Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 1 | NBC News (Live Stream)

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  • Republicans sold their soul. Is proven again.

  • GOP corruption

  • Why wasn't George Bush impeached for 911 false flag and inside job I mean get real the entire government should have been impeached in 2001??

  • Term limits!


  • NO MORE LAW IN AMERICA! everyone do as you want and use this moron in the wh's defense and you'll get away with anything

  • Mitch McConnell, GOP Are covering up for trump..what a bunch of degenerate.

  • #trump2020

  • Pennsylvania: Taking notes and taking names.

  • What a disgrace. All Republicans should be forced out of office. #RepublicanOlegrks

  • The truth will be challenged by Trump lawyers,because if the truth comes out in the impeachment The people who helped coverage it all up,when they the Trump lawyers keep trying to stop witnesses as well as other congressmen and senators that hold back the paper information and witnesses,you have corruption in the American Goverenment,people need to tell there senators that if holding back witnesses they will not vote for them,

  • They're all taxpayer leaches and need to be eliminated from our government.

  • These fascist impeachment Nazis on China's payroll don't want a trial; they don't care about witnesses; and they want the senate to dismiss their sham more than anything else. They just want it to look like the exact opposite of all that is true for the sake of public opinion. They will forever claim that Trump got away because of senators who are supposedly acting as his pawns. They will claim that justice is dead because of politics (projecting their own depraved truth onto their opponents as always). This is all for show in the hopes that they can manipulate public opinion enough to defeat Trump rather than assassinate him (which Iran would be blamed for now in order to appease the military industrial complex and Israel).

  • This is ridiculous. Can't wait to see the look on the faces of the Democrats when President Trump gets re-elected.

  • The U.S. senate is a sham of a democracy. The worst of it's kind in all of American history.

  • What's a peachment? I'm new to the human race from planet 24sjdhdgetor

  • They only hate him because he is the most honest president we have ever had!! He says what the government doesn’t what trump to say

  • They should just hang Pelosi and call it a day.

  • All this is much to do about nothing they stopped all the programming for today to put this stuff on and the PBS stations had it on twice on different streaming channels they're not going to do anything to him so why waste everybody's time

  • It only took three years and a constantly shifting rotation of false charges to get here. The Dems are prayerfully solemnly ecstatic.

  • This impeachment trial will go down in history as the moment US has turned into a pathetic dictatorship. History will judge

  • Impeachment for holding back funds for Ukraine . How does this make Trump a poor President for the USA?

  • No one lives forever, but the shame of being a traitor to America does, it lives through generations. Impeached trump’s GOP cheats should remember this…

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