasted and prayed Daniel wasn’t rebuking the devil then he was just
fasting they know as a seeking God but God’s angels we’re moving on his behalf
I’m not saying to go demon hunting and looking for Devils behind every bush
what I’m saying is you get on your face before God and recognize that everything
that you face in life you can’t fix because you have more degrees than a
thermometer you can fix because you got connections you can fish because you
finally reach 10,000 followers on Instagram you can fix just because you
got money in your bank account or just because you have a good health insurance
you none of that stuff really matters if what you’re facing is spiritual what
matters is our prayer and humility before God and it’s fasting
I challenge some of you and in fact when your church is fasting and you are not
and you don’t have a health problem why what can be any other excuse except your
laziness I’m going to die really most of us will die because to overeating this
is not third world country we live in the nation where most of our diseases is
because we eat too much you’re not gonna die you will actually
live and very long perhaps because you drink it too much dr. pepper and that’s
a cleansing system you’re not going to die it’s gonna feel like your flesh is
going to suffer for a little bit but then you either gonna break your flesh
or you cannot break your heart one thing I challenge each one of you there is no
excuse when the church I don’t like forgive me I just get a bit emotional
when I talk about this because as a church we fast three three days every
month so after our last Sunday every month then we do Monday Tuesday
Wednesday after the last Sunday every single month we’ve been doing this for
the last few years and and this is not a like oh if you feel like really what
would you think that will be except I don’t know how I feel about attacking up
today really well you don’t wake up in the morning and your flesh doesn’t say
well I don’t feel like attacking you today that doesn’t happen that’s not an
option people have built a life of prayer and fasting to Christians today
it’s like it’s like a super life there’s a basic life will you don’t do anything
you’re couch potato and then there’s like a deeper life no no no that is the
only Christian life we have it’s me that we follow Jesus or we don’t follow Jesus
nothing in between I just sensible condemnation glad coming
from you if you’re lazy self is offended I’m happy
my goal is to electrocute the fence you’re sitting on right now if you’re
sitting on the fence between this or between that my goal is to make you to
jump this way or that way if God is the word July just says we follow him if
he’s not we pack our bags go smoke pot and go to hell but we don’t choose to go
to hell that means we need to go run after God 100% and the problem with many
of us when we serve the devil we went all the way and when we serve God we do
bare minimum when we did drugs 500 dollars every single month went to do
drugs and our tithing record is fifty dollars a month what kind of madness is
that so we could spend money on drugs that destroyed us and we can’t be
generous I don’t believe in tithing you tied to the kingdom of the devil and you
can’t tie to the kingdom of God get rid of that Judas problem and give God
everything that you got you only got one life you have no right to live a normal
life if he died a brutal death and if that offends you look at the cross there
is no right I have to live a normal life if my Savior died a brutal death for a
wretch like me we owe to live with every fiber of our being for him that means
humbling himself that means praying that means fasting
and when we do that things shift in the realm of the Spirit you may not feel it
you might not see it but it does happen you’re praying
and I believe even as the new campus is starting as the new service is starting
without prayer and without fasting in this country now we can bring people
from other churches please understand moving money from my savings to my
check-ins doesn’t make me richer we can make better music better programs but a
young lady who shared a testimony from another country the last people don’t
come because only come because of God social media brings them to church only
Holy Spirit brings them to God we have today pretty much 50 percent of all the
people that come to our church come to social media that’s why we put a lot of
emphasis on social media we stop doing television we stop very much doing
everything putting all the money into social media because it brings a lot of
people to church about once they are here only the Holy Spirit can bring him
to Christ because the gospel is offensive we believe in a guy who became
a man and died and rose again that’s offensive and if that’s not offensive I
don’t know what is is and only the Holy Spirit can convict somebody’s heart we
pray out loud we pray passionately and our services are not microwaves they’re
not an hour and 20 minutes there are two hours and 30 minutes and that’s not
gonna happen that’s not gonna be for normal people and I don’t want normal I
want God to convert people I want people to be saved to be saved to be born again
not just to pray a sinner’s prayer I like what Charles Spurgeon said they
said that because Charles Spurgeon had this follow-up program where the next
morning at 5:00 in the morning they had to show up at his office and they said
if somebody gets saved by next morning they’ll lose the conviction he says if
you put a nail in the needles in the eye of a bull he says it will not stop
hurting by next morning what he was saying he says when the Holy Spirit
wounds a soul like that he says it will stay there and to do that we need God we
need to move of the Holy Spirit we need a shift in the realm of the Spirit and
for that to happen that’s why we pray that’s why we fast that’s what the
church is doing 21-day fast and I ask you if you have not been doing it if
you’ve been Fe this is for them this is not for me
I rebuke you kindly in Jesus name and I asked you to snap out this year is
not supposed to be the same year that wasn’t last year for you and most likely
those of you who are saying stuff like that right now you have issues you’re
fighting you can’t beat on your own perhaps one of those issues is a passive
spirit is this passivity this couch potato thing or you just don’t feel you
just don’t did you just don’t have that and that can be broken if you get on
your knees if you put the foot away and say lord I need you more like Esther I
don’t rely on my looks I don’t lie my connections I don’t rely on my
committees Lord will rely on you so the first thing is that we have to win the
battle in a spiritual realm if we want to see the change in the
natural realm number two we see that Esther after three days when she fasted
and prayed I’m sorry I kind of went off a little bit right now so pastor you
take care of that afterwards yeah sorry I kind of I feel better secondly is that we see her that after
the third day of fasting Esther she put on her royal garments the Bible says and
she went to the Royal Palace to see the king
so the fasting I believe it changes things in the realm of the Spirit it
breaks the peerage of strongholds yes it helps us to humble ourselves there’s a
lot of benefits of fasting and your pastor there are phenomenal teaching you
can see that YouTube four types of fasting and so there’s a lot of teaching
that that is in this house so I don’t want to take time to talk about that
but that’s one of the things that it does is it changes things in the realm
of the Spirit but the second thing that I want us to see for us to experience
true freedom is is not only to pray and fast and to fight spiritual forces but
secondly is that we have to put on a royal garments instead of rags of our
problems what does it mean it means that we have to mentally dress up instead of
dress down we have to dress up in royal garments instead of dress down in rags
Esther could have easily been dressed down in rags of a problem her heart was
broken her nation was about to be wiped out she just fasted for three days she
could have easily put on the worst kind of
that she had a rip to put holes in him and walk into the king like some kind of
a beggar and plead and beg but I want you to see the Esther didn’t see the
change yet Haman was still there and he was still smiling and laughing he was
still near to the king but Esther did not wait for the change in life before
she changed how she thought how she perceives herself and saw how she
carried herself that tells me that spiritual breakthrough in the spiritual
realm must lead to having a breakthrough in your heart or in your mind before
there’s a breakthrough that manifests itself in your life meaning renewing of
the mind precedes the transformation of her life Romans chapter 12 verse 2 it
says the presidential bodies as a living sacrifice and it says this do not
conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind
what it means is that don’t let your mind be conformed to what’s happening
around in your life right now let it be transformed by what God says
in his word but what hinder is that in our life many times is that we say well
but my life is not changed yet my kids are not serving God yet but I don’t have
a boyfriend I don’t have a job but my bills are not being paid for but I don’t
know what to do with my future but I’m still battling with this pain from my
past and so until all of that is taken care of only then my mind will be
changed that tells me your mind is conformed to your world instead of
transformed by his word don’t dress your mind down to the world you are in dress
it up with the word that you living in the truth of God Jesus says you shall
know the truth and what the truth will set you free that tells me that the
freedom exists is not only on the level of the spirit where Jesus comes and
rebukes the devil with the anointing of God breaks the yoke but that is the
freedom that exists through knowing the truth the brakes certain things here
break certain things here breaks my speech pattern breaks my how I feel how
I think and how I speak and that leads me to freedom if you don’t see freedom
after fasting and after praying the Lord wants you also to fill your
mind with his truth to that degree that it changes how you see yourself presence
of truth doesn’t make anybody free the same way as presence of soap doesn’t
make anybody clean you can have a truckload of soap in your garage and
stink like a skunk none of you do I know so relax
but soap it doesn’t make you clean it’s applying soap that makes you clean
putting it whatever you want it to be clean that’s where you put the soap and
you don’t just kind of put it casually religiously no you scrub it and when you
have negativity when you have brokenness here
you have to take that truth and you gotta scrub your soul with it it’s good
it’s important to pray it’s important to fast after three days
Esther put on the royal garments and that tells me that after I pray after I
fast I also have to take the Word of God and I have to let it conform me instead
of me being conformed to my situation and me being conformed excuse me to my
problem or whatever I am going through right now the problem happens with our
problems is that when you stay in them so long they begin to affect how you
think and how you feel that even if the Lord takes you out of that problem you
still think the same way it says it explains why Israel though leaving Egypt
still were slaves because when you stay in slavery for 400 years it’s not just a
place it becomes your identity I think I’m sure this few years ago is when they
did an experiment on the fish one butter CUDA fish they put a butter could a fish
in the fish tank and they put other small fish in the fish tank but I could
a fish is not born again sure she eats other fish for living so she went to the
other side and ate the rest of the fish they put a glass in between the
Barracuda fish and other fish they put a glass there and so butter could a fish
can’t see through the glass and so it was going to the other fish and bam hit
the glass stretch yourself realize okay maybe I shouldn’t be going that fast
next time so next time it went a little bit slower it still hit the glass third
time it hit the glass fourth time it realized don’t go to the other side they
removed the glass after a few days and the Barracuda fish never went to the
other side glass was no longer there why because the glass there was in
think after hitting it so much went into her mind if it happens with the fish it
happens with people after you experience hurt and abuse after you experience
certain things for so long many times what many of us do is we’re like Titanic
we’re letting the world that’s on the outside to get inside and we become
conformed to that world that we are in and therefore our mind are dressed in
rags we can pray and fast but if we don’t change the mental dress code and
we don’t put the truth of God inside of us if we don’t change who we are because
of what God says instead of being defined by what we feel what we see what
people have said about us the labels we’ve been given what we’ve experienced
if we don’t do that we will continue to live feeling like nothing is changing
even if God changes everything and everyone and then we do this prayer
change everybody Lord change my husband change the president change the pastor
change the Deacons change my children change the weather and God while you add
it change yourself but just don’t touch me because I wait for everybody to
change and only then I’ll feel better Bible says do not conform yourself to
the world be transformed by the renewing of your mind meaning we have the truth
of God and we have to allow to define who we are many of you here you’re young
people and you probably have a nice car from what I’ve seen in the parking lot
god bless your soul but many of your cars have salvage title shall we ask
raising of the hands no no do that no shame and condemnation to those who are
in living stream Church amen what is the salvage title Russians
understand it’s very simple you bought a car on the auction for a little discount
and then Victor at that shop he fixed it for you for half price car any action
just means the car been through something had had a rough day and then
you had somebody else fix it they fixed if they fixed it really good an average
Joe is not gonna see the difference he’s gonna see your car it’s the same man you
got a nice car and you’re gonna say yes they do it do you have to sell it
and they look at the car I mean 45,000 miles and until you’re a Camry super
deal looks great clean smells good until you have to tell them of what it says on
a title deed and then the atmosphere changes they said well this car um –
that is a salvage title oh okay well I’ll call you later then that’s why
salvage cars they don’t sell as good as the other cars most banks will not loan
your money everything’s fine with the car something’s wrong with a title deed
why because what the car went through went and a title deed and because of
that word and the title deed in the glove box rebuilt salvage it reduces the
value of the car causes conversations to be awkward and makes you have a great
car but no you don’t have a great car and many people exactly what the devil
does you go through stuff and those problems and go into the glove box of
your mind and people start treating themselves settling for less why because
well what I’ve been I’ve been I’ve done drugs or I’ve been delivered from this
or in my past life you know I’ve lost virginity I’ve been struggling with this
before and so what happens even if god delivers you the devil says well that’s
great that he delivered you want make sure let me put a stamp on your
consciousness and on your mind that you are salvaged why because as long as you
think you’re salvaged you’ll always sell yourself for less you will make your
life painful you will say no Vlad I don’t do that you just people think of
me like that have you ever tried to pay your utility bills with people’s
opinions people’s opinions are like feet everyone has them and sometimes they
stink what people say is one thing the question is what do you think the
question is what do you feel what do you speak what does it say on your mind now
does it say what God says the truth of God or does it say your has your history
or your past or your mistakes does it say because my Bible says those who are
in Christ are new creation I didn’t find that there it says
built it didn’t say those who are in Christ our salvage title it says those
school in Christ our new creation but see the church will see you people will
see you you will see you as we build and that’s why when you fight in the
spiritual run you have to also fight in the realm of your mind will you remove
what the world says what you say what others say what you feel and put only
what God says about you and the truth of God’s Word you might say but what if
it’s not true you have to understand is that the truth of God is the truth
everything everything that facts could change but the truth never changes
Mohammed said I’m the prophet of truth Buddha said I’m the seeker of truth
Jesus said I am the truth in other words you got to know Jesus intimately then it
affects the title deed that’s in your glove box right now so many young ladies
they’ve had a sin in their past before they came to Christ and after they’ve
repented but there is a thing that exists in their title t that says but
I’ve lost my this I lost my dad and therefore God can never send me a great
man God can never send me a great marriage God can never bless me with a
great future who told you that they did did he say that remove the racks put on
the Royal garments and you will see what God will bless you with because you
don’t you don’t attract into your life what people say you attract what you
believe and you can believe God’s Word and you can believe your feelings and
other people’s experiences and I want to challenge each one of you here today
begin to change how you see yourself based on God’s Word instead of how you
feel for example if you’re battling with sin when you fight when you fast when
you still Lord deliver me from that you call for prayer somebody prays for you
like man I feel God delivered me you get up from that prayer you must change how
you see yourself that means like a brother mentioned you no longer see
yourself as a sinner who’s trying to get righteous you see yourself as a
righteous who fights sin and we say oh it’s just a play of words it’s not a
play of words it’s a change of position because one says I’m a sinner the other
one says I’m a righteous and Bible tells me that the righteous person falls seven
times and he what now wicked the next verse it says the
wicked Falls by calamity meaning the wicked doesn’t even fall into sin he
falls by a problem and he can’t get up why because of who he is a righteous man
is pulled as a lion that means that I have to adjust when I become a Christian
when I become free when I receive deliverance from God when I feel things
shifted in the realm of the Spirit something has to shift in my mind I no
longer associate myself with my sin or my struggle I associated myself with
Christ I died with him I live with him I see I’m sitting with him I am in him
do I still fight sin of course I do sometimes even stronger than before but
I don’t fight a sin as a sinner I fight a sin as a son I am a son who fights a
sin I’m a righteous person who fights a sin I always tell a church I tell them
to tell yourself all the time I’m not a weak person trying to get strong I’m a
strong person fighting weakness I’m not a sinner trying to get righteous I’m a
righteous person fighting weakness I’m not a sick person in fact trying to get
healthy I’m a healthy person fighting sickness every doctor will tell you
there is nothing wrong with your body if they remove that virus they remove that
cancer if they remove that little thing your body’s fine therefore you can’t let
one little cell or one little tumor or one of the cysts change who you are now
that doesn’t mean you reject the reality of the problem the sickness the issue
the de strano the problem it just means you don’t make
it who you are you make it who you are whose you are and from that position you
fight it does not mean that when I renew my mind that I am righteous in God I am
victorious that that means that’s it the devil comes like okay I give up
no in fact he will fight you stronger when God came to Joshua and says Joshua
I gave you promise land you did not see media nights and
Jebusites and all of the other eyes they didn’t come and said Joshua we surrender
none of them surrendered in fact every piece of promised land joshua warned by
war but he got the victory before he got the battle you have to have victory
before you fight from God from the Holy Spirit victory over sin
victory over doubt victory over depression victory over sadness it comes
from renewing your mind by his word you may say but what if like that doesn’t
actually work if that doesn’t work the Sun will fall out of its orbit and the
earth will stop having gravity if God’s Word doesn’t have power we’re toast I
trust in his word now does that mean that all this we see what we pray for
what we believe no does that mean the righteous men that never Falls he still
Falls in fact sometimes such a knucklehead falls seven times he still
righteous because he gets up he anchors identity in something new you know I’m
sure this in a brief yesterday what I’ve seen happen with my wife when we got
married my wife was battling with chronic nightmares and loneliness and
sense of rejection it was very difficult for her to connect in church in the
ministry that she was in and I thought this is just normal way of couples
adjusting she’s in a new place you know our church is kind of dear friend and
maybe it’s gonna take in six seven seven eight months and six seven months you
know past but it wasn’t changing and I started to recognize there was a
spiritual problem because any time that she would sleep she would have these
just attacks it was a tax in her sleep attacks at or night and she had a really
difficult time working she had a difficult time being a church and she
just wanted to go home now as a pastor you know it’s kind of breaks your heart
when you know your own wife doesn’t want to be in your church there’s no way you
can explain it and so I didn’t tell it to anybody and secondly you know I’m I
cared a lot about my reputation at the time you know we would come to church or
church at the town’s very small our friend meetings on Tuesday they were
just a bunch of friends and relatives at one small room maybe 10 people 12 people
so if somebody is not praying like it’s clearly evident and so and it always
happened that my wife like on those days that she just like it’s like she just
had this akio’s disease the spirit of silence becoming she wouldn’t pray and
you know I’ll put a costal like we need to plaque
drei like you don’t feel the spirit you gotta show you got it so what were there
you know no matter if I had an argument with my wife or not that going you know
and I’m like you know you got a thank you to you make it and my wife stands
there and one thing I love about my wife she’s never fake to the point that
embarrasses me sometimes she will always be true to herself she doesn’t feel she
never faked it so she just stood there and my pastor my uncle looks you know
I’m like I’m trying to cover my wife so nobody sees that she’s not prank I’m
embarrassed you know I supposed to have a praying
and fire wife you know brother from another state you know there’s another
city and so you know she needs to show that hey I made a right choice yeah and
she wasn’t praying for a long time so we started to pray for her freedom and then
I decided to you know decide you know what as a man of God I need to deliver
my wife from her demons and then you know when you stop being a husband to
become a deliverer in your house you quickly find out ain’t gonna work
so I laid my hands on her prayed for her with oil with everything that I had and
and nothing and she was very very kindness amiss if she let me pray for
her and then you know I started to tell her come on you know you’re stronger and
you can do this come on they shouldn’t affect you you you can beat this you
know and I tried to push her into into that try to make her to press it listen
I don’t have this and I pray a lot and you don’t pray you need to pray more you
need to read the Bible more and of course the more I told her what to do
unless she wanted to talk to me then of course God taught me that God didn’t
call me to deliver my wife he called me to love her and that was a very painful
revelation and so when I started to love her and literally and all the guys will
understand maybe uh I chewed it in my mind I acted with her as I would act if
somebody I had that I was married to who was not a Christian just to give her
space it’s the Lord I’m gonna love her I’m gonna pray for her and I’m gonna be
there with her cuz I can’t change that woman I mean I can’t even change myself
the Holy Spirit started through his work and all these prayers that we prayed
they had some effect in the spiritual world but she still had exactly same
feelings exactly same thoughts and exactly seeing nightmares at the point
he was working a post office and she decided to start filling her mind with
the Word of God she was able to because her work allowed
her to that she was able to listen to podcasts and listen to the Bible from
five to six hours Monday through Saturday for two years and I started to
see a change in my wife she still had the nightmares she still couldn’t
connect in the church she still had those moments but now I had freedom not
to change her because I knew it’s not happening but to be there to love her
you can’t grow a flower by pulling her you got a water the flower and so and
then this truth started to change how she started to think so
when she would have those nightmares when somebody was choking or somebody
was attacking her when she would wake up she now wanted to pray instead of saying
I want to do anything she now would rebuke you say no this doesn’t belong to
me that is not who I am I’m a child of God now she was static Authority and
then instead of waiting for all the girls in the church to accept her and
welcome her she just found the ones that nobody wanted to be with and started to
homegroup with them I remember at one particular time you know I was trying to
before this trying to really set her up with her sister because her sister was
her best friend so I wanted to bring her sister you know marry one of the guys on
our team and I kind of set up a blind date
and her sister ran from that day Dickens came she said who’s that weirdo I was
like oh come on it’s really hoping that you know that you marry him so you can
move here she’s like even if I’ll marry him I’ll take him there here’s I’m not
moving here because I was thinking the solution would be if I just bring some
friends to my wife it will it will solve the problem and nobody wanted to move
and then when all of this started to change within about a year and a half to
two years when they start to change the nightmares subsided her ministry started
to open up without me trying to push her into anything she has she’s on her own
started to serve other girls started to minister to others her prayer life
changed well today you know I see her every day Monday to Friday you know for
one hour from 6 to 7 o’clock but pretty much every single day I see her at
church praying on her own I don’t tell her
because I go to the loo but earlier I don’t tell her to do it I’m checking her
now that that prayer life started our relationship changed her sister got
married to my brother and move to our city God does miracles and she loves our
city now you know but now my wife doesn’t need her sister we tell our
sisters like we don’t need you now ok you can move back but but you can stay
and today God goddess goddess I’ve seen a change in her through changing of her
mind by the Word of God the situation was still there but when the word of God
becomes more real through the quickening of the Holy Spirit I am NOT talking
about building some fantasies that you dis and that another I’m talking about
aligning yourself this is what God says and this is Who I am
I remember when I had to do that for my own self because I looked in the mirror
for a long time I struggled with insecurity it was so chronic that I
didn’t want to live at the age of thirteen and a half
I skipped keyboarding class at Hanford high school in Richland because I was so
shy to speak in front of 22 students I was skipping school I didn’t tell my
parents stood at the bus station for six hours because I was scared to stand in
front of people and my prayer at the time was God caused an accident so I
will die because this world will be a better place without me in it and
partial was because of my physical appearance and God never fixed my face
yes I had two eye surgeries and they didn’t help because I thought if my face
will change if God will do some cosmetic surgery I will change how I feel inside
I will be accepted I tried to find an acceptance in church at the time the
church was small and we still had it in Russian language so there was pretty
much three poor positions you can be involved in behind on the sound board I
got kicked out I said elephants stepped on my ear the second place was to lead
worship they said you’re deaf they kicked me out of the worship team I’m
not making this up and the third place was to read poems I follow embarrassing
for a guy to reform the church I did it once
and it was done from the come on board it can be below than this let the ladies
read the poems they can’t preach anyway or they shouldn’t be preaching anyway
and the last one is preaching you know in the Slovak Church you know you would
preacher so I couldn’t figure out which language to speaking I’ve always mixed
up my languages English wasn’t good Ukrainian I already butchered it and the
Russian I couldn’t pronounce it so my preaching wasn’t good so there I am
holding us looking for something to clean myself to school bus and work the
church literally kicks me out of the four departments they got you know funny
as it is now but it wasn’t funny when you’re thirteen and a half years old and
you tried to find who you are you know how many rags I had here million of them
and it wasn’t a miracle it was it some kind of a touch of God and all of that
was gone it was step by step taking these words fearful and wonderfully you
made and looking in the mirror said Lord okay I can’t look at that mirror I’m
gonna look at this one Lord I’m gonna look at your word and I’m not gonna look
at how my skin is stretched over my skeleton I will look at the fact that
you made me in your image and their likeness did I feel that no did I look
like that no but it’s what he said and when that changed me on the inside today
as I’m speaking to you I’m not afraid of you and when you’re looking at me you’re
not looking at music what happened to that guy’s eye the reason why you don’t
thinking that because I don’t care about it and if you are thinking not good if you’re thinking I don’t care about it
cuz I’m already married okay so your opinion doesn’t matter I’m a living with
this the God’s truth can transform your mind it will change how you will live it
will change how you will minister it will change how you will relate to your
children to your spouse and in your business
remove the rags or replace him with royal garments Church are you with me
are you ready for just one more and we’re gonna pray lastly so spiritual
world is changed by fasting and prayer the mental capacity our mental emotional
world is changed by the truth of God’s Word instead of our feelings truth of
God’s Word and number three is and this is the part that we’ve read earlier
excuse me Esther comes after fasting dressed up she comes to the presence of
the king and remember when I’ve read that Esther said to the king if it
pleases the King let the king and Haman come today at the banquet that I have
prepared for him now think about this you have a problem you’re about to die
all of your family is gonna die and this is the guy who allowed it to happen who
happens to be your husband you haven’t seen him for thirty days and he’s the
only one who can change something and he asks you a question Esther what
do you want what would you say help we’re gonna die
please we would create panic I mean it’s Martic I did that he
screamed he yelled we would be like my bartimaeus son of David have mercy what
touches me about this story the most is that Esther did not ask for her freedom she asked for a meeting with the king
she asked to give him a meal something she knew he would really like so my
third and final point is don’t use God as a means to a goal make
him your goal don’t use God as a means to get freedom make God your goal many of us don’t
think of it like that that you can use God to get freedom mm-hmm and then we
leave him because when we’re in bondage we fast and we pray we cry out every
prayer meeting we’re there every article we’re there we don’t care what people
think but then something takes place we become
calculated we become confident we mature it becomes something because we’re free
now that passion that existed before that that drive that that flame inside
because you can scream and not have a flame but when that’s flame there you
only you and God know that that heat inside the heat for God’s love this this
is passion for the Lord that was there that was fueled by the pain of life many
times when the fuel is gone which is the pain of life many people have never
transitioned to putting a fuel of their passion why because from the beginning
God was not the goal he was just someone who helped us to reach the goal what was
the goal I don’t want to live in pornography I don’t want to live in
depression what is the goal I want to live a good life that was the goal God
helped me to reach it and now they have reached the goal God is a sidekick
that I need like a spare tire in case I find another goal
I can’t reach young people always ask me how to be used by God and I say this all
the time stop using God make him your goal he will use you if you use him he’s
not the goal his gifts his power his freedom his breakthrough is good he
wants to bless us with that but in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33 he doesn’t
say seek there he says seek him and everything else will be added my fear is
in a passion for freedom in a passion for blessing in a passion even for the
anointing in the passion for the miracles a lot of times God becomes just
something that we use to get there and we can say the right lingo but the
motives only the Holy Spirit can examine and I dare not today to try to correct
your motives because I need God to help me correct mine but I will not read the
prodigal son and they see prodigal son to his father and this is what he says
he says father give me what is mine so many charismatic people pray that prayer
give me what is mine give me my healing give me my breakthrough give me my
blessing God is so good even when you’re wrong he’ll bless you he gave him his
stuff and you know what happened to him the prodigal son left the father and
then when he lost everything he came back to his father and I want you to see
what he prayed now he had nothing he came to his father and the Bible says he
said father make me your servant let’s not learn this lesson the hard way
let’s pray the first prayer let’s pray the second prayer first
let’s do what Esther did instead of coming to the king and saying King
deliver me King help me say King can we have a meeting with you
in the nine chapters of Exodus 17 times Moses told to Pharaoh let my people go
and he gave this reason he didn’t say because they are suffered enough let my
people go why because they’re in pain why because you’re not paying them wages
they don’t deserve this suffering this is madness is he did not say that’s why
you should let my people go he said let my people go that they might serve me
God did not see any other reason for deliverance and freedom except the fact
people who be available to serve Him Israel missed the point because when
they came out of Egypt the only thing they did is complained and whined and
worship cows God doesn’t think that he delivers you so you can be better he
thinks he delivers you so you can replace your monster and put himself as
a master in that place so you can worship Him most of us don’t see
deliverance the same way what if we adjust right now and think a little bit
differently I want you to rise to you thank you for watching this content I
know this was a blessing to you we would like to ask you to subscribe to our
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