Senator Mitch McConnell Considers His Place In History: NYT | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  • Border agents law-enforcement officials who patrol counties on the border and ICE agents are the ones begging for the barrier who is listening to them? The speak and the politicians listen They are being ignored and out right betrayed the Democratic’s and there political cheerleaders think they’re hurting the President history will show who stood with the men and women but heroes who put their life on the line every day on that border and who didn’t politicians that blur the lines between legal and illegal migrants America is a vary generous Country the bring in millions on immigrants through legal process yearly Unbiased perspective can see where blame lays it’s not for Trump it’s for border security officials and immigrant safety no matter how are you slanted no matter how you use narrative to make look how you want there’s a truth you can’t hide from

  • It has nothing to do with the color of their skin the border agents we’re all Hispanic the people who work in the communities along the border are all in Latino two paychecks away from a Bolivian and were asking them to put the burden on their shoulders Your spin makes me sick Brokaw

  • Looking at the crowd behind Dementia 45 I understand his "base" perfect. The blank stare, 99% white, dumb as rocks. Same crowd you see at big time wrestling events and tractor pulls.

  • Notice the NY Times layout said "Mitch McConnell got Everything HE Wanted"? That isn't good governing, that is petty self-servance. He is a disgrace to the US Senate.

  • Mitch McConnell and the party he led are Russia traitors working under TRE45ON.

  • is no one going to mention that Mconnell's father in law is a drug smuggler from china. The so-called Chinese freight tycoon has been caught with pounds of cocaine smuggled on board one of his ships. That fentanyl stuff killing rich white kids, is coming from china. Basically republicans killing their own kids by endorsing evil douches like the MConnell family and their ties. They say one thing and do underhanded stuff, without remorse that other people suffer or die. Prime example, that stupid wall.

  • Mitch's place in history is Trump's Primary Stooge.

  • Mitch McConnell is in the middle of all of Trump generated disasters whether he wants to be or not….
    …….and he put himself there.

  • Poor Tom. I think he's spent way too much time in the sun. I'm 73 and Tom sound old to me.


  • He will go down as the biggest obstructionist and one of the biggest breakers of democracy

  • Mitch needs some real "balls" to stand-up for the American people

  • Tom, shouldn't you go back under the rock you've been hiding at? He's just helping his woman molesting club..

  • So sad. Trump is trashing the GOP to the ground. Trump will never ever back down on the wall and GOP has to embrace it.

  • Sorry Mitch but I think you will be remembered for AOC‘s “where is Mitch“….. for going AWOL ……for not having the guts to keep your Senate open and accountable to the people of America. People rarely remember the “good “ things politicians do; although I would categorize withholding Obamas right to appoint a Supreme Court justice as underhanded and low. This is just more of showing your true colors. You are a coward and underhanded and are willing to screw Americans. Great legacy.

  • Really Tom Brokaw?!?! The “young people” in Congress are holding “pep rallies?” That’s how you see it? Even though those “young people” have passed multiple bills in the house to have the government reopened. The question you should be asking is…where was Mitch? Why was he hiding and why is he refusing to even hold a vote in the senate on the bipartisan / multi generational bills that were passed in the house. And please oh please quit playing into this both sides are to blame narrative cause it’s not true.

  • Mitch always looks scared – especially now that the spotlight is more on HIM…really does have that turtle mentality of tucking in his head to try and hide. As they said there are better ways than a wall – but Trump is set in his ways and the GOP controlled Senate has to fall in like or feel his wrath. Reopen the government, Mitch! Find your spine

  • McConnell needs to go home and stay in the hills of Kentucky! He is corrupted. History will not be kind to him and anyone else connected to this presidency. A bunch of thieves stealing from the American people. I can't wait to see how these people react or what their excuses will be once trump is exposed, it's not a matter of if, but when.

  • 2007: I like turtles!
    2019: I hate turtles!

  • McConnells place in history will soon be cemented for all eternity along with the rest of the Trump Crime Family and Associates, as TRAITORS to the United States, they are all bought and paid for with Russian money.

  • Tom used to be more diversified, he's an old white, whiny,man….geez.

  • The america great again ? Disgrace ! Disgrace ! Republicans on Congress disgrace

  • I am beginning to suspect #MitchTheBitch has his own pee tape. As for Brokaw, he must have wandered off from the old folks home.

  • Brocaw isn't talking about the Democrats giving in to Trump. He is talking about the Dems coming up with a stragedy to get government open again. Dems are lacking good leadership putting Pelosi and Schummer back in power. Same old ideas, Same old cowards!


  • That both parties are equally to blame is a crock. Republicans controlled both chambers until a few weeks ago. If they are so adamant about building a wall, why didn't they do it then?

  • Mitch McConnell is an animal abuser, he prevented the horse protection act from being enforced for decades and stopped legislation from being voted on. He is more immoral and corrupt than Trump. He now has the power to stop the gov. shut down and choices not to do so. He has no business as a leader of our Gov.

  • McConnell is a weasel
    Trumps stooge

  • I'm so tired of old white Republican men in government.
    It's time for a wave of diversity in the Senate!!

  • I wonder if Republicans have their hands dirty with Russian money?? That's why the stand with Trump to avoid going to prison

  • Remember when Mitch said that his main goal was to make Obama a one term President? He failed lol lol lol

  • McConnel block of a SCOTUS nominee was already enough to show his true colours, a greedy overambitious man, the sort of man to slowly destroy a Republic from the inside and pave the way to strong populists.

  • Has Tom Brokaw lost his mind? I like to watch Morning Joe (usually), but I couldn't stomach it this time after Brokaw said both parties own this catastrophe. I will also avoid any show he's on from now on. Time to retire, Tom.

  • McConnell's place in history is on the ash heap. Hope he finds his way there soon.

  • Indeed it's all about the race. They don't want brown children, America went from slavery to Abraham Lincoln, through civil rights movement to MLK Jr to condoleezza rice to Obama and McCain ho sensed the risk, it took centuries to move this far, it could've been faster, but there are always force of backwards, now it's lead by Trump. No worries Its the process of Americas maturation, toward a more perfect union and for humanity to watch and learn.

  • I saw all this coming since this clown decided to run for president. I really hope people don’t elect another republican president in a long time The hole world is laughing at us thanks to this morons.

  • Mitch McConnell is ugly on the inside and out.

  • Back off Tom. The Bully President is using powers that he should not have to make unreasonable demands. There was a moment he could have gotten something and not shut down the government. He chose to damage the lives and livelihoods of federal workers. He made no effort to protect our national parks but he regarded moving forward to open ANWR to oil and gas development. What is essential work? This is NOT the Democrats shut down, The election brought in new younger members of Congress. Don't expect them to give the Bully anything in their first month in Congress.
    This is Trump's shutdown. He can say, whoops, this isn't the way to run the country, only the way to run the economy into the ground.
    It is time for Trump to reopen the government and think about all the people. Then maybe there is a chance to move forward.

  • trump wants the shutdown, because thats what putin told him to do. trump should be shot in the face

  • Zero country in the world can or will shut down the government and not pay people.
    We need protests  to solve Trump wrongdoing!
    Mr. Trump, We Don't Need Your Stinking Wall.

  • Zero country in the world can or will shut down the government and not pay people.
    We need protests  to solve Trump wrongdoing!
    Mr. Trump, We Don't Need Your Stinking Wall.

  • McConnell more like a garbage can he can make history there no one is going to the Repukes no matter how much they threaten them.

  • This anti-progressive shitlicker won't be remembered fondly.

    Edit: neither will MSNBC.

  • Ditch the Mitch!

  • Tough………???? Mitch?/????……….Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McConnell is a joke…He has done so much damage while he has been in control…sold out his values to Trump a con man.

  • There is little that is more despicable than the posturing Mitch "Boy" McConnell and his toying with power rather than running government for the people's benefit. Remember his blanket opposition to absolutely everything Barry (even before Barry proposed anything!) and now this reflexive support of all things Frumpster the past two years. What a guy! What a man of the people! What a self-less creature!

  • His place in history will be getting scraped off people's shoes.

  • McConnell is a reanimated corpse created by a necromancer to create chaos and suffering.

  • 0:19 omg that dude chewing gum like his life is depending on it

  • Free the 800,000 hostages.

  • Trump is the now the final nail in the political coffin of McConnell. Tom Brokaw is not thinking right. When you have a President that is untrustworthy and keeps flip-flopping how can you in good conscience not see that Mr Brokaw. Mitch McConnell will be judged by prosperity and he will leave behind no legacy.

  • An evil turtle,nuff said

  • Wow, Brokaw shows his true colors I guess, since he suggests using military tactics against immigrants, and chose to use the example of having brown grand babies as a legitimate fear expressed by his peers in the west. I'm white, 70 years old, and college educated. I have 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild, 5 of which are "brown" as defined by Brokaw. His rhetoric was useless, was not insightful, and I suggest he keep his thoughts to himself.

  • Legacy, what legacy? This Senate Majority Leader has been nothing more than a stepping stone to a Russian Puppet. If the United States has a history, once this circus leaves town, it will be a broken nation and the laughing stock to the rest of the world.

  • so it only takes 32 days to bring down america??? WTF. So much for their ridiculous hype and movies and news of the brave and the free??? What a frickin joke you all are – one frikin guy and you can't get him out and save yourselves

  • Wow Tom finally woke up and it sounds like he stopped taking the money… We all know what money were talking about here… That corporate media money… That money you get when you sell your soul.. that we gotta be pro war and no free healthcare money. That money Rachel gets to push Russia Russia Russia… she make 30grand a day for her pro war views… Kudos Tom Brokaw for speaking truths… even though they were soft truths

  • Mitch McConnell is hiding and will always be 100% behind Trump & the WH… because Kentucky republicans like Trump more than McConnell and the Senator is looking for re-election in 2020… so… here is how a spineless politician works. Who cares about the 1M ppl affected by government shut down. Re-election is McConnell's priority.


  • McConnell, the man who brought America Down! One of the most corrupt mf'ers to ever walk the face of the earth!

  • Btw…can Brokaw just please go away forever?

  • And when all the truth comes out.He will be remembered for this mess.And what he did is stand by and watch this.He is dirty as they come.And the people of kentucky should take a good long hard look at mitch.Because he cares nothing for the people of kentucky or this country.

  • McConnell's legacy is jamming corrupt judges onto the Supreme Court and violating the will of the American people. McConnell represents 1/10000 of Americans and has done NOTHING for this country. McConnell's legacy will be that god awful thing hanging down from his 120 year old chin. Time to hang it up and go away old man. McTurtle is living proof that US Senators need to be term limited.

  • Mitch McConnell is an evil turtle.

  • Do all Kentuckians look like Mitch? Maybe the gene pool is very shallow in his neck of the backwoods. I thought that this stereotype was Hollywood's interpretation of a hillbilly and not actually factual. When speaking his jowl movements remind me of a turkey making gobbling sounds.

  • Ha! Considers that place where his face curls right up against his balls and his chin… right, tight in that Dinosaur Shell of a safe place where only a Military Missile will be joining him.

  • Grandpa forgets to take his medication , and keeps escaping from the retirement home we placed him in.

  • The guy will certainly go down in history – with all the other scum.


  • OMG – Brokaw is a real loser on this one!! Who would the 'junior congresspeople' talk to? Do you think ANY GOP would meet with them?? No, MCCONNEL is the traitor on this one, refusing to let the spending bill be voted on. Its ONLY a temp spending bill, not a new treatise on policy! McConnell does not want a vote, because then each senator would have to defend how they voted. McConnell does not want the senators to have to be put in the spotlight.

  • There'll be a whole chapter about him in the book about smelly shirt lifters LOL

  • Mitch owns everything tump does because gw wanted a SCOTUS seat that was not his so he ignored the FBI investigation Obama briefed him on. Mitch knows his 19% of the country that holds 51 seats in the Senate. 14.5% have 41 seats and thus own the Senate regardless if 85% want background checks it is their blood spilled btw for the 14.5% oligarch. 1 out of 9 Americans thinks Obama is Kenyan Muslim according to exit polls. Homeschooling is wonderful in the red states.

  • Covfefe yeah you generlised the southern states. Every state has a function

  • His place in history is dead last as far as Senate leaders. One of the nations most respected congressional historians has already rendered judgement. He has done enormous harm to how the Senate is supposed to function.

  • McConnell is as much to blame for the government shut down, the holding hostage 800,00 + Federal workers, the increasing chaos in the USA, and the White House as is Trump.
    He enables Trump in every way possible by NOT reining him in as he is able too with the control of the Senate. That's his "place in history".
    An old man who is well past his best before date.

  • Sounds like Trump has something on Mitch

  • Bout time the left took the wheel. The right is out of control and refuses to see the reality of climate change.

  • Trump+ Mitch x (Elaine)÷ Putin = ✓mate

  • Could McConnell be considered in breach of his constitutional responsibilities since he's not advocating/adhering to the concept of 3 equal and separate branches of the government. Specifically the legislative branch?

  • Mitch McConnell serves no purpose in Congress. Shame on him for collecting a paycheck.
    Biden rule says he should take his tired a** back to Kentucky and stay.

  • Son of a mitch.

  • The more lies Pumpkinhead tells, the more your double chins he grows.. Deplorable, disgusting..

  • No one in Trumps Admin, nor the GOP will be remembered well..They already know this, and don't really care..

  • Tom Brokaw for president 2020 election

  • Why didn't the europeans assimilate with the Native Americans? maybe tom " cockeyed" Brokaw can explain.

  • wtf happend to tom's lips? lol #gone

  • Mitch mcconell will legacy is of a traitor to America..

  • Off topic, but I've been saying for years that Election Day should be paid Federal holiday! At least for presidential elections. Change President's Day!! Make it easier, NOT harder for people vote!

    While we're at it, make voting compulsory. People get lazy or distracted (or sick.. I was hospitalized during one). It's just the right thing to do. And Farron is right. Who decided TUESDAY is a good day to vote?? Friday/Saturday! Celebrate your right/duty to vote with a long weekend!

    Also, holidays drive revenue. Imagine the paraphernalia venders could sell. It would be like a second Independance Day! Win-win for everyone except those who participate in voter suppression!

    P.S.: If republicans have a problem with that, take back something like Columbus Day! He didn't discover the American continent anyway. Amerigo Vespussi did. Hence America and not Columbia.. js

  • I know what Mitch McConnell's place in history will be….he will be remembered as the main collaborator who defended a treasonous president.

  • He may lose a balcony seat in The Muppet Show…..

  • McConnell is a cold human being.

  • "When will democrats and republicans get together"?
    Republicans shut down cooperation for at least 8 years, then mucked around and got nothing done for 2… dems have no obligation to just bow to what they want to do. The republicans need to stop kowtowing to Trump and work for the people again. From there, they will start to make progress in collaborating with democrats.

  • Gee, the crowd behind POSUS (that's right-POS) is looking around like the mic is off. Or else maybe, they don't hold MushMouth Mitch in as high regard as Frumpy ! McConnell only represents himself and the puppet masters that pull his strings and keep him in office with MONEY.

  • Dasvidaniya Comrad McConnellvitch

  • Moscow Mitch racist traitor

  • Moscow Mitch will go down as one of, if not the most corrupt American politician of all time.

  • Moscow Mitch will be known as a traitor to the United States


  • They should call all the Republicans by nickname the way Drumpf does, "Traitorous Trump, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey" and they should try these Russian cities as well for nick names…. Belgorod BARR, Penza Pence, Chita Cruz and Samara Sessions. LMAO

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